How to ejaculate : You get an erection but not ejaculate in sex

More and more men are suffering from “I can get an erection and masturbate, but I can’t ejaculate during sex ……. This is a condition called “vaginal ejaculation disorder”. Vaginal ejaculation disorder also has a negative effect …… on a couple’s relationship because they are frustrated with each other when they have vaginal ejaculation disorder.

As a result, you will become uncomfortable with sex, and the condition will get worse and worse if you push yourself too hard. Therefore, it is important to focus on the cause of the problem and then develop measures to improve it.

The cause of vaginal ejaculation disorder is, quite frankly, the wrong way to masturbate. If you continue to masturbate in an unnatural way, such as gripping your penis tightly or rubbing it against the floor, you will not be satisfied with vaginal stimulation. Another cause of vaginal ejaculation disorder is the inability to ejaculate, which makes you feel pressured to have sex. This article will thoroughly explain the causes of inability to ejaculate in a woman’s vagina during sex and how to remedy vaginal ejaculation disorder.

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Not being able to ejaculate in sex is vaginal ejaculation disorder

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If you can ejaculate in normal masturbation without any problems, but when it comes to sex, you can’t come inside a girl, there is a good chance that you have an Intravaginal Ejaculation Disorder (Intravaginal Ejaculation Disorder). When you think of a disorder related to ejaculation, many people may think of ED (erectile dysfunction), which makes it impossible to get an erection itself satisfactorily.

However, it differs in many ways. In vaginal ejaculation disorder, you can get a proper erection and ejaculate in masturbation with no problem, but for some reason you cannot orgasm with the girl inserted in sex.

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Vaginal ejaculation disorder is a condition in which a woman’s vagina for some reason is unable to receive satisfactory stimulation and is unable to ejaculate. Very interestingly, although it is well known in Japan, little is known about it worldwide. It seems to be more often thought of as “Severe Delayed Ejaculation”.

In the world, many men suffer from premature ejaculation, but in Japan, vaginal ejaculation disorder is more common than premature ejaculation. However, with the diversification of masturbation methods, the number of patients with vaginal ejaculation disorder seems to be increasing even outside of Japan.

Delayed ejaculation will be explained later. In most cases, the cause of vaginal ejaculation disorder is not the woman, but the man’s penis is less sensitive. The reason why the penis becomes so insensitive is because of bad masturbation practices. So you can use male masturbator for avoid this problem.

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Other times, you may feel undue pressure to ejaculate during sex, and you may not be able to ejaculate. We’ll discuss the causes in more detail later, but first let’s look at the negative effects of vaginal ejaculation disorder.

  • Frustration with each other affects the relationship.
  • I’m not very good at sex
  • Symptoms will continue to worsen if not recognized and improved.

As mentioned above, it can have a tremendous negative impact on a couple’s relationship and night time. While vaginal ejaculation disorder can be extremely distressing for the man himself, it can also be painful for the woman as well.

As a result, it can cause problems in a couple’s relationship and pressure to have sex itself. However, the trouble with vaginal ejaculation disorder is that it’s difficult to recognize it and it often gets worse when you overdo it. Let’s take a closer look at the three problems above.

Vaginal Ejaculation Disorder Affects Couples Relationships

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Vaginal ejaculation disorder is a serious problem for men. This is because it makes it impossible for them to orgasm inside the girl they love. It’s every man’s desire to ejaculate plenty inside his beloved partner. It is very hard for men to do that when they have vaginal ejaculation disorder because it becomes difficult for them to do so. But it’s not actually just men who have a hard time. Women can also feel a lot of anxiety because of the inability of men to ejaculate.

When a man doesn’t reach orgasm comfortably in his own body, a woman feels that she has a problem. This can lead to all sorts of anxiety running through her, such as, “Does my body not feel good,” “Is my vagina too loose,” and “Does he not love me? Even if a woman has vaginal ejaculation disorder, she can still get an erection and the insertion itself without any problems.

