Men are addicted! The best toys for anal masturbation and how to use them

Anal masturbation is a special masturbation technique that involves teasing the anus. What’s special about it is the amazing feeling of orgasm, or climax. By reaching a dry orgasm, which is completely different from normal ejaculation, you can experience a deep and lasting pleasure like a woman’s climax. For this reason, anal masturbation has been rapidly gaining in popularity in recent years, and many men must be curious about it.

It’s a very different kind of pleasure from conventional masturbation. However, because anal masturbation stimulates the anus and prostate gland, it can cause injury and infection if done incorrectly. If practiced the right way, the pleasure that spreads throughout your body can be addictive.

Making good use of adult products such as Enemagra, lotions, and condoms is also essential for the success of anal masturbation. In this article, we will thoroughly explain the merits and methods of anal masturbation, as well as recommended goods.

They are definitely addicted to it! What is the appeal of a dry orgasm?

A dry orgasm is an orgasm that is welcomed without ejaculation. While a normal climax is a “wet orgasm” where you get wet with semen, it is called a “dry orgasm” because you orgasm dryly without ejaculation. This dry orgasm has received a great deal of attention in recent years, and why is it so important? There are three main reasons why dry orgasm is so attractive

  • It is more pleasurable than ejaculation or sex.
  • Unlike ejaculation, it’s never ending.
  • Can experience ejaculation without jerking off.

After all, the great pleasure you get is the charm of dry orgasm. Masturbation is meaningless if it doesn’t feel good, right? Regular ejaculation is good enough, but actually, you can go even higher. A dry orgasm or ejaculation without jerking off with anal masturbation will enhance your daily masturbation climax. Once you learn more about the three benefits above, you’ll want to try anal masturbation too.

Ejaculation without jerking off will give you more pleasure than ejaculation and sex.

One of the unique benefits of dry orgasm is that it can provide more pleasure than ejaculation or sex. It may seem like a lie, but it’s the undeniable truth. That’s why once a person has successfully masturbated to anal masturbation, they don’t feel like going back to their old masturbation.

The pleasure of a dry orgasm is so great that it’s addictive. A dry orgasm is like when a woman reaches a climax in the “G-spot”, so to speak, and it feels like that.It is true that ejaculation is also very pleasant. The arousal builds and the pleasure gets stronger as ejaculation approaches, and it feels like your mind is going blank at the peak of ejaculation.

It’s so addictive, you want to do it every day. However, even if you continue to experience the same kind of pleasure throughout your adolescence, you may get into a rut and masturbate out of sheer inertia. Masturbation, which is a mechanical way of handling your sexual desire, will inevitably lose its appeal.

Dry orgasms, on the other hand, are quite different. A dry orgasm is when your entire body becomes a sexual sensation and you tremble and feel like you’re in heaven. However, it is important to note that the type of pleasure is also completely different from ejaculation.

Unlike a normal orgasm, which has the obvious marker of ejaculation, it’s vague as to when a dry orgasm is a climax, and the timing can be difficult to tell. Anyway, a dry orgasm is when the body seems to float in the air and a pleasant sensation arises from deep within.

Unlike ejaculation, there is no end to it

Ejaculation lasts only 30 seconds at most, so the pleasure of climax is only experienced for a short time. Moreover, after ejaculation, it is difficult to get an erection or ejaculate continuously due to the effects of prolactin, a hormone that relaxes the body and mind.

You may need more than an hour to ejaculate again, and you may not feel like doing it because you’re so drained in the first place. This is probably the major disadvantage of ejaculation. The pleasure of ejaculation is very short.However, dry orgasms are different.

The pleasure of a dry orgasm lasts for a long time, and it’s like an endless wave of pleasure that keeps coming over and over again, giving you the dreamy pleasure of being in heaven. If you’ve reached the level of anal masturbation mastery, orgasms can last up to an hour or more in some cases, which is truly unimaginable, but once you get used to anal masturbation, you’ll be able to continue to climax for a few minutes, if not an hour.

