Delayed ejaculation for 30 minutes? How to overcome DE that can be improved even now

Delayed ejaculation is a condition that takes more than 30 minutes to ejaculate and is one of the ejaculation disorders. Delayed ejaculation may seem like a big benefit because it increases sexual intercourse time. However, in reality, both the person and the partner may feel pain, which may lead to a worsening relationship. The main cause of delayed ejaculation is masturbation with excessive stimulation.

In ideal masturbation, the penis is stimulated with strength close to vaginal pressure, and adult videos are not used as much as possible. The use of masturbators is also very effective, and there is data that actually improved ejaculation disorder. Besides, it is also effective to use a thin condom, adult toys, cosplay goods, etc. to stimulate the sex.

However, you may also have delayed ejaculation due to physical and mental illness or the medication you are taking. For this reason, it is important to carefully consider your current condition and then consider countermeasures. This time, we will explain in detail various information, causes, and ways to improve delayed ejaculation, using scientific data.

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Delayed ejaculation from how many minutes or more? Maybe delayed ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation refers to the excessive delay of ejaculation against the will of the person during sexual intercourse. In general, if you can’t ejaculate for more than “30 minutes” after insertion, it is often defined as delayed ejaculation. However, this does not include the person controlling orgasm and maintaining an erection for a long time. About 1 to 4% of men are considered to have delayed ejaculation.

Delayed ejaculation is classified as primary or secondary. Primary (lifelong) delayed ejaculation applies to men who have always had difficulty ejaculating. Men with secondary (acquired) delayed ejaculation have been able to ejaculate normally during intercourse in the past but have later developed a problem.

What is delayed ejaculation? | ISSM

Delayed ejaculation may seem like a good thing, as many men want longer insertion times. However, it is a problem if too long an insertion causes pain to a woman. The main causes of delayed ejaculation are incorrect masturbation, health problems and relationships with partners. Especially, the method of masturbation is the main cause, so it is important not to give the penis an unnaturally strong stimulus.

delayed ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation is a type of ejaculation disorder also called delayed ejaculation, and it is a state where it is difficult to ejaculate after being inserted in sex. It is defined as delayed ejaculation when it takes more than 30 minutes from insertion to ejaculation and is found in about 1 to 4% of men. It’s much less common than 30% of premature ejaculations, so it’s generally unlikely to be a problem. Rather, many men may yearn for delayed ejaculation.

Even with delayed ejaculation, there is no problem if you can ejaculate properly and your partner is not dissatisfied. But if you can’t ejaculate or if a long insertion time is distressing a woman, you need improvement. In recent years, an increasing number of men have said that masturbation is good but they don’t have to do sex, and it seems that they may feel uncomfortable with sex and may refrain from having relationships with women extremely.

Reference: Delayed ejaculation – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic

In fact, delayed ejaculation is a more complex problem than premature ejaculation, and finding the right remedy can be difficult. It is not just a problem on the male side, but it may make ejaculation difficult due to the relationship with the woman, or delayed ejaculation due to physical and mental problems. In these cases, delayed ejaculation cannot be improved without removing the root cause. Therefore, it is important to judge your own condition correctly and consider measures.


delayed ejaculation?

The main cause of delayed ejaculation is believed to be the wrong way of masturbating. However, physical factors such as age and health, mental problems due to mental illness, and side effects of the drug being administered may cause the delayed ejaculation, which is an unexpectedly complicated factor. The following are the causes of delayed ejaculation, so let’s check each one.

・Physical problems such as age and physical condition
・Side effects of mental illness and its remedies
・There is a problem with the relationship with the partner
・Continue wrong masturbation

Depending on age, illness, and physical condition

Generally, with age, ejaculation tends to be slower. When young, sexual desire is strong and sexual arousal tends to increase, and it is common for people to get acme immediately after inserting. As you get older, your penis gets used to the stimulus and your libido diminishes, which naturally slows down ejaculation. In other words, it is natural to become a delayed ejaculation with aging.

