A masturbator that feels better than sex! How to choose the right masturbator

Many men must have heard of the term “masturbator. An onaho is a masturbation device that allows you to enjoy masturbation by inserting your penis into it. Some of them are realistic replicas of female genitalia, so you can enjoy masturbation that feels just like real sex, or even better than real sex.

There are probably some people who know that masturbators exist, but are not sure how to choose one, or want to use one but can’t get their hands on one, and are troubled by it. But if you are brave enough to take a step forward, you can enjoy the best possible masturbation life. So, this article will thoroughly explain the wonderful benefits of masturbation, the types of masturbators, how to choose and how to use them.

The Benefits of Using a Masturbator

All men should masturbate, but don’t you get bored of masturbating with just a hand job? This is when masturbation comes into play, and since it is a type of adult product, you may feel embarrassed about it. However, masturbators are an amazing item that has the potential to change your sex life forever. There are many advantages to masturbators, but let’s first look at the pleasure side of the equation, which is often the most important.

It feels far better than a hand job.
It’s as pleasurable as sex.
Can increase the strength and durability of an erection
I can get out of my masturbation rut.

No matter how much a man loves to ejaculate, masturbation with a hand job has its limits. This is because the sensation of inserting yourself into a woman’s vagina can never be replicated by hand. Since masturbators are basically designed to replicate the pleasure of sex, their shape and the sensation of penetration are similar to that of a woman’s vagina. In other words, masturbators can help you get out of a rut because you can experience the realistic sensations of vagina penetration, which far surpasses a hand job.

What’s more, unlike women, masturbators can be manipulated with your own hands at will. In other words, masturbators are like your personal sex trainer, and if you use it well, you can train yourself to have sex with them. For example, you can simulate sex by inserting the masturbator while supporting it with one hand and making piston movements. When you hold back while adjusting the movement of your masturbator, you can increase your erection and staying power.


What is a masturbator?

A masturbator is a sex toy that is inserted and used during masturbation. They are shaped to mimic female genitalia and have a soft resin interior that resembles a vagina so that you can recreate the pleasure of inserting a penis into a vagina. They range from inexpensive disposable ones to ones that can be cleaned and reused as many times as you want. Unlike masturbation, which involves rubbing your penis with your hand, you can enjoy realistic stimulation.

Until adult goods manufacturers started selling masturbators, they were often substituted with soft ingredients like konjac. Some of you may have tried making masturbators from potato starch when you were a student. There are various shapes and sizes of masturbators to choose from, depending on the purpose of use and your preferences, and just like a real vagina, they are unique in terms of their tightness and the feel of the inside of the vagina.

The basic use of a masturbator is simple, as you can get used to it by inserting your penis into it and getting used to it comfortably. However, if you don’t wet it thoroughly with lotion before inserting it, it will hurt and not feel good at all. There are other tricks to further enhance the pleasure, such as warming the masturbator and lotion before using it, and moving it slowly to enjoy it. In the case of the disposable type, simply throw it away after use, but in the case of the reusable type, it is important to wash it clean and keep it clean.


Does masturbation feel better than sex?

Before using a masturbator, the question on everyone’s mind is whether masturbation really feels as good as sex. In fact, masturbators can feel as good as sex. No, in fact, it even feels better than having sex in many cases. As mentioned above, there are various types of masturbators, so the kind of stimulation is also various. Simply in terms of stimulation, there are many things that give you a stronger pleasure than the vagina.

Sex can also provide stimulation through sight, sound, and the atmosphere of the place, but those things can be replicated in fantasy and pornography as well. You also need a partner to have real sex, but you also need to do many things to make your partner feel good, such as creating an atmosphere and caressing them. With masturbation using a masturbator, you can enjoy real pleasure, far stronger than a hand job, all on your own.

For example, you can enjoy stimulation according to your preference, whether you can insert your penis all the way in and out of your body and thrust it in and out, or you can concentrate on the glans only. In real sex, the pleasure can be greatly influenced by the woman’s movements and chemistry, but with masturbators, you can move everything the way you want. The rest of the time, you can adjust your movements and train your penis so that you don’t come too quickly, and you’ll have the best orgasm possible, surpassing real sex.


For training during sex!

In fact, the masterbator is also very beneficial for sex training. Masterbator is a reproduction of a woman’s vagina, but in other words, you can easily experience the sensation of insertion into a vagina. What can be expected as a training effect of the masterbator is the improvement of ejaculation disorders such as premature ejaculation and late ejaculation. It will greatly increase the satisfaction of the woman during the real sex.