These dry orgasmic qualities are tied to the great benefits of anal masturbation. That is, you can continue to enjoy the pleasure that surpasses ejaculation as often as you like with little or no post-cum clarity or physical exhaustion. In other words, if you do anal masturbation, you can devour the pleasure for a much longer time than usual hand job masturbation.

Another merit of anal masturbation is that you can increase the number of times you masturbate. For example, if you masturbate once every three days, you can enjoy anal masturbation climaxes for two days in between.

Also, dry orgasms are very similar to female climaxes, which means that you can experience the sensations of a woman in sex. Successful anal masturbation requires careful preparation and caressing, and it’s the same when you orgasm a woman.

In other words, the more you practice anal masturbation, the easier it will be for a woman to know where and how you want her to tease you. And since the prostate and G-spot are very similar in location and stimulation, the technique of prostate blaming can be applied to orgasm a woman.

Ejaculation without jerking off can be experienced

Ejaculation without jerking off is the stimulation of the prostate gland in anal masturbation or anal sex, which is the ejaculation without stimulating the penis. However, it is characterized by a dripping ejaculation, as opposed to the usual popping ejaculation.

It is often confused with dry orgasm, but it is actually a completely different type of orgasm, so it is important to note that it is a very different kind of orgasm. However, it’s exactly the same up to the point of stimulating the prostate gland, so you could say it’s a precursor to a dry orgasm in the image.

In principle, the phenomenon is that in addition to the prostate gland, stimulation is transmitted to the seminal vesicle (sack for storing semen) behind it, and semen comes out as if pushed out. In other words, since ejaculation itself occurs, it can be said that it is in the middle of normal ejaculation and dry orgasm.

There are two types of ejaculation without jerking off: ejaculation without jerking off without an erection and ejaculation without jerking off with an erection. In both cases, unlike normal masturbation, you can orgasm as many times as you like, hopefully. In addition, ejaculation without jerking off, which produces an erection, is characterized by a stronger sense of pleasure.

However, it should be noted that ejaculation without jerking off is more like ejaculation and therefore has a post-cum clarity. Even if you can orgasm as many times as you want in principle, it will be difficult to do so if you get tired.

With ejaculation without jerking off, you can enjoy the mind-blowing pleasure of the moment of ejaculation for a long time. Experts who have mastered anal masturbation often finish with ejaculation without jerking off after a dry orgasm.

That is to say, first of all, they enjoy the deep and long pleasure like a woman in a dry orgasm, and then they go back to a man’s climax “ejaculation” by “jerking off”. In this way, there are various ways to enjoy anal masturbation, which is one of the charms of anal masturbation.

Let’s prepare for a dry orgasm

We’ve seen the wonderful appeal of dry orgasms, but due to the nature of inserting fingers and other objects inside the anus, there is a risk of injury and infection if not done correctly. Therefore, it’s important to make good use of adult products to support anal caressing and improve the level of hygiene. Be sure to have the following goods on hand.

  • Lotion” to increase anal lubrication
  • Condoms, which make finger insertion into the anus safe

The above two items must be prepared for the safe implementation of anal masturbation. It would be impossible to tweak the anus, especially if you don’t have lotion. Condoms will help to improve the level of hygiene when using your fingers. You should master how to use these products to safely proceed with a pleasant anal masturbation.

Prepare the lotion

When performing anal masturbation, be sure to use lotion. Without lotion, you can’t insert your fingers into your anus. This is because not only will it damage the delicate anus and rectum, but it will also cause severe pain and make it impossible to masturbate. For this reason, you should always have lotion available, but be careful how you choose it. Use a special anal lotion for anal sex.

Anal lotions are basically the same as regular love lotions, but they differ in three aspects: viscosity, duration, and ingredients. The most sought after thing in anal lotions is a high viscosity and a long duration. This is why silicone-based lotions are the most common type of anal lotion.

Sodium polyacrylate-based lotions have a high viscosity, but they dry out easily, so they are not recommended for anal sex. Choose a glycerin or silicone-based anal lotion as much as possible, although it’s a little more expensive.

