Pillow talk : Reasons Why Not to Neglect Communication After Sex

Pillow talk is the sharing of pillows and talking to each other as part of the aftercare after sex. Many men neglect this pillow talk, but women actually place great importance on it. This is because girls want to feel the afterglow of pleasure and love from their partners even after finishing. What you talk about in pillow talk can vary, but it’s important to talk about as much positivity and positivity as possible to create an atmosphere.

Also, many men want to use adult toys for sex, but don’t have the opportunity to break it off. In such cases, a good pillow talk can be used to suggest the use of sex toys through conversation. Furthermore, careful aftercare after sex can deepen a couple’s relationship and increase their happiness. So, in this article, we will discuss in detail the benefits of pillow talk and the specific ways in which it can be used.

What is pillow talk?

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Pillow talk” is a conversation in bed after sex. It is called pillow talk because they talk to each other while sharing a pillow. Ideally, the sexual act should start with foreplay, move on to the real thing and end with an afterplay. The main part of the afterplay is pillow talk, which is said to be especially important for women, mainly for mental satisfaction after sex.

Women tend to seek more security in a couple’s relationship. So when a man turns away and fiddles with his phone after sex or goes straight to sleep, women feel insecure. This is because they don’t feel loved and may feel like they are in a relationship for the sake of their bodies. On the other hand, if a man is friendly and confrontational even after sex, a woman can feel safe.

However, many men don’t realize the benefits and importance of pillow talk. Conversations in bed are one of the few times when it’s easy to express your thoughts and opinions about sex, which can help improve your sex technique. In addition, it’s not uncommon to have surprisingly in-depth conversations, such as those about the future. It’s no exaggeration to say that the way you utilize pillow talk can make or break your relationship as a couple.

An important communication to confirm the depth of love after sex

Pillow talk is an important means of communication that allows couples to ascertain the depth of their love for each other after sex. As part of the post-climax post-play, couples can nurture their love by mentally filling each other up with conversation while enjoying the afterglow of sex. Another benefit of pillow talk is that it makes it easier to talk to each other in a more fulfilling way than usual because it makes it easier to talk to each other in an unpretentious way.

Couples who are still in a short relationship tend to try to show their partner the best parts of themselves, which can make it difficult to understand their true feelings. This should also be especially true for men when their sexual desires are heightened. Talking in a calmer state after sex will make it easier to have a more natural conversation. Women are also in a state of heightened mood after sex, so they are more willing to talk about it.

We’ll get into more details later, but women place a lot of importance on pillow talk, whereas men are generally more inclined to avoid it. Many women complain about this, although it’s inevitable, mainly because of the different nature of orgasms between men and women. So much so that when a man does a proper pillow talk after sex, a woman feels loved.

Thus, pillow talk after sex has the effect of deepening communication and strengthening the bond between the two parties. It’s a chance for couples to talk about things that they would normally have trouble talking about, such as their thoughts on sex and their hopes for the next time, and it’s an opportunity to talk about those special things only after sex. It is truly a way to deepen love as only human beings have the means to communicate with each other through words.

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A lot of men are neglecting it?

It has been found that there is a very big difference between men and women in their attitudes towards pillow talk. Quite simply, men don’t seem to think that post-coital foreplay or conversation is important. They may get fed up with the long pillow talk and often think that they will go to bed right after sex. This kind of male thinking is mainly influenced by the nature of orgasm.

Male orgasms are linear, with a rapid decrease in sexual arousal after a climax is reached. A certain amount of time is characterized by a waning interest in sex and a physical in-validness. This is what is known as “wise man time” and is caused by the release of the hormone “prolactin” to suppress the large amount of “dopamine” released by the excitement of sex. This is why men feel less inclined to deal with women after ejaculation.

It takes about an hour or so for men to recover their mood after sex, so they want to let them sleep slowly and not deal with them until then. However, as mentioned earlier, pillow talk is a very important time for a woman, and it doesn’t feel good to be neglected. As a woman, you want to talk nicely together after you’ve had sex and feel good about yourself.

