All men are doing!? Here are 10 popular and pleasurable masturbations!

Every man does masturbation, and we all love it, don’t we? Masturbation makes you feel great, and in fact, if done in moderation, it has a positive effect on your health. However, there are various types of masturbation, and the feeling of pleasure changes depending on how you do it.

Some masturbation can be very pleasurable, while others are not. …… Masturbation is surprisingly profound. If you are going to masturbate, you want to do it in a way that is as pleasurable as possible. The key point is the sexual zone.

In fact, the penis is not the only sexual zone for men. There are many other sexual zones on the body, such as the nipples, the anus, and the prostate gland. However, most of them are still undeveloped, so you can’t feel them.

If you stimulate the sexual zones that you weren’t aware of before, you will experience a new kind of pleasure. The zone theory is that you should know various masturbation techniques for this purpose. So, in this article, we’ll discuss in detail the great masturbation techniques that can make you feel better than regular penis masturbation.

Does the method of masturbation change how good it feels?

When you think of masturbation, you have that image of your own hand squeezing your penis ……. Certainly that is the most basic method of masturbation. If you ejaculate with a hand job masturbation to increase your pleasure, you will feel very good. However, there are other ways to masturbate, and they may be more profound. It is a special technique that is known to those who know it.

We don’t talk about masturbation among friends. Sexual matters are very private. Therefore, it is difficult to find out what kind of masturbation is being used by others and how to make it more pleasurable. But the truth is that we all masturbate in a variety of ways. We are getting into the pleasures of masturbation in a hidden place.

The pleasure of masturbation depends on the way you do it; it can be more pleasurable or not at all pleasurable. The important thing is to know which sexual area to stimulate and how to stimulate it. It’s true that the penis is a man’s most sensitive sexual zone, but there are actually other points that feel good.

But if you don’t know how to masturbate in other ways, you won’t find it there. Even if you do notice it, it’s difficult to stimulate it to feel good, because the sexual zones other than the penis are basically undeveloped. pleasurable

If you know new masturbation techniques, you will be able to develop the undeveloped sexual zones and get pleasure from them. In particular, the nipples, anus and prostate are very sensitive sexual zones that men themselves are often unaware of.

If you can work on these sexual zones, you may be able to reach orgasm with little or no tweaking of your penis. If you want to feel even better than you do now with masturbation, take a step into a new world.

The best sensation! 10 popular masturbation tips!

The usual masturbation method of squeezing your penis with your hand will inevitably limit the amount of pleasure you can get. In order to get more pleasure, it is important to try masturbation in a different way.

You may discover new sexual zones that you didn’t even realize you had, and you may get a completely different kind of pleasure. Learn the following 10 techniques to have the best masturbation experience possible.

  • Nipple masturbation
  • Anal masturbation
  • Prostate masturbation
  • Turtle head masturbation
  • Masturbation in the pubic area
  • Skin masturbation
  • Floor masturbation
  • Abstinence masturbation
  • Outdoor masturbation
  • Hypnotic masturbation

All of these masturbation methods seem unusual. But you’ve probably heard of some of the methods you’ve heard of. Glans masturbation in particular is a fun extension of the normal way of doing it, and it’s especially good for beginners. Anal and prostate masturbation can also help you reach orgasms that are completely different from ejaculation. Let’s take a thorough, in-depth look at these 10 masturbation techniques.

1. Nipple masturbation

Do you think that “only women can feel with their nipples? In fact, even a man can get pleasure from nipples. It is called “nipple masturbation” to stimulate such a nipple and get pleasure from it. However, it does not mean that you can’t feel good immediately after teasing your nipples.

Although a man’s nipples are sexual zones, they are not developed because they are not usually stimulated, and therefore cannot show their potential.

Therefore, in order to feel good, the nipples need to be developed properly. If you develop them steadily, you will start to feel a tickling sensation, which will eventually turn into a pleasurable sensation. The start of tickling starts with touching your nipples over your underwear.

