How to touch a girls boobs : best technique to touch nipple and boobs

When you see a man’s favorite boobs, you may be tempted to rub and lick them. However, the way you caress your boobs is often misunderstood, and if you do it the wrong way, not only does it not feel good, but it can make a woman hate you.

Boobs are not only a symbol of a woman, they are also very delicate and sensitive. It is not a good idea to suddenly rub them hard or lick their nipples. Carefully proceed with the caresses and increase the sensitivity before you can enjoy your tits in earnest. In this article, we’ll explain in detail how to touch the tits in a way that makes a girl really feel good.

What is the way a woman feels about touching her tits?

In order to enjoy sex with a girl, it is important to make sure that you do your foreplay well and carefully. Speaking of foreplay, the first thing you should do is to caress your breasts. Many people may say that caressing the nipples makes a woman happy, so they blame her breasts anyway in foreplay.

However, simply caressing a woman’s breasts may not make her feel very comfortable depending on how you touch them. In fact, there are two ways to touch a woman’s breasts that feel good and one that doesn’t. Let’s take a look at the truth about girls’ boobs.

Sex toy can help to touch your nipples

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Nipple vibrators

Nipple vibrators can give super stimulation during masturbation or sexual activity. Most of the women try to use it for achieve complete pleasure and satisfaction with the help of it’s vibration capacity.

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Doesn’t breast boobs inherently feel good?

For many men, a woman’s breasts may be like a symbol of sex. You can feel them when you touch them during foreplay, so you may feel as if a woman’s breasts are there for sex. However, breasts are not inherently meant to be “felt”. The role of a woman’s breasts is to feed her unborn child.

When a woman is growing, her production of “estrogen” (a type of female hormone) increases and her breasts grow in size as her mammary glands grow. As estrogen levels increase, the uterus grows as well, and the next step is for the body to be able to ovulate with menarche. When estrogen increases, a woman’s body experiences ovulation, and then the production of “progesterone” (a female hormone) increases.

Estrogen, or o estrogen, is the primary female sex hormone. It is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics.

Estrogen – Wikipedia

Progesterone has the ability to raise your body temperature and make your body more fertile, as well as increase the size of your mammary glands to prepare for delivery. However, if you don’t get pregnant in the two weeks after ovulation, your progesterone levels will drop quickly and you’ll have your period. After that, the rhythm repeats itself, with another increase in estrogen to encourage ovulation. Thus, a woman’s breasts are for pregnancy and childbirth.

In a study of 153 women, 81.5% of them said that their sexual arousal was increased when a man stimulated their breasts and nipples. Furthermore, Komisaruk et al. found that stimulating women’s nipples also increased the sensitivity of the genitals (vagina). (3)(4)

Results: The major findings in regard to the women were that 81.5% reported that stimulation of their nipples/breasts caused or enhanced their sexual arousal

Nipple/Breast stimulation and sexual arousal in young men and women – PubMed

The way men often misunderstand how to touch

It turns out that a woman’s breasts are in fact sexual organs, and stimulation of them activates genital sensations as well. However, even though the vagina is a “reproductive organ”, the breasts are not an organ for reproduction itself. In sex, the breasts are only the part of the body that is caressed for “introduction”. Therefore, boob foreplay requires a different approach than vagina. First of all, let’s keep in mind the basic nonsense that men tend to misunderstand.

  • Suddenly rubbing your tits.
  • He wants to touch your nipples immediately.

Many men may start rubbing their breasts as soon as they kiss a girl and the excitement builds up. In some cases, that might make a woman happy, but it’s basically not a good idea. It’s even worse if you suddenly take off your bra and rub it hard. The detailed technique is described later, but it is more comfortable to “hurry” the caress of the tits a lot.

Likewise, it is not good to lick and pinch only nipples immediately. You may feel like the girl will feel it if you blame her nipples anyway, but it takes women longer to activate their sexual zones. Also, women value the “mood” more than men, so if you are too hasty before your woman’s feelings are high, she may lose interest.

Bad Touching Techniques

In recent years, anyone can easily watch pornography from all over the world online. Many men are learning sex techniques from pornographic videos and erotic comics. However, those adult films are basically “entertainment” and “fiction” and are therefore far removed from real sex, so make sure you don’t recognize the following three boob fondling techniques that often appear in pornography, which women are particularly uncomfortable with.

