8 benefits of the cock ring! What is the secret to increased masturbation and sex pleasure?

A cock ring is a ring that is attached to your penis. Sometimes during sex, you want to enhance or accentuate your sexual function. The main effect of the cock ring is to increase the power of erection, but there are also other benefits such as temporary penis enlargement, premature ejaculation and more powerful stimulation of the woman.

A strong erection is essential to make a woman feel good during sex, and the cock ring can help a man regain his confidence by providing strong support for it. However, the cock ring is a good product that needs to be used the right way because it can be very dangerous if worn for too long or substituted with non-daily items. In this article, we will explain in simple terms the effects of the cock ring on your manhood, how to use it, and what to look out for.

Do you know what a cock ring is?

What is a cock ring? Even if you’ve heard of the name, it may be difficult to get an idea of what effect it has and how to use it.

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This is a sex toy for men that can be attached to the penis in the form of a ring as shown above.

In fact, a cock ring is a ring that is attached to the penis and can improve erection and temporary penis enlargement. So, let’s go over the basic knowledge of the following three points about the cock ring one by one.

The purpose of a cock ring is to prevent the backflow of the blood, which keeps the penis hard for longer than it otherwise would, says Laurie Mintz, Ph.D., author of Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters—and How to Get It.

How to Use a Cock Ring (and Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of It)

  • What is it made of and what is its shape?
  • How to put on the clock ring
  • Where exactly to put it on the penis?

The material and shape of the cock ring is important when using it. Even if you get a cock ring, if you don’t wear it correctly, you won’t get the right effect. That’s why you’ll want to know where and how to put it on your penis. Some types of products are attached in slightly different places, so it’s interesting to experiment with different products.

What kind of material is it? What does it look like?

A cock ring is a ring that is attached to the penis and is basically shaped like a ring. It is mainly made of soft materials such as leather, rubber and silicone, but it is also available in hard materials such as metal, nylon and plastic. This means that you can choose from a variety of types of cock rings depending on your needs and preferences. Others are available with an electric vibration function.

For example, some of the rings themselves have a vibration function, while others have a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris (vulva), vagina or anus during sex. There is also a variety of types, such as the dolphin type, which has a removable round vibrating vibrator that can stimulate the clitoris and testicles during sex. It can also help a girl to reach orgasm more easily during sex, as the vibrating function can stimulate her partner’s sexual organs.

There is a wide range of cock rings available in a wide range of prices, depending on the shape and materials used. There is a wide variety of sizes available, so it is important to choose one that fits the thickness of your penis at the time of erection. We’ll explain how to choose a cock ring later.

There is also a special type of cock ring called a triple cock ring, which has two rings to hold the testicles in place and prolong the pleasure of orgasm. Normally, the testicles retract into the body during orgasm, but when the triple cock ring is worn, the testicles are held in place and the orgasm at ejaculation is slightly longer. It’s interesting to see this type of thing, although it’s for quite advanced users.

How to put on a cock ring?

Since cock rings are attached to the penis to enhance erection, the basic method of application is simply to attach the ring to the penis. There are four different types of cock rings that can be attached to the penis, and the method of attachment depends on the type of cock ring. Let’s take a look at how to put on a cock ring, which is common to all types of cock rings.

Basically, the cock ring is worn in the normal course of events, and then the penis is erected, because the cock ring is essentially a tool to help you get an erection, and it is of little use if you wear it first. However, some of the most basic types of silicone rings are worn after an erection. If it’s an adjustable size type, you can put it on after an erection with no problem. It is safe to use them as described in the instructions on the goods. If you’re a beginner, it’s hard to get a feel for the size of the cock ring, so it’s best to try it on after an erection to get a feel for your size.

Before putting on the cock ring, first apply lotion to the glans and penis in a normal way. If you do not use the lotion, you may feel pain when moving after the erection. Once you have moved the cock ring to the lower part of the glans, you should erect your penis. Once it has grown to a certain size, lower the ring to the base of the penis. However, as mentioned earlier, the use of the cock ring varies depending on the type of cock ring, so basically follow the instructions on the goods.

Where do you put it on the penis?

The way the cock ring is worn and the effect it has on you will depend on the part of the penis you choose to wear it on. There are four different places to put a cock ring. Let’s take a look at them one by one to see how the effect and the way they are applied will change depending on the location.

