Sex Toys and Sex Technique Navigation for Men

Sex toys are devices that are used during sex and masturbation to increase sexual arousal. It is also known as an adult toy or adult toy and is loved all over the world.

However, sex toys are often associated with a maniacal image, and you may be concerned that you may be attracted to women who try to use them.

There are many different types of sex toys, and some of them are easy to use even for beginners.

The way to use and the stimulation are different in each goods, so it is effective to choose according to the purpose. If you choose how to use them, you can increase the pleasure significantly, and at the same time, you can increase the power of sex and get rid of a rut.

So, in this site, we will explain in detail the types of sex toys, how to incorporate them and how to use them well.

I want to use sex toys !

Men like to use sex toys, but they may not always know how to ask a woman out. Adult toys can seem a bit kinky, so it’s often difficult to ask her out.

In particular, when a man tries to use a sex toy, women often feel uneasy because they feel like they aren’t being loved or satisfied with their bodies. However, the reasons why men want to use sex toys are actually quite different.

Please see the table below.
It describes each of the categories of toys you need, every toy you can get in India!

To Make a woman
feel good and satisfied

-Woman sextoys

To get out of the sex rut

-Couple Sextoys

Use it for masturbation

-Male masturbators

To have abnormal sex.

-BDSM Sextoys

We have compiled a list of some of the other problems and interests that men have.

I want to train my penis

-Penis Enhancement Toys

I want to enlarge my penis

-Penis sleeves / Penis Suck

I have a problem with
premature ejaculation
-Cock ring toys

I want to play with anal

-Anal toys

I want to have a
dry prostate orgasm
-Male Prostate toys

Men who like to use adult products actually want to make their women feel better. Many men are concerned about not being able to satisfy their women because they lack confidence in their penises or have premature ejaculation.

Utilizing a sex toy can increase a girl’s pleasure. There is also a desire to get out of the rut that inevitably occurs when a relationship is long, or to have unusual and abnormal sex.

However, even if there is a reason for women’s feelings, if you try to use an adult product, women will tend to back off.

So, you need to try to entice a girl by using it on an anniversary, casually broaching the subject in a sexually explicit conversation, or looking at adult goods sites together, for example. Let’s take a look at the important points, one by one, such as the types of sex toys, and how to cut them out well.

What is Sextoy?

What kind of sex toys are there? I hear that, but honestly I do not know the details, for women? Men’s? What do you need after all? etc,,,.

I think there are various questions, but please take a look at this for the time being!

Nururun Lube
RS 100
Silicone tongue vibrator
RS 4125
Dual Pink Vibe
RS 1125

Toys that are easy to use even for beginners! how is it? Have you ever seen? The price is also low and it makes your everyday sex even more exciting!

12 Kinds of sex toys

In fact, there is a wide range of sex toys. Some of them can be as hard as you might think of as adult products, but there are some that are surprisingly easy to take in.

There are both men’s and women’s versions, and when used well, they can be enjoyed by both parties. Choose from the following sex toys to enhance your sex life by choosing the one that suits your purpose.

1: Sex Lubricants (Lotion)

-It can be used for sex and masturbation in general. If you’re going to use it for anal sex, use a special one!
2: Egg Vibrator

-It matches pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris and nipples.
3: Vibrators

-There are some that can be inserted into the vagina or anus and swing or vibrate. And for inside orgasms and dry orgasms!
4: Magic Wand Vibrators (electric massage machine)

-Can be used for wide surface stimulation. Often used for clitoral masturbation, also for male penis masturbation.
5: masturbation device

-Penis masturbation toy for men. Also called faux vagina or pussy toy. Popular brands are Fleshlights
6: Dildos

-The number one favorite among Indian women! The one and only sex toy. It can be used until it breaks, and the realistic modeling is exciting. It can also be used for male anal sex.

7: Cock ring ,Penis band

-It is applied to the male penis and has a variety of effects. It can improve erection and. It also prevents premature ejaculation and has a vibrator function to make sex more enjoyable.
8: Penis sleeves(Penis Suck)

-Instantly makes your penis even more huge and longer. It’s not a condom, so it’s not a contraceptive, but it can easily enlarge your penis.
9: Anal pearls
 -Anal pearls, also known as anal beads, are synonymous with anal toys and are used for anal stimulation by both beginners and advanced users.
-Prostate toys are for men only. It is a sex toy for men to reach a dry orgasm.
11: SM Goods
-Are you tired of sex?
BDSM is a very popular category in India. From bondage to eye masks, here are the toys you need for role play
12: Cosplay costumes
-Sexy lingerie and costumes bring a stimulation not usually found in sex. Wear it when you want to get even more aroused!


