Men must see this! The difference between good and bad Fingering

Fingering (finger-banging) is a well-known foreplay technique that involves using your fingers to caress a woman’s genitals. If done well, it can make a girl cum before penetration. For this reason, many men try their best at Fingering, but unfortunately many women are not very good at it because they often have problems with the way they do it and it can be a painful experience.

Due to the influence of pornography and other media, many men think that fingering should be done in a crunching motion as fast as possible, but in fact, the correct way to do it is the opposite. In fact, the opposite is true. The vagina of a woman is delicate, so the key to fingering is to be gentle with it, not rough with it. So, in this article, we will explain in detail about fingering methods and techniques that can really make a woman feel good.

What is good Fingering that makes a woman feel good?

In fact, it’s not surprising that many women want their boyfriends to do fingering. This is because while men love fingering, they often lack the technique and manners to do it. However, many women can’t tell their boyfriends that they want them to stop if they can. Surely, you would be happy if the girl you love reached orgasm with your Fingering. But that doesn’t mean that fingering isn’t about making a woman cum or squirt.

A woman’s ideal fingering is above all something that “makes her feel good” – in other words, something that doesn’t hurt. In other words, it’s the kind of fingering that makes women feel good without pain. If a man aims to make a woman cum from the start, it will never be pleasant for her. Moreover, it’s hard for a woman to say that it doesn’t feel good or that it hurts when she sees a man trying so hard to make her cum. So, what does feel-good fingering look like in the first place?

Taking the time to carefully caress a woman is what fingering is all about, which is the ideal for women. It’s not about making her cum, but rather caring for the girl and treating her female genitals with care and consideration, not just to make her feel good. Female orgasms have a strong connection to the psyche, so when a girl can tell that she is being treated gently by a man, she naturally feels better. In order to treat the female genitals with care, it is necessary to move your fingers slowly and gently stimulate the sexual organs.

What is Fingering?

Fingering” is a caressing technique that involves “fiddling with the female genitals with your hands. It is done as a foreplay before penetration during sex to loosen and wet the woman’s genitals so that they can move smoothly after penetration. In particular, it is often used to stimulate major sexual areas, such as the clitoris and G-spot, or combined with other techniques, such as cunnilingus.

Fingering involves stimulating the pre-familiarized female genitalia by fingering it or inserting a finger into the vagina. Therefore, it is a very effective technique when done as a “preparation” before insertion. For example, if the vagina is well acclimatized by foreplay, it will produce plenty of love juice (vaginal secretion) and improve slipperiness, which will reduce pain and allow for smoother movement after insertion. In addition, stimulating the genitals also increases sensitivity, which makes it easier for a girl to come after insertion.

However, in recent years, it seems that Fingering is increasingly being done “to make you cum” rather than “to prepare” in advance. If the goal is to make a woman have an orgasm, it often causes her more pain than pleasure. Many men mistakenly believe that moving fast and hard will make a woman come, so they move their fingers hard to scratch out their vagina. This is a big step away from what women think of as “good fingering”.

What is a woman’s idea of good fingering?

So what is the ideal of “good fingering” for a woman? Most of all, women want to feel good and safe. However, just because pleasure is important doesn’t mean you have to make her come. Women don’t have to reach orgasm to feel good enough to do so. In other words, a good fingering is one that has “pleasure” in mind, not “climax”.

There are three major sexual zones in the vagina: the clitoris, the G-spot, and the portia. In fact, Fingering is a technique that can make a girl feel good by stimulating all of these sexual zones. In other words, you can blame the outer clitoris and the inner G-spot/porchio at the same time. The girl wants these stimulations to give her a good feeling and make her wet before inserting herself. We’ll take a closer look at detailed blaming techniques and methods later on.

In addition, mental support is also very important in Fingering. The vagina is a very sensitive and important part of the body, so it can be unsettling for a woman to have even a thin finger inside her, even if it is a thin finger. On the other hand, when you see a man working hard, it’s hard to say if something is wrong. This is why it is important to treat your female genitals with care and attention to detail and gentleness, as well as to take care of your woman. Keeping the nails of the hand that enters the vagina trimmed and clean is also a minimum of etiquette for good fingering.