  • Roughly rubbing the breasts.
  • Strongly stimulate the nipples.
  • Caressing suddenly without being rushed

It’s common to see scenes in adult videos in which a woman is being roughly rubbed on her breasts and she makes a sound that feels good. However, in reality, it doesn’t feel good to have your breasts squeezed. In fact, women really don’t like having their breasts treated roughly, as being squeezed hard only hurts and takes away from the pleasure.

The same goes for strong nipple stimulation, and pinching and biting hard will only hurt, so don’t do it. There are techniques such as nailing and sweet biting, but they are only effective when the woman is used to the stimulation and is comfortable with it. As mentioned above, please note that women do not like to be in the mood for foreplay that is not rushed and caresses suddenly, as well.

The way to touch a woman that really feels good

For successful sex foreplay, it’s important to know how to touch the tits in a way that really makes a woman feel good. Three things in particular are important: mood, impatience, and force. Rather, even if you don’t know difficult techniques, if you keep these three points in mind, the girl will feel good. Based on that, try to be aware of the following 5 points.

  • Take your time and hurry.
  • Touch it like you’re wrapping it up.
  • Caress gently at first.
  • Putting off the nipple.
  • Caress the girl as she feels.

A man with a heightened sex drive wants to insert and ejaculate quickly. However, women tend to prefer “slow sex” that gradually builds up. It’s easier to get comfortable if you proceed slowly and deliberately, rather than if you suddenly touch your sexually active zones. It is even more effective if you use “feather touch,” a touch that may or may not be touching, and a gentle, enveloping touch.

For the same reason, the trick is to postpone nipple stimulation. During foreplay, it is important to attack the sexually active zone later, starting with the surrounding area. This will make you more sensitive than “fast sex” that proceeds quickly and will make the girl feel really good. Every woman’s sexual sensations and preferences are different, so it’s best to eventually be able to caress her in a way that makes her feel comfortable.

Titty Touching Techniques that will make a woman beg for it

It may be good for a man to actively blame her breasts, but if you’re going to do it, it’s probably more stimulating for a woman to beg you to do it. By being aware of the following 8 points, you can learn the caressing techniques that will make a woman beg for your help.

  • First of all, you have to hurry up.
  • Remove the bra carefully and smartly.
  • Start caressing from the breast area.
  • Save the nipples until the end.
  • Gradually increase the force and build up the rhythm.
  • Use saliva to make it slippery.
  • Lick it with your tongue or pinch it between your lips.
  • Use sweet bites and teeth to stimulate them as well.

The above techniques are based on the aforementioned three elements of mood, impatience, and force, as well as how to touch a girl to make her feel really good. It is difficult to succeed in all the steps right away, but you can certainly master them if you learn them carefully one by one.

Hurry up and be impatient, don’t touch directly right away, and go over your clothes

When caressing a girl’s breasts, just be sure to “rush” them. This was the same when caressing the vagina and clitoris, but it’s even more important with breast caresses. This is because the breast is not a reproductive organ. Nipples do not get wet when aroused, and they have no tolerance for stimulation. That’s why they need to be treated carefully and gently.

This should immediately show you that touching your breasts and nipples raw is not the way to go. So what you should do is to touch them over your clothes. Even men can get a little bit of insight into touching their own nipples, but it actually feels better over the top of their clothes than directly touching their nipples. This is because the clothing will reduce the friction between your fingers and your nipples and the texture of the fabric of the clothing will be transferred to your nipples.

Nevertheless, a woman may not actually feel anything physically when touching the top of her clothing, since she is often wearing a bra before foreplay. However, the key here is to give a woman the feeling of being rushed. Gentle touches, like stroking the top of her clothes, will put her in a “naughty mood” and increase a woman’s mental arousal. When this happens, her sexual organs become more sensitive and her physical arousal increases.

Remove your bra carefully

Image result for sexy boobs pose

When you remove a woman’s clothing for her, you will be able to see her boobs covered in a bra. You can remove the bra as it is, but you can also try to sneak your hand through the gap in the bra and use feather touches to further impale them. However, avoid slipping your bra off and caressing your breasts, as women often don’t like to do this.

