Dry orgasm : Correct Prostate Massage and Anal Masturbation

Man’s superlative pleasure! I want to have a dry orgasm! Correct Prostate Massage Course and Anal Masturbation Method

Speaking of male orgasm, I think of ejaculation. In fact, men have another orgasm. It is a “dry orgasm” that does not involve ejaculation. Tri-Orgasm is famous for its maximum pleasure, so you might want to try it.

However, in order to orgasm with dry orgasm, a special technique called prostate massage is required. It is important to learn the right method and master it over time. Therefore, this time I will introduce in detail the characteristics of dry orgasm and the anal masturbation method for orgasm with anal.

What is dry orgasm?

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Dry orgasm is when a man reaches a climax without ejaculation. It is called “dry” orgasm that does not get wet, as opposed to “wet” orgasm caused by normal ejaculation. It’s also called “male squirting” because it resembles the squirting when a woman reaches orgasm.

A big attraction of dry orgasm is a pleasant sensation that cannot be obtained with normal ejaculation. Therefore, many men get vulnerable once they experience this climax. How do you reach orgasm without ejaculation? The point is in the “prostate”.

What is prostate?

The prostate is a type of genital organ found in men. It surrounds the urethra, and next to it is the seminal vesicle, an organ that stores semen during ejaculation. The size is about walnut, and the weight is about tens of grams. Part of it touches the rectum, so you can “touch it with your finger through the wall of the rectum”.

In fact, there are many things we don’t know about the prostate. What is clear is that it secretes prostatic fluid. Prostate fluid is a component that accounts for 30% of semen, has the function of activating semen, and is also the source of the odor peculiar to semen. This prostate is the key to dry orgasm.

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Organs held only by men

The prostate is an organ that only men have, not women. The reason is that the prostate is one of the male reproductive organs, and its main purpose is to secrete the prostatic fluid, which is the main component of semen. In other words, without a prostate, there is no reproductive function in men.

The function of the male hormone (androgen) is essential for the development of the prostate. During puberty, the amount of male hormone secreted increases rapidly, leading to a masculine body and genital growth. Given that the prostate grows with the penis and testicles, the prostate is still a symbol of a man.

Also, the prostate has many muscles, and it is important to be able to shrink it a little. This action allows the semen stored in the seminal vesicles to be pushed into the urethra during ejaculation. In addition, it has the function of narrowing the urethra on the bladder side to prevent semen from entering the bladder.

In this way, the prostate is an organ for man’s pleasure, which has the functions unique to men. In the ancient Indian scripture, Tantra, the prostate was considered the “holy place” and the center of sex pleasure. That’s because massage of the prostate gives you extraordinary pleasure.

Prostate role and dry orgasm relationship

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As mentioned above, the prostate is strongly associated with male orgasm. It secretes prostatic fluid, mixes it with the sperm produced in the testicles to produce semen, and contracts during ejaculation to expel the semen vigorously. An even more important point is the connection with dry orgasm.

By successfully stimulating the prostate, you reach a climax without ejaculation. The orgasm obtained in this way is much stronger than normal ejaculation and is said to be close to the female cum. So why is it that the stimulation of the prostate makes you feel so good?

Let’s recall the situation of usual masturbation. Perhaps the most pleasant thing about masturbation is just before ejaculation and at the moment when semen is ejected. In fact, it is thought that men’s pleasure reaches its peak when semen flows from the ejaculatory tract into the prostatic urethra (the duct that connects to the normal urethra).

The prostate gland surrounds the ejaculatory tract and the prostatic urethra. The stimulation to the prostate can be transmitted to these parts, so you can feel good. So how do you stimulate the prostate? “Prostate massage from inside the anal” allows you to feel dry orgasm.

The prostate is about 5 cm from the anus entrance. The erogenous zone “G spot” that women are most likely to feel is about 5 cm from the entrance to the vagina. In other words, the prostate is like a female G-spot and can be called a “male G-spot.” Therefore, it is also called the “P spot” in the initials of the prostate.

