Penis foreskin : Is risks of foreskin masturbation

The foreskin is a penis with the glans covered with skin. There are three types of foreskin, which can be divided into pseudofemoral, true foreskin, and cantonal foreskin. All types are associated with hygiene and sexual problems, which can be hard for some people to deal with. However, pseudofemoral foreskin is actually a normal condition, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. It’s important to deal with the foreskin by devising ways to masturbate and have sex with it.

On the other hand, true foreskin and cantonal foreskin are considered to be medically abnormal conditions because they cause a variety of problems. It is recommended to undergo foreskin surgery, but it may be difficult to make a decision because of the great anxiety. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the symptoms and risks of different types of foreskin and the recommended masturbation methods for men with foreskin.

What is a foreskin?

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The foreskin is a condition in which the glans of the penis is surrounded by the foreskin. There are three main types of foreskin: pseudofemoral, true foreskin, and fitted foreskin. Normally, when the foreskin of the penis is brought to the root side of the penis, the skin turns over and exposes the glans, but in the true and cantonal foreskin, the glans cannot be exposed due to skin adhesion or insufficient size of the foreskin.

The major problems with the true and cantonal foreskin are the difficulty in keeping the glans hygienic, which increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections, and the inability to expose the glans, which can cause problems in sexual activity. This is a major problem, especially if the foreskin is damaged and painful due to friction during insertion, which makes it difficult to have sexual intercourse itself. Otherwise, cantonal foreskin can be difficult to put back together when the foreskin is peeled off, and the pressure on the glans can cause tissue damage.

As you can see, the foreskin is not a good idea because of the various problems that can occur when the glans is wrapped in skin. In particular, there is a common theory that all foreskins are unnatural and that you should try to remove as much skin as possible or have a foreskin surgery. But is this really true? The truth is that there is a widespread misconception about the foreskin that is not properly understood. Let’s take a look at the truth about the foreskin.

Can’t you have a foreskin?

It’s common knowledge that “no foreskin” is a no-no, but that’s a big mistake. Just because you have a foreskin doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem. To begin with, it’s important to note that the definition of the word “foreskin” itself is very different in other countries.

For example, in English, the two words related to the foreskin are “phimosis” and “paraphimosis,” which means “foreskin” and “cantonal foreskin,” respectively. However, foreskin in English indicates “true foreskin” and does not include “pseudofemoral”. This is because a pseudofemoral foreskin is a “natural condition” and therefore is not considered a disease. In other words, pseudoforeskin, which can be removed, and the rest of the foreskin, which cannot be removed, are two completely different things.

It may be that the pseudofollicle’s glans is unsanitary, and that the lack of skin is abnormal. Furthermore, it is likely that the cosmetic surgery industry, like the U.S., has come to recommend foreskin removal surgery for commercial purposes, promoting pseudofolliculitis as a disease for the majority of the population (80% of the population).

On the other hand, true and cantonal foreskin, which are difficult to remove, have major hygiene and sexual problems, as mentioned above, so it is recommended to have a foreskin excision surgery whenever possible. Pseudofemoral foreskin is thought to have similar problems, but in this case, it is possible to consciously peel the foreskin off, so it is most likely not to cause any problems. In light of these points of view, it is better to change the perception that the foreskin is a definite no-no.

Type of Foreskin

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As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are three main types of foreskin, and there are significant differences between them. In particular, it is important to know that you don’t have to worry about pseudoforeskin as it is a very natural condition and that you are at risk of getting into a serious situation with true and cantonal foreskin. The more you understand about the characteristics, the easier it will be for you to take action against the problem.

Pseudofemoral Foreskin.
True phimosis
Canton’s phimosis

First, let’s take a look at the rates of each type; Morris et al. analyzed the results of 43 studies that have been published to date to investigate the rates of foreskin. They found that the adult foreskin (true and cantonal) rate was estimated to be about 3.4%. Generally speaking, pseudophakic foreskin is estimated to be about 80% of the population, so based on the results of Morris et al.’s study, the percentage of people with a peeling glans is about 10%.Let’s take a closer look at the three foreskin types, including their characteristics, symptoms and problems. (1)

Pseudofemoral Foreskin

The pseudoforeskin is a type in which the glans is normally covered by the foreskin. It is characterized by the fact that the skin peels off naturally when you get an erection, or you can peel off the foreskin yourself to expose the glans. As mentioned earlier, this pseudofollicle condition is considered to be the natural state. Incidentally, in the United States, a muked penis is described as “cut” (foreskin removed) and a pseudofollicle (natural state) as “uncut” (pseudofollicle).

