[For men] How to properly prepare for have anal sex without injury

Anal sex is a sexual play that is performed by inserting it into the anus. Since anal sex is performed not in the vagina but in the anus, it may give you an impression of being a maniac. However, it turns out that a surprisingly large number of women have actually experienced anal sex. The attraction of anal sex is its unique tightness and the excitement that comes from an abnormal feeling. It is.

In India, the law of cohabitation has changed in recent years, and the recognition of anal sex has also risen at a stretch. Anal sex is a lovable act for couples loved by both gays and straight couples.

Moreover, the area around the anus has many nerves and blood vessels running through it, so if you can develop it well, it is sensitive It is a very sexual area. On the other hand, the anus is a very delicate and vulnerable area, so anal sex is the right way to It can cause injury if you don’t do it in So, in this article, we’ll talk about the appeal of anal sex, the right way to do it, and how to use the most effective products. I will explain in detail.

But a thing is that, anal have not self lubricated so if you insert any object such as penis or any anal sex toy then she feel pain. So always apply anal lubricant when having anal sex with the partner. But most of the experience people says that sex toy give you best help for having anal sexual activity such as –

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Most of the people use small anal sex toy at first time because they are best for beginners. This type of sex toy always give you more pleasure and confidence to take penis for doing anal sexual activity with the partner.

The appeal of anal sex

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Anal sex is a sexual act of inserting male genitalia or adult products into the anus. It is generally recognized as an act performed by male homosexuals, so it is considered to be a maniacal play. You may have an image. It is not uncommon for women to be resistant to it due to pain, infection and hygiene. However, anal sex is also performed in heterosexual sex because of the following attractions There are a lot of them.

The anus is a sexual area.
It’s nice and tight.
I can be aroused by a woman’s reaction and immorality.

In fact, the anus is one of the most famous sexual zones. Because of the concentration of blood vessels and nerves around the exit of the anus, if you can develop it well, you can become a sexually active zone. It becomes. Therefore, it can make a girl feel good with a different pleasure than vaginal insertion. Moreover, because the stimulation is transmitted to the adjacent vaginal wall and other sexually active zones by inserting it into the anus, it is possible to get a peculiar feeling. It seems that it can be.

In addition, the muscles around the anus, such as the anal sphincter, are very strong, so the anus is tighter than the vagina and It is. Because tightness is directly related to pleasure, anal sex is very attractive to men who are looking for stimulation. Men who can’t get enough of vaginal stimulation during normal sex can also enjoy anal sex in a more pleasurable way. I think it can be.

The anus is essentially an organ for excretion and not for sex. Women don’t want to be seen with their assholes, if at all possible. The reaction of women who shyly show their buttocks during anal sex, or who dare to insert their buttocks into the anus instead of the vagina, is The sense of immorality that comes with anal sex makes a man feel mentally aroused. This kind of immorality peculiar to anal sex is one of its attractions.

For anal expansion most of the women are use anal butt plugs, butt plug give you large hole for having better and smooth penetration with the partner during penis insertion. Different butt plug have different type of stimulation so you can select according to your need and fill your joy in your life with the partner –

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The reason why anal sex is popular in Europe and America is that a huge penis can be inserted if it is anal. Anal has more tolerance on penis size than Vagina.

This is useful for penis enlargement.

How do you ask him out? Are you not attracted to women?

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Anal sex is inserted into the anus for excretion, and many women feel resistance to it. There is not. Many people will be especially concerned about pain, infection and injury. Some women like anal sex and will gladly take you up on the offer, but they will be drawn away There are many. So, try to seduce girls with the following invitations

“All the girls are doing it.
“It feels better than a vagina.
I can do it while I’m on my period.
It helps with the constipation.

As we’ll discuss in more detail later, nearly 30% of women have actually experienced anal sex. Reassure them by telling them that anal sex isn’t a maniacal play or scary thing to do. Inviting them to say that it can feel better than a vagina is also effective. Women are just as pleasure-seeking as men are. If you are told that it feels better than the vagina, you will want to do it, even if you are a little resistant to it.

Also, women who are stressed out during their menstruation because they are at increased risk of pain and infection and are less likely to have sex is a lot. If I told you that you can do anal, you might think that you could try it without any problems, even if you’re on your period. Constipation is another problem for women. Anal sex may improve the constipation condition because of the preliminary enema and stimulation of the bowels . Therefore, it is also effective to say that it is good for constipation.