  • At the base of the penis
  • Middle of the penis
  • Lower part of the glans
  • Root of the testicles.

The most common place to wear it is at the root of the penis, where the penis connects to the testicles. The effects you get are also orthodox, such as an increase in erection and a temporary increase in penis size. The key is that when inserted deeply during sex, the thick penis hits the clitoris, which also increases the woman’s pleasure. The method of attachment is as described earlier: attach it to the normal penis, get an erection and then move it to the root. Basically, there is little need to attach it to anything other than the root, so if you are a beginner, try this first.

You can also wear it near the middle of the penis instead of the bottom, but it will be less effective than if you wear it at the root. If you put it on during sex, it is not very appropriate because it will move with the piston movement. It may be effective if it hurts when it is attached to the root of the body. You can increase the size of the glans a little bit if you put it on the bottom of the glans, or the Corona of Glans penis area. This is recommended because the size of the glans is very important during sex. Wearing it in normal times and moving it to the Corona of Glans penis is effective.

I honestly don’t recommend wearing it on the last testicle. You can wear it this way if you put the penis and testicle together in normal times and move the ring to the root of the testicle. However, the size is often too tight and painful during an erection, so it’s best to avoid it if you’re a beginner. You may want to try it if you don’t feel much effect from the normal attachment to the root of the penis. Basically, it’s recommended that you wear it at the root of the penis so you won’t make any mistakes.

Amazing! What are the eight benefits of the clock ring?

We’ve looked at the features of the cock ring, but what are the benefits of the cock ring in the first place? Because of the unusual feature of wearing a penis, it sounds like it might have some special benefits, doesn’t it? In fact, the cock ring has a great effect on improving sexual function, but it also has other interesting benefits: with the cock ring, you can get the following eight benefits.

  • Enhance your erection.
  • Can be expected to improve ED.
  • Temporary penis enlargement effect
  • Effect on improving premature ejaculation
  • Increases the pleasure of ejaculation.
  • It increases the stimulation to women.
  • I feel confident and energized as a man.
  • Can increase the stimulation of Masturbators

Since the cock ring is originally used to improve erection, it is very effective, and since it is sometimes used in medical institutions to improve ED, it is especially recommended for people who want to improve their erection. Let’s take a closer look. You may discover something unexpectedly appealing and you may want to use it.

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1. Increased erection

The biggest benefit of the cock ring is in improving your erection. If you have difficulty getting an erection or a breakage in your penis, you will feel great benefits from using a cock ring.The reason why the cock ring has this effect is because it restricts the blood flow by tightening the penis. The penis is made up of a tissue called the corpus cavernosum, which is a sponge top that absorbs blood.

As blood flows into the sponge, the sponge expands and causes the penis to become erect. However, if the blood that accumulates in the corpus cavernosum is unable to stay in place and flows backwards, the ability to get an erection decreases. As we age, erections inevitably decline, but even young people can suffer from this problem due to lifestyle factors.

Restricting blood flow in this way can simply extend the time of erection. This also prevents mid-breakage during sex and increases a woman’s satisfaction. The duration of the erection is very important because you need to keep stimulating the vagina with a hard and taut penis in order to make the girl inside orgasm. cock ring is a great sex toy that can easily boost your sexual function.

2. It can improve ED

Although cock rings are more commonly known as sex toys, they are sometimes used in medical facilities to treat ED (erectile dysfunction), and the incidence of ED increases dramatically after 40 years of age, because as people age, their testosterone levels and sexual function inevitably decline. If you have ED, you will not be able to get an erection in the first place, and it will be difficult to improve it with conventional penile training.

However, ED is becoming more and more common in young people these days, and it’s becoming a major problem. The main causes of juvenile ED are thought to be wrong masturbation methods, psychological stress and pressure to have sex. Juvenile ED is characterized by an erection during masturbation or standing up in the morning without problems, but when it comes to sex, it does not stand up.Changing masturbation methods, such as the use of Masturbators, often improves the condition, but it takes time. Drug treatment, such as Viagra, is also effective, but this is a drug, so there is also anxiety.

In such cases, using a cock ring may be a relatively easy way to improve the situation. As mentioned above, the cock ring can also help improve ED because it restricts blood flow to the penis and increases the ability to get an erection. However, the cock ring is useless if you don’t wear it before an erection, so make sure you use it the right way. It is highly recommended that men who are suffering from ED should try the cock ring because it can restore a healthy penis.