Advantages of dry orgasm

Massage the prostate from the anal and you will experience an orgasm without ejaculation. So what are the benefits of culminating in this way? With the pleasant sensation that cannot be obtained by normal ejaculation, the following splendor is the attraction of dry orgasm.

・You can get the best pleasure
・You can feel orgasm any number of times
・There is no wise man time (not reset)
・Becoming able to understand the feelings of women
・Use of sex toys expands

The greatest merit of dry orgasm is its pleasantness. You can enjoy a pleasant feeling that you can never get with ordinary ejaculation and you will feel faint. It is said that it is close to the culmination of women, and once it is experienced, it seems to be a habit.

Another feature is that the pleasant feeling lasts for a long time. Unlike ejaculation, it doesn’t end in one shot, so if you do it well, you can also perform “multiple orgasms” where you can reach the climax over and over again. Isn’t it a man’s dream to become crazy many times with one masturbation?

There is no “sage time” in dry orgasm, where you feel tired or empty after masturbation. Because there is no ejaculation, hormones that cause the brain to relax rapidly are not secreted. On the contrary, you may be uplifted by a strong sense of happiness.

All these features resemble the culmination of a woman. In other words, if you experience dry orgasm, it will be easier to understand the feeling when a girl orgasms. As a result, when you caress a woman with sex, it’s easier to get an idea of ​​how to feel good.

In recent years, sex toys (adult goods) for women have been gaining momentum, and are more substantial than those for men. If you master this orgasm, you will be able to use sex for women as anal. In other words, the body will be able to enjoy the fun of both men and women.

Disadvantages of dry orgasm

Dry orgasm seems like a great thing, but it has some serious disadvantages. Among them, it takes a lot of time to reach the climax for the first time, which should be a problem for many men. Consider the following disadvantages before attempting prostate massage.

・A considerable amount of time is required for development
・If you overdo it, there is a dependency
・If done poorly, it may damage the rectum.
・Hygiene problems occur

Special techniques are required to reach dry orgasm. Even if you can successfully stimulate your prostate, it does not always mean that you will feel good immediately. Rather, it is often uncomfortable until you get used to it, and it takes a considerable amount of time before you get accustomed to the prostate.

Once you have a successful prostate orgasm, you will be overwhelmed by the pleasure. What’s more, you can orgasm as many times as you want, and there is no sage time to be depressed. Therefore, you may be overly addicted and become addicted, so be careful about dependencies.

Dry orgasm involves inserting a finger or instrument into the anus to stimulate the prostate. Therefore, doing it poorly can damage the rectum and cause hemorrhoids. Damage to the rectum can lead to infection, so it is dangerous to know the right way to do it.

Prostate massage is mainly done with your fingers in your anus, but the anus is where you excrete. Therefore, there will be some hygiene concerns. It is troublesome that you need an enema in advance to do it safely and cleanly.

Method of dry orgasm

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Dry orgasm has some great benefits, so why not give it a try? However, it is not so easy to achieve and requires the correct knowledge to implement. By following the steps below, it will be easier for you to succeed in the masturbation “Annie” performed in anal.

① Prepare tools
② Prepare your body
③ Unravel the anal
④ Stimulate the prostate

Careful all these steps are necessary for a successful dry orgasm. Especially, if you don’t complete the preparations in advance, it will only hurt you, not your pleasure, so let’s check the detailed steps one by one.

Preparation of tools

Before you go for dry orgasm, you need to have the tools to stimulate your anal and prostate. All of these tools are for safe and clean “anal activity”. Because the anus is an excretory organ in the first place, not a place to put something like a woman’s vagina.