Premature ejaculation is a condition in which the time it takes to ejaculate is shorter than normal, and if you generally come in less than a minute after insertion, you have premature ejaculation. The main cause of premature ejaculation is that the glans is not used to sexual stimulation. The masterbator replicates the sensation of vaginal penetration, so repeated use will gradually train the glans to become accustomed to the stimulation, which will allow for calm sex in the real world. .
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Delayed ejaculation, on the other hand, is a condition where it takes too long to ejaculate, generally when it takes more than 30 minutes. Late ejaculation may seem like a good thing, but if the insertion time is too long, it can be painful for a woman to improve. The main cause of late ejaculation is the wrong way to masturbate. If you continue to give a hand job or floor masturbation with a strong grip, the sensitivity of the glans becomes too low to be satisfied with the vaginal stimulation, and by getting used to the natural stimulation of the masterbator, you can get the sensitivity back to normal.
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Merits and demerits of using masterbator

Since masterbator mimics a woman’s vagina realistically, the greatest merit of masterbator is that you can enjoy the stimulation like real sex. Because the level of the pleasure is much higher than a hand job, people who have been bored with the conventional masturbation can escape the rut. There are many other benefits as well, such as improving the function of the penis, such stamina and hardness, and helping to train for premature or delayed ejaculation, as we have discussed. However, it is important to note the following disadvantages.

– Cost of masterbator and lotions
-It’s useless if it doesn’t fit.
-It’s a hassle to clean up afterwards because it uses lotions
-Reusable types need to be cleaned.
-Excessive stimulation causes slow ejaculation.
-Can’t keep it in the room.

First, you need to pay for a masterbator and lotion. Cheap disposable ones can be bought for a few hundred dollars, but they can cost over $10,000 if they are equipped with various features. If you choose one that is not suitable for your penis, such as too tight or too loose, it will be useless. If you continue to use a masterbator that is too tight, even if the stimulation is strong, the sensitivity of the penis may decrease and you may end up with late ejaculation.

Also, when using a masterbator, you always use lotion, but you have to go through the tedious process of cleaning it up after masturbation because the entire penis will be sticky. Furthermore, if you choose to use the reusable type, you must clean it after each use. A disadvantage of the masterbator is that it is clearly recognizable from its appearance as a sex toy, so it is also a disadvantage that your family and friends will be embarrassed if they see you leaving it in your room.


What is the best type for beginners?

I will explain in more detail later, but there are various types of masterbators, so beginners may be confused. So, first, we will introduce the masterbator that we recommend for beginners. In conclusion, we recommend that you first choose a non-penetrating masterbator that is inexpensive and can be used repeatedly. To put it plainly, you should choose a non-penetrating masterbator like a bottle, not a penetrating masterbator like a Chikawa, which can be reused.

-Non-penetrating type
-Relatively low cost

The above conditions are not only for beginners, but also for a wide range of masturbation enthusiasts. This is because if you choose this type, you are basically less likely to make mistakes and more likely to experience real pleasure. If you go for the penetrative type, you have to adjust the tightness with your own hands, and since there is no bottom, there is nothing to catch the semen when you ejaculate. The disposable type requires you to use a new one every time you masturbate, which results in a higher cost.

On the other hand, with the non-penetrating type, your hand can concentrate on moving the masterbator and ejaculate mindlessly, so you can enjoy the pleasure of “in and out”. As a result, you can enjoy the masterbator at a reasonable price because you only have to pay for the first time if you use it repeatedly. However, as mentioned above, the reusable type needs to be cleaned every time, which may be a hassle for beginners. Also, while the non-penetrating reusable types are the most popular form, there is such a wide variety of products available that it is important to learn how to choose the right one so that you don’t get lost.


Choose the right masterbator!

I mentioned that the best masterbator for beginners is the “non-penetrating and reusable” type anyway. However, there is a wide range of masterbators of this type, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. Moreover, since there are various types of masterbators other than the types we have just introduced, the enjoyment of masturbation will increase if you can choose according to your preferences. So, let’s choose a masterbator from the following points.

Let’s choose a masterbator from the following points.
Decide whether to be a through-and-through type or a non-through type.
Select the stimulus strength according to your preference.
Decide on the reusable or disposable type.