Not only aging but also delayed ejaculation due to illness. Chronic disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, and urinary disorders can affect various organs of the body and cause delayed ejaculation. Even if you do not have such a disease, it seems that you may be sick at that time and your ejaculation may be delayed or you may not be good at it. There is no problem if ejaculation is restored as soon as the physical condition is restored, but please be aware that if delayed ejaculation continues, it may become chronic.

Delayed ejaculation refers to a difficulty or inability of a man to reach an orgasm and to ejaculate semen. The causes can be physical or psychological.

if a man takes longer than 30 minutes of penetrative sex to ejaculate, despite a normal erection, it is considered delayed ejaculation.

Delayed ejaculation: Causes, treatment, and outlook

Also, mental disorders such as depression appear to be a major cause of delayed ejaculation. Depression can cause you to always feel depressed, lose libido, slow ejaculation, or even not erect in the first place. In recent years, “SSRI” (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) is being used to treat depression, but the major side effect of SSRI is sexual dysfunction such as delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Serotonin is a substance that acts to stabilize the mind and regulate the biological rhythm. Depression is thought to be due to the reduction of serotonin in the body due to stress and mental shock. Therefore, SSRI, which has the effect of increasing serotonin in the body, is used as a therapeutic drug. In fact, SSRIs are sometimes used to improve premature ejaculation, but they can cause delayed ejaculation when taken by people who originally had normal ejaculation.

However, you should not stop taking SSRIs just because you have delayed ejaculation. Although it is difficult for doctors to discuss sexual matters, it is well known by psychiatrists that typical SSRIs such as Paxil have side effects of ejaculation disorders. Therefore, most doctors should understand the situation and think about a countermeasure just by making a roundabout saying that there is a problem there.

Depending on your relationship

Lack of excitement with a partner also causes delayed ejaculation. Couples who love each other will get tired little by little as they get along. When I first met, I was too excited and had a premature ejaculation, but if I had sex for 5 years and 10 years, I would become a rut. Ejaculation is caused by increased sexual arousal, but when sex becomes a monotonous task such as eating rice or bread mechanically, it is hard to ejaculate.

Even if you are in a short relationship, you may not be able to get excited about the other person. For example, when a woman is in a “tuna” state where she hardly moves during sex, men’s excitement does not increase easily. On the other hand, compatibility with partners is also a big issue, such as women pulling too aggressively. If you’ve been able to ejaculate normally until now and you’ve been in delayed ejaculation since you started dating a new woman, it may be because of these sex compatibility.

Poor couple relationships can also cause delayed ejaculation. If we don’t communicate with each other, our physical connections will be worse. Not only does it make you less likely to feel sexual excitement with the other person, but it can be a hassle to even have sex. If you continue to have sexlessness or continue to enjoy sexual activity with other women, the chances of breaking a couple’s relationship increase.

Soft SM is recommended for boring sex.

In some cases, you can’t get sexually excited about a woman, so you can’t ejaculate with sex. The issue of sexuality is complex, and it may be difficult to physically love a woman, even though she is emotionally loving a woman. On the other hand, since women only feel physical attraction and men feel emotional affection, sexual orientation cannot be judged simply.

More intense with sex toys


The main cause of delayed ejaculation is the wrong way of masturbation. In particular, “floor ona”, which rubs the penis on the floor, and rubbing on a futon or blanket are considered to be delayed ejaculation. Another problem is masturbation using sex toys that give strong vibrations, such as Denma and Vibes. These masturbations give the penis an unnatural stimulus.

The stimulus when inserted by sex is mainly friction due to vaginal pressure and piston movement. Stimulations other than moderate pressure and friction are unnatural to the penis. As I mentioned earlier, the speed of ejaculation decreases with age, but one of the reasons is that the penis gets used to the stimulation of sex. In other words, if you continue to give more stimulation than inserting it into your vagina with daily masturbation, the sensitivity will drop more than necessary.