About 30% of women have had anal sex

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In fact, about 30% of women have had anal sex. About 20-30% of women in the U.S. say they have had anal intercourse, and 19-32% have had it in the past six to 12 months. The survey also found that within In Japan, 34% of women say they have had anal sex. As you can see, a surprisingly large number of women have had anal sex, but why is that? (1)(2)

As mentioned above, the anus becomes a sensitive sexual area when it is developed, and sex makes it feel good. It can be done. In addition, it allows you to have sex during your period without worrying about getting pregnant, so you can use it instead of a vagina. Some women also appear to have reasons for performing anal sex, as Reynolds. found in their study that women have the following indicates that there is something like (3)

I don’t want to have vaginal intercourse.
I want to please my man.
She wants to do it herself in the ass.

Also, anal sex is often done for more intimate and special partners and is a one-night-only We don’t often do this with our partners or with men in shallow relationships. A woman would be expected to accept anal sex only with a partner who is important to her. However, even if a woman has extensive experience with anal sex, she will still basically enjoy the sensations and pleasures of vaginal intercourse. They often prefer it.

Methods and procedures for anal sex

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Anal sex has a certain appeal that vaginal sex does not have, but the correct method and procedure should be followed when performing it. It is important to do this in If you do it the wrong way, it can not only hurt your anus, but it can also cause injury and infection. In particular, anal sex is one of the leading causes of serious sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. Be sure to follow these steps when performing anal play

(1) Clean your anus.
(2) Anal caressing.
(3) Put one finger in the anus and loosen it up.
(4) Increase the number of fingers you put in.
(5) Breaking in with anal dilator products
(6) Inserting the penis.
(7) Start a slow piston movement.

1) Anal cleaning

Always clean a woman’s anus when performing anal play. Since the area around the anus and in the large intestine is covered with excrement and various bacteria, it is important that you do not caress the anus as it is and that the penis is not It is very dangerous to insert and do so. Also, if a woman is concerned about her anal hygiene, she will not be able to concentrate on sex before playing. Clean it clean. There are three methods of cleaning

Washing with a heated toilet seat
Washing in the shower

The most effective method of cleaning is an enema, so it is basically recommended that you ask a woman to give you an enema The reason for this is that the rectum contains unspent fecal matter that is left in the rectum at the time of defecation. This is because the rectum contains fecal matter that is not fully expelled at the time of defecation. It can get on your fingers during fondling, or it can come out unintentionally during anal sex. I am very concerned about this because of the An enema will eliminate the contents of the rectum, so you can be safe during sex.

If an enema is a hassle or you can’t do it for some reason, you can use a warm water toilet seat or shower to clean it out. Please do so. In both cases, the procedure is pretty much the same: wash your anus area with a weak stream of warm water. If you take a shower before sex, wash your anus up with your body as part of the play. It may be a good idea.

However, you should not pour hot water on the anus strongly or scrub it with soap and soaps during washing. Don’t do it. The skin in and around the anus is very delicate and can cause irritation if irritated too much. It is important to wash it gently. However, you can’t clean your rectum in the shower or hot water toilet seat, so you may have to worry about this while you’re playing It may be. It is better to have them give you an enema as much as possible.

Anal cleaning most useful before having anal activity. So you can select any anal cleaning objects for more smooth insertion. Different type of anal cleaner easily available in the online market such as –

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2) Petting to get them to relax

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One of the most important things to do in anal sex is to get the woman to relax. This is because the muscles around the anus are very tight to begin with, and if they are tense, it is difficult to even get a finger in. Because it will. To soften the anal area, caress it gently. The method of caressing itself is not much different from that of loosening the vagina as follows.

Stroking with your fingers
Lick it with your tongue.
Stimulates other sexual organs.

Basically, you can stroke around the anus with your finger in a circular motion, or lick the anal area with your tongue. However, even if you are having an enema, you may not feel comfortable licking the anus because of the hygiene. You may not be able to do this. In that case, instead of licking it with your tongue, you can apply a good amount of lotion to loosen it up. It is. However, if you are only caressing the anus, it may be difficult for a woman to feel good.

When caressing the anus, be sure to stimulate the vagina, nipples and other parts of the body as well. Novice women don’t feel good because the anus has not yet been developed as a sexual area. The trick is to stimulate the clitoris, vagina, and other sexually active areas just as you would with normal sex. As you feel good in other parts of the body, your body temperature will rise and the muscles around the anus will gradually soften!