Everyone has their own preferences for comfort and pleasure, as well as the size and shape of their penis, so the masterbator should be selected according to those factors. However, there are so many factors that make up a masterbator that it can be difficult to know what to expect when you first start out. When you consider the above points in a calm manner, you will find a good masterbator. Once you find a masterbator that suits you, you will be able to enjoy a pleasure that will turn the conventional wisdom about masturbation on its head.


Comparison by type of masterbator

First of all, we will explain the typical types of masterbator. There are various types of masterbators, because the form of masturbation that each person aims for is completely different. It is true that a masterbator is designed to reproduce the pleasure of inserting itself into a woman’s vagina, but there are people who seek the pleasure of masturbation rather than that. For example, they want a feeling similar to a traditional hand job, or they want the pleasure of being blamed for a blowjob. For this reason, the following various types are available.

-Disposable type
-Hand job masterbator
-Hand type
-Large type
-Electric type
-Blowjob type

Each one has its own unique features that are not found in other types, so it is recommended that you consider them one by one. You may think that a realistic masterbator would be ideal, but after looking around, you may want a simple one. On the other hand, the more you search, the more you will want a better masterbator. Learn more about the various masterbator types, their advantages and disadvantages, and what kind of person they are best suited for.


Disposable type

Let’s take a look at the disposable masterbator.

The advantages of the disposable type are as follows

-The cylindrical shape is similar to the sensation of inserting it into the vagina.
-Inexpensive and easy to try
-You can use it hygienically because you always use a new one.

On the other hand, the disposable type also has the following disadvantages

-They are more costly in the long run.
-It’s a pain in the ass because the trash comes out every time.
-It is inferior to reusable types in terms of functionality.

From the above point of view, the disposable type is recommended for the following people

Those who want to try masterbator anyway.
For those who want to use it smoothly without messy cleanup


The feature of the disposable masterbator is that you can throw it away immediately after using it anyway, and use a new masterbator next time. The inside of the masterbator is a soft resin with numerous folds that basically replicate the inside of a woman’s vagina. Because of these features, the disposable masterbator provides a pleasant sensation as if it were inserted into a woman’s vagina.

However, there are many different types of stimulation that can be provided by these disposable masterbators. For example, there are various types of stimulators, such as the standard type that is close to the feel of a woman’s vagina, the one that reproduces a famous device like having a penis wrapped in folds, and the one that gives you the pleasure of being sucked by a deep blowjob.

However, one thing you can be sure of with any of these types is that they are for people who want to use them smoothly and without spoilage. Another point is that they always use a new one, so they are excellent in terms of hygiene.

On the other hand, although disposable types are available from a few hundred yen, the disadvantage is that they are less expensive than reusable types in the long run, as taking out the trash every time is a hassle, and their low price makes them inferior in terms of functionality. It is not suitable for people who use it frequently. For this reason, the disposable masterbator is recommended for people who want to try masterbator first, and for people who want to feel good without having to deal with the hassle of cleaning up.

Bambina 2
RS 995


Hand job type

I would like to introduce the masterbator of hand job type.

Hand job masterbator has the following advantages.

-You can enjoy the pleasure of a hand job.
-An extension of normal masturbation
-You can adjust your grip strength and change the stimulus

However, there are also the following disadvantages

-You can’t experience the pleasure of insertion and ejection.
-It’s too much trouble to grip and move it by hand.

From the point of view of the above, the hand job masterbator is recommended for the following people

-People who love hand jobs.
-People who want to change the stimulus at will


The hand job masterbator is completely different from the disposable type I mentioned earlier, and it’s a masterbator for enjoying the pleasure of hand jobs rather than penetration. To put it plainly, it’s like a support product for hand jobs. It’s the same sensation as a traditional hand job and a little spice is added to it to make it more powerful. There are three types of hand jobs, and all of them give you a unique pleasure.

-Ona Sheet
-Glove type
-masturbation cap

In the masturbation type, a square shaped soft resin is wrapped around the penis and you have to move your hand to give it a hand job. It is similar to the inserting type in terms of material, but you can feel a pleasant sensation that you can’t get in the other type by moving it while holding it in your hand. You can change the tightness by your own grip strength, so the intensity of stimulation can be adjusted freely.