The big difference between bad and good fingering

The main difference between good fingering and poor fingering is the way you move your hands. As mentioned above, if you think about making a girl cum from the start, you will move your fingers wildly and cause her pain. In other words, it is “poor fingering” to move your fingers wildly in order to make a girl come, and to cause her pain. In fact, many men are not very confident in their penetration times and tend to try to satisfy their women as much as possible with foreplay.

It’s important to keep a woman satisfied with foreplay, as shorter insertion times tend to reduce her satisfaction. However, if your desire to satisfy a woman is flailing, you will end up with poor fingering. Especially if you practice the wrong sex technique you learned in porn, you will aim to squirt with fast fingering that makes you scratch out. This is the kind of violent, porn-inspired fingering that women find the worst, and it can be really painful for them, so be careful.

On the contrary, a characteristic of good fingering is to stimulate a girl’s sensitive parts by carefully moving your fingers. For example, when you stimulate the G-spot, you don’t scrape it out, but you push and shake it as if you were massaging it. Instead of trying to replicate the movements of your genitals, you try to give them pleasure with movements that only a delicate finger can make. When it comes to orgasms and squirting, they don’t actively aim for it, but rather think of it as “If I come, I’m lucky. The big difference between good fingering and poor fingering is such “awareness”.

Needed points to remember when fingering</h3

There are many things to keep in mind when fingering a girl, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is compassion. To begin with, the purpose of foreplay in sex is to “make your partner feel good”. Before you learn the technique, you have to think about what’s important to make your partner feel good, or you won’t be able to do foreplay well. The following three points should be followed at a minimum

Clean your hands.
Handle vaginas gently.
Move your fingers slowly.

The first thing you want to keep in mind is to clean your hands and cut your nails short. For example, keep your nails trimmed on the day you go on a date and wash your hands clean before you start having sex after you go out. Female genitals are delicate anyway, so it’s easy for nails to get scratched when they hit them. In addition, germs on your hands can cause an infection if they get on the wound. Therefore, make sure to cut your nails short and wash your hands well when you are likely to be fingering.

Be careful not to handle your female genitals gently or you will cause your woman pain. Many men think that it’s better to move as fast and as hard as possible, whether it’s foreplay or penetration, but in fact, the opposite is true. The biggest trick to caressing a woman is to do it gently and carefully, above all else. If you keep this in mind, it will be easier to make a girl cum. In other words, keeping your hands clean and handling your female genitals with care is the least you can do.

I really want to make a woman feel good!

If you really want to make a girl feel good about herself through fingering, forget about the fingering techniques you learned in adult videos first. This is true for both Japanese and Western productions. Basically, pornography is a fictionalized version of a man’s fantasy and is far removed from reality. That doesn’t mean that pornography is bad; it’s fine to enjoy pornography, but it’s important to separate it from actual sex.

Most of the scenes that often appear in porn are staged to get men excited. For example, high speed fingering is not only painful when it’s done, but it can damage the vaginal walls and vagina. There are many other scenes in pornography that could be perceived as roughing up a woman. Moreover, there are quite a few men who practice it, which can cause women to be resistant to fingering. Because you want to make girls feel good, don’t let pornography fool you into treating women with respect.

To be a good Fingering.

Fingering is surprisingly difficult, so you need to learn a variety of techniques to make a girl feel good about herself. However, even if you’re only good at technique, it’s useless if you don’t have basic manners.

Keep your hands clean.
Always treating women with kindness.
Cut and file the nails short.
Create an atmosphere to put women at ease.
Verbal communication to confirm.

Keep your hands clean

Be sure to clean your hands when Fingering. Your hands are like an incubator for bacteria and viruses, and they are especially unhygienic after you go out. Moreover, the female genitals are very delicate and susceptible to these bacteria and viruses. If you begin foreplay without washing your hands, germs can enter the vagina and cause nasty infections. Particularly dangerous is getting scratches around the vagina area and inside the vagina, and germs can enter through them.

Some infections can be serious, such as some serious ones that can lead to infertility in the worst case scenario, and there are significant risks with unclean hands. Therefore, always wash your hands clean with soap, hand soap, etc. before foreplay. It’s never too much, especially during times of concern about the risk of contagious diseases and infections, to be careful enough to wash your hands with soap to the crevices of your nails. This is important, so be sure to follow it.

