Female Ejaculation methods and precautions that even beginners can do!

In this article, we will introduce in detail the methods of female ejaculation (pussy squirt) for women for men who want to improve their sex.

・Female Ejaculation
・Pussy Squirt

Female Ejaculation is often said, but there are many things that are not well understood medically. However, many people know from porn videos and the word Female Ejaculation that it is related to female orgasm.

I want to give female ejaculation to my partner! !! That’s what many men think. However, there are many men who find it extremely difficult to aim and make the tide blow, and it is not a technique that anyone can easily master Female Ejaculation.

For men who have such concerns, we will introduce Female Ejaculation techniques that can satisfy women. After reading this, you will understand the preparations, techniques, and attitudes to be able to aim for Female Ejaculation. I would like you to try this article for sex with your partner.

Blow the tide?

Not many people can answer immediately when asked, “What kind of phenomenon is Female Ejaculation?” First of all, I will answer the mechanism and question of Female Ejaculation of women that men do not know surprisingly.

There are individual differences in the feeling of Female Ejaculation among women. Some people do “Female Ejaculation with pleasure” that climaxes with strong sexual stimulation at the moment of tide and at the same time, it is only after seeing the soaked sheets after sex that they blow their tide Some women even notice what they were doing.

Female Ejaculation has different timings and feelings depending on the person. How does it work? First, I will explain the basics of Female Ejaculation.

What is the tide? Female ejaculation

The tide is a liquid released from the urethra when the erogenous zone is stimulated. Many men misunderstand pee, but strictly speaking, the tide is made of a different ingredient than urine, and pee is another liquid. There is a secretory gland called “Skein’s gland” at the position corresponding to the G spot of women, and when sexually stimulated, the skine fluid secreted from it is released through the urethra. This is the flow of Female Ejaculation.

The liquid and skine fluid secreted by female ejaculation are said to have some of the same components as the prostatic fluid secreted by the male prostate, and due to their similarities, they are sometimes called “female ejaculation.” However, the difference between female Ejaculation in females and ejaculation in males is that in females climax does not necessarily lead to female ejaculation. Some women are completely unaware that the tide has blown, and may only notice it after the sheets get wet after sex. Therefore, be aware that it does not mean that the woman was comfortable because the tide was blowing.

I can’t say “I don’t feel because I don’t blow the tide”, and I can’t say that I feel because I blow the tide. Men don’t think it’s okay if the tide blows, so try to change your mind.

Can anyone blow the tide?

Although female ejaculation and cum are not necessarily equal in women, many men want the women to blow the tide because the appearance of the women blowing the tide can be more visually exciting. However, that is not the case for all women. Some people are so sensitive that they just touch their fingers or penis, and others say they have never blown the tide.

To make the tide blow, I mainly attack the female vagina and clitoris. You can make the tide blow by devising the way of stimulation. However, if a woman who can not blow the tide can develop the tide by developing and training, this is also for each person. For some people, no matter how much development is done, the tide can’t flow.

Even if you continue to develop, some people will not get good results. However, it was too early to give up development there. It takes some time to develop Female Ejaculation. Continuing development is also meaningful in terms of making sex with partners more stimulating without rut. If you can’t find a way to play it as a result of continuing training and development of Female Ejaculation, don’t worry about it. It is recommended that we constantly develop points where we can feel comfortable with each other, as this will lead to building a relationship of trust with our partners.

How many women are blowing the tide?

As mentioned earlier, not everyone is experiencing Female Ejaculation. So how many women have ever experienced Female Ejaculation? According to the medical news and research media “Medical Tribune”, about 50% of women have female ejaculation experience with the tide. (1) Looking at media such as SNS and blogs, it is clear that women who have experience with Female Ejaculation will separate from those who do not.

Also, as you can see from the survey results that there is not much difference in the percentage of people who reach orgasm (climax) depending on the frequency of female ejaculation, it also means that female ejaculation does not become orgasm.

Considering why the false recognition of Female Ejaculation has spread, it is possible that adult video (AV) influences. The culture of watching adult videos is widespread in Japan. The appearance of making female Ejaculation flashy on a woman’s mind may burn into the mind of the man, and trying to reproduce it may make him muscular and attack the vagina strongly. However, a part of the Female Ejaculation reproduced by AV is often a “fake Female Ejaculation production” in which water is charged into a vibrator and sprayed at a timely timing, and it is not possible for anyone to achieve a flashy Female Ejaculation. There is none.

