5 Sex Toys Every Man Should Have for the Best Masturbation

Many men love masturbation because it feels so good. If you do it well, it can even give you stronger pleasure than real sex. However, if all you do is regular hand job masturbation, there is a limit to the variation and depth of stimulation.

If you are going to masturbate, it is better to do it in a way that makes you feel good as much as possible, isn’t it? Therefore, sex toys are recommended. A sex toy is a product to increase the pleasure of sex and masturbation.

Using a sex toy may seem like an embarrassing thing to do. However, masturbation is meant to make you feel good. If there are effective sex toys for this purpose, it is quite natural that you would want to use them.

Rather, there are limits to masturbation without the use of goods. Only by using sex toys will you be able to have the best masturbation (Best Masturbation). Therefore, in this article, I will thoroughly explain the five best goods to enhance the pleasure of masturbation.

Is it embarrassing to masturbate with a tool?

Sex toys are products that are designed to enhance the pleasure of sex and masturbation. Some are designed to be used with a partner during sex, but here are some that are targeted at masturbation. However, many people think that it is embarrassing …… to masturbate with a tool.

Indeed, it may seem somewhat quirky compared to hand job normal masturbation. There may be some preconceptions and bad images, such as that it is used by perverts and virgins. However, the facts are quite different.

Masturbators” is the most popular masturbation tool for men. As we will discuss in more detail later, Masturbators are an item that makes it easy to enjoy the pleasure of inserting themselves into a woman’s pussy. In fact, the popularity of Masturbators is growing rapidly in the world.

The reason why Masturbators are taking the world by storm is simply because they feel so good. Why do you masturbate in the first place? Isn’t it because you want to feel good? We’ve all thought at one time or another, “I want to make masturbation feel better

It’s a man’s instinct to want to masturbate in a way that feels good. Using some kind of tool to achieve this is not a strange thing to do, and sex toys such as Masturbators and other sex toys can fulfill these men’s desires.

As a result, your masturbation satisfaction will be greatly enhanced. Quality masturbation can also make you healthier, both physically and mentally. So, how exactly can you make masturbation feel good? Let’s explore this in more detail.

Masturbation can make you feel better

Are you frustrated with your current masturbation? You can certainly feel good even if you masturbate with your own hands. However, it is extremely difficult to become more pleasant than it is now. Because hand job masturbation has a limit to the variation and depth of stimulation.

However, if you grip the penis and piston it as hard as you can, or rub it against the floor or a blanket, you are at risk of developing vaginal ejaculation disorder (severe delayed ejaculation). Vaginal ejaculation disorder is a big problem because it makes it difficult for a woman to orgasm in her vagina.

Masturbation can be more pleasant than it is now. If you have the tools to do this, you’ll be interested in it. For example, if there is a product that can give you the pleasure of inserting yourself into a girl’s vagina, you’ll want to try it out.

What about goods that can increase your erection or give you a slippery feeling? In fact, sex toys have these features, and you can choose from a very diverse line of goods depending on your preferences.

Sex toys can be used to power up the pleasure of masturbation. Just as you add new spices to a meal you’re used to eating, you can add a new appeal to masturbation. As a result, you’ll be able to masturbate in a way that feels good.

When you learn to masturbate well, you’ll be able to get the most out of the benefits of masturbation. Masturbation has benefits such as restful sleep, relaxation, and improved sexual function, but you can boost those benefits further.

5 Sex Toys for the Best Masturbation

Using a sex toy can greatly enhance your masturbation. If you know exactly what kind of goods to use, you can use them for different purposes. If you are going to do this, you want to maximize the effect of the sex toy while masturbating comfortably, don’t you? The following five sex toys are especially recommended for the best masturbation.

  • fleshlight.
  • Masturbators
  • sex doll
  • Cock ring
  • Sex lubricants.

When it comes to sex toys, the Masturbators are the best. You can’t talk about sex toys without talking about Masturbators. A special type of Masturbators called fleshlight is a special type of Masturbator that is exceptional among such Masturbators.

And if you want to experience the realism and excitement of real sex, sex dolls are the way to go. Cock rings and sex lubricants can also be utilized for the best masturbation.


Vaginal Male Masturbator
RS 3482

The fleshlight is a special type of Masturbators. fleshlight’s most important features are its hybrid “penetrating” and “non-penetrating” design and the realistic feeling of insertion due to the special silicone material.

The benefits of the unique construction are very attractive. Usually Masturbators are made up of only pink soft resin, but fleshlight is used with a plastic cover on the outside. Therefore, the fleshlight is essentially non-penetrating.