Sex Lubricants is one of the sex toys, but you may already be using it during masturbation or sex to improve slipperiness. If you think about it this way, sex toys, which may sound geeky, may be surprisingly accessible: an Egg Vibrator or vibrator is basically a product that is inserted into the vagina for foreplay and is used for women.

Dildos, Cock ring, and penis sacks are penis-shaped items that are inserted into the vagina or anus. Anal pearls and enemagula are mainly used for anal play, so they may be a bit more advanced, while SM toys and cosplay costumes are designed to change the atmosphere of sex and enhance the sex scene. More on how to use and what to look out for in the major sex toys later.

All of a sudden?   then…

There are a variety of sex toys available and when used well, they can enhance your sex life. It can also increase your pleasure and get you out of a rut. However, if you use an adult product for the first time for sex, a girl may not like it. The reason you shouldn’t use a sex toy out of the blue is because women often feel the following about adult products.

  • They are not interested in that toys.
  • I’m ashamed.
  • I’m feeling anxious or scared.

Although adult goods have become more prevalent than before, many women are still resistant to them. To begin with, girls are often not very interested in the merchandise. Sometimes they don’t know why they need to use such things. Therefore, when you want to use goodies, it’s important to let them know that you want to make the girl feel good.

Sex toys are often used by men for women, and most of them are inserted into the vagina. For this reason, women may feel embarrassed when it comes to goods. It may be that they don’t like the idea of having a disgusting shaped toy in them or having a man see them. You will need to be more attentive, such as making sure the lights in the room are dimmed for use.

There is also a fear of not knowing what will happen to you because adult products are perceived to feel so good when you use them. Other times, you may be afraid of imagining grotesque looking goods going into your body. Starting with lighter goods for beginners or choosing cute designs for girls will make it easier for them to accept them.

Do you want to use them for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.?

Cutting out sex toys on special occasions for couples, such as her birthday, Christmas, or anniversaries just for the two of you, can be effective. Basically, it’s not always easy to accept just putting out an Egg Vibrator or a vibe. However, if you send it as a gift on a special occasion, you might be able to push it through with the right vibe at the right time.

Let them know that you want to use it for their benefit, not yours, because you want them to feel more comfortable, and that you want to continue the relationship and power up the sex. Also, if you are sending a sex toy as a gift, it’s best to prepare a regular gift as well, so that your feelings can be conveyed more effectively. The safest thing to do would be to give her a regular gift first to make her happy, and then give her some goodies.

However, if you start out with something geeky like a dildo or Enemagura, she may not accept it, no matter how much of an anniversary it is. For starters, we recommend some beginner-friendly goodies like the Egg Vibrator. To make your sex toy debut a success, it’s important to try to make your special day work by being careful in your choice of merchandise and how you cut it out.

Listen to sex toys in everyday conversation

It’s also helpful to casually bring up the subject of sex toys in normal conversation. If you can get it right, you may be able to find out something about her values on sex and her experience with adult products. Couples will have the opportunity to talk about sex from time to time. When you do, ask her, “Do you know what an adult toy is? Have you ever used it? You can ask her like this.

This will give you an idea of her thoughts on the goods. If she has experience with adult products, she can use them for future sex. Even if she has never used them before, if she is interested, you can ask her if she would like to try them out sometime. And ask them to join you. You might be surprised to find that women are also using goodies like vibrators and Egg Vibrator for masturbation these days, so you might be surprised to find that they agree with you.

Sex toys can be difficult to incorporate at first, but once they like the goods, they’re more likely to try new ones afterwards. However, if you ask them in conversation and they don’t seem to be interested in the goods or seem to be disgusted by them, it’s best to refrain from using them at this time. If you force yourself to incorporate and use the goods in sex, it will make your impression of the goods even worse and make it even more difficult to use them.

Choose a sex toy site together

It can be difficult to give a gift straight away or to ask for a conversation. Instead, it can be simpler and more effective to take the plunge and pick out some goodies for both of you out of the blue. Nowadays, it is possible to buy sex toys on various websites. Since you’re going to be able to make the most of this opportunity, make the most of the opportunity and make the process of choosing together online.

The trick at this point is to choose a website that sells cute goods that are not hard to find. Simply put, these are goods that women would use for sex alone rather than those that are intended for men to use for sex. They are not grotesque in appearance, but small and cute. These days, there are more and more adult products available for women, and even beginners can use them without resistance.