There are two types of pseudofolliculitis: one in which the glans is completely covered by the foreskin and the other in which it is only partially covered. In both cases, it is possible to remove the skin yourself, so you won’t have any problems. However, as we will discuss later, if the glans is unhygienic due to a buildup of pubic wax (cock scum) or if the glans is too sensitive and prematurely ejaculated, measures must be taken. On the other hand, pseudophakic foreskin does not require foreskin surgery.

The same is true abroad, where even pseudophakic foreskin removal surgery is performed. By the way, the foreskin surgery is sometimes called “circumcision”, but the meaning of both is the same. There is a map of circumcision rates around the world based on the results of studies that have been published so far. The results reveal some interesting things, such as the fact that different cultures have very different rates of circumcision, and even within the same culture, there are differences.

The percentage of foreskin surgery is prominent in areas with a large number of Jews and Muslims who are circumcised for religious reasons. Incidentally, Jewish men are circumcised on the eighth day of life. On the other hand, Europe, Asia and South America have a much lower circumcision rate of less than 20%. Notably, the United States and South Korea are probably the two most notable countries. Both countries have clearly higher rates of circumcision than other countries of similar cultures, as do the results of a study by the World Health Organization (WHO). (2)(3)

This may be largely due to America’s Jewish religious and cultural influence. In addition, the for-profit supremacy of the medical and cosmetic surgery industries, unique to the United States, may also contribute to the recommendation of circumcision. With respect to Korea, it is believed that the culture of circumcision became more prevalent as Koreans became more involved with American soldiers during the Korean War.

In fact, the majority of European men have pseudohermaphrodites, as evidenced by foreign pornography sites like PornHub and XTube, where European men often wear skin when they have an erection. All male genitalia in Renaissance art also have short foreskins, and the clitoris, which is very similar to the penis, is also foreskinned, and all animals are foreskinned, even animals. As will be explained later, surgery on men with pseudoforeskin has been shown to reduce the sensitivity of the penis when performed on men with pseudoforeskin. Pseudocircumcision should not be an easy procedure for pseudocircumcision.

True Foreskin

The “true foreskin” is a type in which the glans is constantly covered by the foreskin. It is impossible to expose the glans when you get an erection or when you try to remove the skin yourself. Even if they are able to expose the glans, the adhesion of the foreskin causes severe pain. It should be noted that this type of “not being able to expose the glans” is the real “phimosis” and is completely different from the pseudofemoral type.

The biggest disadvantage of a genuine foreskin is the very high risk of hygiene. The penis constantly produces a stain called “pubic wax” from excrement and metabolites, which accumulates around the glans. Normally, you can easily remove the pubic wax by removing the foreskin and washing it, but if you have a true foreskin, you cannot clean it because it will bleed if you try to force the skin off. As a result, you may contract an infection.

True foreskin is also prone to frictional damage to the foreskin, which often causes bleeding, pain, and other painful symptoms during sexual activity. It is not uncommon for partners to reject you because of hygiene issues. The emotional and physical pain caused by not being able to perform sexual acts satisfactorily is another major problem with true foreskin. Although it is believed that no more than 2 to 3 percent of people have a true foreskin, it is recommended that those who fall into this category undergo foreskin surgery whenever possible.

Canton’s Foreskin

The “cantonal foreskin” is a type of foreskin with a narrow circumference. The word “mating” means that the thing that pops out of the skin is no longer able to return to its original shape. In other words, canton foreskin means that after the skin is removed to expose the glans, the foreskin will not return to its original position. There are two types of Canton’s foreskin: pseudoforeskin that has become cantonized and true foreskin that has become cantonized, but both are considered the same thing.