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Pillow talk should be like this! What Women Really Think

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For women, pillow talk is an extension of sex and a necessary part of making love. A woman’s orgasm has essentially no end in sight, and after the finish, her mood slowly calms down. This is where it differs decisively from men: women need a pillow talk to cool down, so to speak. This means that ideally, for women, sex should not end with an orgasm, but rather a gentle fade away in the post-play that follows.

For this reason, it is preferable that the pillow talk should be a content that makes you feel happy and at ease with each other. Since you’ve made physical love to each other through sex, it’s effective to talk about something positive about the couple’s relationship. You can tell them about the fun times you had when you met, how much you still love your partner, and how you feel about the sex you just had. For example, it’s basic to say “I love you” and “You were so cute when we had sex” and hug him/her.

It is also important to treat your partner’s body as an aftercare after pillow talk. For example, blowing your partner’s body and genitals clean with a tissue, hugging her and gently stroking her hair is a simple but surprisingly easy thing to forget. From there, you can bring a woman’s favorite drink to her and bring her into pillow talk and you’ll be the perfect man. However, the trick is not to flatter her more than necessary, but to keep it natural.

Does the presence or absence of pillow talk change the happiness of sex?

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Pillow talk has been shown to not only support post-sex communication, but also increase well-being by deepening love for each other studied individuals and ongoing couples to determine the effectiveness of post-sex play (e.g., skin-to-skin and pillow talk) in We investigated how length and quality affect relationship satisfaction. The results are very interesting.

In the first study of 335 individuals, couples who continued to engage in intimate post-coital activities after sex were more satisfied with their sexual and romantic relationships, while the second study of 101 couples, a three-month daily survey, again similar to the previous study, found that sexual satisfaction and satisfaction with romantic relationships were higher. Both levels of satisfaction improved with each successive careful post play. This pattern of results is consistent for men and women. Furthermore, the association between post play and satisfaction was higher for women than for men, with women being more effective.

Thus, post-sex skin to skin and pillow talk have the effect of deepening a couple’s bond and increasing satisfaction. A major factor is probably oxytocin, also known as the “happy hormone,” which is released when intimate displays of affection are made. Oxytocin has a stress-relieving and comforting effect, and when it is released, it makes you feel happy. By incorporating pillow talk, women can become sexually and romantically satisfied with their relationship and be happy with each other.

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Pillow Talk Specifics

There are many different ways to do pillow talk in a nutshell. Simply starting a conversation abruptly after sex is not very easy. It’s still far better than falling asleep right away, but if you’re going to include post play, you want to make sure it’s effective. So, by following these steps as you go along, you’ll be able to create a pillow talk that will make your girl swoon. Let’s go through them one at a time, mindfully.

– Touch each other’s bodies without getting dressed right away.
We look at each other.
I’ll be honest with you about how I feel about sex.
Expressing words of love and appreciation
Have a relaxed conversation.
Talking about the future of their relationship in a positive way.
Tell them what you like about them.
Communicate your desire for the next sex.

Getting out of your clothes right away and touching each other

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It’s not the intense foreplay or penetration that a woman really feels love for, it’s the after play that follows. Men feel like taking a break right after ejaculating, but it’s a skill to hold back and perform careful post play. The first thing you should do immediately after sex is to put your clothes on, but it’s not a good idea to move away from your girl’s body right away. You want to be able to touch each other’s bodies while naked for a while.

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In fact, women have a tendency to maintain that position for a while after sex and want to take it easy. There are two reasons for this: firstly, as mentioned earlier, a woman’s pleasure lasts for a long time and she wants to enjoy the afterglow of ecstasy afterwards, and secondly, it is instinctive that if a woman moves immediately after ejaculation, it will be harder for the semen to reach the uterus and reduce the chance of pregnancy. This is why you should take it easy with your woman after sex is over.