Also, even if you are careful and insert your fingers gently into the area around the anus and rectal wall, they can be damaged by a whim. For this reason, anal lotions often contain ingredients that protect the intestinal wall and other parts of the body, so pay attention to the ingredients in the formula as well.

Some contain alcohol, which has a sterilizing effect, but this is not recommended as it can upset your stomach. Hygiene is not a problem as long as you follow the precautions described below.You can also use Vaseline instead of anal lotion, but it’s not recommended for a few reasons. First of all, Vaseline’s duration is even better than silicone-based lotions, but the downside is that it’s not very lubricant-friendly.

In addition, Vaseline can stimulate blood circulation in the area where it is applied, which may cause irritation around the anus depending on your constitution. In addition, condoms tear when they come into contact with oil, so you can’t use condoms on your fingers when inserting them. The choice of lotion is crucial for anal masturbation, so first look for a glycerin or silicone-based anal lotion that will suit you.

Secure your safety by using a condom

It may seem like a surprising thing, but when you do anal masturbation, you should also prepare a condom. This is because condoms prevent your fingers and the inside of your anus from getting contaminated with bacteria and other things, and they also prevent you from damaging your anus with your fingers.

Even if you wash your hands before anal masturbation, they will get dirty before you insert them, and there are a lot of germs and viruses inside the anus. This means that condoms prevent two things from happening at the same time: germs on your hands get into the anal and your hands get dirty in the anal.

Furthermore, no matter how carefully you cut your nails short and align them with a file, they are still sharp protrusions. As a result, they can catch when you put your finger in the anal area and cause damage. More on this later, but if you can, you want to avoid it whenever possible, because if your anus or rectum becomes infected with bacteria, it can cause a variety of diseases.

Wearing a condom can easily guard your nails and keep them safe.However, condoms are not inherently meant to adhere to your fingers, so if you move your fingers around after insertion, they may slip off or come off.

If you are concerned about it, we recommend you to use a finger sack for anal sex. If you use a finger sack, it will fit perfectly and you can move your finger without worrying about it. Also, when inserting Enemagra, which will be explained later, put on a condom, it will be difficult to use it, so apply only lotion and insert it. If you thoroughly clean and dry it after use, you won’t have to worry about hygiene.

What is the best enemagra for dry orgasms?

Enemagra is a toy that induces a dry orgasm by massaging the prostate gland. It was originally marketed under the name Aneros as a medical device for prostate massage. The treatment of prostate massage from inside the rectum for the remedy of various diseases of the prostate gland and the expulsion of malignant secretions has been a common practice for a long time.

With Aneros, it is now possible for doctors as well as patients to use it themselves, as the treatment is as simple as inserting the device. When Aneros first came on the market, the phenomenon of dry orgasms that did not result in ejaculation was reported one after another, and then it evolved into Enemagura as a toy for anal masturbation.

The effectiveness of Enemagura lies in anal masturbation and dry orgasm, and it is widely used as a supportive tool to help people reach climax. The Enememas are T-shaped toys less than 10 cm in length, and when inserted during anal masturbation, they provide optimal and effective stimulation of the prostate gland.

The prostate gland is about 4-5 cm in from the anus and can be stimulated with a finger or a dildo. However, it is difficult to reach the prostate gland if you do it yourself because it is located on the belly side, and even with a dildo, it is difficult to get a sense of distance. So, with the Enemagura, the curved part of the tip, which is about 2-3 cm in diameter, hits the prostate area and stimulates the prostate effectively.

The part that is inserted into the anus is a little bit thicker and has a projection in the middle, and it bends back from there, changing its shape. This shape is exquisite for prostate massage, and the biggest attraction is that even a beginner can easily masturbate to the anal if you can insert it correctly. After that, if you master how to move the anal sphincter, you will eventually reach a dry orgasm. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about getting it out because it’s T-shaped and doesn’t go deep into the anus. Enemagra is the best partner for anal masturbation and dry orgasms.