3. Temporary Penis Enlargement Effect

In fact, the cock ring can also temporarily increase the size of your penis. If you wear the cock ring, you can maximize the size of your penis because it restricts the flow of blood to the penis and causes blood to pool in the corpus cavernosum. However, the enlargement effect is temporary as it is not the same as penile training which makes the penis permanently larger.

The penis enlargement effect with cock rings is more likely to be seen in the thickness of the penis than in the length. It may seem disappointing that your penis doesn’t get much longer, but in sex it’s the thickness that matters more than the length. If the penis is long, it simply reaches deeper, but if it’s thicker, it can effectively stimulate areas that are important to a woman’s pleasure, such as the clitoris and the G-spot. For this reason, wearing a cock ring makes it easier for a woman’s satisfaction to be achieved.

Also, by wearing the penis around the bottom of the glans, the stimulating effect of blood flow is concentrated on the tip of the penis, making the glans larger and larger, creating a distinct Corona of Glans penis. The larger glans is able to stimulate the G-spot to scratch and scratch, making it easier to make a girl more inside-orgasm. Not only will it increase your erection, but it will also increase the size of your penis and make you feel good about your woman, which is something that only the cock ring can do.

4. Improvement of premature ejaculation

It may come as a surprise, but the cock ring can also help improve premature ejaculation. When you sit upright, your legs may become dull and you may not be able to feel your feet and you may not be able to see them well enough to touch them with your fingers. Why is that? It’s because sitting on your feet restricts blood flow to your feet, which also slows down the nervous system in your feet. The same principle applies to the cock ring, which restricts blood flow to the penis, and the sexual zones of the penis are slowed down.

To begin with, premature ejaculation is a phenomenon in which the penis is too sensitive to sexual stimulation and the time to ejaculation is extremely short, such as less than a minute. In other words, if you can dull the sensation in your penis, you may be able to improve your premature ejaculation. A type of anesthetic called lidocaine is sometimes used to improve premature ejaculation, which is exactly what it does to dull the sensation in the penis.

In order to make a woman cum from sex, it is necessary to keep inserting it into the vagina for a certain amount of time, which in turn prolongs the time it takes to reach orgasm. The cock ring will make that wish come true and make your partner feel good for a longer period of time.

5. Increased pleasure of ejaculation

Wearing a cock ring can also enhance the pleasure of ejaculation. Why does ejaculation feel so good? The biggest reason is the adrenaline and beta-endorphins that are released during ejaculation, but there are other physical stimuli as well. At the moment of ejaculation, semen is ejected from the seminal vesicle through the ejaculatory ducts and urethra, and that’s when you get a strong pleasant sensation.

The stronger the erection of the penis and the greater the amount of ejaculated semen, the stronger the pleasure at ejaculation tends to be. With the cock ring, both of these feelings are satisfied. Not only does it increase both your erection and tightness, but it also increases the length of your erection. The longer it takes to ejaculate, the more semen that accumulates in the seminal vesicles. As a result, you will always feel better when you ejaculate.

You will also be able to have sex and masturbate for longer periods of time, which is a significant factor in eliminating psychological anxiety. Stress and pressure can cause problems with sexual function and reduce the pleasure of ejaculation; wearing a cock ring can improve sexual function and reduce psychological anxiety, allowing you to surrender to pure pleasure. is also a great good thing that enhances the pleasure.

6. Increased stimulation for women

As we have explained, wearing a cock ring can improve erection, persistence and penis size. As a result, the stimulation you can give your woman can be stronger and more pleasurable. For this reason, if you want to enjoy sex that is more exciting than usual, try wearing a cock ring, and let’s look back at the effects of the cock ring to see why it can make a girl feel so much better.

A woman needs a thick, hard penis to achieve strong pleasure, and wearing a cock ring increases the size of your erection and penis, allowing you to insert a thick, hard penis. This makes it easier for a woman to feel good because it allows her to effectively stimulate her clitoris and G-spot. It will also make it possible to make them INSIDE ORGASM at the G-spot, especially if the glans is in a large, taut state.