On the other hand, in the glove type, you wear a glove made of a soft material with many folds and you squeezed your penis. It feels like a hand job, but it feels good as if you are being stroked by countless tentacles. The cup type mainly stimulates the glans and you can enjoy the pleasure of glans head torture easily. These types of hand jobs are not suitable for people who want to feel the pleasure of penetration. These types of jobs are recommended for those who want to be blamed by a woman for a hand job.

RS 890


Handy Type

Explain the handy-type masterbator.

The handy type has the following advantages

-You can enjoy a realistic feeling of penetration.
-A wide variety of shapes and internal structures
-The soft exterior can be used as a hand job
-The hard exterior can be used to enjoy realistic movement.

On the other hand, there are the following disadvantages.

– Realism and pleasure are more expensive.
-Not for people who want to enjoy the sensation of a hand job

From these features, the hand type is recommended for the following people.

-Those who want to enjoy the pleasure of inserting themselves into a woman through masturbation.
-If you want to change the tightness by yourself, use a soft outer shell.
-If you want to swing your hips and do piston movements, choose a hard exterior.


The handy-type masterbator is a combination of the aforementioned disposable and hand job type. To put it simply, a hand-type masterbator is a masterbator where you insert your penis into a tube made of a soft material and move it by holding it with your hands. Normally, the word “masterbator” refers to the hand type in most cases.

They are made of a soft resin that replicates the feel, shape and color of insertion into a woman’s vagina, and they come in a variety of price points and types of stimulation. It is not just made of soft material, but is also available in a plastic container.

For convenience, the type with a plastic container on the outside is called the “hard type” and the type with only soft material is called the “soft type”. The basics of the vaginal area inside both types remain the same, but the key is that they differ in feel. The soft type is squishy and feels soft and enveloping. On the other hand, the shape of the soft type is not stable, so it is not suitable for quick movements or piston movements.

The hard type is hard on the outside, so it feels solid and stable. You can enjoy a real sex feeling by holding it with one hand or fixing it to something and swinging your hips. However, unlike the soft type, you can’t change the stimulation by the grip, so it may become monotonous if you keep repeating the same motions. If you want to experience a sensation similar to a hand job, you should choose the soft type, and if you want to enjoy hard masturbation, you should choose the hard type.

RS 3482


Large Type

Introduction of large and stationary masterbators.

The advantages of the large masterbator are as follows

-The appearance of the masterbator is realistic and powerful.
-By making it stationary, you can masturbate while swinging your hips.
-You can enjoy exactly what real sex feels like.

However, the following disadvantages should be noted.

-The amount of money is one of the most expensive of all types
-Extremely difficult to use cleanly and easily become unsanitary

For these reasons, the large masterbator is recommended for people who

-People who want to feel the excitement and pleasure of real sex.
-People who want to practice sex with masterbator
-You must be able to maintain the masterbator in a precise manner.


The large type is also called a stationary type, and is a masterbator that reproduces not only the vagina but also the lower half of a woman’s body. Although the number of masterbators that elaborately reproduce the folds and swells in the vagina is increasing, the large masterbator has a large body and gives a sense of depth and tightness. Not only that, it’s easy to fix them in place, put them on top of each other, and pump them in and out. You can enjoy “real masturbation”. It is more like a love doll or Dutch wife than a mere masterbator.

However, the disadvantage is that many of the large types are expensive and extremely difficult to keep clean. This is because, unlike the small type, the vaginal area cannot be cleaned and dried easily. If you just want to wash it, you can clean it by putting a cleaner and cleaning equipment inside the vagina, but after that, you have to dry it thoroughly or it will get moldy.

That said, if you hang them outside, the sunlight can degrade the resin and make them sticky. If you want to be more concerned about hygiene, it is safer to use the through-type with holes on both sides, but you still need to be very careful to use it hygienically.

RS 6996


Electric type

This section describes the electric masterbator.

The electric type has the following advantages

-You can enjoy a stimulating experience that other types do not have.
-You don’t have to move hands much, so it’s easy.
-High-end models have various functions such as vibration and rotation.

Even such a great electric masterbator has its disadvantages.

-You need to spend more than $10,000 to get a satisfactory quality one.
-You may not be able to go back to normal masturbation or sex

Based on the above points, we recommend the electric masterbator to the following people.

-People who are bored with ordinary masterbator.
-People who want to enjoy all kinds of stimulation.
-People who want to experience more than just real sex
-Couples in a long distance relationship who want to masturbate together.