  • Enema
  • lotion
  • Finger sack for anal
  • Anal sex toys

The above tools are necessary, so it is better to have them. An enema is to clean the rectum cleanly. No matter how hard you try to make stools, a lot of them remain in your intestine, and you may unintentionally stool while stimulating your anal. Therefore, it is recommended to have an enema before anal activity.

Lotion is also absolutely necessary, and without it, it hurts and I can’t do anal masturbation. The anus is not the part that inserts anything, so it is hard and easily damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it moistened with lotion. Especially, “Anal lotion” for anal play is recommended.

Beginners are not used to handling anal, so they may inadvertently injure the rectum with their nails. Even if you have an enema, it can cause infections, so be sure to wear an anal finger sack and then fiddle with your anal to your heart’s content. Latex gloves may be used as a substitute, but it is not recommended because it is easy to tear.

Anal sex toys can help you get a feel for anal masturbation. We especially recommend anal plugs, enemagura and other anal tools. These goods are for anal activity, so you can enjoy the stimulation of the prostate easily by inserting them.

Physical preparation

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Once you have all the tools, it’s time to prepare your body. Let’s start with an enema. It is important to gently insert the enema nozzle into the anus and to put the drug as deep as possible. If you feel any urgency immediately, be patient, wait about 10 minutes, then rush to the toilet to discharge everything.

However, some men may not want to do this because enema is not a familiar task for men. Therefore, it is recommended to put hot water in the rectum with a toilet bowl that is washed with warm water and give it out until the color disappears. If you cannot wash it in the toilet seat, wash it in the shower.

Clean the rectum and relax your body. Blood circulation is very important to reach dry orgasm. If you keep your body relaxed, your anus will be relaxed and less pain will be felt, and it will be easier for you to perform anal activity smoothly. For that, it is recommended to take a warm bath.

When you take a bath, the body temperature rises, so you can naturally relax your anal. At this time, stretching the muscles of the body by stretching etc. makes it easier to relax during the subsequent anal masturbation, so it is recommended. Keep your body warm so you can easily reach orgasm.

Massage to anal

Next, let’s massage the anal area carefully. Because the anus is wrapped

in muscle, it is very tight and stiff. Therefore, even if you suddenly try to put your fingers or goods in it, it will hurt and you will not be able to do it. Follow the steps below to loosen the anal.

① Put on a finger cot for anal
② Apply lotion to your fingers
③Lie on your bed and open your legs
④ Press your finger around the anus
⑤ Gently insert the middle finger
⑥ Massage the prostate

As mentioned above, anal is vulnerable. Wear a finger cot or latex gloves on your fingers for safety. In addition, apply lotion to your fingers to improve sliding. Then put your finger around the anal and massage.

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At this time, what kind of posture you take is important. The basic thing is to lie on your back and spread your legs greatly. This makes it easier for you to open your anal and at the same time makes it easier to insert your fingers. To put it simply, it is the same as the pose that a woman takes when she etches in a normal position.

Put your finger on the outside of the anus, rather than the anus, and press gently to apply pressure. If you repeat this for a while, the muscles around you and your temperature will gradually increase and your anus will gradually soften. When you put your finger on the anal and it seems that you can enter immediately, finally put your finger in and loosen it.

After inserting the middle finger to the first joint, slowly move the finger up/down/left/right or rotate to loosen the anal further. If your fingers move smoothly, don’t worry, it’s a sign that your anal is so soft. Put your middle finger all the way in and look for the prostate.


The position of the prostate varies from person to person, but it is approximately 5 to 8 cm from the anus entrance. Therefore, you can touch it with your finger in most cases. As a rule of thumb, the prostate should hit the belly of the finger near the base of the penis, as if the middle finger was inserted a little further into the second joint.

The prostate is on the abdominal side, so put your fingers so that your belly is as close to your stomach as possible. However, even when the finger touches the prostate, most of them do not feel anything because it is still undeveloped. Therefore, if you think that “the place where you feel good is the prostate” and put your finger in it, you will miss it.