In both types of cantonal foreskin, it is dangerous to get an erection with the foreskin peeled off. This is because the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which are essential for the maintenance of cellular tissue, are compressed, causing circulation problems. If the condition persists, the foreskin may swell up like edema and the glans may become reddish-purple and swollen. If it gets worse, the swelling and pain in the glans area can worsen and cause tissue necrosis, which is a terrible situation.

Because of these serious risks, it is essentially difficult to expose the glans in cantonal foreskin. Therefore, like true foreskin, it is prone to a buildup of pubic wax, which can cause problems during sexual activity, and many other problems. For these reasons, cantonal foreskin is considered the most serious type of foreskin and it is important to perform foreskin surgery as soon as possible.

Risk of the foreskin

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No matter what type of foreskin you have, there are certain risks when compared to a muked penis. That doesn’t mean that muke penises are superior, and pseudophakic foreskin can also be eliminated by taking proper measures to eliminate the risk. However, you need to be well aware of the dangers of true and cantonal foreskin, as the problem is often difficult to resolve in the case of true and cantonal foreskin. The following three points are the risks of a foreskin penis

  • Hygiene problems.
  • The glans is sensitive and prone to premature ejaculation.
  • The growth of the glans is stunted.
  • Easily rejected by your partner

It’s not sanitary

The biggest risk of a foreskin penis is the inability to keep the glans area hygienic. Since the penis is both a reproductive organ and an excretory organ, it is the part of the body that is most likely to get dirty. Therefore, the turtle head is always dirty with “pubic dirt”. It can be easily washed if it is a muked penis, but in the case of the foreskin, it is difficult to clean it unless you consciously peel it off, or it is difficult to remove the glans itself, so the glans can easily become unclean.

There are two major problems with an unhygienic penis: odor and infection. When the glans stinks, it is not uncommon for partners to be unable to perform oral sex or even refuse to have sex themselves. In addition, the foreskin penis is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, which can cause frequent inflammation, such as glans phimosis. In addition, they are at high risk of contracting urinary tract infections, penile cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases. (4)

In the case of pseudophakic foreskin, these risks are relatively easy to eliminate by consciously washing the glans, which can be done by consciously washing the glans. It may be painful while you are not used to it, but it will gradually become less painful. However, the penis should not be washed with soap or soap. The skin around the genitals is very delicate and it is preferable to wash it with lukewarm water. True and cantonal foreskin are difficult to clean the glans, so it can be difficult to reduce the hygiene risk.

The glans is too sensitive

Regardless of the type of foreskin, skin-covered men tend to have a very sensitive glans. This is because the longer the glans is hidden by the foreskin, the harder it is for them to develop a tolerance to sexual stimulation. In the case of a muked penis, the glans is in constant contact with the underwear, so it becomes accustomed to friction on a regular basis. However, a foreskin that is basically only exposed to the glans when it is erect or can’t be peeled off is more susceptible to premature ejaculation because it is more sensitive to irritation.

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions, and it’s not that much of a concern because it’s often remediable. However, if you ejaculate within tens of seconds of insertion, your partner is likely to be frustrated as well. It is important to address premature ejaculation because it is not uncommon for a woman’s frustration to cause problems in a relationship. Pseudophimosis can be remedied by consciously removing the foreskin or working out with Masturbators.

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In some cases, the true or cantonal foreskin may be so painful, rather than sensitive, that you may not be able to perform the sexual activity itself. In particular, the true foreskin and the glans are often adhered to the foreskin, so the friction caused by the movement after insertion can cause severe pain and bleeding in the glans. The use of thicker condoms can reduce irritation, but it is also necessary to wear a tighter condom to prevent the foreskin from moving as much as possible.

The growth of the glans is stunted

A skinned penis tends to stunt the growth of the glans when compared to a peeled penis. This is because there is always a pressure force being applied to the foreskin that resists the force of growing the glans. Particularly in Cantonese foreskin, the perimeter diameter of the foreskin is small and easily compressed, which can cause problems with glans growth. The result can be a so-called “pencil penis,” which is shaped like a pencil with a thin tip.

The disadvantage of a pencil penis is that it tends to reduce the pleasure given to a woman by sex. The size of the glans is considered to be an important factor in enhancing a woman’s pleasure. The tighter and tauter the glans is, the greater the stimulation to the vagina during insertion, the greater the woman’s pleasure will be. In general, women tend to prefer the thickness of the penis over its length, so the size of the glans has a significant impact on sex satisfaction.