However, the desensitization of the penis is not the only unnatural physical stimulus, such as floor ona. Even if you become accustomed to video and audio, which greatly exceeds the excitement of real sex, your sexual sensitivity will decrease. In other words, if you watch too much radical adult video, you can’t get excited about real sex. If excitement does not increase, orgasm does not easily approach, leading to delayed ejaculation.

Is it okay if I get delayed ejaculation?

I wonder if some men are wondering if delayed ejaculation is all right. Actually, there are various symptoms even if you say delayed ejaculation, so there are cases where there is no problem and treatment may be necessary. For example, even if it takes an hour to ejaculate, you can finally ejaculate, and it is okay if women can also enjoy sex.

Men with delayed ejaculation rather have an increased chance of orgasming women. If you can make good use of the time to ejaculate, you can also acquire techniques that other men can not easily do and make girls crazy. For example, there are various possibilities, such as intensively stimulating the erogenous zone in the vagina such as G spots and portio, or changing her posture to orgasm her many times.

Also, the insertion time that a woman wants varies from person to person, and some people prefer a shorter time and others want to etch as long as possible. About 30% of premature ejaculation boys have only a few percent of delayed ejaculation boys. For women who want long insertion times, men with delayed ejaculation should be the best match. You may be able to improve the quality of sex by trying various things while consulting together.

However, if you eventually fail to ejaculate after continuing sexual activity or wither on the way, you will have problems with sex. Not only is the person unsatisfied, but the partner may also have trouble. In other words, when deciding whether or not delayed ejaculation is okay, “whether each other can feel comfortable having sex” is important.

You can also learn how to handle clitoris correctly and how to touch female genitals

delayed ejaculation makes sex painful

The problem with delayed ejaculation is that it makes sex painful. When the person is worried about delayed ejaculation, I feel stressed that I can not ejaculate with sex easily. This is especially true when there is a “middle-break” that can wither during insertion, and not only the person himself but also his partner may feel dissatisfied. Moreover, sexual activity that is too long can cause physical distress to women.

Long insertion times are not always good. In order for women to do sexual activity without feeling pain, vaginal secretions (love juice) must be sufficiently secreted and slipping in the vagina must be improved. However, women’s love juice doesn’t last all the time during sex. As time goes on, the amount of secretion decreases, and it becomes easier to feel pain rather than pleasure, so I sometimes ask that I want you to finish soon.

The distress women feel is not just physical. Women tend to find joy in “making men feel good”. Therefore, if a man can’t ejaculate easily, he may wonder, “Is there something wrong with my body?” or “I don’t like me so much.” Thus, if the person is deeply worried or distresses the woman, it may be necessary to identify the cause and improve it.

If it takes more than 30 minutes to ejaculate, it may be delayed ejaculation

When a sex takes more than 30 minutes from insertion to ejaculation, it is defined as delayed ejaculation. However, as mentioned above, delayed ejaculation is not a problem as long as you and your partner enjoy having sex with each other. If either one is worried or distressed, it needs to be improved.

However, studies on delayed ejaculation are far less common than premature ejaculation, and even healthcare professionals often lack knowledge of delayed ejaculation. Abdo CH has published an analysis of the distress of individuals and partners for ejaculation disorders, based on previously published papers. As a result, the following facts were revealed for men suffering from delayed ejaculation. (Four)

・It is easy to maintain an erection, but sexual arousal and pleasure are not very strong
・The frequency of sexual intercourse is lower and the frequency of masturbation tends to be higher than usual
・You can ejaculate without any problems with masturbation, but there is a problem with ejaculation with sex
・Stimulation or fantasy of masturbation is considered to be a factor in ejaculation disorder
・Man with delayed ejaculation often feels distress in his relationship with a partner

From these, it can be seen that sexual arousal and pleasure are insufficient in delayed ejaculation. I don’t know if this is congenital, but it seems that scientifically suggests that the frequency and method of masturbation will be a problem. Poor sex satisfaction and distress in partner relationships may be a major disadvantage of delayed ejaculation. However, compared to premature ejaculation, it is likely that it will take some time before the medical elucidation of delayed ejaculation due to insufficient research.