If you give the impression that sex toys are not weird and are used rather commonly, like “My friends seem to use them when they have sex,” it will make your choice easier. Another great advantage of this method is that women can choose their own goodies. If a man sends them as a gift, they may not be able to match the woman’s constitution or preferences. How about this? And if you choose together with the girls’ opinions, you should be able to enjoy sex toys with ease.

How to incorporate sex toys

Now that we’ve introduced you to the different types of sex toys and how to effectively cut them out for women, how do you actually go about incorporating them into your sex life? The important thing is to start with something soft. Even if a man is interested in playing hard, he will not succeed if the woman is resistant to it. Make use of sex toys or everyday items that you can incorporate in a natural way, such as the following.

1) Start with sexy underwear or cosplay.
2) Soft SM with towels and strings?
3) Mobile vibrators and massage devices
4) Easy to use, even for beginners: Egg Vibrator
5) Full body massage with Sex Lubricants
6) Inserting dildos and vibrators
7) Goods that can be controlled remotely

Sexy underwear and cosplay first

Start by incorporating sexy underwear and costumes that are easy to change into, such as sexy underwear or cosplay. This way you don’t have to buy a special sex toy, which makes it easier for beginners to practice the play. Many men would love to be in a situation where they have a woman appear in a sexy underwear or bikini and get naughty. The trick to this kind of underwear and costume play is to do it with your clothes on.

The visual stimulation of lingerie sex (clothing play), which is done while wearing underwear, can easily increase a man’s excitement. It’s more of an atmosphere than a sex toy, so it’s more about how to create a situation than how to use the goods. In the case of cosplay, it’s a shame to take off the costume you’ve put on, so it’s more exciting to have sex with it on. Of course, if you don’t want to get the costume dirty, you can take it off and have sex with it as usual.

When it comes to cosplay, there is a big difference in taste, so I recommend that you talk to the woman before you have sex with her. It’s not uncommon for women to be resistant to hardcore cosplay, such as SM and some anime characters. If you force her to do something she doesn’t like, she won’t be able to enjoy sex, so be respectful of her opinion. You can make sex even more exciting by having the men cosplay together, rather than just the women cosplaying.

Soft S&M with towels and strings?”

When you think of SM play, you may think of how maniacal it is, with women whipping their SM outfits and tying up women’s bodies. Men may be more interested in it, but women may be more resistant to it. Soft S&M, on the other hand, is a way to spice up normal sex a little bit. Another great feature of soft S&M is that you don’t need to buy special equipment to play with, you can just use the following everyday items.

  • Towels
  • String
  • Tape

The basics of soft SM are “binding” and “blindfolding”, but neither of these require special SM products. Just tie your hands with a towel, string or tape and your arms will soon be free. If you want to be tied up yourself, have your girlfriend tie you up. The key to soft SM is to get each other aroused before you start. For example, try to tie her hands before cunnilingus, or have her tie you up as she fucks you. Securing her legs is also exciting.

In normal sex, you can see what you’re doing and know what state your partner is in; blindfold play in SM can eliminate that kind of visual information, which can be aroused by anxiety and heightened awareness. Blindfolding is the same as binding, and can be done easily with a towel. Since you can’t see your eyes, you can concentrate on sight and hearing, and the sensitivity and pleasure will be higher than usual.

Mobile phone vibrator function and massage devices

If you want to introduce a sex toy but are a little resistant and difficult to get into, try a mobile vibrator or massage device instead. These days, there are free downloadable “Magic Wand Vibrators apps” (vibe apps) that allow you to easily try the sensations of an adult toy. It’s less stimulating than a real sex toy, so it’s a great option for beginners. The main way to use it is to place the part of the phone where the vibrator is located (mainly on the side) against the clitoris.

The clitoris is one of the sexual zones that women are most likely to feel, so stimulating it with a vibrator app will make it easier for you to come. However, keep in mind that your phone is very sensitive to moisture. If you use a vibrator app for the vagina or clitoris, you need to be careful not to get your phone wet with the love juices coming out of the vagina. Of course, you should never try to get it into your vagina. If your phone gets wet, it could break or electrocute you.

A massage device like an electric massager can also be a good substitute for a sex toy. However, an electric massager (Magic Wand Vibrators) may be too stimulating for sex toy beginners because of the high vibration. If you try using it in weak mode for a bit and she seems to be in pain, I would recommend taking the plunge and using the Egg Vibrator, which I’ll show you next. Both the vibrator app and the massager can be used by men as well as women, so if you’re an M man, you should definitely get her to give you a vibrator.