The caresses in post play are simple and can be similar to normal skin-to-skin contact, such as squeezing and head stroking. It is important to note the difference between foreplay, which was meant to increase sexual arousal, and post play, which is done for mental fulfillment. When touching the body, caress the safe areas, such as the shoulders and arms, not the sexual areas. Holding a woman’s hand can also give her a sense of security. Of course, kissing on the lips or other parts of the body other than the genitals is also effective.

Stare at each other

It’s also important to make sure that when you’re having skin-to-skin contact in post-play, you’re looking at each other. Immediately after sex, it’s often difficult to talk about anything right away because we feel fuzzy. The purpose of pillow talk is not so much to have a conversation as it is to confirm your deepest feelings for each other. In such cases, you can simply look at each other and see how you feel without forcing a conversation.

Gazing into each other’s eyes may be a situation where you may feel a little embarrassed. However, being able to look into each other’s eyes carefully is only possible because you have a deep affection for your partner. The embarrassment of the moment becomes comfortable and gradually raises the mood. Kissing someone with the words “I love you” will make you feel full of happiness because that’s all you need to know to know that they love you.

As the saying goes, “The eyes speak louder than the mouth,” and I feel like you can tell how someone is thinking by looking into their eyes. At the same time, it also conveys the psychological need to convey your feelings, which can help you to introduce the conversation more smoothly. However, if you stare at each other for too long, say more than 10 seconds, it will become unnatural, so try to look at each other skillfully with kisses and caresses.

Speak honestly about how you feel about sex

Telling people how you felt about sex earlier is the most basic pillow talk. Rather than simply saying “it felt good” or “it was really good” in a vague way, I recommend saying it in a way that shows what you liked about it. For example, say something like “The kissing was erotic and it burned,” or “The blowjob was so bad I almost came,” even if it’s a little exaggerated. That way, you can expand the conversation to other things related to sex.

However, don’t say negative things like “It didn’t feel good,” or “I sucked at blow jobs,” which can be hurtful to your partner. The choice of words and how you say them is important, and even if you have the same intentions, the way you say them can completely change the impression you get. For example, “Would you like to try a different position next time? Try to think of a way to say something that will lead to the next time, like “I hope you can blame me for the backstabbing too.

If you can’t find much to say on your own, say, “I had a great time,” and then ask, “How was your experience? Ask her about it. If you can get some input and feedback from her, you may be able to lead to more pleasurable sex next time, and you may find out what kind of play she likes to do. By telling each other what you think of each other, you’ll discover something new.

Give words of love and appreciation

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Who wouldn’t be happy to hear words of love from someone you love? However, words that show affection such as “I love you” or “I love you” may be embarrassing to some people and usually difficult to say. Pillow talk after sex can make it easier to communicate with momentum. Be sure to express in words the happiness you can feel from spending time together.

Also, men are sometimes less comfortable than women with expressing gratitude in a relationship. They may feel embarrassed or their pride may get in the way, and they may even become overbearing. Just like words of love, words of appreciation are easier to convey during pillow talk. Everyone is happy when their lover appreciates them. Make the most of your precious time after sex and say something heartfelt to them.

You can express your gratitude either in everyday life or for sex. For example, you can say “thank you for everything” as a broad thank you, or you can say “thank you for the blow job, it felt great” and the good things you did earlier in the sex session. It’s even more effective if you hug them tightly as you express your love and appreciation, whether in words of affection or gratitude. The strength of the hug can be determined by the mood you’re in at the time. As long as it’s not too light or painfully strong, a hug can be an action that makes you feel happy and secure more than anything else.

Have a relaxed conversation

Even couples who have been together for a long time and are used to each other can be a little nervous when it comes to sex. It’s during pillow talk, when you’re ready to relax after the finish, that you should try to have a relaxed conversation. You can talk about everyday trivial matters, work, hobbies and favorite things. However, the purpose of the conversation is to relax, so avoid serious or negative topics.