There should be a moment when your finger hits a protrusion like a grain of rice as you insert your middle finger all the way back. That is the prostate. If you don’t know where you are, try squeezing your penis with your other hand to erection. When you erect, the prostate bulges slightly, making it easier to locate.

After locating the prostate, massage it gently with your fingers. Relaxing and breathing is important to reach orgasm. I’m not used to putting fingers in the anal, so I tend to be strong, but let’s relax by focusing on my fingers without thinking.

Do not hold your breath when you massage. Slowly inhale and exhale as if you are taking a deep breath in your abdomen. Abdominal breathing also has the effect of relaxing the body and mind, so if you repeat it many times, orgasm will gradually approach.

Use of tools

With the above method, you can reach dry orgasm by anal activity, but it should be quite difficult for beginners. Prostate massage requires special techniques and will not work for anyone at first. However, if you give up there, you will not be able to achieve your dream of dry orgasm.

To increase the success rate of anal masturbation, we recommend using sex toys. In fact, anal play isn’t as enthusiastic as it used to be, so it’s easy to get some anal goods. There are various types such as “enemagura” and “anal plug”.

Among them, “enemagura” is famous for having the best effect. I will explain more about enemagura later, but it was originally a device for prostate massage. When using Enemagura, prepare an anal lotion to help stimulate the prostate more smoothly.

It may seem scary to insert an instrument into your anus, but if your fingering techniques and body relaxation are good enough, you need not worry. We will explain in detail later how to use each equipment, so please try a sex toy for anal.

Tips for achieving dry orgasm

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As I said, dry orgasm is not easy. To succeed, it is important to be aware of the following points. Especially, if you are not relaxed, you will not reach dry orgasm, so it is important how you can feel comfortable.

・Relax your body and mind
・Learn the rhythm of deep breathing
・Try various postures
・Prevent consciousness from returning to reality

Dry orgasm is very similar to female Iki (orgasm in G-spot and portio), and you can’t reach the peak unless you’re relaxed. Breathing is important for relaxing, and it is important to get the knack of slowly taking deep breaths in your stomach.

If you feel that your breathing is getting rough, be aware of the following. First, slowly exhale while counting for 5 seconds, and at the same time open the anus. Then close your anus, breathing for 5 seconds this time. This will allow you to relax your anal by matching the breathing and anal rhythms.

The basic posture during anal masturbation is a pose in which a woman is inserted at a normal position. However, if you try various postures such as sideways or back, you may find a pose that is more comfortable. If you have a posture that makes you feel something in your prostate, make sure to focus on that pose.

Finally, it is also important that the reality does not return to consciousness. At the time of anal masturbation, I suddenly get back to myself and suddenly feel cold. If this happens, your orgasm will move away, so focus your attention on your fingers and don’t worry about anything else.

This kind of feeling is dry orgasm!

What kind of sensation do you get as dry orgasm approaches? In general, there seems to be a “white head” and “convulsions of the body”. The point is the vague feeling, which is completely different from the sharp feeling when ejaculating.

Ejaculation has a very sharp pleasure, and when it reaches the peak, it reaches all at once, and the duration is short and it cools at once. Dry orgasm is relatively vague, and it seems to be close to the pleasure of being in a state where the semen is charged just before ejaculation and the mood rises.

It can be said that dry orgasm is a feeling of uplifting before ejaculation that lasts for a long time. In other words, it’s not an obvious climax that you can say at this very moment. It lasts for a long time, but it should be noted that it is not something like “the feeling of ejaculation continues”.

Dry orgasm is the culmination of “feeling with the whole body”, not the penis. If your penis gets pounded or semen drips when you stimulate your anal, it is another anal orgasm called “Tokoroten”, not dry orgasm. Dry orgasm is a thing apart from the penis.