The first thing I should do is to revise my misconceptions about female ejaculation and think about how to enjoy sex that really feels good. It is best to develop female ejaculation in the process so that the opponent does not hurt. Can be said.

Female tide and male tide

Next, I will touch on “male female ejaculation” that occurs in the same way as female ejaculation for females. Female Ejaculation during sex is a phenomenon that occurs not only in women but also in men. Just as women secrete from the urethra, men also blow from the urethra. Studies have shown that the main ingredient is bladder urine (pee), and it is said that, like women, male Female Ejaculation has a feeling of liberation similar to when urinating. (2)

Female Ejaculation in men is a very special phenomenon. It is a mechanism in which the prostate is contracted and expanded by continuing to stimulate the penis after ejaculation, resulting in urine squirting. There is no health problem in the phenomenon of male ejaculation in men, and although it has individual differences like women, it is a phenomenon that can occur to anyone.

However, male Ejaculation in men seems to be rarer than female Ejaculation in women, and it is not always due to continuous stimulation of the penis. It seems that there are many men who never blow the tide no matter how much they try. However, as with women, you may feel a sense of liberation and pleasure, so if you can get the cooperation of the women, you may try it once.

What is the mechanism of Female Ejaculation?

Next, I will explain in more detail the mechanism that causes female ejaculation. We will also check the places that women should stimulate from the flow of the tide. A proper understanding of Female Ejaculation leads to more enjoyable and satisfying sex with your partner.

The fluid released by Female Ejaculation is produced by a secretory gland called the Skene gland. The location is in the upper part of the vagina, and the secretory hole is slightly below the urethra. The skeleton hole is relatively small, harder to find than the urethral meatus, and some women have no skeleton hole at all. It is said that the fact that there are holes in the Skene glands is also related to the individual differences in the people who blow the tide. In addition, it is a level that can only be confirmed by widening the female genitals to confirm. Confirmation is not mandatory, but care must be taken such as maintaining the nails of the hand so that the other woman does not hurt.

The color is colorless and transparent. Basically, it has no odor, but some urine may come out when it comes out through the urethra. The fact that the sheets may smell of urine over time is due to a small amount of urine being mixed.

By the way, there is also a secretory gland called “Bartholin gland” near the Skene gland. The Bartholin’s gland, like the Skene’s gland, receives secretions when it receives sexual stimulation. It is a slightly viscous liquid and plays an effective role as lubricating oil when it is inserted later. In this way, the female genitalia, which has several secretory glands other than the urethra, has a very complicated structure, so the male side should be careful when touching the female genitals with a gentle hand. Is the iron rule.

Is the tide coming from the urethra? Feeling before Female Ejaculation

At the moment of female ejaculation, let’s talk about where the liquid comes from. By receiving sexual stimulation, secretory fluid accumulates from the “Skein’s gland” described earlier. When the reaction of the Skene gland due to stimulation reaches the peak, it releases the skine fluid from the urethra or the vicinity of the urethral meatus. This is the female Ejaculation phenomenon in women. There are individual differences in the amount of tide, and some people only produce about 3 ml, while others produce about 400 ml (equivalent to a plastic bottle).

The sensation of female ejaculation is close to the feeling of enduring pee at once and is surrounded by a strong sense of openness. Many women who can female ejaculation will feel this sensation. However, the answer to each question is “whether orgasm is reached”. As I said, Female Ejaculation is not synonymous with orgasm. It’s too early for the men to brag that they’ve done it just because the women blow the tide. Let’s listen to the woman properly and ask if it was painful or if we can continue in the future.

Female Ejaculation is from the stimulation of G spot,

The explanation so far has revealed that the Skene glands are deeply involved in the occurrence of Female Ejaculation. The location of the Skene gland is around the upper front of the vagina. This place is the so-called “G Spot”. The name spread after the initials of the leading female organ researcher, the German obstetrician and gynecologist “Ernst Gregenberg”. The G-spot is a sensitive part of a woman’s vagina that receives stronger sexual stimulation. When a man attacks a female genitalia by hand, he often aims for this G spot.