Please also refer to this

3) Insert one finger while loosening it

Once your anus is slowly relaxing, the next step is to put one finger in. Putting a finger in will help your anus to relax and get ready to insert your penis. It can be done. However, be careful not to treat the anus in the same way as the vagina. Unlike the vagina, where fingers and genitals are inserted, the anus is vulnerable, so do not stimulate it too hard. Ugh.

Before fingering yourself, first wet the anus thoroughly with lotion. The anus does not get wet from sexual stimulation like the vagina does, so the use of lotion is essential. Then, if possible, for safety and hygiene, wear an anal finger sack before inserting your fingers. We recommend that you use the Basically, use your index or middle finger, but if you’re not sure, you can use your little finger.

If your anal is too hard to get your finger in, don’t try to force it in and try again. Let’s unwind. If you can’t get your fingers in, it’s likely that the woman has tensed up and put a lot of pressure on it. You can’t consciously relax your body, so you can’t consciously relax your body, so you still need to stimulate the vagina and other sexual organs. Try to relieve your fear and anxiety gradually.

When you are able to insert your fingertips, put them in a little at a time to about the first joint. Slowly insert your finger in and out and back in to loosen up the anus. If you move it too fast, it will hurt, so it’s important to take your time and be careful. As the anal area becomes soft, your fingers will gradually move more smoothly.

4) Try increasing the number of fingers

Don’t insert your penis suddenly just because your anal softens and the pain decreases! Hmm. After inserting one finger and caressing it for a while, try to insert two fingers. The thickness of two fingers will be a little thinner than a penis, so if you can insert two fingers, you will be able to do it in the real thing. It is relatively easy to have sex safely.

Try inserting the anal finger sack on each of your two fingers, just as you did with one. Please do so. It may be difficult to increase it to two at once, so try putting your thumb in first. Try inserting two fingers. Being able to insert two fingers greatly increases the variation in how you can move them, which is much more effective It is possible to caress to

For example, by bending the two inserted fingertips slightly and opening the space between the fingers, you can loosen up the anus and It will be easier. Once you are able to get to that point, slow pistoning movements with your fingers will help. Once you get used to it, you will be able to stimulate the vagina with the same sensation as if you were putting your finger in it. However, it is important to check on the woman.

Even if it doesn’t hurt much anymore, having a finger in the anal can make a woman feel uneasy. If she’s not mentally calm, her muscles get tense and it’s harder for her to relax her anus. Continue to stimulate the girl with anal stimulation while you check on her status. You don’t need to put three fingers in, so if you can progress to this point, insert anal goods and penis. You will be able to do this.

5) Get used to it with anal dilator products

There are many different types of adult products, including dildos and enemagra. Vibrators and rotors are also used to stimulate the anal area. If you’ve been able to relax your anus sufficiently through the previous steps, you can use them for anal use without much difficulty. You will be able to insert the goods. For more effective development, anal extension products are recommended.

Some of the most popular anal enhancement products are the Enemagra, anal plugs and dildos. Enemagra is mainly used for men to stimulate the prostate gland, but it is also used for women’s anal stimulation. You can use it. The way to use it is very similar to a dildo, and by inserting a penis-shaped good that is shaped like a penis, you can make the anal It can be broken in and dilated.

An anal plug is a slightly specialized device that can be inserted for a certain amount of time to dilate the anus. It can be done. Dildos are often used for the vagina as well, but they are easy to use in the same way. However, if you move it vigorously, your rectum and anus may be damaged, so you should apply more lotion and use it slowly. Try to move it.

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6) Insert your penis

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Once the girl’s anus has been sufficiently relaxed, it’s time to insert the penis. However, always wear a condom before insertion. This is important to reduce the risk of infection for both of you. One of the benefits of anal sex is that you won’t get pregnant and you can get it in and out! However, this is not actually the case. This is because it is dangerous to insert yourself into the anal area live.

As I mentioned at the beginning, there are various bacteria in the rectum and around the anus, so the risk of infection is very high. There is a risk. In fact, the main cause of AIDS infection is anal sex, so avoid live penetration. to. For this reason, always wear a condom before insertion. The condom will make it more slippery, and the woman may feel more comfortable that way. Not.