You may also be doing “anal blaming,” which involves putting your finger in the anus, but be extra careful if you do. Countless germs live around the anus and E. coli bacteria live in the large intestine that can cause infection. For this reason, never wash your hands clean after touching the anal area before touching the vagina. It is safe to take more careful measures, such as wearing latex gloves or finger sacks for anal assault, and making sure that only clean fingers are allowed in the vagina.

Gentleness is always maxed out

The most important thing to keep in mind when Fingering is to always be gentle and considerate. Without this, it would be impossible to perform foreplay well. As mentioned above, gentle caressing of the female genitals is essential to make a girl feel good. Even without the awareness of roughing it up, fast fingering can be a rough act for women. Gentleness in “putting yourself in the girl’s shoes” is important for successful fingering.

Just as the penis and testicles are important to a man, the vagina and uterus are irreplaceable to a woman. Girls are very reluctant to have their genitals damaged and dislike men who do so. Moreover, unlike men, women’s sexual activity involves the act of having a foreign object put inside them. Even if it’s a much thinner finger than a penis, a woman feels uneasy about it.

These sensations may be difficult for men to understand. But at the very least, men need to understand that women have a lot of anxiety when it comes to sex. A good fingering is able to relieve that anxiety as much as possible, create a safe atmosphere, and make a girl feel good about herself. Let’s be gentle and relieve women’s anxiety.

Nails should be deep and sanded as a matter of course

As mentioned above, a woman’s vagina or vagina is very delicate and can be easily damaged by even the slightest irritation. Even if you handle it carefully, your fingernail can hurt the walls of the vagina if it hits the walls of the vagina. Since germs can easily enter through the wound, it is best to avoid fiddling with the vagina with an extended nail as much as possible. Therefore, be sure to cut your fingernails short when fingering. Ideally, the nails should be deep enough that you can barely see the white part of the nail.

However, simply cutting your nails deep is actually not enough. The corners remain after the nails are cut, and even when they hit the vagina or vaginal wall, they can cause pain and injury. The file that comes with your nail clippers will suffice, so make sure that the corners of your nails are clean and smooth. In addition, it is perfect to file not only the corners but also around the middle to create a nice round shape and smooth out any crunchy surface areas.

Also, be sure to remove any “whispers” where the skin around the nail as well as the nail protrudes. A whisper is a type of dry nail that is hard and can be painful when it hits your genitals. However, pulling out a whisker is not a good idea, as it can also damage normal skin and make it worse. Use a nail clipper to cut the sting from the root. You can move the nail against your own skin and lips and as long as it doesn’t catch or hurt, it’s fine.

Creating an atmosphere is the most important thing


Don’t forget that creating an atmosphere to help a girl relax is an important part of fingering. In order for a girl to feel good during sex, it is important to relax mentally. A woman’s sexual organs will not become more sensitive unless all the muscles in her body are relaxed to some degree. However, if your mind is unsettled due to anxiety and fear, your body will also become tense and hard.

Therefore, in order to make a woman feel comfortable in Fingering, you must first create an atmosphere that allows the girl to relax mentally. The biggest reason why girls get nervous is anxiety about sex. As I mentioned earlier, women are in a position to be inserted, so they are anxious about sexual activity with a new partner or a partner they are not yet used to. Fingering, in particular, is often a concern for girls.

A man who is good at Fingering can help a woman relax by creating a safe atmosphere. For example, they can get you in the mood for a good meal or a fun story before moving on to sex, or they can give you gentle inclusions and good tit-busting beforehand. In this way, girls will feel that this person is kind to them and that they can have sex with them in a safe manner, which makes it easier for them to feel fingering.

Verbal communication as well

There are many similarities to the previous item, but it’s also important to communicate verbally to help women with their concerns, and while many women are uncomfortable with the way Fingering is done and the discomfort and pain is a concern, it’s hard to point out when you see a man who’s into it. You will not be able to. This means that many women put up with pain, but this does not allow them to enjoy sex with each other.

Therefore, always try to observe the woman and use verbal communication if necessary. For example, if a girl looks like she’s in pain, say, “Are you okay? And when I ask, “Does it hurt?” or when I put my finger in, “Does it hurt? And so on. If the man asks you about it, it makes it easier for the woman to tell you if there is a problem. Men should also like to hear your opinion and feedback, as it makes it easier for them to take advantage of it next time.