Since bras have wires in them, moving them in a strange direction can cause the wires to stretch and the fabric to shift, making them unusable. If it’s a woman’s favorite bra, you’ll be even angrier, so make sure you either get your hands in the gap or take the bra off. The way you take your bra off is also a great way for a man to show his technique.

There’s no need to rush to take your bra off, so be smart here. Bras are basically held in place by hooks at the back. Therefore, if you pull the back of the bra inward slightly, the hooks will loosen and you can easily take it off. However, with bra tops, there are no hooks, so you have to pull the shoulder area down the arms and then remove it from the legs like you would a pant.

You should also be aware of a slow and steady rhythm, where you need to rush and do it quickly where you don’t. However, if you do it roughly, your bra may break, so it’s important to remove it carefully. By the way, you should not throw the woman’s underwear you made to take off, but you should put it on the ground in a polite way.

Taking it slow, but the important thing is to be gentle with the people around you

As I mentioned earlier, it’s important to proceed slowly and gently with the caressing of your breasts. If you take off your bra and suddenly touch and lick your nipples, a woman may not only not feel good, but also lose her excitement. The same should be true for a blowjob. If a woman suddenly sucks on your glans after you take off your pants, you’ll probably get more bleeped out than it feels good.

It would be more exciting and exciting to be attacked around the base of the thighs, testicles, and around the rod first. The mental arousal will also increase the sensitivity of your body, so when you are later licked on the glans and back slit, it will feel even better. The trick to caressing your breasts is the same: start attacking them around the nipple, not the nipple, which you’re likely to feel suddenly. A woman’s breasts can be divided into three parts

  • The breasts
  • Areola
  • Nipples

The breasts are so-called “boobs,” which are large bulges that spread around the nipples. Since 90% of the total is fatty tissue, the breast itself actually has very little function as a sexual area. The areola and nipple are sensitive areas and should be handled with care. The areola is the ring-like area surrounding the nipple, and caressing it in front of the nipple increases its impatient effect. With these points in mind, you should basically follow the following steps to proceed with the caressing of your tits.

  1. Touch your breasts from the front, wrapping them with the entire palm of your hand.
  2. Caress the entire breast with a feather touch
  3. Put your hands on your breasts and gently rub them.
  4. Rub the underbust with your thumb and forefinger.
  5. Go to the back of the woman and rub her breasts.
  6. Gradually increase your strength and build up your rhythm.
  7. When the woman is starting to feel good, it’s time to get to the nipples.

The last thing you want to do is stimulate your nipples. First of all, touch the breast with your entire palm, but this does not mean that you should put your hands all over it. This doesn’t mean that you put your hands all over the breast, but rather that you open your hands and touch the breast as if you were following the shape of the breast. Be careful not to touch the areola or nipple or rub the breast at this point. Next, move your hands to caress the breast gently, moving your hands around the breast as if you were stroking it.

Once you’ve gently caressed the entire breast, it’s time to rub your breasts. Gently rub them from the outside in a circular or swirling motion. At this time, I move my hand with a feather touch in mind, and I move my hand with the speed of about 3 cm in one second in mind. The key, after all, is to avoid stimulating the nipples yet, and touch the breasts only and impatiently.

Many women find it easier to feel it by making a V-shape with your thumb and forefinger and caressing it against the “underbust” of the lower part of your breasts. This V-shape should follow the line of your bra and you rub your breasts with your thumb and index finger at different intervals.

Nipples are the last thing to do

Image result for sexy boobs pose

Once your breasts have been fully stimulated, it’s time to caress your nipples. However, it’s important to be aware of the “rush” here as well. Instead of attacking the nipple suddenly, start with the areola, which is spread out around it. Start by tracing your finger on the outline of the nipple and moving your finger in a circular motion. By daring not to touch the nipple, you will increase your excitement to touch it sooner rather than later.

Nipples get erect, just like the penis and clitoris, but they don’t necessarily stand up because they are aroused. The nipple erection is primarily a reflex response to external stimuli and temperature changes and does not seem to have much to do with sexual arousal. Nevertheless, nipple erection is a barometer of a woman’s pleasure because it means that she is adding to the stimulation.

The trick is to use your tongue as well as your fingers to attack the areola. The method is very simple, just trace the areola with your tongue. Once the nipple has been sufficiently stimulated by the areola and the nipple is standing up, you can actually stimulate the nipple. There are two ways to attack the nipple in the same way as the areola: tracing it with your finger and licking it with your tongue. In addition, there are two points on the nipple: the sides and the nipple, so the key is to use your fingers and tongue to attack them skillfully.