In the case of pseudophallus, the foreskin often peels off during sexual activity, so it may not have much of an impact on the growth of the glans. On the other hand, if you improve the true or cantonal foreskin, the pressure on the glans will also be eliminated, so the size of the glans during erection will be larger than before. However, you shouldn’t try to improve the Cantonese foreskin on your own, because it won’t return to normal after the foreskin is removed, and the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels may be compressed, causing serious damage to the penile tissue.

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You are more likely to be rejected by your partner

Another disadvantage of a foreskin penis is the possibility of your partner rejecting your sexual activity. As mentioned above, the biggest problem with the foreskin is the risk of hygiene odor and infection. This may cause your partner to be concerned about the smell of your penis during oral sex and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. In particular, if you’re at a time when you’re nervous about viral infections, or if your partner is relatively clean, you’re likely to be resistant to oral sex.

In fact, there are quite a few women who do not want to have sex with a man with a true foreskin. Not only will they refuse to have sex with the person they are having sex with, but they may be too concerned about it to have sex with them. However, you don’t have to worry too much about the pseudofollicle, as it can be remedied by peeling the skin and washing it well. The problem is if you have a true or pseudofemoral foreskin. If you don’t want surgery for your foreskin, you will need to be more considerate of women, such as consciously wearing a condom even during oral sex.

How to masturbate the foreskin

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Men with foreskin can have a hard time masturbating. Pseudophakic foreskin may have a variety of problems depending on the type, such as peeling back and premature ejaculation, while true and cantonal foreskins may have trouble peeling and pain. If you can’t enjoy masturbation, you’ll feel depressed. So let’s take a look at the following three masturbations recommended for men with foreskin, and how to do them and what to look out for.

Floor masturbation
Skin masturbation

floor masturbation

Floor masturbation is a method of masturbation in which the penis is rubbed against the floor in a prone position. You can get a strong pressure feeling, but unlike the usual method of doing it by hand, the glans is not squeezed hard, so it is relatively easy to practice even for boys with foreskin. However, you should not use a hard flooring or tatami mat as a “floor”. The trick is to rub it against a soft bed, mat, or blanket.

For floor masturbation, you first lie face down on a bed or mat and begin to rock your hips as you rub your penis against the floor. It is not necessary to keep your penis erect at this point, as you would in normal masturbation. If you move with a moderate amount of weight on your genitals, you will get an erection naturally, so when it gets big, turn your penis upward so that the “back slit” (the back part of the glans) hits the floor. Keep moving until you ejaculate.

Floor masturbation is a famous masturbation method, but many side effects have been reported. The most common are “vaginal ejaculation disorder”, which prevents ejaculation in the vagina, and “delayed ejaculation”, which makes ejaculation abnormally slow. Be careful not to overdo floor masturbation, as both of these can have a significant negative impact on sexual activity. Also, after the penis is erect, it should be in an upward position as much as possible, or there is a risk of damage to the penis if it is unexpectedly overloaded due to a change in position.

skin masturbation

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Skin masturbation is the most common masturbation method among guys with foreskin, and as the name suggests, it is a technique of using the skin of the glans to rub the penis, and although people say that skin masturbation is dangerous and should be stopped, it is not. Compared to masturbation, it is safer. In fact, in true or cantonal foreskin, it may be too painful to do anything but skin masturbation. The procedure is quite simple, so you can do skin masturbation if necessary.

First, get your penis erect and gently wrap the entire glans with the foreskin. Then simply continue to slowly move the skin up and down and focus on the glans to stimulate the glans for ejaculation. If you have a true foreskin, it can be painful if you rub it hard, so the key is to rub it gently. Even if you don’t touch the entire glans, you can feel good if you concentrate on stimulating the callus and the back slit. If you get gumbo juice during the process, it will build up in the foreskin, which will make it even more pleasurable.

Skin masturbation is recommended for men with foreskin because it is easy to feel good using the foreskin, but there is an important caveat. It is important to clean the foreskin with a tissue as much as possible so that semen and gum juice do not accumulate in the foreskin after ejaculation. If left in place, the glans will become filthy and emit a very unpleasant odor. This is easier with a pseudofollicle, but harder to clean with a true or cantonal one, so try folding a tissue into a thin piece and pressing it against the tip of the glans (the opening of the foreskin) and sucking it off.