Of course, don’t forget to not only check up on your body, but also to say sweet words like “you’re cute” and “I love you”. When you try to say kind words, it can help you to relax mentally and increase your sensitivity. As a result, you’ll be able to make your girl feel more comfortable; a good Fingering man never fails to communicate with his partner verbally during sex.

Specific Fingering Techniques

Now that we’ve looked at the basic mind-set, we’re going to discuss the actual techniques for fingering. The following seven steps should make you feel good about your girl, so let’s master the fingering techniques one by one

– Touching the girl impatiently on top of her pants or shorts
Stroking the center of the delicate zone with your fingertips.
Caressing the clitoris and surrounding area
Remove your underwear and stimulate your labia
Slowly inserting a finger into the vagina
Caressing the G-spot and the vagina
Continue slowly while watching the woman’s reaction.

Over pants and shorts, scorching from the thighs

It’s important to stimulate and impatience your underwear first, rather than just suddenly going to the clitoris, vagina or other sexual areas. This is the same for many other techniques, not just Fingering, but during foreplay, “impatience” first increases sensitivity. Being impatient increases the thrill of wondering when you’re going to touch me, and that mental arousal activates your sexual organs and makes you feel good.

When Fingering, don’t suddenly take off your pants and shorts, but try to touch your thighs and inner thighs, which are close to your genitals. Touching your thighs and inner thighs will give you a thrilling sensation and make you feel good. This is an area that is easy for men to feel, so it may be easier to imagine. A feather touch, touch or no touch, will make a girl tingle.

Then, caress the clitoris and vagina area over your pants or shorts. At this point, you don’t need to touch the sexual area exactly. Just caressing about the area, girls will feel that they are being tortured and get excited. However, you should not touch them in a sticky way or caress them too hard. Feather touch is very important, so be sure to keep your touch just short of touching.

Gently touch the I-zone


After you’ve scalded your vagina area with your underwear, gently stroke your I-zone with your fingertips. The “I-zone” is the middle line or “cleft” of the delicate zone. Use your index, middle and ring fingers to stroke back and forth across the I-zone with your fingertips. Again, a feather touch is important, so don’t touch it sticky or caress it hard.

At this time, try to avoid touching the clitoris as much as possible and save it for later. By impatiently touching the clitoris, you can make the technique even more effective in this later step. In addition to caressing with three fingers, you can also use your fingertips and palms to massage the labia majora and labia minora with your fingertips and palms. The labia minora are the lip-like area around the vagina and the labia majora are the areas that extend further out.

When caressing the I-zone and labia, you should have an extra hand on your other hand. Therefore, it is effective to caress the vagina area with one hand while simultaneously caressing the breasts and nipples with the other hand. Lightly licking your earlobes and neck with your tongue is also stimulating. The trick to good Fingering is to stimulate not only the genitals but also other parts of the body at the same time and make them feel different parts of the body. This will increase the sensitivity of the vagina along with the other sexual zones.

Blame the clitoris and surroundings

Once a woman begins to feel good, the next step is to attack the clitoris and the area around it. If she starts to make noises or breathe heavily, it’s a sign that the pleasure is increasing, so keep a close eye on your partner. Keep your underwear still on as you stimulate your clitoris. First, use your middle or index finger to stimulate your clitoris by pressing on it and moving it up and down and side to side with your middle or index finger.

At this point, it is important to only gently caress it. At this stage, the clitoris is not yet ready, so stimulating it too hard may cause pain. While the clitoris is a very sensitive sexual area, it is also a sensitive and vulnerable area, so it is important to wet it thoroughly to reduce friction. As you continue to caress it for a while, your underwear will gradually become damp.

Once your pants and shorts are wet, gradually slide your hand into them and check to see if your vagina is moist. When you find that it is sufficiently wet, put some of that love juice on your fingers and use it as a lotion to caress the I-zone directly. When you’re at the stage where the love juice is coming out, your sexual organs will start to get ready and you’ll feel more comfortable than the pain. Cooing and caressing your clitoris will make it even wetter, so it’s time to take off your underwear.

Stimulation tracing around the large and small labia

Once your underwear is off and your vagina is well visible, caress your I-zone in the same way you did before. In particular, use your middle or index finger to stroke your labia with your middle or index finger up and down and back and forth, especially at the labia minora and the outer labia. If you put your finger in immediately after you become wet, the vagina will become tense again, so keep stimulating the outside for a little while.