Egg Vibrator, easy to use even for the first time

There are many different types of sex toys, but there is one in particular that is recommended for beginners. That is the Egg Vibrator. When it comes to adult products, many of them are exaggerated or blatantly shaped like penises, which can be repulsive to women in terms of appearance. The Egg Vibrator, on the other hand, is rounded, small and cute, so girls can take it in without much resistance.

In other words, the Egg Vibrator is the king of introductory sex toys, and what sets the Egg Vibrator apart from other vibrating goods such as Magic Wand Vibratorss and vibrators is its size and small vibrations; the Egg Vibrator is basically used for clitoral stimulation and a little bit of vaginal penetration, but the vibrations It’s weak so you won’t overdo it. It also helps to reduce the genital pain that is common for beginners of the goods. It’s easy and not too hard on your body, so it’s truly for beginners.

However, you should always ensure that your vagina and clitoris are thoroughly wet before using the Egg Vibrator. This is because the vagina is very delicate and if you fiddle with it dry, you will feel the pain. Therefore, make sure to use your fingers or tongue to caress it thoroughly before applying the Egg Vibrator to it. Once you have gotten used to the Egg Vibrator, try something harder, such as a vibrator or a dildo.

Dual Pink Vibe
RS 1125

Full body massage with Sex Lubricants

Sex Lubricants may already be used for masturbation and foreplay. Applying Sex Lubricants to the penis or vagina and then stimulating it can reduce the pain caused by friction and increase the pleasure. Unlike those normal uses, Sex Lubricants can also be used for a full body massage. Performing a full-body massage with Sex Lubricants as foreplay can further increase the sensitivity of your sexual organs and make for a pleasurable experience.

First, put the Sex Lubricants out in your palm and warm it up a bit. This is because the Sex Lubricants is cold and your body will be surprised if you suddenly put it on. Next, you put a little bit of Sex Lubricants on your partner’s body. At this time, if the Sex Lubricants is too thick and hard to stretch, you can dilute it by mixing a little warm water. Start with your shoulders, arms and legs and work your way up to your breasts and genitals, as this will help to increase your sexual arousal.

The key to massaging is to vary the intensity of the caresses in moderation and to keep a rhythm. Start out a little weaker, rubbing one spot three or four times, then a little stronger and then weaker again, changing locations. When rubbing your breasts, the key is to put your nipples on the back burner and make them impatient. Then you can blame your nipples and genitals the same way you would for normal foreplay, and you’ll have a nice Sex Lubricants play.

Nururun Lube
RS 100

A dildo or vibrator for insertion

Once you’ve gotten used to a certain amount of foreplay with the Egg Vibrator, the next step is to try using a dildo or vibrator. All of these items are inserted into the vagina and are more intense than a vibrator. A dildo is shaped like a penis. It is the oldest adult goods in the world, also known as a penis-shaped device, and is still loved all over the world. Vibrators are also inserted into dildos, but they are electric and come in a variety of shapes.

It is very simple to use a dildo or a vibrator, you just insert it into the vagina during foreplay and make a slow piston movement. If she loves penetration, you’ll want to use these items if she loves it, because you can enjoy the pleasure that comes close to the actual penetration. The vibrator is not the shape of a penis but a simple stick, and there are some that have Egg Vibrator so that you can stimulate the clitoris at the same time while inserting it.

The biggest advantage of the vibrator is that it is very easy to stimulate the sexual zones in the vagina because it can also be stimulated by vibration while inserting it. Stimulating the G-spot, which is located about 5 cm from the vulva, can make a woman come inside. However, the vibrator tends to be considerably more stimulating than the Egg Vibrator, so be careful not to overuse it. Also, be sure to clean the dildos and vibrators and keep them clean after using them.

RS 1,450~

Remote-controlled remote control is also recommended

Further stimulation can be enjoyed with goods such as remote-controlled vibrators, Egg Vibrator and electric masturbators. In recent years, some of these toys have become so advanced that they can be controlled remotely, even from outside the prefecture. These remote-controlled vibrators and Egg Vibrators can be used to increase the variety of sex you can have. For example, you can enjoy a little bit of SM and remote sex in the open air and other nasty play.

The interesting thing about remote control goods is that, unlike normal goods, you cannot read the next movement. Suddenly changing the intensity and pattern of the vibrations can provide unexpected stimulation. The key to enjoying remote control play in the open air is to choose the lightest possible goods. For example, if you secure an Egg Vibrator or vibrator to your pants and play blame with the remote control, if the goods are heavy, they will shift with a slight movement of your body. If you use a light weight item, you’ll be able to play consistently.