Although “skin masturbation” is an easy way for a man with a foreskin to do it, there are two major problems with it. Continued skin masturbation can make the glans more sensitive to external stimuli, and the pulling of the foreskin can lead to excess skin. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid floor masturbation and skin masturbation as much as possible and to use “Masturbators”. However, if you have a true or cantonal foreskin, you may not be able to use Masturbators because of the pain.

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If you have a type of foreskin that can’t be peeled off, such as a true or canton foreskin, choose Masturbators that are soft in material and loose in size. In addition, a condom thicker than 0.05 millimetres should be securely attached to the penis to prevent the skin from peeling, which will reduce the pain. Unfortunately, there’s no safe way to enjoy live Masturbators, but using Masturbators in this way is a great way to practice actual sex.

If you have a pseudophallus, you can use Masturbators the same way you would use a plucked penis, but there’s one tricky thing about them. That is the skin return after insertion of Masturbators. Even if you insert the glans with the skin cleanly peeled off, the skin will gradually return as you continue to work. You want to fix the skin as much as possible because the pleasant sensation is reduced by half when the glans is covered with the skin. So, let’s use a “cock ring”. A cock ring is a ring that is attached to the penis and is mainly used to increase your erection. However, it can also be used for temporary foreskin correction.

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A cock ring is attached to the root of the penis. If you wear the cock ring while the foreskin is firmly removed, it will hold the foreskin in place and prevent it from returning to the glans. If you insert it into the Masturbators as it is, you can enjoy it as if it were a make-believe penis. However, be careful not to move it too hard because the foreskin will return to the masturbators. Don’t use a tight ring just because you want to hold the skin in place. Also, be sure to remove the cock ring within 20-30 minutes at the most. Wearing it for too long can be dangerous as it can damage the penis tissue.

Foreskin help

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As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, pseudofollicle is not an abnormal condition and does not need to be forced to improve. However, you may be concerned about the excess foreskin and skin return at the time of erection. I don’t want to do a foreskin surgery, but I want to improve my foreskin… There are a few goodies that can help you in this situation. Surprisingly, many people try their best to live with the skin every day and use the following “foreskin correction products”. However, please note that what I am about to introduce to you is not at all effective for true and cantonal phimosis, and is only for pseudophimosis.

Glue or tape to correct the foreskin
Phimosis correction underwear
Phimosis correction ring

The first option is to use a foreskin correction adhesive or tape. In the case of glue, the adhesive can be applied around the slightly upper portion of the calli with the foreskin covering the glans, and then the foreskin can be peeled off and secured in place. In the case of tape, the peeled foreskin is attached to the penis to secure it in place. Both of these methods seem to have some foreskin correction effect. However, don’t ever use regular instant glue or adhesive tape just because you can’t be bothered to buy the foreskin correction stuff. Doing anything crazy will make your foreskin even worse.

Foreskin-correcting underwear is marketed as an underwear integrated with a ring to correct the foreskin, which can correct the foreskin simply by continuing to wear it. In addition, there are also types of pants that can stimulate and train the glans with the material of the pants. The design is much improved compared to before, and people rarely notice that they are corrective underwear when they see them. However, it is important to note that the effect seems to depend on the person, and sometimes there is no effect at all.

Rings for pseudofemoral ring

The pseudophakic ring, as the name implies, is designed to correct the foreskin. It’s very easy to use, and the ring is simply placed on the glans while the skin is exposed to prevent the skin from returning. In addition, by making sure that the glans remains exposed, the ring can also help improve the foreskin by making the skin peculiar and easier to peel off. However, it is important to note that foreskin correction rings can be highly dangerous or not effective at all if not used correctly.

For example, if you choose a tight ring because you want to prevent the skin from returning as much as possible, the glans will be compressed and congested. In the worst case scenario, it can cause necrosis of the penile tissue, which is extremely dangerous. On the other hand, if the ring is loose, it will come off quickly and have no corrective effect. Furthermore, the ring must be cleaned every day, and it is important to choose a ring that is the right size for the condition of your penis that day. In other words, it is difficult to use a foreskin correction ring correctly.