Start by gently stroking the sides of the nipple. Next, pinch the sides with your thumb and forefinger and twist your fingers like a little screw, or gently move them up and down. Finally, stimulate the nipple area at the tip by lightly accustoming or pressing against it with your index finger to complete the caressing of the entire breast. More details to follow, but if you use your lips or tongue and saliva well, you can make your nipple torture even more stimulating.

Gradually increase the force

It’s important to be slow and gentle when rubbing your breasts, but if you’re at that pace all the time, you’ll get tired of the stimulation. So, when a woman’s arousal increases and she starts to breathe hard or make noises, try to gradually increase the force of the rubbing. First, as you’re still gently rubbing, create a few moments of squeezing and then gradually increase it. Shaking the breasts with your hands can also help.

However, don’t rub your breasts as hard as you can just because a woman’s excitement is growing. The breast is made up mostly of fat, but there is a ligament called the Cooper’s ligament that runs through it. It is believed that if the Cooper’s ligament is stretched or sore, it can cause the breasts to droop, so many women do not like to have their breasts squeezed as hard as they can.

Don’t just caress your boobs from the front, touch them from behind. It can provide a different kind of stimulation, and it will help you relax because you won’t be able to see the woman’s face as she feels it. When you are mentally relaxed, the sensitivity of your sexual organs increases, so your caresses will be more effective. When rubbing your breasts from behind, the trick is to lift your breasts from behind. This way, you will feel more strongly that your man is holding you gently from behind, which will increase your sense of security.

Use saliva

The key to attacking your nipples is to use your tongue and saliva well. If you caress your nipples when they are dry, you will feel pain because of the increased friction. Unlike the vagina, nipples do not get wet when arousal is high, so use saliva when caressing them. When I say use saliva, I don’t mean that you should intentionally put a lot of saliva on them. You can use the saliva from licking your nipples as you caress them with your fingers.

You will feel pain when the penis is dry and caressed, but it will feel better when it is wet with saliva. The same goes for the nipples as well, as the saliva acts as a lubricant, allowing the stimulation to be transmitted smoothly and making the caresses more effective. At the same time, your nipple’s tolerance to stimulation will also increase, so you can caress it a little harder to further increase its sensitivity. However, too much saliva is not a good idea.

When you use plenty of saliva, it’s easier for a girl to feel good because it’s more slippery. However, depending on the oral environment, the saliva can dry up and produce an odor. In the case of genitals such as the vagina and clitoris, this may not be a problem, but breasts can be a concern since they are the upper body. Use saliva in moderation so that your boobs don’t get sticky. If you want to make your nipples slippery, I recommend using the lotion described below.

Lick with your tongue

Image result for Lick boobs with your tongue

The main dish of breast caressing is probably nipple licking. After you’ve sufficiently accustomed yourself to the stimulation of the nipple and areola with your fingers, it’s time to lick the nipple. The key to nipple torture is also to lick carefully, with an eye toward impatience. As mentioned above, lick the areola first before the nipple to get ready for it. Start your nipple torture with a gentle, small lick with a reroll, then lick the nipple with your entire tongue as you roll it around.

Then lick with the tip of your tongue, tracing it from bottom to top or rolling the nipple underneath. The stimulation provided by the tongue and the tip and the flat area of the tongue will change because of the texture of the tongue and the area you touch. Experiment with different tongue movements to avoid monotony in your caresses. As the nipples become wet with saliva in this way, they will become more tolerant of finger stimulation. So you can try various nipple torture challenges such as pinching the side of the nipple with your index and middle fingers and pressing your thumb against the nipple in that state.

Also, when you’re licking your nipples, it’s easy to focus on one side of the nipple, but try to caress both sides of the nipple equally. It seems to be more satisfying for a woman to have a good balance of stimulation rather than a bias towards one or the other. In addition, nipple licking, as with the previous methods of finger blaming, the rhythm of intensity is important. Licking gently at first, but gradually pressing your tongue against it and increasing the speed of licking will provide stimulating nipple licking.