However, if there is no finishing ejaculation, they feel like they are missing something and wonder if it is their fault they can’t orgasm. In other words, when a man has a vaginal ejaculation disorder, it’s just as hard on the woman as it is on him. It’s a frustrating experience for both of them.

When sex problems arise, they inevitably begin to drift away from each other and this can have a negative impact on the couple’s relationship. In fact, sex is often the reason why couples can no longer last. Thus, vaginal ejaculation disorder can have a negative impact on a couple’s relationship.

They become uncomfortable with sex

SEX is inherently very enjoyable and pleasurable, and it’s a great way to deepen your love for your partner and each other together. However, if you have vaginal ejaculation disorder, you may find that you are not good at sex and it can become a painful task in reverse.

If you can’t ejaculate occasionally during sex, it’s something that happens to everyone and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, as the frequency of not being able to ejaculate during sex increases, you will start to feel more and more anxious.

If you become nervous during sex, thinking “What if I can’t come again? As a result, they become reluctant to have sex, they become reluctant to have sex, and it can have a negative effect on their mental health. These symptoms tend to get worse the more you are concerned about them, so it’s a vicious cycle.

If you are not aware of it and improve it, it will continue to get worse

The trouble with vaginal ejaculation disorder is that it’s hard to recognize it on your own. If you have trouble ejaculating during sex, you may wonder if you’re not getting enough stimulation. As a result, you will seek stronger stimulation. For example, you might make your piston movements faster and faster so that you can orgasm faster during sex.

However, this can not only cause distress to the woman, but it can also make vaginal ejaculation problems even worse. We’ll get into the details later, but the reason for vaginal ejaculation disorder in the first place is that we have become accustomed to stimulation that is usually too strong.

To put it simply, the sexual zones of the penis become desensitized. If you increase the stimulation because you can no longer ejaculate, you will find that your penis will have a harder time feeling more. In many cases, however, it is difficult to realize that you have an ejaculation disorder.

If this is ED (erectile dysfunction), you will know right away because you won’t be able to get an erection. However, with vaginal ejaculation disorder, you may think that your inability to ejaculate during sex is simply because of your condition, since you can get an erection or insertion itself.

Therefore, you will often force yourself to respond by increasing the stimulation. If vaginal ejaculation disorder is not properly addressed and remedied, it will get worse and worse. As mentioned above, vaginal ejaculation disorder can have a negative impact on a couple’s relationship, and you want to improve it as much as possible.

What are the main causes of vaginal ejaculation disorder?

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Vaginal ejaculation disorder is a very troublesome condition for men. However, as mentioned above, it can be difficult to recognize it on your own, so you need to know what can cause it. The following three main causes of vaginal ejaculation disorder can be considered, so let’s see if you can think of any.

  • Masturbation that grips the penis too tightly.
  • Special types of masturbation, such as rubbing on the floor
  • The pressure to ejaculate.

Masturbation that grips the penis too tightly is one of the leading causes of vaginal ejaculation disorder. Be aware that this may apply to all men. Masturbation that involves rubbing against the floor or pinning your legs out can also greatly increase the risk of vaginal ejaculation disorder. Pressure during sex is also a major factor. Learn more about these causes.

Masturbation with a strong grip

If you grip too tightly while masturbating, your risk of vaginal ejaculation disorder is greatly increased. Many people will think, “I’m not gripping that hard. However, Otani et al.’s study found that gripping the penis with more than 10kg of grip strength while masturbating significantly increases the risk of late ejaculation and vaginal ejaculation disorder. The average grip strength of adult men is roughly 50kg, so it’s a fairly easy force to exert. This indicates that many men are unconsciously gripping too tightly.

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The reason why you shouldn’t masturbate with a strong grip in the first place is because the stimulation your penis receives from a hand job and vaginal insertion is completely different. While it may seem like the vagina is full of stimulation, it doesn’t actually receive that much stronger pressure or friction.

Rather, the sensation of your penis being gently wrapped around the soft vagina and the sticky sensation of vaginal secretions (love juice) will often increase your pleasure. This means that masturbation with a strong grip is unnatural for the penis.