Three ways to improve delayed ejaculation

You can’t force your body to ejaculate no matter how hard you do, just as you can’t shed tears or sweat on your own. Although the method for improving delayed ejaculation has not been established yet, it seems certain that improving normal ejaculation habits and increasing excitement in sex will help improve delayed ejaculation. Practice the following methods to build a body that makes it easier for you to ejaculate.

・Restrict masturbation and pornography
Masturbate in the right way
・Use goods that support delayed ejaculation improvement

However, if you have delayed ejaculation caused by factors other than your penis, such as physical and mental illness or side effects of medications, these methods have little effect. We recommend that you consult your doctor as the root cause needs to be improved first. Then improve your delayed ejaculation with proper masturbation habits and penis training.

NO Masturbation & No porn video

In general, the more sperm that are stored in the testicles, the faster the ejaculation tends to occur. It is thought to be a reaction of the body for several reasons, such as to make it possible to use accumulated sperm quickly and effectively or to dispose of old sperm quickly. In other words, if you masturbate more often than usual, you will naturally slow down reaching orgasm.

Let’s ban ona so that we can get cool quickly. Ona prohibition is, as the name implies, “prohibits masturbation”. It has the effect of increasing sexual desire and erectile power, but the disadvantage is that premature ejaculation tends to occur. Let’s take this disadvantage to the contrary and turn delayed ejaculation into premature ejaculation with ona prohibited. It is recommended that you set the goal of prohibiting ona to one week.

Male libido is largely dependent on testosterone (a type of male hormone) levels. Studies have shown that testosterone begins to rise sharply five days after the start of ona and reaches about 150% in one week. However, since testosterone does not increase even if it is continued for a longer time, it is considered that the effect of ona ban is most enhanced in one week. (Five)

In other words, the frequency of masturbation should be once a week to improve sexual function. Of course, AV viewing is also prohibited during the ona ban period, but it is ideal that you can not watch adult videos even when you masturbate. As I explained earlier, getting used to the stimulation of pornography is also a factor in delayed ejaculation. Let’s also review the method of masturbation itself.

Increase the sperm and semen for even more pleasure.

Masturbate the right way

To enjoy sex, it is important to reduce the number of times you masturbate, but you need to do it regularly to maintain sexual function. The problem is how to masturbate. Be especially careful of the strength of stimulating the penis. If you continue to masturbate to give you an unnatural stimulus, the sensitivity of your penis will become even lower. It is important to be aware of the following points, such as trying to get as close to real sex as possible.

・Do not rub the penis on the floor or blanket
・Stimulation is basically done only by hand
・Gently stimulate with 3 fingers
・Apply a small amount of lotion
・Do not stop
・Porn is prohibited as much as possible
・Use masturbators as needed

The world is full of various masturbation. Most of them give the penis excessive stimulation and make it unsatisfactory with the normal stimulation of vaginal pressure. The trick to delayed ejaculation rehabilitation is to apply a small amount of lotion to your penis, erect without pornography, and ejaculate with just three fingers: the “thumb,” “index finger,” and “middle finger.” In the end, let’s just go with a monotonous hand movement, without using naughty delusions and photos.

It is unnatural to masturbate without applying lotion to the penis. Rubing a dry penis will cause excessive friction. The trick is to apply a small amount of lotion, but be careful as the glans become too comfortable if you apply too much. If you are used to the wrong masturbation so far, the correct masturbation seems like a penance. However, it should be a little easier when combined with the above-mentioned “Ona Ban”.

Use goods that support delayed ejaculation improvement

Let’s utilize goods that support improved delayed ejaculation, along with ona prohibition and improvement of masturbation method. The following goods are recommended for improving delayed ejaculation, such as those useful for rehabilitation in masturbation and those that enhance sexual stimulation during actual sex. If you find one that suits you, it may have unexpected effects. Let’s make good use of goods and increase satisfaction of sex.