Authentic long-distance play is recommended for couples in a long-distance relationship. For example, when your partner is traveling out of state, you would normally have to hold back or masturbate to have sex. With a remote controlled vibrator or masturbator, you can enjoy masturbation together as if you were having sex together. Some of the latest models can be used as far away as the other side of the world, so long-distance couples will definitely want to take advantage of these items.

RC Vibrators
RS 2,500~

How to choose a sex toy for couples

We’ve looked at the different types of sex toys and how to use them, but what kind of goods should you choose in the first place? It’s important to choose the right one, as the goods to use will vary greatly depending on the couple’s preferences and situation. Once you get used to one, try another one, and if the first one works, it will be easier to use the others. Recommended goods for different purposes include the following.

  • Egg Vibrator for a beginner couple.
  • Cosplay and SM for getting out of a rut
  • Dildos and vibrators for those who like to insert themselves
  • Remote control goods for long-distance couples

Egg Vibrator for the beginner couple

For beginners anyway, the Egg Vibrator is a good choice, as it’s modest in appearance and size, and the stimulation isn’t too strong, making it easy and safe for people who aren’t used to sex toys to use, and the Egg Vibrator is small and vibrating, which makes the clitoris Recommended for stimulation. Many girls are using Egg Vibrator for masturbation these days.

The Egg Vibrator is connected to the controller by a cord, but the trick is to have the connection to the cord, not the vibrating body, so that the vibrations can be transmitted more easily to the clitoris. By doing so, the vibrations are more easily transmitted to the clitoris. In the case of the waterproof Egg Vibrator, you can also insert it into the vagina, so once you get used to it, you can try different techniques.

Cosplay and SM

to get rid of the rut.

Couples who have been together for a long time will inevitably get into a rut when it comes to sex. It’s not uncommon for the rut to lead to less sex and a worsening of the relationship. In order to get out of the sex rut, it is recommended to incorporate cosplay and SM. This type of play is unique in that you can enjoy unusual stimulation.

For example, cosplay sex in school uniforms or with anime characters can be a fantasy of sorts, while SM play can be even more stimulating as you release sexual habits you didn’t realize you had and discover unexpected sexual habits in your partner. As a result, you’ll be able to get out of the rut and enjoy sex together again as a couple.

Dilts and vibrators for penetration lovers

If you are a couple that likes insertion anyway, try using a dildo or a vibrator. Dildos are more blatantly shaped and less functional and less fulfilling, so a vibrator may be more practical. Dildos and vibrators are very similar, but vibrators, like the Egg Vibrator, have a vibration function. Moreover, the vibration is stronger than the Egg Vibrator, making it a great upgrade from the Egg Vibrator. The vibrator can also be used as a substitute for a penis, so those who aren’t very confident with their penises can use it to satisfy women more with insertion.

There are many types of vibrators to choose from, so you can choose the one that best suits your preference and purpose, and in the case of the Egg Vibrator type, you can stimulate the G-spot and make it cum on the clitoris as well, which is a trick that is difficult to do by hand or cunnilingus. Especially, if you make a girl cum in foreplay, it will be easier to feel it afterwards, so you may be able to make a girl come continuously. Couples who want to make insertion play more exciting should definitely try a vibrator or a dildo.

Remote-control items for long-distance couples

In recent years, the number of long-distance couples has increased. The hardest part of a long-distance relationship is that you rarely get to have sex. The frustration of couples may be especially hard in these hard times, when various risks and other concerns make it difficult to go out far away. This is when remote control adult products can be a great help.

Remote control vibrators and masturbators can be controlled remotely by using an app on your phone. You can change the intensity and pattern of the stimulation at will, so you and your partner can masturbate together in a realistic way that feels like real sex. Just as remote work is on the rise, it would be a good idea to incorporate remote sex into our lives in the future.


We have detailed the different types of sex toys, how to incorporate them and how to use them effectively. Many women don’t like adult products, but with good guidance and product selection, you can incorporate them in sex. You can start by introducing beginner goods by giving them as gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, or by choosing them on a sex toy site together.

Before introducing merchandise, beginners may find it effective to familiarize themselves with soft SM, which can be substituted with everyday items such as towels and straps, cosplay in simple costumes, and Sex Lubricants play, which is easy to incorporate naturally, before introducing merchandise. For your first challenge, we recommend the Egg Vibrator, which is a cute looking and moderately stimulating product. It is mainly used to stimulate the clitoris, so try to make her climax.

Once you get used to the Egg Vibrator, try a more stimulating dildo or vibrator, as well as other goods for anal play, depending on your preference and purpose. In recent years, there is a wide range of remote control products available, so even couples in a long-distance relationship can enjoy sex together. Take advantage of sex toys and enjoy your sex life to the fullest.