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Web Site name Men’s Sex Navi
Opening date 2020 June
Editor in charge Ruhijha / Nana
Contact ruhijha5015@gmail.com

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As an international couple (Ruhijha / Nana)  janitor who has more than ordinary sex experience, how can we become a good man for sex based on our own rules of thumb? In addition, how to treat a woman who is misunderstood by a man from a female perspective, I want women to do this! A site that introduces real sex techniques and introduces true knowledge of real sex without being confused by pornography, while incorporating opinions that men can not reach alone.

A site that aims to be a man who is full of sex as a man, such as what I should have done at that time, such as my subjective thoughts, recommended sex techniques, how to treat women while taking into account opinions from partners etc. is.


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