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Hindu God - Kubera

Hindu legend, Lord Kuber is considered as the God of Wealth and the Lord of Uttaradisha. Lord Kubera is also called as the God of Yaksas. It is always remembering by the Goddess of luck, Lakshami. Kubera Mantra helps to increase the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth.

Kubera Mantra "Om Yakshyaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaaya Dhanadhanyadi Padayeh Dhana-Dhanya Samreeddhing Me Dehi Dapaya Swaha"


Kubera, the lord of yakshas, bless us with wealth and prosperity.

Kuber is representing as Ashta Dikpalas in the north. Kuber is also well-known as Lord of Riches (Dhanpati). It is the food grains and the trustee of all wealth.Kubera is the son of Visrava and the grandson of Brahma. Brahma is the creator god. It is known by the Patronymic, Vaisravana. Lord Yakshas is dedicated of Lord Shiva. Kuber is the god's treasurer. It was residing in a place on Mount Kailasa.

Lord Kubera watches above the earth's treasure of jewels, gold, pearls, silver and nine Nidhis. Kuber has a white, two to four hands, three legs, eight teeth and dwarfish body. Lord kuber uses Pushpak a flying chariot for moving around. It attribute include a purse containing money, a bowl, a mace and a fruit. Lord Kubera god is generally made of Brass, Astadhatu and Stone.

Legend said that ancient vedic Ramayana books, Kuber was made by the Gold Lanka and was taken by kuber brother, Ravana. All ancient books promote the use of Kuber Sadhana for the gain of wealth. Mythology said that Lord Kuber sanctify the Sadhak with material wealth and success.

Kuber Puja

The Kuber Puja is called as Lakshmi-Kubera puja. The puja has particular codes and rituals to be followed and specific mantras to be chanted. The puja can be performed on full moon days and on the new moon day of the Tamil month Aipasi means October to November. The puja can be performed by anyone - even the very poor - as the materials necessary for Lakshmi-Kubera puja can be secured at almost no cost. Honesty is most important material necessary.

Kubera Yantra (3"x3")

The Kubera Yantra is a very powerful, ancient sanctified geometrical script on a copper plate. It is for invoking Lord Kubera, the Hindu as well as Tibetan god of prosperity and wealth. It sanctifies the individual with sudden wealth, prosperity and luck.

Kubera Yantra is used as a tool to attract the cosmic wealth energy, accumulation of riches, increase cash flow at home, etc. It opens up street for new sources of income. Worship of Kubera Yantra is also suggested for excellent growth in business, career and profession and increase in personal income and abundance.

Kubera yantra can be just placed in cash box, drawer, safes, praying change or any place where money is reserved and can be adored without any particular prayers or practices by all races.