Developing the prostate and nipples

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We’ve looked at masturbation methods for men with foreskin and the help products that can help you improve your foreskin. By trying different methods, you may be able to enjoy masturbation, even if you have a true foreskin or cantonal foreskin. However, you may inevitably feel pain in the glans and may not be able to reach orgasm successfully. So, try to develop your “prostate” or “nipple” other than the penis and reach orgasm with “anogeny” or “chickney”.

In fact, the anus and nipples can be developed by men as a sexual area. In particular, if the prostate gland is well developed, it can reach a special kind of climax called “dry orgasm”. In order to develop the nipples, the nipples must first be gently caressed with your fingers to get them used to the stimulation. As you continue to develop them, your nipples become very sensitive and can be as sexually pleasurable as your penis. As you become more advanced, stimulation by the nipples and “hypnotic sounds” (sounds used to increase sexual arousal) alone can bring you to orgasm.

The goal of masturbation is to achieve dry orgasm by stimulating the prostate gland, which is located about 5 cm back from the anus. Start by getting your finger in the anus to get used to it, and gradually develop it so that you can get your finger in deeper. In addition, as you learn to massage the prostate and continue training, you can reach orgasm with the prostate alone without stimulating the penis. However, it is unfortunately not a quick fix, as it will take at least six months of development to successfully achieve anani or chickney.

Also, you can look at surgery.

The most effective way to improve the foreskin is still foreskin surgery (foreskin removal surgery). The surgery should be performed whenever possible, especially if you have a true or cantonal foreskin. These types of foreskin types are medically problematic conditions, so it’s better to remove the foreskin. In other words, your health insurance will cover it. The cost of the surgery won’t be very expensive. However, you will have to pay for the entire cost of the pseudophakic foreskin, so surgery is not recommended unless you have a serious problem.

A very interesting study has been published on pseudoforeskin. In fact, it has been shown that circumcision (foreskin surgery) can reduce penile sensitivity; Bronselaer et al. conducted a study on sexual pleasure and orgasm intensity in 1,059 uncircumcised men and 310 men who were circumcised. The results revealed that both circumcised men had lower levels of both, requiring more movements to ejaculate and often having discomfort in the glans. (5)

Once the foreskin is removed, it cannot be reversed. Instead of being misled by popular opinion and the words of your doctor, you should take a second look at your own penis and consider whether or not you should have the surgery. So what should a man with a “former pseudophallus” who has already undergone foreskin surgery do? The answer is quite simple, you should actively try to do “skin masturbation,” which will stretch the foreskin and make it closer to the state of pseudofolliculitis if you work hard. The foreskin of the glans is surprisingly important, so pseudoforeskin boys need to make careful decisions regarding foreskin surgery.


In this article, we have detailed the symptoms and risks of different types of foreskin and the recommended masturbation methods for men with foreskin. Since the majority of men have pseudofollicles, it is actually normal for them to have a skin covering. Therefore, you don’t have to undergo surgery, but wearing a skin can put you at risk for hygiene and premature ejaculation. It is important to make a conscious effort to wash the glans and masturbation methods.

True or cantonal foreskin, which cannot be removed from the glans, is a high risk of infection and many problems with sexual activity, so it is recommended that you try to get the surgery done as much as possible. Your health insurance will cover the cost of the surgery, so you won’t be charged a high price for the procedure. With a little patience, you can get rid of the troublesome foreskin and enjoy your sex life.

One of the problems of men with foreskin is the masturbation method. For both types of foreskin, floor masturbation and skin masturbation can be an easy and pleasant method, but it is not a safe method as it is likely to make your foreskin worse. Therefore, it is recommended to switch to masturbation with Masturbators whenever possible. If you have a pseudophakic foreskin, you can use a cock ring; otherwise, a combination of loose Masturbators and thicker condoms will make it easier to masturbate comfortably.

Finally, pseudophakic foreskin basically does not require foreskin surgery. Rather, the removal of the foreskin has been shown to reduce the intensity of sexual pleasure and orgasm. Instead, it is more effective to improve your masturbation and sex techniques to use the foreskin well. Deal with the foreskin well and enjoy pleasant sex.