One of the best features of the electric masterbator is that it moves automatically, allowing you to enjoy various types of stimulation. In addition to vibrating functions such as vibrators and rotors, some masterbators are equipped with various functions such as rotation and piston movement. It may be obvious, but the appeal of electric masterbators is that you can enjoy stimulation with your hands and tongue and a pleasant sensation that manual masterbators can never give you. There are three types of electric masterbators.

Electric masterbators are divided into the following three types.
-Vibrating type
-Rotary type
-Piston type

The vibrating type is the simplest and least expensive type, and stimulates the glans mainly with rotor-like vibrations. It is suitable for people who like glans, but the action tends to be monotonous. In the rotation type, the inside of the masterbator rotates and the whole penis is stimulated by the folds.

It has a pleasurable sensation similar to a blow job and is relatively quiet and compact. The piston type will be the most effective, but you can experience actual sex or more pleasure than that. Once you use them, you’ll be addicted to them and you may never go back to a manual masterbator.

However, a truly satisfying, high quality masterbator will cost at least $10,000 or more. You may not feel comfortable spending that much on masturbation. However, the cheaper ones, which cost a few thousand yen, have a rough vibration function and are not durable, and they may be useless due to severe pain rather than pleasure, or they may break after only a few times of use.

On the other hand, if you buy a solid one, you can continue to use it for several years. An electric masterbator is a good choice for people on a certain budget and for those who want to experience a climax that is more than just real sex.

Also, in recent years, more and more masterbators are now available that change their patterns of vibration and rotation in sync with VR video and audio, making masturbation more realistic and exciting. Not only that, but there are also masterbators on the market that can be controlled remotely with an app on your smartphone. This allows couples in a long-distance relationship to enjoy advanced masturbation together, just like remote sex.

Rotation Lover
RS 11250


Blowjob type

The blowjob-type masterbator has the following advantages

-You can experience the real pleasure of a blowjob.
-You can enjoy a hard blowjob without worrying about your partner.

On the other hand, it also has the following disadvantages

-You can’t enjoy the feeling of penetration and hand jobs.
-Sometimes I can’t get enough of real-life blowjobs.

From the above point of view, the blowjob type is recommended for the following people.

-People who prefer sucking cock to penetration and hand jobs.
-People who want to enjoy a harder blowjob than reality.
-People who are bored with other masterbators and want a new stimulus.


There are many men who love blowjobs more than insertions and hand jobs. The masterbator masterbator “blowjob” is very powerful in such a situation. Unlike the other masterbators, the masterbator is shaped like a woman’s face and the penis is inserted into the mouth instead of the pussy. The internal structure is also completely different, faithfully reproducing the roughness of the tongue and the sticky texture of the mouth instead of the folds of a vagina, making for a truly simulated blowjob experience.

It is difficult to stick your penis in a woman’s mouth and move it around in a real blowjob, or to make her do an “Imalachio” by forcing it to the back of her mouth. If you are a blowjobber, you can enjoy a blowjob without worrying about such things. However, there are various types of blowjob, and the stimulation is different for each. At Fera Hall, we have a wide range of products to meet your needs, so you can enjoy the following types of blowjob easily.

-Glans head blowjob
-Vacuum sucking
-Wet blow job

Broadly speaking, there are three types of blowjob holes that specialize in one of the above three types. You want to be blamed for the glans penis hard, you want to feel the stimulation of the tongue and lips on the penis, and you want to be blamed for the softness of the blowjob. On the other hand, you can’t enjoy the stimulation of the penetration and the hand job, so it is recommended to combine it with other masterbator such as the penetration type and the blowhole for the glans.

Piston Master LIPS TYPE
RS 4284


Penetrating or non-penetrating

One of the elements of the masterbator is the shape, but the “penetrating” and “non-penetrating” types are particularly important. The penetration type is characterized by the fact that there is a hole on the opposite side of the insertion opening of the penis, which allows air to pass through. The non-penetrating type, on the other hand, has a hole only at the insertion opening and no air can enter from the rest of the penis. It is important to note that this makes a big difference in the feeling of use because of the following two differences.

-The feeling of insertion
-Easy to maintain

The penetrating type has holes on both sides, which allows for greater movement from the tip to the root of the penis. The entire structure is made of soft material, which makes it highly flexible and relatively easy to fit even for people with thicker penises.