It is also recommended that you try speaking slowly and in a slightly lower voice, with a relaxed tone of voice. Speaking too quickly or in a high voice is not appropriate, as it makes you sound more active than relaxed. Women get a kick out of seeing a man who speaks in a calm, low voice. Pillow talk is a natural way to speak, and it’s a good way to show off a little bit of appeal because you can notice new aspects of the other person and how attractive they are.

When talking about relaxing stories, try holding hands while you talk, which is even more effective. When you are physically connected to the person you love, you can feel happy and at ease. It’s not just the sexual act or method of physical connection; simply holding hands can have the same effect. Of course, you can also mix in kisses and hugs during your talk. Try to create a relaxed atmosphere with your conversation and skin-to-skin contact.

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Talk about the future of your relationship in a positive way

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Pillow talk should be positive, if possible, and make you feel happy for each other. After you’ve shared your thoughts and appreciation of sex and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s a good idea to talk about the future of your relationship as a couple. The content can be varied, but it should be something that shows that you both know that your relationship is going to continue, or that you want to stay together for a long time.

For example, you can talk about spending time together again and having sex, or you can talk about going somewhere for the weekend. Pillow-talking about these topics can put a woman at ease because it shows that you’re thinking about continuing the relationship. It’s the right time for a woman to want to talk, and you’ll be able to get her opinion on the subject as well. In other words, pillow time is a chance to think about the future for both of you.

It’s safer to avoid talking about the future of the two of you, but it’s best to avoid talking too heavily about it. If the couple’s relationship is quite long and in-depth, it might be fine, but you should still avoid talking about your engagement. Those really serious conversations should be done after a proper separate opportunity. On the other hand, “Would you like to move in with me? If you’re serious enough to ask them to move in with you, pillow talk may be rather more effective.

Tell them what you like about them

Even couples who love each other rarely tell their partners about why they decided to date their partner or what they like about them. You may have said it when you confessed or when you first started dating, but as you get into a relationship, it’s surprisingly difficult to tell them as you get older. Maybe it’s because as the relationship matures, it slowly loses its freshness.

That’s when you can take advantage of pillow talk time and tell your partner what you like about him or her. Dare to say things you haven’t said because you’re embarrassed or don’t feel the need to say them in the first place. The trick is to be as specific as you can, for example, “I like your kindness” or “I like your hard-working nature”. Of course, it’s also effective to describe what you like about him.

For example, try saying something that would particularly please a woman, such as “I like the feel of your boobs” or “I like your long, beautiful hair”. If you’re still unclothed, try saying it while caressing a few of your favorite parts of your body to increase the feeling of lovemaking. It may be especially useful for couples who are in a romantic relationship or sex rut to tell each other what they like about each other, as it can help them feel fresh again.

Tell them what you want next and so on

Pillow talk is a post-coital activity, so once you’ve shared your thoughts and feelings with each other, you can also share your desires for the next time. Things about sex can be difficult to talk about in your daily life or you may not have the opportunity to do so. If you’re going to have pillow talk, talk about the next time while the memory of the last time you had sex is still fresh in your mind. This will give your partner the impression that you’re thinking ahead.

For example, tell him or her that you’d like to try this kind of play next time, or that you’d like him or her to give you a hard time on the back slit, or, “How about you? What do you want to do? And they ask for their partner’s requests. Women like to be asked to do things by men, so it’s surprisingly pleasing to give them requests for sex. However, it’s important to listen to your partner as well, and not just tell him what you want.

When you talk about sex in pillow talk, you may be able to talk about hard play, which is not something you would normally be able to ask for. We’ll get into more details later, but you can also casually suggest a sex toy in your talk about your desire for the next time. In order to expand your future play and improve your technique, you should definitely talk about your next sex session in pillow talk.