In addition, the duration will be longer, which will extend the duration of sex. The longer a woman has sex with the cock ring, the more chance she has of getting it on, and the longer it has to last. It is possible to please a woman during sex by

7. Confident as a man

Sexual prowess is directly related to your confidence as a man. When you have a strong and sustained erection and your penis is erect, you feel very powerful as a man. However, when your sexual functioning is diminished, your confidence diminishes because it becomes difficult to satisfy a woman during sex. If you’re having trouble, you’ll lose your confidence as a man. If you’re a man, you want to have sex with a warped and healthy penis and make your woman wet and horny, don’t you?

The cock ring will help you to regain your confidence as a man. Wearing the cock ring improves the power of erection and makes the penis thicker and harder. You’ll feel more and more confident because your woman will feel it just by inserting it. In addition, it also improves the staying power of the erection, which extends the insertion time and increases your chances of getting the girl to INSIDE orgasm. The cock ring will also increase your pleasure during the final finish, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Also, as you become more confident as a man, your testosterone levels will naturally increase. When you’re in trouble, your hormones will decrease, but when your body and mind are uplifted, your male hormone levels increase. An increase in hormones can also create a virtuous cycle of increased masculinity and therefore greater sexual prowess, and wearing a cock ring can relieve your worries and make you feel more confident and comfortable with your partner during sex, as well as enhance your manhood.

8.Boost stimulation of Masturbators

A cock ring is basically attached to a penis, but if you use it wrapped around a Masturbator, you can get more pleasure from it. When you insert your penis into the hole, you can enjoy the stimulation as if you were ramming it into a girl’s vagina, and you can enjoy the pleasure of real sex, even if you are having sex alone. You can enjoy the pleasure of Masturbators by inserting the cock ring into a girl’s vagina.

Of course, even if you put the cock ring on your penis as usual and insert it into the Masturbators, you can enjoy more pleasure than usual. However, you can also customize the tightness of the Masturbators to be stronger by wrapping the ring directly around the soft resin of the Masturbators. It’s very easy to do, just wrap a couple of cock rings around the Masturbators in an even sensation. It’s a great way to customize your Masturbators when you’re tired of them.

The beauty of this method is that you can change the tightness of the Masturbators by changing the size of the cock ring, which allows you to change the tightness of the Masturbators at will. Be aware, however, that those with a plastic cover must have the soft plastic inside removed before you can attach the cock ring. The cheaper ones come in one piece and may not be able to be separated in the first place, so combine the cock ring with the Masturbators and enjoy a different dimension of pleasure.

How to choose your first cock ring

We’ve looked at the wonderful benefits of cock rings, but in order to get these benefits, it’s important to choose a cock ring that fits your penis and your purpose. For this reason, you need to take into account the material, shape and size of the cock ring, and there are four different patterns of where to wear the cock ring, but there are three types of cock rings themselves: the glass ring, the root type and the ball ring, and the key is to use each one in the following ways

  • Glass ring … at the root of the penis or under the glans.
  • Root type…Root of the testicles (through which both penis and testicles are passed)
  • Ball ring… attached to the testicles.

In addition to the three types above, there are four other materials available, depending on the material: silicone rings, adjustable size rings, rings with vibration function, and metal rings. The silicone ring is the most suitable for beginners and is made of a soft silicone material, and the key is that it gives you a little more room for size. However, they are not adjustable in size, so if you are unsure about choosing a size, choose an adjustable size ring. By choosing an adjustable type, you are free to change the mounting location and size of the ring, even after an erection.

Vibrating and metal rings are suitable for more advanced users, so beginners don’t need to be aware of them. The vibe-functional ones are mainly used during sex because the cock ring has a small vibrator on it that can stimulate the testicles and the woman’s clitoris at the same time as the penis. Metal rings are made of metal and are fashionable, but they are not stretchy at all, which can be dangerous if you don’t choose your size perfectly. For these reasons, beginners should first choose a “silicone ring” or “adjustable size ring”.

As mentioned above, it is recommended to wear it at the root of the penis, where it is relatively safe and easy to get pleasure from. Attaching it to the root of the testicles is risky, so avoid it unless you are an advanced user. The shape should be a simple ring type with a smooth surface, and the size should match the size of your penis at the time of erection. In general, the inner diameter is about 24-50 mm and is usually divided into four sizes: “S”, “M”, “L” and “XL”. If your penis is thicker than 4 cm when erect, it’s better to choose the XL.