Again, do not rub hard or move your fingers quickly, but gently stroke them around. Use one hand to massage other parts of your body to increase your overall sensitivity. Occasionally ask, “Does that feel good? Does it hurt? and see how the woman responds, and look for ways to move your hands and rhythms that make you feel good. Continue with a few motions that will help the girl feel comfortable, for example, stimulating the entire labia minora and clitoris while drawing circles.

Then it’s time to get ready to insert your fingers. Tracing the area near the vulva of the labia minora, move it up and down and in a circular motion to loosen it up. Be careful not to squirm and caress it like in a porno, as this will cool down the excitement that has been building up. Once the labia have been stimulated, the woman is ready to start inserting her fingers into the vagina.

Insert slowly into the vagina


Once the woman’s body is ready, insert your fingers and go into full-blown Fingering. Start by slowly inserting your middle finger into the vagina with your palm facing upward. At this point, make sure your vagina is sufficiently wet. If it feels dry, it will most likely hurt if you just put your finger in, so caress your clitoris just a little bit more before trying again. Once your finger is in, continue to slowly progress to the back.

The deeper your finger goes in, the less good it is, so don’t force it in. Once your middle finger is in, bring it back to the vulva while keeping the belly of your finger against the top of the vaginal wall. At this point, the angle at which you insert your finger is very important. As explained earlier, be sure to keep the palms of your hands facing upward, with the belly of your fingers facing the woman’s belly button. Be aware that a change in orientation may cause the woman to feel pain.

The reason for pointing the belly of the fingers toward the woman’s abdomen is to reduce the possibility of damaging the vaginal wall with the nail and to make it easier to probe the G-spot. If you put your fingers downward, not only will your fingernails be painful, but the walls of the vagina may be damaged and bleed. Also, don’t repeatedly caress the entrance area when you bring your finger back to the vulva. This area is vulnerable, so it is more effective to actively caress the vagina after you’ve inserted your finger into it.

Grasp the shape of the G-spot and vagina

Stimulation of the G-spot is essential if you want to really make a girl feel good during Fingering. However, in order to caress the G-spot, you need to find a place first, and if you take the time to do so, your excitement may cool down.You don’t necessarily need to stimulate this place during Fingering, but it’s also true that the better you can do it, the better you’ll make your girl feel good. So, you should know how to find the G-spot.

First, insert your middle finger into the vagina as you did before, but stop when the second joint enters the vulva. Then, bend your middle finger joint so that the belly of your finger is against the vaginal wall. While in this position, move your fingers from side to side as if you were gently rubbing against it, and explore. It should feel rough and unique and touch an area that is different from the rest of the body. That’s the G-spot, so try to remember where it is.

The G-spot is actually the “urethral sponge”, which is not a very narrow point like the clitoris, but to some extent, it seems to be a wide area.The location of the G-spot varies from person to person, so you should always look for it when you first caress your partner’s spot. Nevertheless, it often feels a little swollen as sexual arousal increases, so you should be able to find it quickly once you get used to it, and we’ll talk more about how to attack the G-spot later on.

Take it slow and watch your woman’s reaction


After the finger is safely inside the vagina, you can stimulate it more and more to further increase your arousal, but you need to be careful how you move your finger. Many men rotate their fingers around like a drill after inserting them into the vagina, but don’t do so. However, it is best not to do this. Rotating the fingers causes the nail to hit the vaginal wall, which can be painful for the woman. After inserting your fingers, stay calm and focus on blaming the G-spot.

Once the G-spot is located, continue stimulating the G-spot while watching the woman’s reaction. The caressing process itself is very simple: just slowly press and stroke the entire G-spot. However, you must be careful not to stimulate it too hard. Even if the man thinks he is not using much force, it can be strong for the woman. Especially when the excitement is high, the force tends to be strong, so be sure to adjust it while watching the woman’s reaction.

As mentioned above, the G-spot is a type of urethral sponge, so when you press on it, it feels like holding back a pee, which is a pleasant sensation and makes the vagina even wetter. Therefore, if you are stimulating the G-spot and it becomes even wetter, you can rest assured that the caress is successful. However, unlike the clitoris, the G-spot is also a sexual area that is difficult to get comfortable with without development, so it will need to be developed if the woman is not used to it.

Fingering to cum?