The position of the G spot is where the middle finger of the hand is all in the vagina, and the belly of the finger is pressed upward from there. The trick is to find a place to catch when you bend the second joint of the middle finger and pull it a little. If you are aware of this catch, you can smoothly hit the female G spot. When sexual arousal is increased by stimulating the G-spot, the woman reaches orgasm or stimulates the skine glands and blows the tide.

Also, assuming that the G spot is located in the vagina, the clitoris is located on the front side. When caressing the female genitals, it is possible to give a stronger pleasure by stimulating the G spot with your hand and licking Christris with your mouth. In this way, the skeletal glands, which are the origin of Female Ejaculation, are densely packed with erogenous zones such as G spots and clitoris, and although there are individual differences, it is easier to achieve Female Ejaculation by attacking these two points.

Female Ejaculation method that even beginners can do

As explained above, although there are individual differences, the Skene glands, which are secretory glands, expand due to stimulation of the erogenous zones such as G spots and clitoris, and female ejaculation phenomenon can occur.

Now that we understand the mechanism of Female Ejaculation, I will explain how to actually do Female Ejaculation so that even beginners can try it now. If you haven’t seen female Ejaculation in females yet, or if you’re new to female ejaculation and want to find new sex fun with female ejaculation, here’s what to do.

From pre-sex preparation to foreplay such as caressing a woman, we move on to stimulate the vagina and G-spot. We will also introduce here in detail the places that should be stimulated.


First, prepare for sex. It’s okay to go to a hotel, but you should have some preparation when doing it at home. Sheets are essential. When the amount of Female Ejaculation goes out more than I expected, the bed gets quite wet. It’s nice to think of it as women’s love juice, but considering cleaning and washing later, it’s a wise choice to have one sheet that is easy to replace and can be dirty. It is also effective to leave a bath towel nearby. When it comes to production in a bed that is still wet, when the tide hits a woman’s back, it may feel cold and you may not be able to concentrate on sex. Keeping a bath towel nearby will help you to quickly wipe it when there is a large amount of Female Ejaculation.

Of course, keep condoms, tissues, and other consumables in stock so that they will not run out. Especially sex without condoms disappoints women. Some people will refuse sex, so be sure to remember to prepare. Also, prepare adult toys such as lotions and rotors if necessary. In some cases, a rotor or electric machine may be more effective for female ejaculation than a manual attack. It’s not required, but it’s okay to have one if you’re interested.

Don’t forget to cut your nails and keep them short. The female genitals are not only a strong place for erogenous zones, but also sensitive to pain. Don’t forget to care for your nails as a minimum manner.

Caress firmly

When I’m ready, I’ll start with foreplay, but it’s nonsense to suddenly attack the vagina. Start with a kiss, then caress your body to increase the excitement of the other woman. The aim is to attack the vagina at the end, to relax the woman, increase sensitivity and wet the vagina.

There are various places to caress. You can attack everywhere such as ears, neck muscles, chest, nipples, waist, buttocks. It is good to focus on what you feel more while listening to the reaction of the other party. By gradually lowering the part to be caressed from the top to the bottom, the excitement of women will increase.

If you put a kiss in between, you’ll be more excited and excited. Caress is important to spend time carefully in the foreplay of sex. Women have a sense of fulfillment and happiness in being treated carefully. First, try to caress and express your affection. When the excitement increased, we finally moved on to the approach to female genitals.

Stimulate G spot

When enough foreplay is over, it’s time to attack the vagina to make the tide blow. The main spot to attack in the vagina is the G spot. First of all, we will start from confirming the location of G Spot. If you put your middle finger in the vagina and then bend the second joint upward, you may feel that you are caught in the upper part. That is the position of the G spot. Next, press your finger pad against the G spot and watch the other person’s reaction, while gradually stimulating it so that you can scratch it toward you. The point is to press the G spot without changing the position of the finger and to stimulate it only by the movement of the wrist. At this time, the excessive scratching motion often seen in AV may cause pain to the female partner. It is good to gradually increase the pace while watching the reaction and paying attention.

It may be effective to apply pressure not only with the middle finger but also with the ring finger together with two fingers. When using two fingers, insert the middle finger with the ring finger on top of each other before insertion and narrow the width to insert it smoothly without causing pain to the female partner. Once you are firmly in the vagina, you can put your two fingers back in line and there is no problem. Let’s find the position of the G spot and attack.