However, it’s difficult to choose the right size cock ring while you’re not used to it, so it might be better to choose an adjustable size for an entry-level user. This one can be worn even after an erection, so you can try out different sizes that are appropriate. Once you put it on, you can loosen it up and remove it quickly, so you’ll feel more secure. Once you get used to the adjustable size type, you can change to a silicone ring based on that size to choose the perfect fit.

Points to remember when using the clock ring

The cock ring is a convenient product that can easily improve sexual function and enhance the pleasure of masturbation and sex. It’s also surprisingly easy to put on and use, and it’s a great way to enhance yourself as a man. However, the cock ring can be dangerous to your reproductive organs if you use it incorrectly. For this reason, you should pay attention to the following three points when using the COCK RING.

  • Do not use it continuously for more than 20 minutes.
  • Do not substitute anything other than a special item.
  • Clean the ring after use.
  • It is recommended to trim your pubic hair before wearing it.

One very dangerous thing about cock rings is that they can be worn for a long period of time; the cock ring restricts the blood flow to the penis, so to speak, and overuse can cause problems with the reproductive organs. Substituting a special cock ring with something other than a special cock ring is also dangerous and you should be careful not to do it. Also, you should trim your pubic hair before wearing the ring to make the ring easier to use. Let’s take a look at each of these points.

Do not use the ring continuously for more than 20 minutes

A cock ring should not be worn for more than 20 minutes, as wearing a cock ring will improve your erection and make it last longer, so you may be tempted to wear it longer. However, since the purpose of the cock ring is to stop the blood flow to the penis, that is, to stop the blood from flowing to the penis so that you can maintain an erection, too much of a ring can cause damage to the penis tissue. In the worst case scenario, it can cause necrosis of the penis.

Be especially careful when having sex or masturbating before bedtime, as you may fall asleep soon after the act. While you are asleep, your erection is basically eliminated, but if you come to stand up while you sleep and the cock ring has a lasting effect on your erection, it can lead to a situation where you wake up in severe pain… and you’re in trouble. There is also an even more serious risk if the cock ring is attached to the root of your testicles, so you should remove the cock ring within 20 minutes and never wear it before bedtime.

If you experience any pain or discomfort or feel your genitals become cold when using the cock ring, stop using it immediately. If you notice a purple or black discoloration of the penis, you may have tissue necrosis and should seek immediate medical attention from a urologist or dermatologist. You should not use the cock ring if you are taking anticoagulants (drugs that prevent blood from clotting) or if you have heart disease or diabetes.

Don’t substitute anything other than a special one

Do not substitute the cock ring with anything other than a specially designed device, as the cock ring is designed specifically to fit on the penis and is safe to use as long as you use it correctly. However, you should never try to substitute it with any other device or household item, as it can lead to serious injury. the cock ring is good as long as it stops the blood flow to the penis, so the function itself can be substituted with something else. The rubber band is most often used as a means to do this.

If you tie the root of the penis, for example, with a rubber band, you can certainly get the same effect as a cock ring. It is the same with a plastic cord. However, it is difficult to adjust the tightness of rubber bands and plastic ties, etc. If they are too loose, they are just not effective, but in most cases, they are tied too tightly. When this happens, the restriction of blood flow to the penis becomes excessive, which can damage blood vessels and tissues and in the worst case, cause necrosis. Never use anything else as a substitute for a cock ring, as it’s even more dangerous if you sleep with it in place.

However, it is possible to substitute a chemical rather than a physical method. For example, erectile drugs like Viagra and energy-enhancing supplements can safely increase your erection to the extent that they are used according to the instructions. Citrulline and arginine supplements can be effective within about 30 minutes of taking them, so taking a moderate amount before sex can increase your manhood. In any case, be careful about substituting a cock ring, so don’t try to substitute a rubber band in time and use a real ring.

Clean the ring after use

One thing you should always be aware of when using adult products is to wash them thoroughly after use; the same goes for cock rings, so be sure to clean and sanitize them with soap or hand soap after use. Dirt, germs, and lotions get on your ring when you use it, so your ring will be dirty after use.

Unlike Masturbators, cock rings rarely come into direct contact with the glans or other mucous membranes, so infections caused by the ring are rare. However, if the ring is left unclean. It can give off an unpleasant smell. Even if you wear a cock ring to power up your sex and masturbation, you’ll feel deflated if you smell it. Your partner will also feel somewhat uncomfortable.