We’ve looked at the basic techniques and methods, but is it really possible to make a girl cum with just Fingering? In conclusion, it is possible enough. However, there are two methods of orgasm, “external come” and “internal come”, and three sexual zones as follows.


Stimulation of these three sexual zones can make a girl cum. However, there are different types of orgasms: the clitoris is external come, and the G-spot and porthole are medium come. Let’s take a look at each of these strategies to make a woman come in all three sexual zones.

External come on the clitoris

The most basic method of Fingering to make you cum is still “external come” on the clitoris. Since the clitoris is the sexual zone outside the vagina, orgasms here are called external come or “clitoral orgasms,” and they are the first orgasm that beginners should aim for because they don’t require a finger to explore the vagina like the G-spot or porthole. However, the clitoris needs to be stimulated correctly to make you cum.

The main thing to make the clitoris come is to keep gently caressing it; please note that it is out of the question for a girl to squirm her clitoris while moving her fingers in and out like in porn, as it is too painful. As you caress, move your finger in a circular motion while gently touching the “I zone” with your index or middle finger. Gradually reduce the circular motion and stimulate the clitoris by moving your finger up and down around the clitoris.

Also, the clitoris is covered with a foreskin, but it is best not to use your fingers to remove the skin. As arousal increases and the clitoris becomes erect, the skin will naturally come off, exposing the glans penis. Then wet the hardened glans with enough love juice to stimulate the glans clitoris, either by rolling it between your fingers or by gently rubbing it with your finger. The clitoris seems to come more easily if the woman repeats what feels good to her rather than applying a variety of stimulation.

Come inside at the G-spot

As mentioned above, the G-spot is a sexual area located a short distance from the vulva. It is called “medium come” because the orgasm here occurs in the vagina. However, it is difficult to make a man come easily, so technique is required. Furthermore, depending on your physical condition, you may not be able to reach orgasm by any means, so be careful not to push a woman too hard.

The G-spot can be touched by bending your middle finger up to the second joint, and if you find a roughness or bulge characteristic of the G-spot, you can massage it with your fingertips by pressing lightly. You don’t need any unusual techniques, just sustained, sustained pressure on the entire G-spot. This will give you an intense sensation as if you were holding back urination.

As you continue to stimulate, the pleasure will increase rapidly and you will reach orgasm with a sensation similar to a strong urge to urinate. Also, if the Fingering of the G-spot is successful, a male ejaculation-like phenomenon called “squirting” occurs, but it does not necessarily mean that you will squirt because you came inside. If your body twitches or loses strength, it’s a sign that you’ve come inside, so check on your woman and blame the G-spot.

Portuce in the middle with a porcupine

The “Portiocele” is a sexual area that you may not be familiar with, but it is located further back than the aforementioned G-spot. The portio is the cervix and is located at the very back of the vagina. Unlike the G-spot, the Portio is round and cocky to the touch, like the mouth of an octopus, and should be relatively easy to recognize if you can touch it. However, you can’t usually reach it with your finger deep enough to stimulate it with Fingering.

The location of the portico is different for everyone, but the location can vary greatly depending on your physical condition, your menstrual cycle, and your state of arousal at the time. Particularly as the pleasure of sex increases, the portio goes down along with the uterus, and as with the G-spot, put your middle finger in with the palm of your hand facing upwards and proceed deep until your fingertips touch the portio. After you touch it, stroke or press it gently to loosen it up. Keep your fingers facing and caressing so that you don’t claw them.

Then try moving your hand up and down in small increments in a steady rhythm to shake the portia. This will make it feel like your entire uterus is shaking and will give you a pleasant sensation deep inside your body. You can also try placing a finger around the base of the porthole and stimulating it as if you were pushing into it. Keep an eye on your partner and continue with the movements that make you feel good.

Orgasms on the portio can provide even deeper pleasure than the G-spot. On the other hand, it often doesn’t feel good at all when it’s undeveloped, and development takes longer than the G-spot. After you get used to coming inside the G-spot, you should try Porcupine.


In adult videos, you may see what is called a “squirt”, a vigorous gush of fluid from the vagina during fingering. While squirting actually exists, it is important to note that the fluid is medically almost identical to “urine”. Squirting is basically a phenomenon that occurs in all women, but it may not occur depending on the physical condition of the woman at the time, and it is not necessarily linked to orgasm. (2)

In other words, it’s not always an orgasm like male ejaculation, and in many cases, you don’t squirt even when you’ve reached your climax. Also, in order to squirt in large quantities like in porn, you need to consume large amounts of water beforehand, and while porn has led many men to try to squirt, you should never try to force a woman to squirt, as it can be very painful and burdensome for her. It can be very painful and burdensome for a woman.