Place to stimulate

There are mainly two places that should be stimulated for female ejaculation. G spot and clitoris. The location of the G spot is located 3-5 cm above the vagina, as described above. Also, some women will be female ejaculation by stimulating the clitoris, so if you attack the place other than the G spot, it is good to remember as clitoris.

The clitoris is said to be the same as the glans in men, and the clitoris of a woman also erects like a man does. The position of the clitoris is located at the tip of the labia minora (the part of the virabilla) that surrounds it. Some men often mistake it for the urethral opening, but be careful not to make a mistake because the urethral opening is under the clitoris.

Recommendation is to attack G spot and clitoris at the same time. Strong pleasure can be given by attacking both the clitoris and the G-spot, which are strong erogenous zones. Even in the fellatio for men, if the glans are licked while the pole is being squeezed by the hand, strong excitement and pleasure will often spread. Similarly, when attacking female genitals, both G spot and clitoris attacks are often effective, so please give it a try.

Recommended toys for Female Ejaculation

We will also introduce toys (adult goods) recommended for Female Ejaculation. If you are not good at female ejaculation with just your fingers, or if you want to make more female ejaculation, please check it out.

Vibrator for women

Since the vibrator is basically a toy for insertion, it is easy to pinpoint and stimulate yourself at the G spot position. In addition, since many of them have a swinging tip that stimulates on the surface, you can stimulate while vibrating the vagina evenly. A multivibrator that can stimulate the vagina and clitoris at the same time. You can also pinpoint the G-spot by adjusting the angle. The rod part vibrates as it expands and contracts, so if you push it all the way to the inside, you can reach the portio-sensitive zone that is the entrance to the uterus.

Small rotor

A stylish small rotor that looks like an egg. After all squirting requires stimulation to the clitoris. By stimulating the G-spot with your finger, etc. and stimulating the clitoris with this egg-shaped vibrator, the path to squirting will be somewhat easier.

Penis Female Ejaculation?

It is also possible to make the tide blow by the penis stimulating the G spot. This is the so-called “saddle tide” technique. This is not a technique that anyone can learn immediately because it is more difficult than female Ejaculation with fingers and is also affected by the ease of female Ejaculation with a woman. However, if you can get a tide like Naka Iki, sex will be very exciting, so it is worth trying.

Penis incidence angle

When aiming for a tide, it is important to be aware of the “incident angle of the penis”. A famous AV actor describes the trick when inserting a penis as “via G-spot/porto”. Stimulating with the image of hitting the glans of the penis on the G spot is the point to succeed in the tide. In order to reach the glans to the G spot, it is important to have a proper posture to determine the right incident angle.


The cowgirl position can effectively stimulate the female G-spot depending on the device. The trick is that a woman holds her hand backwards when she is in a woman on top posture, and is in a position to bend her body. In the vagina when the body is warped, the warped penis has a moderate incident angle, the glans easily hits the G spot, and it becomes easier for female ejaculation. One of the merits of cowgirl is that women can take the initiative and stimulate themselves at their own pace.

Suspension bridge

A position called “suspension bridge” where a woman is in a position close to a bridge. A woman will have a normal position with an M-shaped spread. Men sit with their knees inside the legs of a woman’s legs. Or you may be standing on your knees. From there, lift the woman’s waist and place the woman’s ass on her knees to complete the “suspension bridge” position, where the woman is close to the bridge. As for the suspension bridge, the tip of the penis makes it easy to pinpoint the G spot, which helps Female Ejaculation.

Techniques and Tips for Female Ejaculation

So far, I have introduced the method of Female Ejaculation, but I will explain techniques and tips to make female Ejaculation easier for women. It’s a must-see for men who have tried various methods but can’t quite make women ejaculate. Please use this as a reference if there is a technique you have not heard yet.

Position for easy female ejaculation

Introducing the postures that make it easier for female ejaculation. In addition to finger technique, posture is an important factor for successful female ejaculation. Female Ejaculation can be used to guide a woman smoothly during sex by remembering a position that makes it easy for female ejaculation.

M-shaped spread legs

The M-leg is the most popular position when a woman is female ejaculation. There are several ways, such as lying on the bed and being in the normal position to have the legs open, or sitting on a chair or sofa and having the legs open. You can ask the woman what position you like, or let the man gently guide you. Depending on the woman, it may be effective to put a pillow under the waist and keep the waist floating to attack the G spot, so please try it.