In addition, the penetration type can expose the glans, so it is possible to use two or more masterbators in combination, for example, the root of the penis is penetration type and the glans is blamed by the blowjob type masterbator. However, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to feel the pleasure of coming out of the penis because there is no bottom to receive the semen, and the exterior is not hard.

Since air cannot pass through the non-penetration type, a kind of vacuum can be created by inserting the penis into the masterbator with the penis in close contact with it. You can enjoy the sensation as if the vagina were sucking on the penis and the pleasant sensation like a “vacuum sucking” blowjob while being sucked.

Moreover, you can also experience the pleasure of ejaculating spectacularly inside the masterbator and ejaculating in and out of the masterbator because it has a bottom surface that catches the semen. Therefore, the non-penetration type is recommended to get a sharper pleasure, but it is difficult to keep a masterbator clean. In order to clean the inside of the vagina, it is necessary to turn the masterbator inside out, but there is a risk of ripping the soft resin in doing so.

However, in some hand-type masterbators that have a plastic exterior, only the soft material inside may be penetrated. In other words, it is a hybrid type of penetration and non-penetration. When you masturbate, you can make it non-penetrating and enjoy the pleasure of vagina penetration and ejaculation at the same time, and at the same time, you can easily clean it as a penetrating masterbator. It can be said that the hybrid type has the best performance and easy maintenance.


Choose by the strength of the stimulation!

The stimulation strength determines more than the type and shape of the masterbator. The masterbator’s internal structure, the degree of tightness, and the vibration pattern are the three main factors that determine the strength of stimulation.

First of all, the internal structure of the masterbator depends on the shape and number of folds in the vagina, and the texture of the tongue and mouth at the fellaholes, which changes the pleasant sensation transmitted to the penis. For example, if the folds are rounded, there will be a softer stimulation, and if the number of folds is high, you will get a greater variety of stimulation.

The inner structure of the masterbator is divided into several parts, and the root is relatively loose and the tightness gets tighter toward the tip. The strength of the tightness depends on the size of the inner cavity, elasticity of soft resin, and hardness of the exterior. For example, the tightness is “hard” if the insertion opening is narrow and “soft” if the opening is wide, and the pressure is stronger if the opening is made of plastic. If you have a thick penis, the standard masterbator is too tight and the glans may be painful.

In addition, the electric masterbator has functions such as vibration and rotation, but the stimulation varies greatly depending on the strength of the movement. Of course, neither too strong nor too weak of an electric function will make you feel good.

Inexpensive electric masterbators do not have a full range of vibration controls and may not be able to satisfy the stimulation and may hurt your penis. If you are a beginner, start with the weakest mode, as too strong vibrations can cause pain and ejaculation problems.


Repeated or disposable

The difference between disposable and reusable types is what determines the cost and ease of maintenance of a masterbator. The disposable type is thrown away after each use and a new one is bought, while the reusable type is cleaned and dried after use and used for a long time. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, but in terms of short-term cost and convenience, the disposable type has the advantage.

However, the disposable type is cheaper and has less functionality, so if you want the quality of the material, the realism and the vibration function, the reusable type is a must.

The disposable type can be thrown away quickly after having sex, and the fact that there is no aftertaste is attractive. However, it is a hassle to have to take them out to the garbage every time you use them, and it can be embarrassing if your neighbors see your masterbator.

Disposable masterbators are inexpensive, costing only a few hundred yen, but they are more expensive if you use the masterbator frequently, which is another drawback. Some people may think that a disposable masterbator can be used over and over again if it is washed clean. However, it is practically impossible to keep disposable types clean.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about cost effectiveness, the reusable type is recommended because the cost is lower as a result. This type of masterbator is more mainstream nowadays, so the variety and quality of masterbator is higher.

Maintenance after use can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not that difficult. In addition, as you continue to use it, you will become attached to it and it will become like a masturbation partner, and the fit to your penis will increase as you use it more and more. If you’re just starting out in the world of masterbator, be sure to choose a reusable type that’s both wallet and environmentally friendly.


How to use and maintain

In order to use the masterbator comfortably and safely, care must be taken in its use and maintenance after use. Simply inserting your penis into the masterbator will not make you feel good at all, but rather will hurt your penis. If you are aware of the following five points when using the masterbator, you will be able to enjoy a higher level of pleasure.