Especially, if you often use all five fingers or grip your hand tightly, this is likely to be the case. If you continue to masturbate in this way, your penis will become accustomed to strong stimulation and its sensitivity will decrease.

As a result, the orgasm does not come close to being inserted into the vagina. Getting used to masturbating with stronger stimulation than the vagina, which is believed to be the most significant cause of vaginal ejaculation disorder.

In addition, it is not just a matter of grip strength, but also too much friction. Normally, the vagina is moist and wet when inserted into the vagina and there is no strong friction. However, if you usually rub your penis with a dry hand, fast and hard, the sensitivity will be greatly reduced. hand job masturbation, or masturbation in the normal way, can make it harder to get pleasure if you don’t grip and rub it hard enough, so be careful.

Special masturbation that rubs against the floor

Not just doing it too hard, but also masturbation done in a particular way can be dangerous. A typical example of this is masturbation that is done by rubbing against the floor. Commonly known as “floor masturbation,” this technique involves lying face down on the floor and pressing and rubbing your penis against the floor to achieve orgasm.

Advanced users can get enough stimulation that they can orgasm without much of an erection. This may be a method of masturbation unique to the Far East, where there is no culture of earthly feet, and only in the Far East. However, the same thing can be done in other parts of the world using beds and couches, so be careful not to do it.

In addition to hand job masturbation, “Masturbate with your legs stretched out” is another technique that can lead to vaginal ejaculation disorder.Masturbate with your legs stretched out is a technique where you put pressure on your legs and pin them out. It helps to tense the muscles of the lower body, making it easier to get closer to orgasm.

However, if you continue to use funny masturbation methods such as floor masturbation or Masturbate with your legs stretched out, you may have to do the same thing for sex to ejaculate. For example, you need to push your penis as hard as you can during sex, or you need to pin your legs out, etc.

If you usually eat crazy flavored food, normal flavored food will feel funny in reverse. In the same way, if you continue to masturbate in a strange way on a regular basis, you will not get enough stimulation from vaginal penetration, which is supposed to be the most natural thing for the penis, and hand job masturbation will inevitably make it difficult for you to create variation, so you may not have enough No. However, that doesn’t mean that hand job masturbation or masturbating with your legs stretched out will result in vaginal ejaculation disorder.

Pressure to ejaculate

There is a great deal of pressure during sex that is felt because of vaginal ejaculation disorder, and this is one of the main reasons for this. As mentioned earlier, people with vaginal ejaculation disorder can get an erection and insert themselves, unlike ED patients. The only thing they cannot do is ejaculate.

If you’ve inserted yourself into your partner, a man would definitely want to ejaculate to the fullest extent …… and finish it. To begin with, ejaculation is the main purpose of sex. However, not being able to do so is a great pain. It’s like when you have the best dessert in a meal in front of you, but you can’t eat it after all.

You feel a kind of obligation to ejaculate now that you’ve started having sex, and that puts a lot of pressure on you to do so. If this is ED, neither you nor your partner expects to ejaculate because you can’t get an erection and insert it in the first place.

People with vaginal ejaculation disorder are able to do everything other than ejaculate well, and they will inevitably want to ejaculate. However, these pressures can be an extra mental burden and make the situation even worse.

The more often you are unable to ejaculate during sex, the greater the pressure will be. When you are under strong stress, you will not be able to control your orgasm well. As a result, you will not be able to ejaculate vaginally.

What is the best way to improve vaginal ejaculation disorder?

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You cannot improve vaginal ejaculation disorder unless you first become aware of it yourself and take steps to prevent it. But what measures can be taken? As mentioned earlier, the main cause of vaginal ejaculation disorder is wrong masturbation. This means that if you change the way you masturbate, there is a good chance that you can improve it. Specifically, the following four methods are considered to be effective

  • Reduce the stimulation of masturbation.
  • Masturbate with a Sex Lubricant
  • Masturbate with Masturbators
  • Reduce the frequency of masturbation to two to three times a week.