・Thin condom
・Cosplay and SM goods

Super polar thin condom

Wearing a condom is important in sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. However, applying rubber may significantly reduce the irritation of the glans, which may delay ejaculation even further in people with delayed ejaculation. Therefore, wearing a condom that is as thin as possible may help a little in improving delayed ejaculation.

Condoms vary in thickness, typically 0.03-0.04 mm. Nowadays, some of them are astonishingly thin, such as 0.01 mm, so please give it a try to improve delayed ejaculation. The fact that thin condoms are used also has benefits for women. It is often uncomfortable to put a rubberized penis, but if it is thin, it feels natural and the sensitivity of the vagina increases.

Choosing a slightly tighter condom may make your penis more stimulating. However, if it is too small, it may lead to an unexpected accident, such as avoiding the movement after insertion. If you want to have a strong stimulus, apply lotion and then insert. Choosing the thinnest and right size is the trick of choosing a condom for a delayed ejaculation man.

Durex feel thin
RS 180


Masturbators are very effective in improving ejaculation disorders. There are various types of masturbators, but the trick is to choose one that feels as close to a real vagina as possible. The price will be slightly higher, but the disposable type is more convenient because it can be used any number of times. However, avoid using the electric type. Rehabilitation of delayed ejaculation with masturbators is simple, just use:

(1) erect the penis
(2) Apply a small amount of lotion to the penis and masturbators.
(3) Insert the penis slowly
(4) Lower the masturbators to the root in 1 second
(5) Raise the masturbators to the glans over 1 second
(6) Repeat steps (4) to (5)
(7) Add a little when lotion decreases
(8) Even if you seem to ejaculate, continue without increasing the pace
(9) Vaginal cum shot to masturbators without stopping

With masturbators, there is no unnaturally high pressure or friction on the penis. The relatively high-priced product reproduces the feel of a woman’s vagina, so you can masturbate with more realistic stimulation. Furthermore, wearing the above-mentioned condom is perfect as a sex simulation. This is the reason why masturbators are said to be effective in improving delayed ejaculation.

masturbators The key to rehabilitation is to use as much lotion as you need and continue ejaculating slowly after insertion. Lotion should not be too much or too little. Too much will make you feel more comfortable than you need, and too little will increase the friction on your penis. The slow motion is to get the penis accustomed to less stimuli.

However, this method may cause people with severe delayed ejaculation symptoms to break. Therefore, you may choose a slightly tighter size at first, or speed up the movement, but be sure to level up when it becomes good. Ideally, it should be a slow masturbator that slowly repeats itself, and within 10 minutes should be cool.


Masturbators are the masturbation toys for men’s penises below!
I prefer something that is weaker than a pressure stimulus on the hand. I like the type similar to realistic vaginal stimulation.

RS 3482

Cosplay and SM goods

As I introduced at the beginning, the fact that couples have a long relationship and sex becomes rut ​​is also one of the causes of delayed ejaculation. Therefore, making a new sensation with the etch also helps to improve delayed ejaculation. For example, incorporating cosplay and SM goods is the most famous technique for eliminating rut.

Let the girl wear a sailor suit, a naughty swimsuit, and your favorite anime costume, and enjoy cosplay sex. If you are interested in SM play, please prepare and use merchandise such as whip and handcuffs. Making real sex more like a masturbation fantasy may make it easier to ejaculate than usual.

The problem with this method is that it requires female agreement. Forcing girls to wear cosplay costumes or even doing SM play when they hate them will not give good results. It is important for you to enjoy the cosplay and SM play after having a good consultation and incorporating the wishes of the other party so that you can understand the partner.

In the first place, the cause of delayed ejaculation is wrong masturbation

Rodriguez and colleagues report a very interesting case. A 48-year-old Spanish man hadn’t had sex for six years after divorcing, and masturbated with his dominant hand six times a week. He then resumes sexual relations with the woman, but none of the nine sexual intercourses allowed him to ejaculate. In other words, this man had severe delayed ejaculation and ejaculation disorders.