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Be careful with pillow talk

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The key to pillow talk is to talk about something positive that will help you relax after sex and deepen your love for each other. In particular, this is a great time to express your appreciation and affection for each other on a daily basis, and this is a great time to make the most of it. Therefore, you need to be careful about the following actions.

Talking about your body shape or complex.
Seeking a long pillow talk
Compared to past partners

If you do any of the above actions, a pillow talk that has been so peaceful and exciting can quickly fall apart. To deepen your relationship with your partner in pillow talk, try to avoid these topics by all means, and try to incorporate the positive ones I mentioned earlier.

Talking about your body type and complexes

This is not limited to pillow talk, but let’s not meddle with women’s body shapes. Women are far more concerned about their body shape than men are, and they often have a complex. Of course, you can compliment them on how beautiful they are and how stylish they are, but you can also say things like, “You’re getting a tummy,” or “Have you gained some weight? Don’t say negative things like. Be careful about saying something that sounds like a far-fetched sarcastic remark like, “You’re the type to lose weight, aren’t you?” because it tends to be said casually.

Men are happy when a woman says to them, “You have great muscles,” but they may feel uncomfortable when they hear something like, “You’re flabby,” or “You’re so skinny. If something is bothering you about your partner’s body shape, try to invite them to improve in a more roundabout way. For example, “Would you like to go to the gym with me sometime? There’s no disgust when you take it in the direction of a couple’s health goals, as in “Let’s run together to get fit.

This is a great way to talk about your partner’s body shape, but you should also avoid talking down to yourself. ‘Are you starting to have a bit of an underbelly?’ If it’s something that makes them touch your belly and make you laugh, that’s fine. However, stories about complexes, such as “It’s hard for me to lose weight no matter how hard I try” or “I’m having trouble with my small penis” are not appropriate for pillow talk.

Pillow talk for a long time

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the time to relax after sex is very important for women, so many women want pillow talk. However, there is a limit to everything, so too long afterwards is not desirable. After sex, girls are tired, so it’s best to keep the average pillow talk to around 10 minutes, or 30 minutes at the most; if it goes beyond 30 minutes, the girl might fall asleep before you do.

The purpose of pillow talk is not to talk, per se, but to take advantage of the calm time after sex to deepen the couple’s love for each other by talking about things they wouldn’t normally talk about. If the talk goes on too long, the woman may get fed up and, conversely, her mood may drop. In other words, it doesn’t do much good to incorporate pillow talk if your relationship doesn’t improve despite your best efforts to talk about it. So, aim for about 10 minutes in length and cut it off at a reasonable point.

If the talk is going to be long, you can leave the bed in the middle of the talk and take a shower together. When you wash each other’s bodies in the shower, it’s another skinny-dipping experience, and you can then continue the conversation you just had. In any case, try to avoid serious topics in pillow talk that might drag on, and try to choose topics that are as casual and relaxed as possible.

Comparison with past partners

It’s not just for pillow talk, but also not to talk about your past partners in front of your current girlfriend. Of course, if she asks you about it, you need to answer, but don’t talk about it yourself. If you bring up past partners in pillow talk, you’ll be less excited than at other times, and she may not like it.

The woman is in the aftermath of pleasure and happy mood during the time of the posterior, and all she wants to hear is what she has to say about each other. If you bring up your old girlfriend there, it will break the atmosphere and ruin the mood. In particular, don’t compare sex with things like, “My ex-girlfriend was tighter” or “My ex-girlfriend had a better blow job”. Men should also be very uncomfortable when they are told that their former boyfriend’s penis was better.

Instead of belittling your current girlfriend, you shouldn’t compare her in a positive way by saying, “You suck better than your last girlfriend”. Don’t bring up your old girlfriend in the first place. Also avoid bringing up the topic of the other person’s ex instead of yourself. For example, “Who’s better at sex, my ex-boyfriend or me? Did it feel better with me? Questions that compare yourself to your ex, such as, “How did you get to know me?” will only make a woman uncomfortable. It’s the present and the future that couples should be looking at, so don’t bring up past lovers.