First, consider reducing the stimulation of masturbation. Many men masturbate too much anyway, so masturbating with a Sex Lubricant will help you to avoid having to grip and rub too hard. Most effective are Masturbators, which can help with vaginal ejaculation problems if used well. Reducing the frequency of masturbation and making it easier to increase arousal is also key.

Masturbate with reduced stimulation

The first ironclad rule for improving vaginal ejaculation disorder is to change to less stimulating masturbation. As mentioned above, many men grip their penises too tightly, which puts them at risk of developing vaginal ejaculation disorder.

The way to determine if this is dangerous masturbation is the number of fingers you use while masturbating: if you are gripping it firmly with five fingers or gripping it too tightly in the palm of your hand, the pressure is definitely too strong to begin with, so be careful.

Therefore, try to masturbate with fewer fingers. The best is two fingers (thumb and forefinger), but if you suddenly do it that way, you may not be satisfied at all. Therefore, I recommend that you start with three fingers. Try placing your thumb on the front side of your penis and your index and middle fingers on the back side. Then you can masturbate with reduced stimulation by shushing as normal.

If you find that you are not getting enough stimulation in this way, try actively stimulating the back of the penis. The suji is located on the underside of the penis where the glans and the rod are connected, and it is one of the most sensitive sexual zones for men.

If you stimulate this area with your index or middle finger, you will feel more and more pleasure and orgasm will come closer and closer. Ideally, once you get used to masturbating in this way, you should eventually be able to move to two fingers.

Masturbating with Sex Lubricant

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Sex Lubricant allows you to masturbate comfortably while reducing the stimulation of masturbation.Sex Lubricant is a sex toy that is used to increase lubrication. Sex Lubricant masturbation, in which this Sex Lubricant is applied to the penis, is effective in improving vaginal ejaculation disorders.

The great thing about Sex Lubricant masturbation is that it provides stimulation similar to inserting it into the vagina. Unlike dry-handed masturbation, it significantly reduces friction. It’s easy to do, all you have to do is apply a moderate amount of Sex Lubricant to your penis and make piston movements with your hands.

However, since Sex Lubricant feels cool and cool, you may be surprised if you apply it to your penis as it is. So, we recommend that you warm up the Sex Lubricant before using it. Put enough Sex Lubricant in a plastic container and soak it in hot water of around 40 degrees Celsius. If you don’t feel comfortable soaking in hot water, it’s much better to just put the cold Sex Lubricant out in the palm of your hand and wait for a while to warm it up with human skin.

Sex Lubricant should be applied aggressively, especially to the glans. The glans is a very sensitive sexual area and it can feel painful when you spank it with a dry hand. However, if you apply Sex Lubricant, you can stimulate the glans as you wish. Try rubbing the glans with your thumb or forefinger, or rubbing the Corona of Glans penis or the back of the penis.

It will make you feel much more comfortable than regular hand job masturbation. In addition, the stimulation is close to the wetness of the vagina, which can help improve vaginal ejaculation problems. For more information on how to do Sex Lubricant masturbation, please refer to the following articles!

Masturbators to masturbate using Masturbators

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Masturbators are the most effective masturbation method for vaginal ejaculation disorder.Masturbators are sex toys that are inserted into a woman’s vagina for stimulation and pleasure.They are called Masturbators and are the best friends of male masturbation.The masturbation methods we have described so far are mainly hand jobs.

Since the masturbation method introduced so far is mainly a hand job, there will be a limit to the variation, and it may be difficult to satisfy you. However, if you masturbate with Masturbators, you can not only feel good, but you can also expect an effect to improve vaginal ejaculation disorder, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

In fact, Kobori et al. have proven the effectiveness of Masturbators. They recruited 16 Japanese patients with vaginal ejaculation disorder and asked them to use the Japanese made Masturbators called “Tenga Masturbation Aids”. As a result, 12 patients (75%) were able to ejaculate inside TENGA and 5 (31%) actually ejaculated inside a woman’s vagina.