Crawling on all fours

The position used for Female Ejaculation next to M-legs when you have to crawl on all fours in the back. When you insert your finger from the back, the position of G-spot is opposite to the normal position. Bend your finger downwards to make a G-spot, so be careful not to make a mistake.

Hydration to prepare for easier female ejaculation

Female Ejaculation comes out of a woman’s body and should be well hydrated before beginning. Therefore, it is important for women to hydrate with water and sports drinks when preparing for sex. No matter how good the technique of fingers or penis is, and the G spot can be properly stimulated, if the body does not have enough water to blow the tide, men’s efforts will be meaningless. Excessive water from the body can improve the body environment that facilitates female ejaculation.

It is also important from a health perspective to rehydrate. A woman with a large amount of female ejaculation will gush out many glasses of water at a time. There is also a risk that you may get dehydrated during sex and become ill. Especially for women who are constitutionally prone to female ejaculation, we recommend that you drink plenty of water before sex. It’s not bad to be hydrated during sex, but considering that the heat of excitement cools down, it’s best to have them hydrated before the performance.

Notes when you want to make female ejaculation

I have summarized the points to note when you want to do Female Ejaculation. From the preparation stage of sex, we will review what you need to be aware of when actually inserting your finger or penis, and we will check how to make female ejaculation successful while having satisfactory sex that does not hurt women. I will.

・Prepared sheets that can be dirty in anticipation of getting the bed wet
・Provides sufficient water to make the body condition easier for female ejaculation
・Sufficient affection expression in foreplay such as kissing and caressing the whole body
・Intense stimulation to the G spot ・It is NG that it scratches too strongly

If you know in advance that a woman is prone to female ejaculation, you may want to choose another place, such as a hotel, instead of home. It is better to choose an environment where you can concentrate on sex without worrying about getting dirty, rather than cleaning the room after cleaning it.

Before sex, make sure the woman is well hydrated and brought to a condition in the body that facilitates female ejaculation. At the foreplay stage, take time to kiss and caress your body, so that women can get wet and female ejaculation is easier.

When attacking the vagina, the stimulus that is too intense and too intense like AV is NG. A woman would be too poor if it just hurts and ends up without reaching orgasm, not even Female Ejaculation. First of all, it is a constant practice to gently stimulate and gradually increase the pace to attack. It is recommended to apply gradual stimulation to your fingers. Considering the above points, the minimum environment for female ejaculation will be successful. After that, let’s develop G-spot while watching the reaction of women.

Compassion for the opponent rather than having female ejaculation

I have explained the techniques and precautions for making female ejaculation, but at the end I will tell you the important points. That is, “it is important to be considerate of the other person.” It’s not bad to have the desire to make female ejaculation, but it’s not good to be too focused on female ejaculation. It is important to listen to the woman’s reaction and make an appropriate call to see if the other person is hurt or not feeling bad. Especially for women who are still in the process of pioneering Female Ejaculation, we must definitely avoid the pain and continue. Let’s make a proper decision for men, not to miss the sign that women hurts, and also to interrupt the act of Female Ejaculation on the way.

It is important to be aware that sex is a way to make each other feel good and that it is a communication tool to help you get along. As with conversation, sex should always be thoughtful of the other person. That way, you can avoid the risk of getting caught up in Female Ejaculation and having sex with yourself. The time of having fun sex is an act that can only be realized when there is a partner. Having such gratitude will help maintain a smooth sexual life.


This time, as a method of blowing the tide that men must see, I comprehensively explained about Female Ejaculation methods including Female Ejaculation mechanism, things to prepare with sex, and foreplay.

A proper understanding of Female Ejaculation will determine what you should prepare for sex, such as how Female Ejaculation occurs and how Female Ejaculation varies from woman to woman. Beginning with enough foreplay in production, Female Ejaculation approaches success by being aware of appropriate stimulation and force control for the G spot. In addition, it is possible to create an environment in which it is easy for women to female Ejaculation by devising their posture and hydration.

The necessary attitude is compassion for the other person. If you focus only on female ejaculation, you may not notice that the woman is in pain, and the sex itself may not rise and both men and women may get cold. Let’s use Female Ejaculation as a way to boost sex as a communication. If you want to realize Female Ejaculation, which should be called a man’s desire, I would like you to try this article as a reference.