Rodriguez and his colleagues decided to have this patient undergo eight weeks of rehabilitation. It is to stop masturbation by hand and use “FLIPHOLE” masturbators developed by TENGA in Japan. I had masturbation with masturbators until I ejaculate three times a week. The 8-week rehabilitation schedule is as follows:

・For the first two weeks, move the masturbators with your dominant hand to masturbate
・Move masturbators by non-dominant person for the next 4 weeks
・For the last two weeks, move your body, not your hands, and masturbate with masturbators

For the first 2 weeks, you cannot ejaculate without moving the masturbators quickly with strong force. In the meantime, I had sex with my partner, but all failed. He had five successful sexual intercourses and was able to ejaculate three times in his partner for the last two weeks. The success rate of sexual intercourse in each process is as follows. It should be noted that success only includes those who “ejaculate within 25 minutes of insertion”, and those that take more than that are all failed.

・First 2 weeks… 0%
・Next 4 weeks…75%
・Last two weeks…100%
・4 weeks after completion of treatment… 81%

As you can see, the results begin to appear 5 to 6 weeks after the start of masturbators rehabilitation. What should be noted is that 80% of them succeeded in sex 4 weeks after they stopped using masturbators. Experiments by Rodriguez et al. show clearly how excessive masturbation can cause delayed ejaculation and how effective rehabilitation with masturbators is. Stop wrong masturbation now and improve delayed ejaculation in the right way.

Partner understanding is also important for improving delayed ejaculation

The hardest thing for men is to be criticized by women for having delayed ejaculation and rejected for sex. If the woman is concerned about the reaction, the delayed ejaculation becomes worse due to the mental burden. Even with proper masturbation and rehabilitation with masturbators, improving delayed ejaculation will take time. Therefore, it is necessary to understand women in various ways.

If the partner understands delayed ejaculation, the range of methods for improving delayed ejaculation will expand. For example, instead of aiming for ejaculation when it is inserted inside the vagina, it is also effective to aim for getting crazy outside the vagina first. Another option is for a woman to straddle a man and squeeze the penis into the woman so that it can be inserted after the ejaculation is approaching.

If a woman’s squeezing isn’t enough, a man can squeeze his penis just like masturbation. Patience is required as the woman gets bored, but it can be alleviated by the caressing of the woman by the man. If the partner understands and cooperates in this way, it will be easier to improve the delayed ejaculation.

Summary of delayed ejaculation improvement methods

This time, I explained in detail various information about delayed ejaculation, causes, and ways to improve it. Delayed ejaculation is a deep and complicated problem, but unfortunately, there is no progress in research compared to premature ejaculation. However, it is becoming clear that wrong masturbation is likely to be the cause and that rehabilitation using masturbators is effective.

Basically, it can be judged as delayed ejaculation when ejaculation takes more than 30 minutes, but if both you and your partner enjoy sex, there is no problem and no treatment is necessary. However, if a woman can be distressed by sex, and that puts a great deal of stress on the man, it creates a vicious cycle of worsening delayed ejaculation.

An important point to improve the method of masturbation is to apply a small amount of lotion to the penis and then gently stimulate it with three fingers, the thumb, index finger, and middle finger, so as not to watch pornography as much as possible thing. Never stop floor masturbation or blanket masturbation. If you want to incorporate more effective delayed ejaculation improvement method, use masturbators.

As for masturbators, the trick is to choose something that is realistic and slightly loose. Apply a small amount of lotion, insert it, and move slowly to aim for ejaculation. If it goes well, you should be able to realize the effect within 1-2 months. In addition, it is also effective to strengthen the stimulus in the etch, such as incorporating cosplay and SM play after getting the female’s understanding. Improve delayed ejaculation in a way that suits you and enjoy sex with your partner.