-Always apply lotion to your penis and masterbator.
-Lightly warm the masterbator and lotion.
-I’ll have to get you fully erect before I can insert it.
-You can enjoy the vacuum feeling when you let the air out.
-Washing and drying after use is essential for the reusable type

It is especially important to always apply lotion and insert the penis after it is fully erect and to keep the reusable type clean. Failure to clean and dry the reusable masterbator will not only render the masterbator unusable, but may also cause serious damage to your penis.


Lotion is a must!

When using the masterbator, be sure to apply lotion to your penis and masterbator. The inside of the vagina is made of a soft, soft material, but the friction on the surface is still so strong that it can be tricky. It is virtually impossible to insert the penis without anything on it, and if you do, the pain from the friction will make it difficult to masturbate. Be sure to apply lotion to either or both the penis and the masterbator before insertion.

If you drop lotion on your finger and insert it into the masterbator and move it around like a hand job, the lotion will penetrate the inside of the masterbator and wet it thoroughly. This technique is recommended because it not only makes the insertion of the penis easier and more comfortable, but it also gives you practice with hand manning and caressing.

You may feel like you can just apply the gumbo juice from the penis, but you definitely need to use lotion because the amount of gumbo juice is small and it dries up quickly.

Lotion comes in smooth or sticky types, but basically, I recommend using the smooth type because it’s more slippery. When it comes to fellaholes, a high viscosity lotion may be more realistic. It’s also important to note that the feeling of insertion is completely different depending on whether the lotion is applied to the penis or the masterbator, or both. For example, if you put it on the masterbator only, at the moment of insertion, you will feel the sliding and enveloping pleasure of the lotion, which will increase your arousal even more.


Lightly warm up

One of the things that may bother you when using the masterbator is the coolness of the resin and lotion inside. The atmosphere can be ruined by the momentary cooling of the penis when the excitement is so high. The average vaginal temperature of a real woman is about 37 degrees Celsius, so it is recommended to warm up the masterbator to about 37 degrees Celsius in one of the following ways.

-Putting it in hot water
-Using the masterbator warmer

To dip the masterbator in hot water, prepare two heatproof containers with lids, one for the masterbator and one for the lotion, fill the container for the masterbator with slightly hot water (42-43 degrees Celsius) and dip the masterbator in it.

Fill the lotion container with just the right amount of lotion and place it in the same container as the masterbator. Then, after about 10 minutes, you can take out the masterbator and the lotion. This will warm up both the masterbator and the lube in general and give you a sensation similar to real sex.

It’s even easier to use a special “masterbator warmer” to warm up your masterbator. Insert the masterbator warmer and let it warm up nicely after 5 minutes or so. You can also use a microwave oven or an electric blanket other than the above, but I do not recommend using a microwave oven or an electric blanket because they may become too hot or deteriorate the masterbator. Also, if it is troublesome to warm up the masterbator and lube before masturbation, you can use a “warming lotion”.


Insert when you’re fully erect!

As soon as the masterbator is ready, you’ll want to plunge it in. However, when inserting your penis into the masterbator, it is recommended that you wait until it is fully erect before inserting it into the masterbator.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in a semi-erect state, but you may have difficulty inserting it into the masterbator or not being able to enter it. Also, be aware that if you get used to inserting it in a semi-erect state and ejaculating in the same state, you may end up with premature ejaculation or vaginal ejaculation disorder.

The stimulation of a masterbator is very different from a hand job, so if you’re not used to it, you may ejaculate quickly. The semi-erect state is surprisingly low tolerance, so a little bit of turtle head penetration can cause an immediate reaction. If you repeat this, you will get into the habit of ejaculating in a semi-erect state and you will ejaculate prematurely during actual sex.

On the contrary, the habit of forcing the masterbator to become fully erect by inserting it semi-erect can lead to vaginal ejaculation disorder, in which the woman cannot cum satisfactorily in her vagina.

To prevent this from happening, always give your masterbator a hand job or a side dish to get it fully erect before inserting it into the masterbator. This will help in training to improve your premature ejaculation, as your tolerance is higher when your penis is fully hard. In addition, orgasms tend to be stronger when the erection is strong and the penis is hard to the limit.


Remove the air and enjoy the vacuum

With the non-penetrating masterbator, the “vacuum effect” can be achieved by removing air from inside the hole. The vacuum is simply defined as a vacuum, and it is characterized by the pleasant sensation of being sucked by the vagina, as if the vagina were sucking on the glans and trying to swallow it deep inside, or as if the glans were being sucked in a blow job.