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How do you use Enemagura?

We have introduced what Enemagra is and why it can effectively stimulate the prostate. Enemememagra is certainly an effective technique for anal masturbation and dry orgasms, but it is useless if you cannot insert it into the anus in the first place. And if you don’t use it in the right way, it is still dangerous and can damage the anus. So, be aware of the following five steps to use Enemagra.

  • Clean your anus & anal area.
  • Keep your anus relaxed and dilated.
  • Apply lotion to the Enemagula and insert it.
  • Take a deep breath while inserting it and let it settle in.
  • Move the anus and stimulate the prostate.

Anal masturbation requires you to get your fingers used to your anus, or you will not be able to pave the way to dry orgasm. The first step is to clean your anus and rectum as cleanly as possible and carefully loosen your anus with your fingers.

Once your anal has become accustomed and soft, it’s time to apply a generous amount of lotion to the enemagula and insert it. The following is a detailed explanation of the important points in each procedure.

1. Washing the anus & anal area

When you do anal masturbation, whether you use Enemagra or not, be sure to clean your anus and the inside of your anus. In particular, when you use Enemagra, you are inserting a thick object into the anus, so if there is any stool left near the rectum, it will be in the way and will not stimulate the prostate gland well.

Excrement is very unhygienic, so you want to avoid getting it on your fingers and equipment. Moreover, if the stool comes out during the act, it will stain the bed and other parts of the bed, and you won’t be able to concentrate on the pleasure because you’re worried about it. So let’s clean your anus and rectum by one of the following methods.

  • Enemas.
  • Anal cleaning tools
  • Shower and Washlet

The most basic method is to use a commercially available enema to clean it. It is simple to use, just inject the enema, wait for 10 minutes and expel the stool at once. However, be careful not to use an enema too often, as it will reduce the self-cleaning action of the rectum and make you prone to constipation.

If you masturbate once a week, there is no problem to use it every time, but if you use it once every two or three days or other high frequency, it is better to refrain from using it.The next best way is to use a syringe or a pump for anal cleaning. The method is similar to an enema, and inject lukewarm water into the anus with a syringe and a pump, and pour it out at once by putting pressure on your stomach in a toilet.

However, if you put too much pressure on the ejection, it can cause hemorrhoids, so it’s okay to use as much force as you can get out of the hot water.

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The easiest way to clean it without using any special equipment is to use a shower or a washlet. Turn the shower on high, fill the anus with hot water and wait five seconds before draining it. Repeat that four or five times and you can clean the inside of the anus to some extent. However, the temperature of the shower should be slightly warm and lukewarm.

The skin around the anus is very sensitive, and if the temperature is too high, it can cause skin irritation and inflammation. The same goes for using a washlet, but be careful not to use too much water pressure, as it can damage the skin around the anus.

2. Loosen and dilate the anus

You may want to insert the Enemagura as soon as the anal is cleaned, but you must never insert it suddenly. However, you should not insert it immediately, because it hurts even if you try to force it in. Therefore, first of all, please loosen the anus firmly, make it soft, and expand the hole to make it possible to insert Enemagura smoothly. The steps for this are as follows, so proceed carefully one by one.

  1. put a condom or anal finger sack over your little and middle fingers
  2. apply lotion liberally to the anus and fingers.
  3. lie on your side and hold your legs.
  4. massage the anal area by stroking and pressing with your fingers.
  5. when the anus area is relaxed, insert from the little finger.
  6. 2-3 cm in, and then slowly piston your fingers in.
  7. put your middle finger in when the anal resistance decreases.
  8. when you can use your middle finger to make piston movements without problems, you’re done.

As mentioned above, there is a tedious procedure to unwind the anus. An unexpectedly important point is the position of the finger in the anus. Even if you try to insert your finger into the so-called normal or Doggy Style, it’s hard to relax because your body tends to be tense. It is recommended to lie down on your side and hold your legs so that your anus opens and you can relax easily. The way you insert your fingers is also important, start with your thin little finger and move to your middle finger.