About 30% may not sound like a good figure, but as it stands, no improvement has been found that is more effective than Masturbators. Considering this, we can say that this is a very effective way to improve the situation.

Masturbators can basically be used by simply inserting your penis, but Sex Lubricant is absolutely necessary. Therefore, you may want to try Sex Lubricant masturbation first to get a feel for it before moving on to Masturbators. Once the Lubricant is in, hold the Masturbators in your hand to penetrate the entire area and insert your erect penis.

Afterwards, move the Masturbators around and enjoy the pleasure of moving the Masturbators while imagining you are holding a cute girl. You may not be able to orgasm easily at first. In that case, try to tighten your grip on the Masturbators a little.

If you can’t do it, try to tighten your grip on the Masturbators a little. The Masturbators can be attached to a bed or a desk with a special fixture or tape, and you can enjoy masturbation while swinging your hips. In other words, Masturbators can be used to simulate sex.

If you can get used to Masturbators, you should be able to regain your penis sensitivity. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, you can masturbate by swinging your hips, so you can rehabilitate yourself while imagining actual sex. However, to improve vaginal ejaculation disorder, it’s important to choose Masturbators that are a little looser.

Japanese Masturbators are often too tight, so American-made Masturbators such as Fleshlight may be better. You should aim to be able to ejaculate in a slow motion rather than doing it quickly and intensely, and if you’re interested in Masturbators, check out the following article on how to choose a Masturbator!

Masturbate two to three times a week

In general, the more often you masturbate, the more likely you are to lose sensitivity to the penis. The main reasons for this are “habituation to stimulation” and reduced sperm stores. Our bodies become increasingly desensitized to frequent stimulation. However, if we are away from the stimulus for a while, we become sensitive again. It’s the same with the penis: the more often it is stimulated, the less sensitive it becomes, and the more intense the stimulation needs to be.

Also, more frequent masturbation reduces the sperm stores in the testicles. Obviously, you will have more sperm in your body if you masturbate every few days than if you masturbate every day. We have all had the experience of masturbating for a few days and then orgasm faster than usual. no fap causes a lot of sperm to accumulate in the testicles, but it is thought that the body instinctively works to get the old sperm out faster because they deteriorate.

An experiment conducted by Palmieri et al. actually proved a link between ejaculation frequency and ejaculation time: 120 healthy adult men were randomly divided into two groups: group A, which had 10 days of abstinence for three months, and two groups that had sex twice a week for three months.

The results showed that Group A’s “Intravaginal Ejaculation Latency Time” (IELT) value, or time to ejaculation, was significantly reduced. In other words, lowering the frequency of masturbation may also improve vaginal ejaculation disorders.

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In addition, short term abstinence also increases the pleasure of masturbation itself. This is because by increasing the amount of semen at ejaculation, the pressure on the pathways of semen, such as the vas deferens and urethra, increases. It is a good thing that the pleasure of masturbation also increases and leads to the improvement of vaginal ejaculation disorder.

However, if you do no fap too much because you want to increase the sensitivity of your penis, it will have the opposite effect because it will reduce the amount of semen produced. Two to three times a week is the optimal frequency. If you want to learn more about masturbation frequency, check out the following articles!

There are many other problems men have with sex…

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There are no worries about sex for men. Sex is so important to a man’s confidence that it can be very hard when there is a problem. Besides vaginal ejaculation disorder, there are many other functional problems with the penis. Globally, many men seem to be suffering from the following two things Let’s see if you can think of any.

  • You can’t get an erection in the first place.
  • Ejaculate too early or too late

There is nothing more painful for a man than to lose an erection in his penis. Unlike vaginal ejaculation disorder, you won’t even be able to insert it. Premature ejaculation, which is ejaculation too early or too late, is also a major problem with sex. Let’s take a look at an overview of what these symptoms are.

Not getting an erection in the first place

A condition called ED (erectile dysfunction) is when the penis can no longer get an erection in the first place. If you have a 70% to 80% chance of not being able to get an erection during sex, it is diagnosed as ED.