However, the soft resin inside is penetrating, and the air release varies depending on how tight the lid is on top of the Masturbators. This creates an amazing advantage unique to fleshlight, but we’ll get to that later.

Another feature of fleshlight is that the special silicone material created through years of research and development gives it an outstanding insertion experience. It is excellent in all of the pleasure, the cosmetic, and the durability because it is a strong material though it is mottled.

Also, there are different types of fleshlight, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences and goals and allows you to masturbate at a higher level. Not only that, there are even models that allow you to train for sex.

For example, the STU (Stamina Training Unit) type has more internal stimulation and, to my surprise, can be trained to improve premature ejaculation. Not only does it make you feel good, but it also has these unique features that are unique to fleshlight.

Merits & Demerits

The main advantage of fleshlight is that it allows you to adjust the vacuum sensation to enhance the pleasure. fleshlight’s construction can be broadly divided into two types, penetrating and non-penetrating, but there is a huge difference between the two. The through-hole type is characterized by a soft resin insertion opening that allows air to pass through.

Unfortunately, this type is inferior in terms of the pleasantness though the maintenance such as washing after use is prepared. On the other hand, the non-penetrating type is characterized by a strong pleasant sensation because it is easy to get a strong vacuum feeling though maintenance is troublesome.

As mentioned before, fleshlight is a hybrid type that the inside is a through type and the outside is a non-through type. Moreover, the strength of the vacuum can be adjusted by adjusting the tightness of the upper lid. If you don’t need the vacuum, you can open the lid and use it, and if you want a snug, snug sensation, you can tighten it completely.

This means that fleshlight can be used for a variety of stimulation. The fleshlight is also designed to be wrapped in a plastic cover on the outside, so it’s not overtly recognizable as Masturbators. This will give you a slight advantage in storing your Masturbators.

However, the only disadvantage of the fleshlight is its size. fleshlight is quite large compared to products from other countries, as it is an American-made Masturbator. It is also rather heavy, so you may get tired of masturbating. Also, depending on the size of your penis, the Masturbators may be too loose.

If your penis is more than 15 cm in length and 4 cm in thickness, you should not have any major problems. Even if you are relatively small in size, there are some types of fleshlight that are tighter than others, so choose one of the many lineups that seem to fit you.

The fleshlight is actually a great choice for Masturbators beginners. The price is not cheap, but it is excellent in terms of pleasure, durability, maintenance, design, and expansion. If you’re a beginner, you won’t regret buying one for the first time.

Moreover, the fleshlight has a plastic exterior, so it’s easy to fix it to a desk or bed. Of course, if you’re currently using other Masturbators and are thinking about upgrading, the fleshlight is a great choice. If you use it well, you will have the best masturbation experience.


The first hidden pussy toy Clear
RS 895

The Masturbators are used to insert a penis into a girl’s vagina and get pleasure from it, and they give you the feeling of being in a girl’s vagina. There are two types of Masturbators, disposable and reusable, but I will mainly introduce the reusable type here. This is because the disposable type doesn’t have much of an advantage except that it doesn’t require cleaning.

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As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Masturbators have attracted men all over the world. This is because once you use Masturbators, you cannot go back to hand job masturbation, and you can get tremendous pleasure from masturbation. Ordinary hand job masturbation cannot increase a pleasant sensation by any means.

There is a limit as long as it stimulates with a hand though improvement is improved if you use the sex lubricants mentioned later. The Masturbators which can reproduce the sensation of vaginal penetration can solve such a problem.

As mentioned earlier in the fleshlight section, there are two main types of Masturbators: a penetrating type and a non-penetrating type. In addition to that, there is a wide variety of internal construction types.

From the simplest “straight type” to the spiral-shaped “spiral” and the “non-dimensionally processed” which reproduces complex twists and turns, there are so many different types to choose from. The great appeal of Masturbators is that you can choose the one that best suits you from such a diverse lineup.

Merits and demerits

The great thing about Masturbators is that you can get pleasure that you will never get from hand job masturbation. Moreover, you can stimulate your penis the way you want it to be stimulated. With sex with a partner, it’s hard to surrender to the pleasure because you have to take care of a lot of things.

With masturbation, you can control everything and still get the same pleasure as you would get from sex. In addition, Masturbators allow you to take it all in and out. It is said that masturbation can be better than real sex if you know how to use it.

Moreover, masturbation on Masturbators is a great way to practice sex. About 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. The only way to improve your premature ejaculation is to basically get your penis used to it through actual experience. But it’s kind of embarrassing to fail in the real world, isn’t it?