The important point is the body position to insert, and basically back (Doggy Style) is preferred. In back, it is easy to open the anus, so it is easy to insert. At this point, if you insert it as hard as the vagina, it can cause pain and injury, even if you are used to the anus. So be careful. Also, a woman may scream during penetration, but this is because of the strong pressure of the anus. It doesn’t seem to feel good just because it’s done.

7) Slow piston movement

Even if you can safely insert your penis into your anus, don’t go on a pistoning motion or go deep into it right away. Go a little deeper and see how far you can get in without straining. The woman will still be tense and forceful during insertion, so your anus may be hard. After inserting it to the limit position, stimulate the clitoris and nipples without moving the penis for a while. Caress your woman.

This will make your woman feel good and will help her relax and release the tension. When you see that she looks okay, it’s time to start pistoning her. Start out at a very slow pace and gradually increase the speed. However, the structure is completely different from that of the vagina, so you won’t be able to move as hard as you normally would. Also, unlike the vagina, anal doesn’t produce any kind of love juice, so add a moderate amount of lube along the way. need.

Women who are not used to anal sex are less likely to feel comfortable at first, but rather the pain and anxiety of It is strong. Make sure it doesn’t hurt from time to time. You may not feel very comfortable as a man, but you can continue to have anal sex with her in the future. It’s important to do it carefully in order to continue. Also, when you pull out your penis, don’t let it come out too vigorously, but don’t hurt your anus. Make sure to pull out slowly.

Cautions on how to do anal development

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Anal development takes far more time than vagina. It’s not always easy to be successful at first play. In addition, because the sensitivity of anal is highly individualized, it doesn’t feel good at all in the beginning. Sometimes. In addition, the following points are especially important in anal development, so be aware of them

Try to make the woman feel relaxed.
Development will be carried out gradually at each stage
If a woman has hemorrhoids or is in pain, don’t force her to do so.

As I mentioned earlier, in order to insert a finger or penis into the anus, you need to soften the muscles of the anus. You need to unwind. However, simply caressing the anal will not soften it, so you need to mentally relax it. The key to this is. Caressing a woman in a calming mood so that she feels safe and at the same time, like the vagina and clitoris. Stimulate the areas you are most likely to feel, too.

Anal development takes a long period of time, so just because you caress it doesn’t mean you can finger it right away. No. Relaxing your anal and increasing the number of fingers. Prolonged anal development is not only tiring for both of us, but it’s also hard on the anus. So it is better to keep each development to 30 minutes or less.

Furthermore, when a woman has hemorrhoids in her anus, she should not be forced to have anal sex. Anus with hemorrhoids is very delicate and even the slightest irritation can cause bleeding and make the hemorrhoids even worse. Also, even if you don’t have hemorrhoids to begin with, anal sex can cause hemorrhoids to develop, so the aforementioned procedure and never force a girl to do anything if she is in pain.

List of items used in anal sex

For effective anal sex, the use of various items and adult products is effective. Anal goods include those that make it slippery and easy to insert, and those that are used for anal caressing. There are some that can make it easier to unwind. However, some of them can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Let’s take a closer look at the following items.

Enemas and cleaning tools.
Anal Lotion
Finger sack
Anal Enlargement Goods

Enemas and cleaning tools

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As mentioned above, it’s important to keep your rectum clean for hygiene when performing anal sex It is An enema is a medication that promotes defecation, and the medication is injected through the anus to improve the slipperiness of the bowel wall and at the same time, the bowel It stimulates and promotes defecation. Mainly used by people who suffer from constipation and have stomach problems, but it cleanses the bowels for anal sex. It is also effective at times. In order to increase the effectiveness of the enema, it is important to use it in the correct way as follows.

(1) Finish urinating in advance.
(2) Warm up the enema to around 38-40 degrees Celsius, the same as your body temperature, by dipping it in hot water of around 50 degrees Celsius.
(3) Put a little bit of the drug out and put it on the tip of the nozzle to make it more slippery.
(4) Wait 5-10 minutes after drug injection before heading to the bathroom.

The important point is to warm up the enema beforehand and to go to the toilet 5-10 minutes after the drug injection. Head to. If you feel the urge to have a bowel movement and let it out in the toilet right away, you won’t be able to clean out your bowels, so be patient and then go to the bathroom. Let it go. Also, it can be painful if you put the nozzle in suddenly, so make sure you put the drug on the tip and slide it in. Also on point.