An important thing to be aware of is that you should always insert your finger slowly and carefully. No matter how much lotion or condoms you use, if you move your finger roughly, it can cause pain and injury. Once your finger is about 2 to 3 cm in, make slow piston movements and loosen up until there is no resistance to your finger being caught in the anus. You don’t need to do any quick piston movements, so it’s important to proceed gradually.

3. Apply lotion to the Enemagura and insert it

Once your anus has relaxed to some extent, it’s time to insert the Enemagra. Apply a generous amount of lotion to the Enemagra and then carefully insert it into your anus. Hold your legs in the same position as before. The Enemagra is much thicker than your finger, so it may seem somewhat frightening at first. However, Enemagra is designed to stimulate the prostate gland in the first place, so as long as you keep your anus well accustomed to it, you should be able to insert it reasonably smoothly and painlessly.

However, you need to be careful about the direction in which the Enemagra is inserted. The Enemagra becomes thicker and protrudes from the middle to the end, but when you look at it from the side, it warps upward. The one that is warped up is the abdomen side, that is, the part that touches the prostate gland, and is inserted with this side toward the abdomen. It’s also a little bit of a trick to keep your phone or comic book by your side when you insert the Enemagra so that you can take it without moving. Once you’re ready for these preparations, it’s time to insert the Enemagra into your anus.

Hold the handle part of the Enemagra and slowly insert it with the upper bend towards your abdomen. At this point, as long as the anus is acclimated and the amount of lotion is sufficient, you should be able to insert it even if you feel some resistance. If it’s obviously too tight, you haven’t relaxed the anus enough, so go back to the previous step and try again. Once the enemagra is about in the middle, you can let go of your hand as it will automatically suck in the rest of the way. This step is complete when it is deep enough.

4. Take a deep breath while it’s inserted and let it adjust

Even if the Enemagula is deep in your body, you should never suddenly make it move in a piston motion. This is because the rectum is not yet accustomed to the shape of the Enemagram and forcing it around may cause injury. For this reason, after the Enemagra has been inserted deep into the body, the rectum should be left alone for 10 to 20 minutes to allow the rectum to adjust to the Enemagra. If you move your body, the Enemagra may come out of your anus, so wait in a sideways position.

At this time, you’ll be bored, so pass the time with the phone or comic book you prepared earlier. It’s recommended that you do this because not only will the time pass surprisingly quickly, but it will also relax you and help you get used to the anal sensations. You may feel somewhat anxious and uncomfortable because you’re not used to having a foreign object in your anus. When this happens, you may be tempted to put more pressure on your body, but be aware that this can cause pain.

In order to increase the success rate of dry orgasms, you need to relax your body as much as possible. Therefore, first take a deep breath and calm your mind. Slowly breathe in on your belly while counting to three, and then breathe out again while counting to three. When your mind is relaxed in this way, your body will relax and your rectum will easily adjust to the shape of the enemagula. This way of relaxing the body and mind will be even more important in the future when moving the Enemagula, so it is safe to say that you should get used to it now.

5. Move the anus and stimulate the prostate

Once you’ve inserted the Enemagra into your anus and allowed your rectum to get used to it, keep it in place and move the Enemagra by moving your anal sphincter muscle. The anal sphincter is a muscle that is utilized to open and close the anus. The anal sphincter contracts when you hold back a bowel movement and put pressure on your buttocks, and then relaxes when you take a bowel movement. In other words, when you make the motion to hold back a stool, the enemagula goes in and when you try to get the stool out, the enemagula comes back in.

In other words, you don’t need to use your hands to move the Enemagura, you can move it by simply opening and closing your anus. This motion allows the Enemagra to move like a piston movement to stimulate the prostate gland. As mentioned above, you can safely move your anal sphincter, because even if you pull your anus too tightly, the enemagra will not go too far back in. However, if you loosen your hips too much, the Enemagra may return too far, so start by slowly pushing and pulling the Enemagra in short strokes.