When squirting does occur, it tends to occur with orgasm, usually when the G-spot is being stimulated by Fingering. As mentioned above, when the G-spot is stimulated, the woman feels a strong urge to urinate, and when it reaches a climax, it is a medium come. A vigorous gush of fluid from the urethra causes a squirt, but when a woman is feeling psychological anxiety or embarrassment, it can become a resistance and cause her to retract her orgasm. If you want to make her squirt, it’s important to create an atmosphere in conjunction with the G-spot blaming technique.

Never NG Fingering

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is important to note that Fingering is misunderstood in many ways. Some of the fingering techniques that men think are good for men may not feel good at all to women, or on the contrary, may be painful to them. However, women often find it difficult to say that even when men are not good at Fingering, and they often hold back. The following six methods are absolutely not good, so be sure to check again to avoid causing pain to women.

Stimulating the clitoris suddenly.
Fingers in the vagina when it’s not wet
Trying to force your fingers into the back
Move the vaginal wall to scrape it out.
Rough Fingering and High Speed Fingering
He’s just trying to be a squirt.

The clitoris is one of the easiest parts of the female genitalia to target, but you shouldn’t stimulate it suddenly. The sexual zones around the vagina are very sensitive, so if you don’t get it wet beforehand, the pain will outweigh the pleasure. Likewise, if you insert your fingers into the vagina when it’s not wet, not only will it not feel good at all, but you may even get hurt. Thus, it is not a good idea to try to proceed with foreplay before a woman is ready.

Porcupines are difficult to stimulate with fingering under normal conditions because they are in a position where they are difficult to reach with your fingers. If you try to force a finger into it because it is hard to reach, you will hurt your vagina. The position of the portico depends on your physical condition, your menstrual cycle, and your level of arousal, so if you can’t touch it, give up if you can’t. Also, be careful not to scrape the vaginal wall with your finger when stimulating the G-spot, as it may cause vaginal bleeding.

In addition, don’t do the kind of rough and fast fingering that is often seen in porn, as it will only cause the woman pain and discomfort. The same is true of piston movements during insertion, but sex is not all about fast movements. Slow and careful movements are important to make a woman cum. As for squirting, it’s basically an adult film fantasy as well, so don’t aim at it unnecessarily.

Relying on toys is also OK


Fingering is done with your fingers, but there are some areas where finger alone stimulation may not be enough. For example, it hurts to move your fingernails when you move them, or you can’t reach deep enough to stimulate the porthole. In addition to the fingering techniques I’ve mentioned above, you can use the following adult products to make your woman feel even better. Use a sex toy to make her cum.

Egg Vibrator(Rotor).
masturbation device

Egg Vibrator(Rotor)

Egg Vibrator are the most basic fingering goods, so they are a good first step up. Many women are resistant to adult products, but Egg Vibrator are small and cute in shape, so they are easy to relate to, even for beginners. Since Egg Vibrator are essentially used to blame the clitoris, they’re a perfect fit for Fingering – use them in combination with Fingering to make her cum.

Be sure to wet your vagina thoroughly before using the Egg Vibrator and prepare your sexually active area with Fingering. Then set the vibrations of the Egg Vibrator to the weakest mode and apply it gently to her clitoris. If the girl doesn’t show any signs of pain, continue the stimulation. You can use the toy in a variety of ways, such as putting your finger in the vagina for fingering while you use your other hand to apply the toy to the clitoris, or inserting it into the vagina for stimulation.

You can start off with weak vibrations, but gradually increase the intensity of the vibrations as you watch. It is also effective to make the vibrations stronger and weaker to get a rhythm. The Egg Vibrator is too short in shape to go deep, so if you want to treat the G-spot and porthole with goods, you’ll need a vibrator, which we’ll discuss later. It’s best to step up to the next level after you’re able to make your partner feel good with the Egg Vibrator first.

G-spot vibrator

G-spot vibes, as the name implies, are specially designed to stimulate the G-spot. A normal vibrator is shaped like a penis or is elongated and inserted into the vagina like a real sex device. For example, the KUNOJI vibe, which has a slightly curved tip, can provide pinpoint stimulation of the G-spot, which is difficult to achieve with a normal vibrator.