As I mentioned earlier, if for some reason the girl is unable to give an enema, a heated toilet seat or shower You can wash it with a device such as a water bottle, but it can cause hygiene problems. In fact, enemas not only promote defecation, but also relax the muscles around the anus It seems. In order to be able to have safe and focused anal sex, you should try to give an enema as much as possible, and Let’s.

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Anal Lotion

Lotion is an essential part of anal sex. Anal sex is very sensitive to stimulation, so make sure to use a good lotion when caressing or fingering it. You need to do this. But unlike the vagina, the anal area doesn’t get wet when you caress it, so make sure you apply lotion to it. It is important to As you become more slippery, your sensitivity will increase, which will kill two birds with one stone by reducing pain and improving pleasure.

When you have anal sex in the bathroom, you might use soap instead of lotion. No, but you should not use soap in the anal area. The skin around the anus is very sensitive, so using anything that is highly productive or alkaline can cause irritation. From. Be sure to use lotion. Additionally, it’s perfect if you choose an “anal lotion” for anal play.

Some regular lotions contain “glycerin”, but there are some that contain glycerin The use of lotion in the intestines can cause an upset stomach. Anal lotion is designed for anal play, so if you use it in normal amounts, you can use it in your intestines. No problem. You can pick and choose according to your preference as far as slickness and viscosity, but you don’t want to dry out your anus. Please note that you will need to reapply frequently.

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Is anal sex safe? 6 potential risks to avoid

Always use a condom during anal sex. Many serious sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, are actually spread by anal sex. We know. These sexually transmitted infections are mainly transmitted through mucosal contact and blood, but the anus and rectum can be irritated Being weak and vulnerable, anal sex is dangerous because of both of those factors. Wearing a condom can reduce the risk to both parties. (4)

Viruses like AIDS aren’t the only major threat, but gut bacteria like E. coli are also a major threat. Bacteria on a penis inserted raw can cause inflammation of the penis and cystitis. Because of these factors, anal sex is never safe to have inside and out. It is true that you will not get pregnant, but the risk of infection is greatly increased. For this reason, it is essential to wear a condom when inserting your penis into the anus.

The condoms are lubricated, so they can be slippery when inserted into the anus. It is good for anal sex. When using a condom, take it off and discard it immediately after use. Don’t reuse condoms once they have been used for anal sex, or insert them into the vagina. Also, it doesn’t make sense to wear it twice to increase safety, and on the other hand, it will cause friction and make it more likely to tear. So dangerous.

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A finger sack is a necessity when caressing the anus. The anus and rectum are vulnerable places, so if you put your finger in there, you may injure yourself. . In addition, bacteria from the fingers can get into the intestines and cause infections, or intestinal bacteria can get on the fingers and cause other parts of the body to become infected. It can be a problem. You can avoid such a situation by wearing a finger sack. There are various types of finger sacks available, but it’s best to choose one for anal use! It is.

Also, the finger sack is made of slippery material, so anal massage and caressing is smooth. You can do this. It is important to note that finger sacks should not be used to caress the vagina with a finger inserted into the anus. Germs from the finger sack can be transferred to the vagina. Be sure to remove your finger sack before touching the vagina or any other part of the body. This is why you should have more than one finger sack during one anal sex session.

If you don’t want to use a finger sack because it doesn’t feel exciting, use a condom instead! Ugh. Both finger sacks and condoms are made of the same material, so there is no problem. However, condoms are thicker than fingers, so be careful not to remove them inside the anus. As with the finger sack, you should dispose of the one you put in the anal area right away so that you don’t use it again.

Variety of Anal Extension Goodies

We’ve talked about some of the most effective items for anal caressing and sex, and we’ve talked about some of the most effective items for anal dilatation. It is even more effective if you also make use of the goods for Anal development can take a long time, and one of the reasons for this is the strength of the anal muscles. Because of the tightness of the anal sphincter and other muscles, it’s not easy to dilate the anus. So, if you need it, try using the following anal dilator products.