That’s where Masturbators comes in, and it’s a powerful support for premature ejaculation guys, and if you train your penis with the realistic feeling of penetration of Masturbators, you can greatly improve your premature ejaculation. The great thing about Masturbators is that they can be used for a variety of purposes, not just to get pleasure from them.

However, Masturbators have one major disadvantage: they are cumbersome to maintain. This is the reason why many people are hesitant to use Masturbators, because after using Masturbators, you need to make sure to clean the inside of your Masturbator before drying it out.

This is because if you leave your Masturbators as they are, bacteria and viruses will multiply rapidly. Using Masturbators in unsanitary conditions can cause your penis to become infected with bacteria, which can lead to urethritis and cystitis.

To make maintenance of Masturbators as easy as possible, you can choose penetrating Masturbators, but penetrating Masturbators are inferior in terms of pleasure because they do not provide a vacuuming effect. For this reason, fleshlight is a good choice for beginners because it offers a good balance between pleasure and maintenance, and with Masturbators, you can get the pleasure of inserting yourself into a real woman while still being able to feel as good as you want to and get inside her.

If you want to experience that kind of excitement and pleasure, you should give Masturbators a try. If you want to learn more about how to choose the Masturbators that are right for you, check out the following articles!

3. Sex doll

5 feet Doll
RS 7500

Sex dolls (love dolls) are life-size replicas of the female body. Sex dolls are made to look exactly like a real woman. Of course, there are differences in price and quality, but the texture of the skin and the elasticity of the joints of the love dolls are very realistic, and the soft resins such as TPE (thermoplastic estramer) and silicone make them feel like real skin. What’s even more remarkable is that the vaginal area is equipped with Masturbators.

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In other words, a love doll is the ultimate masturbation partner made to look exactly like a real woman. They are more like a sex simulator than a sex toy. Moreover, thanks to today’s remarkable technological innovations, AI-equipped sex dolls called “sexbots” have also appeared. These sex bots will talk to the player and make moaning noises during sex, which will give you a far more realistic experience than Masturbators.

Merits & Demerits

The advantage of sex dolls is their realism. The pleasure and excitement of sex dolls far surpasses that of Masturbators. Only a love doll can recreate not only the vagina but also the body, and only a love doll can recreate the feeling of holding a girl.

Moreover, because the vagina part is surrounded by the body, you can feel a unique pressure on the penis just like a real woman. You can enjoy real sex, or even more than that, having sex by yourself. The best thing is that you can move your girl’s body to do what you want.

With real sex with a partner, there are more things that just don’t work out the way you want them to. For example, depending on your partner’s personality, you may be limited to certain positions and poses, and if you move too hard, you may be in pain. A love doll is completely different. Everything can be done according to your wishes.

That’s why sex dolls are your own personal, complacent sex partners. If you want to masturbate as if you were having sex, or if you want to release your sexual desire to the fullest, a love doll is the perfect choice.

However, love dolls are extremely expensive. Moreover, they are the same size as a real woman’s, so they take up a lot of space. Even if you don’t want them anymore and try to dispose of them, it’s impossible to throw them away at the local garbage dump.

You don’t know if the collection agency will take it back, and it would be very embarrassing if your neighbors saw it. You can also use a collection service or a buyer of adult goods, but it takes a lot of work to store and dispose of them anyway.

Another annoying aspect of sex dolls is the so-called ethical controversy that comes with them. It seems only natural that more and more men would prefer sex dolls and sex bots to real women. However, in reality, criticism and prejudice against love dolls seems to be increasing.

Sexbots in particular are not a free sex toy for everyone, as some countries are already considering regulating them. Nevertheless, the great thing about love dolls is that they make a man want to try them if he has the chance.

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4. Cock ring

New Viaring
RS 648

A cock ring is a ring that is attached to your penis. It may seem plain compared to the other goods we’ve introduced so far, but you’ll be surprised how effective it can be. Specifically, if you attach it to the root of your penis and then masturbate as usual, your erection power and duration will improve.

For masturbation to be comfortable, it is essential that the erection is well sustained. The health of the penis is very important because if it is lacking, you will not be able to enjoy comfortable masturbation.

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The reason why erections are reduced in the first place is because not enough blood flows into the corpus cavernosum, which makes up the penis. Also, when the blood that has been flowing in returns to the body, the erection will not last.