Others are called “finger vibes,” which are attached to your finger and then inserted. Like other vibrators, finger vibes are long like a penis, but they are shaped like a large finger and are attached to the base of the finger. The vagina can be stimulated as if it were a freely movable penis, so it is ideal for blaming the G-spot and the portio. Of course, it has a vibration function, so it is easy to make it come inside.

These G-spot vibes are inserted into the vagina in the same way as regular vibrators. Just like a Egg Vibrator(rotor), start with the weakest vibration mode and gradually increase the intensity as your woman starts to feel it. If you are using a kunoji vibe or a vibe with a swing function, adjust the way the head is placed to make it easier to hit the G-spot. When using a vibrator, focus on stimulating the G-spot rather than pistoning it like a penis.


A dildo is a penis-shaped toy, sometimes referred to as a tension type. Many women are resistant to dildos because they are obviously closer in shape and color to a penis than the aforementioned vibrators. On the other hand, realistic dildos have a feeling of insertion and realism similar to that of a real penis, which makes for a more exciting fingering experience. Basically, dildos don’t have a power source, so the operation is often done manually.

However, more and more dildos are now available with a vibration function called electric dildos, which can be used in the same way as a vibrator. The vibrating function of dildos varies from relatively simple ones like a vibrator to ones that allow you to enjoy realistic piston movement. In terms of usage, the electric type can be used in the same way as a dildo, but be careful how you move it when using the manual type.

Manual dildos need to be moved entirely by hand. Unlike a finger or a vibrator, you can’t make delicate movements or fine vibrations. Be sure to fully acclimate your vagina with Fingering before inserting the dildo. Then, once you’re slowly going deeper, stimulate the G-spot and porthole. The key is to move the dildo gently and carefully, not in a violent piston movement. A dildo is very similar to a penis, so it can easily increase a woman’s excitement.

Other Toys

When Fingering is performed, it is preferable to use a “lotion” if possible. The love juice that is naturally secreted when caressing is fine, but depending on the woman’s constitution and her physical condition at the time, it may not be sufficient. If the vagina is not very wet, it can cause decreased pleasure and pain, so it is recommended to wet the vagina with lotion if necessary. Lotion will reduce friction and help women feel less pain.

Maya, practice is essential to refine your fingering technique, but you will need a partner to do so. However, if you don’t have a partner, or if you are embarrassed to learn in a real-life situation, it can be difficult to practice. Each woman’s sexual position and sensitivity is unique, so it’s hard to improve with image training. That’s why we recommend practicing fingering with a masturbator.

Masturbators are designed for men to insert their penises in masturbation, but the ones in the right price range are quite faithful to a woman’s vagina. This is why masturbators are actually a perfect practice tool for fingering. Start by wetting it with lotion and caressing the labia minora virae, then insert your middle finger upward. Then you can practice movements similar to the practice, such as massaging the G-spot with your fingers.


In this article, we have discussed in detail the methods and techniques of Fingering that can really make a woman feel good. The key to fingering is to treat the vagina gently and carefully. Also, it is important to make the girl feel comfortable, not just to make her cum.

What women want from fingering is not an orgasm, but a feeling of comfort and relief. Good fingering involves carefully moving your fingers around to pinpoint the areas that are easiest to feel. In addition, you should remember to keep your hands clean and your nails trimmed short, as well as other basic manners. On top of that, be aware of creating an atmosphere to relax the girl and communicate with her to make sure the woman is comfortable.

Fingering starts with impatience over your pants or shorts. Next, stroke the center of the delicate zone with your fingertips and caress the clitoris and surrounding area. After removing your underwear, stimulate the labia area and slowly insert your fingers into the vagina. Groping and caressing the G-spot and vagina while watching the woman’s response. Then, stimulate the G-spot and porthole to make your girl feel good from deep inside her body.

Stimulation of the G-spot may cause a squirt of liquid to erupt from the vagina as you reach orgasm. However, more often than not, the squirt doesn’t occur depending on how you feel at the time, so don’t force yourself to aim for the squirt. In addition to finger fingering, a combination of Egg Vibrator, vibrators, and dildos is even more effective, so master the technique of fingering and make your partner feel good.