Anabies type
Butt plug type
Enemagmatic type
Electric system

Anal Beads system

An anal bead (Annabees) is a sex toy that is made up of multiple balls connected to one another. They are inserted and moved through the anus into the rectum and are used to caress and dilate the anus. Anal beads are characterized by a ring on the end of the anal bead for pulling, which allows it to be inserted deep into the anus. It can prevent a situation where it gets in and cannot be removed. In addition to hard materials such as silicone and plastic, there are also softer materials such as rubber and latex There are

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Anal beads vary in size, ranging from 2 to 5 cm. The main purpose of anal beads is to loosen up the anus when a thicker one like a dildo or penis won’t fit. The idea is to dilate it by As we’ve discussed above, you’ll have to get used to the anal action little by little. That’s where anal beads, which are thicker than a finger but thinner than a dildo, come in handy.

Naturally, if you’re a beginner, you can’t suddenly use a larger anal bead that’s over 3cm long. It will be difficult to insert them safely. Start with a 2-3 cm piece of relatively soft silicone material and gradually I recommend trying a larger one. Always apply lotion to your anal beads when using them, and wash and clean them clean after use. please.

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Dildo System

A dildo is a penis that mimics an erect male organ. It is mainly inserted into a woman’s vagina during foreplay to increase sexual arousal, but it is also used for anal It may also be used to break in and expand. The point of the dildo is that it is similar in shape and size to the penis, which makes it easier to insert the real thing. It is to be able to stimulate people like. On the other hand, the size of the dildos is large enough to make them more advanced.

Because dildos are about the same size as a penis, they are significantly more difficult to insert than a finger or anal bead. You have to be able to get at least two fingers in before you can use a dildo for anal It is not possible to Always apply more lotion to the dildo to make it glide better before using it. You should also be careful not to use too much of the dildo just because it is ready to go in.

Originally, the anus is only for expelling feces and is not as resistant to foreign objects as the vagina is. The reason the anus doesn’t become loose when you expel stool that is thicker than your penis is because the time it takes for the stool to pass is very short. is. If you use a thick dildo too often, the function of the anal sphincter is reduced, causing anal looseness and fecal incontinence. Be careful, as it can be the cause of the problem. It’s better to use a dildo for anal use only once a week or so.

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Butt plug type

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The butt plug, also known as an anal plug, can be inserted into the anus to get pleasure, or can be inserted for a long period of time to The purpose of this product is to expand the They vary in size from very thin ones, about 1cm in diameter, to very thick ones, over 10cm in diameter. Start with a small nut plug and change to a larger one as you get used to it. The basic usage is the same as with a dildo: insert and move it to get your anus used to it.

Butt plugs also come in a wide variety of types, from cute shapes to hard metal ones. You can choose from a wide range of options, depending on your needs and preferences. Some come with a set of multiple sizes of plugs, some have built-in rotors, and others have advanced It’s a great way for even the most discerning person to enjoy the experience. However, if you are going to use it for a long period of time, you should choose a relatively small size and Let’s.

The use of anal plugs is unique to anal plugs is that they are fixed in place while they are in and dilate the anus. In other words, you go about your daily life while it’s inserted. This method is often used as part of SM play, but it’s a great way to expand your anus for anal sex. It may be used in Use it to keep an eye on your anus so that it does not become too loose. An important precaution for prolonged insertion is to always remove the plug and clean it before bedtime is.

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Enemagla system

Enemagra is a medical device developed for massaging the prostate, originally called “Aneros”. It was marketed under the name Due to a number of cases of special climax “dry orgasms” from men who used it. It developed as an adult product. It is originally a sex toy for men because it is called prostate massage, but in recent years, it has become a sex toy for women such as Enemagra and Since aneros are available for sale, women are increasingly using them as well.

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Enemagra for women is also used by inserting it into the anus, but it’s more like the aforementioned butt plug. It has a shape like that of the vagina. The big difference is that you can get pleasure in conjunction with the vagina. For example, if you move the vagina rhythmically with inserting the Enemagura into the anus, you can feel the vagina and The idea is that anal sex can also move and feel good. If you want to enjoy more pleasure from regular sex than just anal sex, women Enemagura for use is recommended.

Electricity system

There are a variety of electric adult products, such as “vibrators” and “rotors” that are also used in the vagina. In addition to the basic goods, the anal beads and dildos that we have introduced so far have been electrically powered. There are also other types of products. They all vibrate in fine detail and can provide stimulation that cannot be achieved with fingers or manual goods. We’ve talked about anal beads and dildos earlier, so let’s talk about vibrators and rotors. Let’s take a look.