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Sweet bites and teeth

Caressing techniques with your lips and teeth are also important in tongue torture. Start by gently pinching your nipple between your lips. Lips and tongue feel completely different, so it can provide a different stimulation than the conventional tongue licking. Furthermore, the softness of the skin and the amount of saliva varies between the outside and inside of the lips. If you pinch the base of the nipple between the slightly inside of your lips, you can provide soft stimulation and at the same time lick the nipple in your mouth with your tongue.

If you want a stronger stimulation than pinching with your lips, try gently “sweet biting” the nipple with your teeth. Try biting the side of the nipple with just enough weakness that your front teeth may or may not hit it. Be careful not to put too much pressure on your jaw or bite the nipple at this point. The nipple is very sensitive and can be painful when your teeth hit it, even with very weak force. If you want to bite the nipple, do it the way you did earlier with your lips.

You can also try sucking on the nipple for a bit. The trick is to suck with less force than if you were to use a straw to juice the nipple when you place your lips on it. If you remove your lips from the nipple while sucking, you can make a disgusting sound, which can arouse your woman audibly. However, be careful not to suck on it like a baby, as it may cause her to pull away. As mentioned earlier, you should also be careful not to make your nipples sticky with saliva.

Advanced Techniques

Once you become familiar with basic boob caressing techniques, it is recommended that you try the more advanced techniques. By practicing the following four techniques, you’ll be able to make your girl feel even better with your caresses. Master the various techniques and make your girl beg for a titty-chastisement.

  • Use lotion or massage oil
  • Try using a rotor or vibrator
  • Use of nipple-only toys is only possible when they get going.
  • Stimulate other parts of the body at the same time.

Use lotions and massage oils

In order to make a girl feel good with nipple stimulation, it is important to reduce friction and eliminate pain. To do this, using saliva to make them glide better is helpful, but saliva dries up quickly when it’s released. Also, the sticky feeling and smell may not be very pleasing to the girls. So, when stimulating your nipples, I recommend using a lotion.

Lotion is most often used for vagina, vagina, penis, and other genital caresses, but it also works well for nipple blaming. If you take the lotion in your hand and touch your breasts, the stimulation will be transmitted smoothly and easily, so it will be easier to make you feel good. The basic technique is the same when using the lotion: first, gently trace your fingers in a circular motion around the nipple and gradually move closer to the nipple to impale it.

Then stroke the nipple in a rolling motion or use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the sides of the nipple. Since you are applying the lotion, you can stimulate them a little harder than normal. It’s also stimulating to apply the lotion to your body and keep your bodies close to each other. You can also use a special massage oil instead of lotion to gently massage your breasts in a slippery way. The nipple area is a very sensitive area, so in some cases it may be better to use massage oil to caress the nipples as well.

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In the online market, there are so many different type of lubes and lotion which can give best smooth rubbing with great fill so you should try it once and find more pleasure and enjoyment also delivery these feelings on your partner.

Try using a rotor or vibrator

Rotors and vibrators are known as sex toys that are mainly used for the vagina and clitoris, both of which stimulate the sexual organs through vibration. On the other hand, these goods are also used to caress the nipples. In particular, in recent years, rotors and vibrators dedicated to nipple sex toys are available on the market, allowing you to blame your nipples for a greater variety of stimulation. There are three main types of sex toys for nipples

  • Vibrating sex toys
  • Friction Systems
  • Suction system

The vibrating system is one that vibrates like a rotor, much like a regular rotor. The friction system is mainly characterized by soft materials such as silicone, which rubs the nipple and allows you to enjoy the sensation of caressing it with your fingers and tongue. The sucking type suckles on the nipple and allows you to enjoy the sensation of being sucked by your mouth. Usually, the main stimulation to the tongue is done with fingers, tongue or lips, but you can enjoy a variety of pleasant sensations by using these goods.

Some nipple vibes have a special structure called “with cups” or “sandwiching rotor”. The type with a cup is like a bra, and if you put it on your tits, you can easily do nipple blame. You can use your free hand for caressing other parts of your body, so you can have exciting play. The pincer rotor type can stimulate whole nipple by putting a nipple between the two rotors. Make good use of nipple torture products.