Another characteristic of dry orgasm is that you can’t see a clear end. Normal ejaculation is complete when the penis is dry, but dry orgasm continues as long as it lasts. Therefore, I don’t feel refreshed, but ambiguous like having a pleasant dream.

Be aware that development will take time

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Anal activity and dry orgasm are not easy to achieve. Rather, at the beginning, it seems that you may feel something strange or uncomfortable, rather than feeling good. It will take about 3 months before you can enjoy the comfort little by little.

When you start doing Anal masturbation, you will feel something of a sort of fear. It’s not so easy to get used to because you put your fingers and equipment in the place where you need to get your excrement. Even when you take suppositories and hemorrhoids, you may feel very uncomfortable.

If you have such fear, you will naturally get nervous in your body and mind, and you will not get pleasure. As a result, it is common to be disappointed when you start anal activity, saying, “I’m not comfortable at all.” It is the same even if you use enemagura, it will take time to feel comfortable.

Just because you’re starting to feel good doesn’t mean you’re going to be cool right away. From there, it is necessary to change the way the anal muscles move and the nervous system for dry orgasm. This period will take about 3 months, so it will take half a year to prepare.

About half a year after the start of anal activity, the body is finally ready for dry orgasm. From there, just repeat Anal masturbation. In this way, it is the key to successful dry orgasm that you can continue step by step little by little.

Another guideline is 20 to 25 hours until dry orgasm. For example, if you have an hour of annie once a week, you will reach orgasm after about 5-6 months. However, if you do it for 20 hours a day, it does not mean that you can do it in a day, so it is better to have the frequency about once a week.

Recommended sex toys

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“Sex Toy” is the strong ally of success for anal activity. Sex toys, also called “sex toys” or “adult goods,” are used to enhance the pleasure of masturbation and sex. Here, let’s look at the following sex toys for anal.

・Anal plug
・Butt plug
・Anal lotion

What is enemagra?

Enemagra is a product for massaging the prostate. Originally a neat medical device, it was sold in the United States under the name “Aneros”. The users reported that dry orgasm was induced in Aneros, and it spread as sex toy “enemagura”.

The enemagura has a shape similar to a penis, with a large handle at the root. This part is for manipulating the enemagra inserted in the anal freely. The insertion part is asymmetrical in the vertical direction, and one of them is curved upward.

When you do anal stimulation, apply lotion to enemagura and then insert it slowly with the cambered part facing your stomach. If you unravel your anal well in advance, you should be able to go deep into it without pressing it. If you feel pain at this time, remove the enemagura and loosen the anal again.

As I mentioned earlier, dry orgasm is completely different from ejaculation. Therefore, even if you treat enemagura with a penis squeezing sensation, the culmination does not approach. During normal masturbation, special attention is required for those who ejaculate at a stretch by spurting when ejaculation approaches.

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In order to reach dry orgasm, it is important to repeat the stimulation “slowly with a constant rhythm”. If this rhythm breaks down, the peak will move away, so it is not good with a high-speed piston like during ejaculation. If you continue to slowly and carefully move the enema gras, you will gradually begin to feel more comfortable and the orgasm approaches.

What are anal plugs and butt plugs?

An anal plug is like a plug that inserts into the anus and is also called a butt plug. It is a special sex tool and is often used mainly for expanding anal. What makes this merchandise unique is that it can be worn in everyday life.

Since the anus is very hard and small, it is necessary to perform troublesome work such as carefully massage and loosen the anus area during anal stimulation. Another problem is that if you are not used to it, you may feel pain. Therefore, the anal plug (butt plug) that expands the anal plays an important role.

The anal plug is a shape that fits easily on your hips, so you can insert it easily if you prepare well in advance. There are various materials, and it seems that there are metal as well as silicon and rubber. The procedure for insertion is very similar to doing anal stimulation.

First, clean the rectum with an enema, then apply lotion to the anal and loosen with your fingers. When it’s soft enough, apply lotion to the anal plug and insert it little by little. After that, I will carry out my daily life with the anal plug inserted.