As you continue to move the Enemagra in this way, the prostate gland will be massaged as if it were being pushed. The trick is to keep the movement in a steady rhythm, and this is how you get closer to a dry orgasm. If you use your hands, the rhythm may be lost and the orgasm may be farther away, so try to massage the prostate as much as possible using only the anal sphincter movements. If you feel a shuddering sensation or a floating sensation in the air as the pleasure gradually increases, then the dry orgasm is a success.

Cautions for enjoying a dry orgasm

We’ve covered the basic methods and techniques you need to use to reach a dry orgasm. But there are still other things you need to know. It’s what you need to be aware of in order to be able to safely reach orgasm with anal masturbation. There are four things to keep in mind in order to enjoy a dry orgasm

  • Be careful not to damage your anus or rectum.
  • Move slowly with the anus after insertion of Enemagura.
  • Anal masturbation requires time to reach climax
  • Never touch your penis with a finger or toy that touches your anus.

If you are aware of the above four points, it should be easier to safely perform anal masturbation. Reaching dry orgasm is done by inserting fingers and instruments into the anus, which can damage the anus and rectum. Therefore, be careful about cutting your fingernails and inserting them into the anus. It is also important to be patient and continue to develop, as dry orgasms take time to be successful.

Be careful not to hurt your anus

The most important thing to keep in mind when performing anal masturbation is to avoid damaging your anus or rectum. For this reason, try to keep your nails as short as possible. It is good to cut them until they are deep nails and file the edges. If you neglect this area, you can easily damage the anus. The anus is not only very delicate, but it is also very susceptible to bacteria. If your fingernails are long or sharp, the slightest movement of your fingers can damage your anus and cause an infection.

It’s also important to always wash your hands clean with soap and hand soap before performing anal masturbation. If your hands are unclean, there is a risk of germs invading your hands when you accidentally injure your anus or other parts of your body. If this happens, the anus or rectum can become infected with bacteria, resulting in an anal-rectal abscess or hemorrhoidal fistula, and pus can accumulate in the area around the anus. In severe cases, pain and fever can occur, so be careful. If you clean your hands beforehand before anal masturbation, you can prevent this from happening.

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When inserting goods such as Enemagra into your anus, never push it in too hard. The anal area must be properly accustomed to the anal area, otherwise the anus can be easily damaged. As mentioned above, the use of lotion is also essential. In addition, if you have hemorrhoids, the anus is even more vulnerable, so please do not perform anal masturbation if your hemorrhoid symptoms are getting worse. If your hemorrhoids are chronic and their condition is relatively stable, you can safely proceed if you proceed slowly and carefully.

After inserting the enemagram, move slowly with the anal sphincter

Pay attention to the direction of the Enemagra when inserting it. Insert it so that the upwardly bent part is facing the abdomen. If you insert it in the wrong direction, you will not only have difficulty inserting it, but you will not get the benefit of massaging the prostate at all. It is also important to leave it in for 10 to 20 minutes after insertion to allow the rectum to get used to the Enemagram. If you omit this process, it can cause the Enemagra to not move smoothly and cause pain when moving it.

After insertion, use your anal sphincter to move the Enemagra, not your hands. This has been the case since the Aneros was used as a medical device, but moving it with your anal sphincter makes it easier to stimulate your prostate. Using your hands will disrupt the rhythm of your orgasm, which will keep you farther away from orgasm and increase the likelihood of injuring your anus because you will be forced to move it more often. Repeatedly open and close your anus to push and pull on the enemagram.

The speed of the anal sphincter is limited, so you can’t move the enemagram fast enough. It is not the speed of the piston movement that is important for prostate orgasm, but the ability to accurately massage the area where the prostate is located; it can be as slow as taking one second to open the anus and then closing it again in one second. If you feel the pleasure coming from the bottom of your body, then you have perfected the Enemagra movement. Continue steadily and aim for a dry orgasm.