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Use of dedicated nipple toys should only be used when things get exciting

Image result for Lick boobs with your tongue

Utilizing a nipple sex toy can enhance the effectiveness of foreplay compared to playing with fingers and tongue alone. However, these nipple sex toys should not be used immediately, but only after a woman’s arousal and sensitivity has increased. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the nipple is a delicate and sensitive part of the body, so using it suddenly without getting used to it will not feel good.

Women gradually become more and more excited about sex, so you should always use your fingers or tongue to get used to the sexual area before caressing it with adult products or other stimulating methods. Careful preparation beforehand will help to ease the pain and make you feel good. In addition, as the blood flow around the sexual zones improves during the breaking-in process, the sensitivity will also improve and the overall effectiveness of foreplay will be enhanced.

If you try using the goods after you’ve sufficiently increased your sensitivity and arousal with your fingers and tongue, you’ll be able to accept stronger stimulation than ever before with no problem. However, each woman’s favorite type of stimulation is different, so make sure to use the three types of sex toys I mentioned earlier – vibration, friction, and suction – to give her a fulfilling nipple torture experience.

Stimulate other parts of the body at the same time

Image result for sexy boobs pose

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the sexual zones around the nipple and vagina are closely connected, and it has been shown that when the nipple is stimulated, the sensitivity of the genitals also increases. It’s not just the genitals, but other sexual zones such as the neck and back will also become easier to feel. In other words, when you are caressing your nipples, stimulating other parts of your body at the same time doubles the effectiveness of your caresses.

While it is important to take your time and be careful with your foreplay, you can’t spend all your time on your tits. Since the ultimate goal of foreplay is to make it easier for a woman to climax and smooth penetration, you’ll still want to focus on stimulation around the vagina area as well. So, in between tit rubs, try touching your clitoris as well, or cunnilingus while caressing your nipples with your fingers.

Especially when you are licking your nipples, both hands are free, so you can do boob blaming and clit blaming at the same time. Both sexual organs stimulate each other, which may have the effect of doubling your pleasure. Of course, it is also important to tease your nipples with piston movements after insertion. However, when touching the nipple while stimulating other parts of the body, be careful not to rough up the nipple with too much force.

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Boobs are a symbol that only women have

Men, both adults and children, love boobs. However, their curiosity about such breasts is so strong that they sometimes end up handling them roughly. Of course, few people rub their breasts roughly out of malice, and depending on the woman’s preference, she may be pleased when they are squeezed hard. However, caressing a woman’s breasts in a way that makes her feel good is still based on being gentle and careful with them.

The reason why men love and want to touch women’s breasts is not just because of the sexual attraction to breasts. Men yearn for women’s breasts because they are the source of life and because they have a roundness, softness, inclusiveness and security that men’s bodies do not have. In other words, boobs are a symbol for women only.

You should not treat such wonderful boobs in a lax manner. Because they are our favorite breasts, we should treat them carefully as if we were treating a treasure first. You should rub and suck them to the fullest and enjoy them after caressing them well and carefully to increase the pleasure. This will open up the woman’s mind and allow both of you to enjoy more pleasurable sex.


In this article, we have explained in detail how to touch the boobs in a way that makes a girl feel really good. Boobs are not only a symbol of the woman many men seek out, but they are also the source of life. Since the sexual zones on a woman’s breasts are also connected to her genitals, caressing her breasts is essential to enhance her pleasure. Therefore, it is important to be careful when caressing a woman’s breasts.

The absolute worst thing to do when caressing a woman’s breasts is to make her feel pain by suddenly rubbing or touching her nipples, or to do something she doesn’t want to do, such as rubbing roughly or strongly stimulating her nipples. In caressing your breasts, you should take your time to rush and create a mood, and you should touch them with the right amount of force. To do this, start caressing from the breast area.

First, touch the entire breast with your entire palm and caress the entire breast with a feather touch. Then put your hands on your breasts and start rubbing them gently, changing the rhythm of intensity as you change locations. When the woman feels comfortable, start stimulating her nipples, but it’s important to impatient a little bit with the nipple before you do so. Then blaming the nipples will help the girl feel more comfortable.

In addition, using techniques such as tongue and lip stimulation of the nipples and sweet bites, as well as utilizing sex toys if necessary, will allow you to caress the tits with a greater variety of stimulation. Boobs are surprisingly hard to conquer, and it takes time to learn the techniques. However, if you can caress the tits well, you can make a woman melt. Let’s learn various techniques and become a boob master.