A cock ring can help with these troublesome situations. The cock ring is worn during normal times when the penis is not erect and then stimulates the penis to become erect. As a result, the penis is compressed by the cock ring, restricting blood flow and keeping the erection firmly in place.

As with other sex toys, there are several types of cock rings. They come in a variety of materials and shapes. They range from soft materials like silicone and rubber to soft materials like metal and plastic.

The shape also varies depending on the purpose and preference, from the most basic, simple ring shape to those with rings that attach to the testicles and those with attached vibrators. Cock rings are basically used to increase erection, but they can actually enhance the pleasure of masturbation.

Merits & Disadvantages

The purpose of using cock rings is to improve erection and duration, but it also creates some great benefits. That is, it greatly increases the feeling of pleasure during ejaculation. There are several reasons why it makes you feel good during ejaculation.

One of them is the pleasure of the vigorous ejaculation of semen, and the greater the volume of semen or the greater the momentum of ejaculation, the stronger the pleasure is likely to be. The cock ring prolongs the erection, but it also makes it easier to get plenty of semen and the momentum increases because of the pressure from the cock ring. As a result, the pleasure of ejaculation is more powerful than usual.

In addition, the cock ring can be used in combination with other sex toys. Particularly effective is the combination of cock rings and Masturbators. By inserting the cock ring into the Masturbators with the cock ring in place, you can enjoy the pleasure of the Masturbators while maximizing your erection with the cock ring.

It is also attractive to attach the cock ring to the Masturbators instead of attaching it to your penis. This way, the Masturbators will tighten up more powerfully and you’ll enjoy the stimulation as if you’d just bought a new hard type.

However, there is an extremely serious disadvantage to cock rings. If you wear a cock ring for too long, you run the risk of damaging your penis. To begin with, an erection is when the blood flow to the penis has stopped, so if it lasts too long, the penis tissue can be damaged. For this reason, you should not wear the cock ring for more than 30 minutes.

If you keep it on longer than that, your penis will be necrotic and horrible. Always keep this in mind when using a cock ring. If you want to learn more about how to do cock ring masturbation, check out the following articles!

5.sex lubricants

Durex Lube More 50ml
RS 975

Sex lubricants are essential when using a sex toy. sex lubricants are used to increase lubrication. Sex lubricants are indispensable for all the goods introduced in this article, so be sure to prepare them. However, there are three main types of sex lubricants in a nutshell. They are “water-based,” “silicone based,” and “oil-based. Each has completely different characteristics, so it’s important to choose the one that fits your application.

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Water-based sex lubricants are the most common and have no major disadvantages. They won’t damage latex or silicone, so they are safe to use with condoms or silicone sex toys. However, since the main ingredient is water, it dries out easily, so you’ll need to add more sex lubricants frequently.

Silicone based sex lubricants are the most comfortable type. They feel very smooth and silky, and yet they last for a very long time. However, the surface can deteriorate when used with silicone sex toys, so depending on the sex toy you use, it’s safer to use a water base.

Oil-based condoms feel moist and heavy because the main ingredient is oil, and they last relatively longer than water-based condoms. However, oil-based sex lubricants can damage latex condoms and cause stains on sheets and clothing.

Also, oil-based sex lubricants seem to be prone to bacteria (germs) and other growths, so they are not recommended for masturbation with a sex toy. Basically, it’s better to choose a water-based one, as it can be used in any situation.

Merits & Disadvantages

The most important benefit of using sex lubricants is that they can increase pleasure. sex lubricants make your penis feel slippery and smooth when lubricated, which increases the sensitivity of your penis in a big way. What’s more, the friction is greatly reduced and you’re less likely to feel pain, so you’ll be able to provide stronger stimulation than ever before.

For example, it is difficult to stimulate the head by hand job masturbation which is done with dry hands. However, if you apply sex lubricants, you can do head masturbation as much as you like.

As mentioned above, there are various types of sex lubricants, so you can choose the one that suits your purpose and preference, and the effect will increase. You will feel even better depending on how you use them. For example, one thing that may bother you about using sex lubricants is the cool sensation.

If it is cold when you apply sex lubricants to your penis, you may be surprised and it may make your penis shrink. In such a case, you can warm them up beforehand in a bath of hot water to get a warm and fluffy masturbation experience. Especially, when you use Masturbators, it is very effective.

However, when sex lubricants masturbation is done, cleaning up afterwards can be a hassle. Just wiping it off with a tissue will inevitably leave a sticky feeling, so you’ll have to wash it off in the shower. Still, with an oil or silicone base, it’s difficult to wash it off completely with water.