A good choice for beginners is the rotor. The rotor is a small oval-shaped part that vibrates to stimulate you. You can adjust the vibration in the controller’s part and also connect to the vibrating part with a cable so you can get deep into it. You don’t have to worry about it going in too far. The vibrator is larger than the rotor and has a similar shape to a dildo. The stimulation is stronger than the rotor, so you should get used to it before using it.

However, avoid using a vagina with a vibrator or rotor that is used for the anus. Especially, when you blame both vagina and anus at the same time, do not put them in the vagina by mistake. Caution. Bacteria can get into the vagina and cause infections. If you use a vibrator or rotor, make sure you have as much as possible a special one for anal use and a vaginal one for It is recommended that you try to separate them.

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Recommended Positions for Anal Sex

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When having anal sex, it’s important to try to change the position of your body. This is because, depending on the position, the ease of anal penetration is completely different. Trying to do it in positions that are difficult to penetrate, can lead to pain and injury. The positions recommended for anal sex are “Doggy Style (back)” and “Flexion”. All of these positions make it easier to penetrate the anus, so beginners should be aware of these positions in particular. I think.

When doing it Doggy Style, a woman’s upper body should be lying face down on the bed rather than upright, so that she can get anal It makes insertion easier. Roll your body down on the bed or pillows so that you can relax and move more smoothly is. In the flexion position, the woman bends her legs like a shrimp and the man inserts them so that he is covered up. The woman will be in a position where her anus is spread wide open, which makes it easier to insert.

Also, be careful not to put your penis in the vagina during anal sex. You will need to use lotion for anal action, but lotion is slippery and should be used during insertion. It can get into the vagina by mistake. However, once the penis is inserted into the anal cavity, there are many germs on it that can be put into the vagina. This can lead to an infection. During anal sex, be sure to insert it only into the anus.

Cautions for anal sex

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We’ve seen how to do anal sex and the procedure, but developing anal sex is not an easy thing to do. There is not. It is often difficult for a woman to feel comfortable at all the first time she plays. It takes more experience before you can get the unique pleasure from it. It is important for men to pay attention to the following points when developing a woman’s anus and try not to overdo it It is.

Thinking in the long term
Ask for an enema as much as possible.
We pay close attention to hygiene

Most of the time, first time anal sex doesn’t go well. If you put your fingers in or try to force your penis into the anal area before you can relax it properly, the anal It can lead to injury. In the worst case, the muscles of the anus may be damaged, and a colostomy may be necessary. So, in order to safely continue anal sex, try not to be in a hurry.

It’s also important to have the woman give you an enema as much as possible so that the inside of your anus is clean. If the rectum is not cleaned, feces can come out of the rectum. This is a big problem in terms of hygiene, and at the same time, it can make it harder for women to have sex because they are more concerned about it. Also. Enemas should be given so that you can focus on sex without unnecessary worries.

Additionally, wearing a condom is essential to reduce the risk. Viruses are a big problem these days, but we should be as careful as we are about viruses, because we are all familiar with the It is a bacteria that is a good thing. Bacteria are everywhere around us, especially when we have anal sex. An enema reduces that risk.

It’s also important to wear a finger sack when inserting your fingers and to cut your nails short beforehand. Fingers are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and if your fingernails are long enough, they can scratch the anus or rectum when you insert them into the anus and cause an infection disease. To avoid hurting your precious woman’s body, we encourage you to pay close attention to your hygiene and perform anal development to.

Anal Sex Summary

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the appeal of anal sex, how to do it properly, and how to use the most effective products. I did. Nearly 30% of women have actually experienced anal sex, even though it seems abnormal. However, if it’s done the wrong way, it can cause serious injury and infection. Proper knowledge is necessary when practicing anal sex.

Always clean your anus before performing anal sex. Caresses should be carefully applied with lotion, and only one finger should be inserted after the anus is fully relaxed! . When you get used to it, increase the number of fingers you put in, and if necessary, use them for anal expansion. The key is to try using the goods. Then gently insert your penis with the condom on and start a slow pistoning motion! .

When developing a woman’s anus, it should be as relaxed as possible, along with the vagina and other sexual areas. The key is to stimulate it. If you are in pain or have hemorrhoids, don’t push yourself and develop them gradually. Additionally, make use of anal dilators such as Anabies, dildos, butt plugs and Enemagra. and effective anal development. Master anal sex and make your girl feel good about herself.