Pillow talk for even brighter sex!

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After the finish, post-finish foreplay and pillow talk are essential to enhancing a couple’s relationship and sex. The calm air and relaxed mood after sex allows couples to bond with each other by talking honestly to each other. What’s more, a careful post-coital session can increase both the couple’s sexual satisfaction and satisfaction with their romantic relationship. This means that not only will pillow talk help you have brighter sex, but it will also increase your happiness.

To further enhance the effects of pillow talk, make sure to utilize a few techniques as well. For example, if you are having sex with the lights dimmed, it is recommended that you do the pillow talk in that state as well. If you suddenly brighten up the room, it will change the atmosphere from what it was before and may not make pillow talk as exciting as it could be. Even for couples who prefer to have sex without turning off the lights, darkening the room a bit during postplay can be even more relaxing.

Also, try to keep your mind as closed and open as possible during pillow talk. If you’re going to do the post-play, it’s easier for your partner to open up if you try to talk in a relaxed manner. For this reason, it’s important to try to speak slowly and in a low voice. You’re both tired after sex, so it’s easier for a girl to get into a manly, calm tone of voice than a loud, boisterous conversation.

If you incorporate good skin-to-skin contact as well as conversation, the release of oxytocin will further increase your happiness. Sex is a natural part of many different animals, but only humans engage in post play. Even bonobos, the apes famous for their human-like behavior and advanced social skills, have not been found to be in the habit of performing post-sex foreplay. In other words, post-sex skin ship is uniquely human, so by all means, you should take care of your post-sex aftercare and pillow talk with care.

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Suggestions for toys along with desires are also GOOD!

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When you give your thoughts and requests about sex in pillow talk, it’s also useful to offer suggestions for adult toys. There are many different types of sex toys, and when used well, they can dramatically increase the pleasure of sex. Because it’s a pillow talk after the excitement of sex, it’s a good time to say, “I’d like to try an adult toy” or “Would you like to try a rotor next time? So let’s invite girls to have toy sex with you.

While many women are still resistant to adult toys, more and more women are using the goods in masturbation in recent years. However, even if you want a man to use them for sex, it is not uncommon for women to be too embarrassed to say so. At such a time, if a man proposes the use of goods, a woman may be surprised and pleased. Even if the couple is already using the goods, this is an opportunity to upgrade to more advanced toys.

For example, if you’re currently using rotors, cut to the chase and say something like, “You can try using a vibrator to make you feel more comfortable,” which is a natural way to cut to the chase. He should already be used to using adult toys, so he should readily agree to it. In addition, if there is something you want to do, such as cosplay sex or SM play, let him/her know. But don’t just say what you want to do, ask “What would you like to do? It’s also important to ask.

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In this article, we’ve discussed in detail the benefits of pillow talk and the specific ways in which it works. Pillow talk is a part of the post-sex play, and it is an aftercare that is combined with skin-to-skin contact. With men, we often don’t consider after play to be important, but for women, it’s very important for making love. Making sure that the post-play is carefully performed can make the couple’s bond stronger and increase their happiness.

The ideal pillow talk for a woman is one that gives her the lingering pleasure and relief of sex. In other words, it should be positive, expressing gratitude and love for each day and a positive outlook on the couple’s future. Don’t start talking out of the blue, but gradually move into a conversation with each other, touching and looking at each other’s bodies.

This is a great time for pillow talk, and it makes it easier to bring up things that would normally be difficult to talk about. Try to avoid talking about your partner’s body type, past partners, or negative topics. Be aware of positive topics of conversation, such as telling your partner what you like about him or her and your hopes for the next time you have sex. You can also suggest new plays and adult toys. A post-sex pillow talk can help couples further develop their relationship.