It takes time to experience an anal climax

Anal masturbation is not a quick success for everyone. It is much harder to reach a dry orgasm with anal masturbation than it is to ejaculate through normal masturbation. It takes a considerable period of anal development before the stimulation of the anus and prostate feels good. This is because the anus is not a sexual zone to begin with. It takes a lot of time, effort, and technique to be able to feel in a place you originally didn’t feel.

When you first started doing anal masturbation, it was impossible to feel good at all, and orgasms were a dream. Instead of pleasure, the pain and discomfort is often so strong that most people give up at this point. However, if you continue to develop anal orgasms patiently, the discomfort will gradually change to a pleasant sensation, and you will be able to get anal pleasure little by little. Generally speaking, it takes three months to feel good in the anus and six months to a year to reach a dry orgasm.

Thus, it takes quite a bit of time to successfully perform anal masturbation. Enemagra will certainly make it easier to achieve a successful dry orgasm, but it will still take a considerable amount of time. If you try it just like normal masturbation, it won’t last long. If you try to develop in a hurry, it can lead to unexpected injuries and infections. In fact, if you continue to try it in a casual way, like trying a new dish, you may even reach orgasm on a whim, so the mental element is very important.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the most important thing for successful anal masturbation is the mental ability to keep calm and keep trying. This is because dry orgasms, like female orgasms, require you to be relaxed in mind and body. If you are anxious or impatient, your body will strain and you will inevitably not be able to get it right. It is best to do normal ejaculation masturbation as before, and then try anal masturbation in between, so that you can take it easy without pushing yourself too hard.

Do not touch your penis with a finger or toy that has touched your anus

Even if you clean your anus with an enema or shower, it does not mean that your anus will be clean and neat. Bacteria and dirt in the anus can never be removed. Therefore, fingers and sex toys inserted into the anus will always have bacteria and viruses in the anus. You need to be very careful about how you handle them after they are inserted into the anus. For example, you should never lick your fingers inserted into the anus or touch your penis.

If you do this, bacteria and other germs in the anus will be transferred directly to your penis. The most likely result of this would be that bacteria, viruses, etc. will enter the urethra and cause urethritis or cystitis. These conditions can cause discomfort in the pubic area, as well as pain and fever, so you need to rush to the hospital as soon as you notice anything unusual. In the worst case scenario, you may need to have surgery, and you want to avoid this situation.

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For this reason, it is important to always wear an anal finger sack or condom when inserting your fingers and to remove it as soon as you are done. It’s best to avoid touching your penis as much as possible during anal masturbation, and if you want to touch it, make sure to wash your hands once.Also, make sure to thoroughly clean any Enemagula inserted during anal masturbation, and if you use Bullet Vibrators, never use them on your penis. If these points are thoroughly followed, it is unlikely that you will get an infection from anal masturbation.


In this article, we have explained the benefits and methods of anal masturbation, along with recommended toys. A dry orgasm is a climax that doesn’t involve ejaculation, and it’s characterized by a sensation that far surpasses normal ejaculation and its duration.It doesn’t end as quickly as an ejaculation, and the deep, long-lasting pleasure is like the climax of a woman’s inside orgasm. Anal masturbation allows you to reach not only dry orgasms, but also ejaculation without jerking off.

When performing anal masturbation, be prepared with lotion and condoms. First, clean your anus or anus with an enema or syringe, and then insert your thinnest little finger first to loosen up your anus. At this time, be sure to put on a finger sack or condom and apply plenty of lotion before inserting it into the anus. When you can move your middle finger smoothly to some extent, you are ready to insert the Enemagula into the anus.

After you have applied lotion to the Enemagura, put it in slowly with your legs in a sideways position and the bent part of the Enemagura facing your stomach. Once you have gone deep enough, you can then insert it deeper without using your hands. After you’ve acclimatized your rectum for a while, you should be able to get closer to a dry orgasm with a slow piston movement by putting pressure on and off the anal sphincter and massaging your prostate. Master anal masturbation and enjoy a tri-orgasm.
In fact, you can experience dry orgasms not only in the anus, but also in the nipples. If you want to experience even more pleasure, check out the following article to find out how to do it!