So be sure to clean the ring after you use it; the cock ring is made of silicone, metal, and plastic, so you can wash it again and again. In order to enjoy the excitement and pleasure of sex, you should always keep your cock ring clean. You will be able to enjoy sex more that way.

Shave your pubic hair before you wear it

A common problem when using a cock ring is that it gets caught in the pubic hair when you put it on and causes pain. Basically, the ring is placed at the base of the penis, and there is a lot of pubic hair around the ring. If you roll the ring into such an area, you will naturally end up with pubic hair caught in it. For this reason, we recommend that you trim your pubic hair as much as possible before you wear the cock ring.

Just cutting your pubic hair to a shorter length is effective because it will reduce the amount of involvement, but it’s also a good idea to just shave it all off. You may feel somewhat embarrassed during sex, but the benefits of pubic hair removal are greater than the benefits. In Western countries, it is common for both men and women to have their pubic hair trimmed, and they would rather not have a thick growth of pubic hair. The main advantage of pubic hair removal is that it makes the penis look larger.

Normally, the base of the penis is covered by pubic hair, so the outline of the penis is blurred and indistinct from the body. The loss of pubic hair lengthens the skin tone and makes the penis appear longer than normal because you can see the penis extending to the belly area. As mentioned above, the cock ring itself has a penis enlargement effect, so combining it with a pubic hair treatment will make it even more effective. It is also less likely to accumulate dirt and makes it easier to keep your pubic area clean.

It is also recommended that you use as much lotion as possible when wearing a cock ring. A ring made of soft material such as silicon can still cause pain when you move it, while a hard ring made of metal or plastic can cause friction when you move it. Applying the right amount of lotion to your ring before putting it on in a normal situation will help you to put it on and move it around more smoothly, which is something you should be aware of in order to use your cock ring comfortably and increase its effectiveness.

Cock ring relatives! Do you know what a penis sleeve is!

A penis sleeve or penis sack is a similar product to the cock ring, but depending on how you use it, you can enjoy a more exciting sex experience than the cock ring. So, let’s take a quick look at what a penis sleeve is. A penis sleeve is a sex toy that is attached to the penis just like a cock ring.

A penis sleeve or penis sack is similar to a cock ring in that it compresses the penis when worn, and therefore improves the ability to achieve and sustain an erection, but there are significant differences in terms of shape and material. Penis sleeves are mainly made of rubber, with the relatively higher quality ones being made of less smelly materials such as silicone or estramer. The most unique aspect of a penis sack is that the goods can physically make your penis bigger.

Penis sacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some that go over just the glans, some that go over the shaft area, and some that go over the entire penis. All of them have one thing in common: they are made to be larger in size than the actual penis, so it’s obvious that the penis is bigger in size than it is. In the type that covers the entire penis, it’s exactly as if you’ve replaced it with a large penis, so you can enjoy the excitement of thrusting a girl around with a big dick. Penis sacks, it’s amazing.

Using a penis sleeve or penis sack can make a more dramatic change to sex than a cock ring. The ability to increase the size of the penis is especially wonderful. The size of the penis is still important to enhance a woman’s pleasure. You may even be able to make your partner INSIDE orgasm by utilizing a penis sleeve. I’ll explain more about penis sleeves in another article, so please take a look at it.


In this article, we’ve discussed the benefits of the cock ring to enhance your manhood, how to use it, and what to look out for. When your erection and durability are reduced, it becomes difficult to satisfy your partner during sex and your confidence as a man is somewhat diminished. The cock ring can help you regain your masculinity and confidence because the pressure on the penis by the cock ring can support your erection and staying power.

The cock ring is so effective that it is even used in medical facilities to improve ED. In addition, it can also improve premature ejaculation, temporary penis enlargement, and boost pleasure during ejaculation, making it a good choice to power up your sex and masturbation. If you are a beginner, you can safely enjoy the effects of the cock ring by attaching a silicone ring or an adjustable size ring to the root of the penis.

However, if you use a silicone ring, it is important to choose the size of the ring, and if it is too tight, it will hurt and you will not be able to concentrate on the pleasure. To avoid damaging your precious penis, be sure to remove the ring within 20 minutes at the most. It’s also important to keep your pubic hair trimmed so that it doesn’t get caught up in your pubic hair when you put it on, so your girls will be happy to see you wearing a cock ring. Wear a cock ring to regain your man’s confidence and enjoy the excitement of sex.