Also, if you use latex condoms or silicone sex toys, you need to be careful about how they work with sex lubricants. If you keep these points in mind, you can dramatically increase the pleasure of masturbation with sex lubricants. For more information on how to do sex lubricants masturbation, please see the following articles!

Experience masturbation with more than just penises!

What I’ve introduced in this article was a variation of masturbation that mainly stimulates the penis. However, the truth is that masturbation is not something you do with your penis alone. Our bodies have hidden sexual zones that we are not always aware of.

If you blame that area, you will get a different kind of pleasure from normal masturbation. The following two masturbation techniques are gaining popularity as a way to experience new pleasures.

  • Prostate masturbation
  • Nipple masturbation

Many people have heard of prostate or nipple masturbation itself. Prostate masturbation is a technique to stimulate the prostate gland by inserting a finger or goods from the anus (anus). Nipple masturbation is a technique in which the nipple is intensively blamed and makes you feel good. Both are done for a special climax called a “dry orgasm”. Let’s explore the above two masturbations along with the details of dry orgasm.

Prostate Masturbation

Prostate masturbation is a technique in which sexual stimulation is obtained by inserting a finger, sex toy, etc. into the anus (anus). It is also known as “anal masturbation”. The word “anus” may sound disgusting, but it can be very pleasurable.

When you masturbate your prostate, you can reach a “dry orgasm” and experience a completely different kind of excitement and pleasure than the usual penis masturbation. This is why many people are addicted to ananias.

A dry orgasm is a climax that does not involve ejaculation. Usually, when a man reaches orgasm, he ejaculates, but dry orgasms do not. A dry orgasm is a special kind of climax, as opposed to a “wet orgasm,” in which the penis is wet with semen.

Because of these characteristics, the two orgasms are very different. Ejaculation has a sharp, brief climax, whereas dry orgasm has a deeper, longer climax. A dry orgasm is similar to a woman’s climax.

However, prostate masturbation involves inserting fingers and other goods into the anus, so strict hygiene precautions must be taken. There is a risk of infection if you do it in a lax manner. Also, although the anus and prostate are sexual zones, they are undeveloped in many people.

To get comfortable with anal masturbation, you need to be patient and develop a technique for proper stimulation. If you can continue to be steady, you will have a wonderful orgasm like no other masturbation.

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The use of special sex toys for masturbation can greatly enhance the pleasure. The most famous prostate masturbation product is the Enemagra (Aneros). Enemagra is truly an item for Anani, and its special shape allows you to effectively stimulate the prostate gland.

It does not require any special techniques and does not even need to be moved by hand. By tightening and relaxing the anal sphincter, it automatically massages the prostate gland. If you are interested in dry orgasms, you should try anal masturbation. For more information on how to do anal masturbation, check out the following articles!

Nipple masturbation

Other than prostate masturbation, nipple masturbation (chickney) is the most famous form of masturbation. In fact, even men can feel good with their nipples. There are many nerves running through the nipples, so chickie masturbation, which stimulates the nipples, is perfect for men who are looking for a new kind of pleasure.

Try to touch your nipples as well, even if it’s just a little bit when you masturbate your penis. You may not feel anything at first, but you will gradually feel something that will make you feel better. You can also reach a dry orgasm by stimulating only your nipples, not your penis.

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The great thing about dry orgasms is that the deep, all-encompassing pleasure lasts for a long time. The downside of regular penis masturbation is that the orgasm will be over very quickly. This cannot be changed by any sex toy. Our body’s structure makes it so that the pleasure of ejaculation ends immediately and we return to normalcy. However, dry orgasm is completely different. It’s as if a woman can enjoy the pleasure for a longer period of time, just like when she orgasms.

However, not everyone feels the nipple in the same way as the prostate. It takes a long period of development and a good technique for nipple blaming. For this reason, special nipple goods are recommended for more effective nipple masturbation.

Nipple goods are basically intended for women, but men can also use rotors and vibrators. These goods are exactly designed to make you feel good with your nipples, so you may be able to reach dry orgasm. For more information on how to do nipple masturbation, check out the following articles!


In this article, we have detailed five of the best masturbation products to enhance the pleasure of masturbation from a variety of perspectives. If you want to have the best masturbation that feels good, you can’t lack the use of a sex toy.

You may feel embarrassed to masturbate with a tool, but it’s rather great to try to enhance the pleasure of masturbation. The best products for masturbation are “fleshlight”, “Masturbators”, “sex dolls” and “cock rings Masturbators” and “sex lubricants”.