The main cause is a decline in sexual function due to aging or physical disease. Unlike vaginal ejaculation disorder, this is the most serious condition for men, as insertion itself is impossible. The phenomenon is mainly seen in middle age and later, but in recent years, ED has become increasingly common in younger people as well.

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The main causes of juvenile ED are lifestyle and stress. Decreased levels of testosterone (male hormone) can also lead to ED due to reduced erectile function. However, since ED can be treated on its own without the support of a partner, it is now a relatively easy disease to treat, although “Viagra” is often used to treat ED, testosterone replacement therapy is also considered effective. If you have any concerns, such as an inability to get an erection during sex, you should consult your urologist.

Ejaculate too early or too late

Premature ejaculation, which is ejaculation too early, and late ejaculation, which is ejaculation too late, can also be a big problem during sex. Premature ejaculation is a phenomenon that ejaculates within a minute after insertion in the vagina, while late ejaculation is a phenomenon that cannot be ejaculated until more than 30 minutes have passed.

Globally, it is thought that about 15-30% of the world’s population has premature ejaculation and 1-4% has late ejaculation. So you can see that a significant number of men have premature ejaculation. But what is the ideal insertion time for sex in the first place?

The “IELT” (vaginal ejaculation delay time) indicator I mentioned earlier is helpful. According to Canadian and American sex therapists, the average insertion time for sex is roughly 7 minutes. They say that 1 to 2 minutes is too short, but 3 to 7 minutes is acceptable, 7 to 13 minutes is ideal, and any longer than that is too long. In other words, the insertion time of about 5-10 minutes is safe.

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Premature ejaculation prevents a woman from satisfying her partner because the sex is over before she is able to get pleasure from it. This can result in frustration for the partner and negatively affect the couple’s relationship. That said, it’s also a good idea to think about inserting yourself too long. Many men may be envious of late ejaculation. However, a woman’s vaginal secretions don’t come out forever, and her concentration gradually wanes. Too long insertions can also be painful for women.

It is not uncommon for men with late ejaculation to have a concomitant vaginal ejaculation disorder as well. The main cause of late ejaculation is also the wrong masturbation. Continued over-stimulation and unnatural masturbation can desensitize the penis to late ejaculation and eventually prevent it from ejaculating.

Like vaginal ejaculation disorder, this type of premature or delayed ejaculation can be remedied with Masturbators. If you have any concerns about your penis, you should try Masturbators. For more information on how to masturbate to improve premature and late ejaculation, check out the following articles!

You can use other type of masturbator sex toy for better feeling during masturbation. You can buy so many different type of masturbator for more enjoyment and pleasure. They are given solo enjoyment as well as you can enjoy with the partner for better sexual feeling.

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In this article, we have discussed the causes of inability to ejaculate in a woman’s vagina during sex and how to remedy vaginal ejaculation disorder. The inability to ejaculate vaginally in a woman’s vagina is a major problem. You don’t want to be frustrated about sex with each other, which can negatively affect your relationship and cause you to become uncomfortable with sex. But that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it and make the symptoms even worse, so you need to reformulate it the right way.

The reason why you get vaginal ejaculation disorder in the first place is because you are masturbating the wrong way. Especially if you continue to masturbate by gripping your penis tightly or rubbing it against the floor, your risk of getting vaginal ejaculation disorder is greatly increased. Therefore, it is extremely important to change your masturbation practices. To reduce the stimulation of masturbation, try using two or three fingers to rub your penis, or apply a generous amount of Sex Lubricant.

For best results for vaginal ejaculation problems, switch to masturbation with Masturbators; Masturbators can provide a gradual reformation of vaginal ejaculation problems because they provide stimulation and pleasure similar to vaginal penetration.

In addition, by reducing the frequency of masturbation to two or three times a week, you should be able to increase the sensitivity of your penis and sperm stores to make ejaculation easier. Change your masturbation routine to a new one to improve your vaginal ejaculation disorder and enjoy sex.If you’re thinking about purchasing Masturbators, here are some great sites to visit!