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However, anal plugs are not always worn 24 hours a day. You should only put it in when you are awake, and remove it as needed, such as before bedtime or when you have a bowel movement. Start from about 1 hour at the beginning and within 8 hours at the longest. In addition, be sure to wash the anal plug once pulled out.

Anal beads

Anal beads also use to stimulation anal during anal masturbation by men. It is also very popular sex toy because different anal beads are given different enjoyment and pleasure for any user. If you want to use anal beads then first you choice which is better for you after that you make an order of any online website or portal such as sextoy-India.shop, etc.

If you are beginner then select simple and less beads made anal beads if you are experience user then select anyone according to your needs. Some precautions also keep in your mind such as never go fast, always apply suitable lubes before use it and always wash before and after the use of anal beads sex toy for anal masturbation.

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Anal lotion

Lotion is indispensable when doing ananny, but it is important to pay attention to its ingredients. The reason is that anal masturbation puts lotion directly into the body, and depending on the ingredients, it may make you sick. Therefore, choose “anal lotion” as much as possible.

Anal lotion is a lotion made for anal play, the big point is that it does not contain “glycerin”. Glycerin is a type of alcohol, but it is often used in lotions because it is sticky. However, glycerin can disrupt the gut.

The rectum is a surprisingly strong organ, and when lotion is applied to the anal part of it is absorbed by the body. Therefore, using lotion containing glycerin for anal may cause diarrhea. Many anal lotions are glycerin-free, so you can use them with confidence.

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In addition, anal lotions may also contain moisturizing and cosmetic ingredients to protect the anus and rectum. If you put your finger or sex toy in the anus, the intestinal wall will easily get rough, so be sure to stick to the lotion to enjoy anal activity for a long time.

Precautions for dry orgasm and anal masturbation

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Be careful not to overstimulate your prostate when doing anal masturbation. As I explained earlier, the success rate of dry orgasm and the intensity of stimulation are not related. For example, just because an enema gras inserted in your anus has been violently moved, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be good at the prostate.

Orgasm is easier to approach if you gently stroke the prostate with a constant rhythm. It’s important to note that if you’re doing it like a normal masturbation, you tend to speed up the tempo when you feel comfortable. Take your time and enjoy the pleasure.

Also, don’t touch the penis during anal masturbation. If you touch the penis, it will feel like a normal masturbation, and your dry orgasm will be far away. The trick is to forget about your penis and focus your attention on your anus and prostate when doing anal masturbation.

Finally, anal masturbation should not overdo it too often. Not to prevent poisoning, but to keep your prostate healthy. Frequent anal activity can cause inflammation and enlargement of the prostate. You may get prostate cancer as you get older, so keep anal masturbation only once a week.


This time, we introduced in detail the characteristics of dry orgasm and the anal masturbation method for orgasming with anal. It is a wonderful orgasm that can be reached by stimulating the prostate unique to men and can get the highest pleasure over and over without being a wise man.

However, in order to be able to orgasm with an anal, you need to master the correct anal masturbation method. It takes at least 3 months to feel comfortable and 6 months to reach orgasm, so be prepared to keep up the challenge.

Before doing anal masturbation, keep your rectum clean by enema and warm your body in the bath to relax. Then apply lotion to the anus and slowly loosen the anal. Insert the middle finger up to the second joint and it should touch the prostate.

The feeling of dry orgasm is completely different from ejaculation. It is not a sharp climax in a very short time like ejaculation, but it is characterized by a long uplifting feeling that makes the head pure white. Therefore, if you do it in the same manner as normal masturbation, you will not be able to reach dry orgasm well.

The trick of anal masturbation is to keep stimulating slowly with a certain rhythm. The use of sex toys such as enemagura and anal plugs is also effective, so be sure to give it a try. Master Ananny and enjoy the man’s highest cum “dry orgasm”.