Each piston movement creates a vacuum effect, so the stimulation increases dramatically and it feels good. However, a vacuum cannot be done by the penetration type where air flows in from the other side. The non-penetrating type is recommended for the masterbator because of the special pleasure it provides.

As far as the vacuum effect is concerned, and its intensity, it largely depends on the size and internal shape of the masterbator and its compatibility with the penis. However, it is possible to increase this vacuum effect by utilizing the following methods. If you are using a soft masterbator with a soft exterior material, first insert the penis fully erect and deep to the root.

Then, return the penis to the middle of the hole and squeezing the back part of the penis that is not in it. In this way, the air flows back to the insertion opening, a baffling sound is heard, and a vacuum is created, and the vacuum effect like a penis being sucked in is completed.

However, this method cannot be used with the hard exterior of plastic. If you remove the hard exterior, you can use the method described above, but it will be difficult to hold it in place and swing your hips. So, try inserting the penis slowly towards the back and gradually pushing the air out towards the entrance. if the masterbator is just the right size and fits the penis, this alone will give you some vacuuming effect. We encourage you to take advantage of these two vacuuming techniques.


Dry thoroughly after washing

The disposable masterbator should be disposed of directly in the trash after use and never reused. In the case of a masterbator that can be used repeatedly, it should be cleaned and dried after each use. If you don’t dry the inside of the masterbator, bacteria and fungus will start to grow inside the masterbator due to the organic substances in the semen and lotion that were not washed out. They reproduce.

These filthy masterbators not only emit an unpleasant odor, but they can also cause infection when the penis is inserted. The penetrating type has holes on both sides and can be cleaned relatively easily. It is best to vigorously pour lukewarm water of 37-39 degrees Celsius and a masterbator cleaning solution or hand soap into the vagina and scrub your finger inside the vagina.

If you want to avoid the risk of ripping the masterbator, it is important to use the highest possible water pressure to wash it thoroughly, but if you have a non-penetrating masterbator, you need to turn it over. Wash it in lukewarm water, as the soft resin will deteriorate if the water temperature is too high.

Drying your masterbator can be surprisingly difficult. If you hang it outside, the sunlight will degrade the resin and make it unusable, but if you hang it out to dry in your room, it will cause bacteria and fungus to grow. First of all, put a towel or kitchen paper inside to remove some of the moisture, and then dry the masterbator by applying warm air to it for several minutes at a distance of about 50 cm from the masterbator.

However, be careful not to move the dryer too close to the masterbator as this will cause the material to deteriorate. If you have an air purifier, fix the masterbator’s insertion pointing towards the air outlet to make it easier to dry the non-penetrating masterbator.

These cleaning and drying procedures are necessary even if you only insert the penis without ejaculating, and you don’t have to wash it because you’re out and about. It is necessary to clean the masterbator after every use because germs adhere to the inside of the masterbator when the penis is inserted. If you do not want to wash the masterbator every time you use it, we recommend you to use the masterbator with a condom on. It will be weaker in terms of pleasure, but it may be more effective in terms of training for actual sex.



In this article, we have thoroughly explained the wonderful benefits of masterbator, the types of masterbator, how to choose and how to use them, and the biggest benefit of masterbator is that it can provide far more pleasure than a hand job, and in some cases, it can feel better than sex.

In addition, it can help train your penis by increasing the power of erection and durability, improving premature and delayed ejaculation, and so on. On the other hand, the downside is that high quality masterbators are expensive and messy to clean up after, and there are so many different types that it’s hard to know which one to choose.

There are six main types of masterbator: disposable type, hand job type, hand type, large type, electric type, and blow job type, and the pleasure you get from each type is very different. For example, the hand type is the most orthodox and provides the most realistic sensation similar to sex, while the electric type provides the best stimulation with various vibrations and rotation patterns. If you’re a beginner, we recommend that you choose one of the relatively inexpensive insertable, reusable types that have only a hole in the insertion opening and can be used as many times as you want.

When using a masterbator, you should always apply lotion to the penis and masterbator to make it slippery. It is also important to make it fully erect before inserting it, and in the case of the reusable type, to clean and dry it after use. You can further enhance the pleasure of the masterbator by warming the masterbator and lotion to about human skin beforehand, or by creating a vacuum effect so that you can also enjoy the feeling of absorption. Let’s find the masterbator that suits you and enjoy the best masturbation life.

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