In fact, nipples are easier to feel when stimulated through a thin garment, such as a shirt, than when touched raw, as the moderate friction caused by the rubbing of the cloth is transmitted.

If you continue to stimulate your nipples, even in men, they will become erect, so the next step is to use your fingers to physically stimulate the nipples by playing or rolling them around with your fingers. A little push or pull can also help. However, it will take at least a few months or more before you start to get the pleasure from the nipples.

Many people give up before they can feel good, but that’s a waste of time. Unlike penis masturbation, nipples masturbation can be enjoyed for just a few minutes in your free time, so keep it steady. For detailed nipple masturbation instructions, check out the following articles!

2. Anal masturbation

Another sex zone of a man is the anus. Anal masturbation” is to get pleasure from the anus. Anal masturbation allows you to get sexual pleasure by inserting a finger or sex toy into the anus. Anal masturbation is the prelude to “prostate masturbation,” which we will discuss later, and it is a kind of preparation, so to speak. In fact, the anus is also a sexually sensitive area, so stimulating it can make you feel good.

However, like the aforementioned nipples, the anus takes at least three to six months to develop, because we are not usually conscious of it at all. The beginning of masturbation starts with massaging the anus.

Of course, since a finger is inserted into the anus, it is necessary to clean the rectum with an enema or the like beforehand. Then it is important to apply anal lotion to the anus and fingers to make them slippery. Gently press and massage the manuscript until it becomes soft.

When the anal loosens up to some extent, insert slowly from your little finger. Once it’s deep in, it’s important to make slow back and forth piston movements to get the anus used to it. When the resistance becomes less, put your middle finger in deep and get used to it in the same way.

However, this is not enough to get a pleasurable sensation. Once you’ve reached the point where you can insert your finger into the anal area without any problems, it’s time to try prostate masturbation. For more detailed instructions and tips on anal masturbation, check out the following articles

3. Prostate Masturbation

The prostate gland is the male reproductive organ that is unique to men, and its main function is to secrete prostatic fluid to activate sperm. “Prostate masturbation” is to stimulate the prostate gland and get sexual pleasure from it.

In general, this prostate masturbation is called anal masturbation. The special thing about masturbation is that you reach a “dry orgasm”. It is quite different from regular penis masturbation and allows you to reach climax without ejaculating.

Due to these characteristics, dry orgasms do not have the fatigue and exhaustion characteristic of masturbation, as there is no ejaculation in dry orgasms. Moreover, dry orgasms are far more pleasurable than wet orgasms(ejaculation). It’s just like a female orgasm.

It’s said that a woman’s climax is seven to ten times more pleasurable than a man’s, but you can get that much more pleasure when you reach dry orgasm with prostate masturbation. Ejaculation has a sharp, brief climax, but dry orgasm brings a deeper, longer climax.

Prostate masturbation begins with the aforementioned procedure of anal masturbation, where the anus is relieved and fingers are allowed to enter. The prostate is also known as a woman’s G-spot and is close to where it exists.

There is a slightly bulging area on the belly side of the anus, about 5 cm back from the anus. That is the prostate. To stimulate this area, bend your fingers with your middle or index finger up to about the second joint with your palm facing your abdomen.

Then push your fingers up toward your abdomen or rock them in small increments to stimulate the prostate gland. No other unusual stimulation is needed. If you continue to stimulate the prostate steadily, you will feel a pleasurable sensation coming from deep inside your body, and hopefully the pleasurable sensation will spread to your whole body and you will reach a dry orgasm. However, anal masturbation requires a lot of patient development to feel good.

For this reason, anal masturbation is basically done with a sex toy. The most famous product for masturbation is the Enemagra (Aneros). The Enemagra has a special shape and can stimulate the prostate gland when it is inserted into the anus and moved.

If you move the anal sphincter, the protruding part of the Enemagura will massage the prostate and you will be able to have an orgasm very easily. If you want to experience the ultimate orgasm beyond ejaculation, you should try prostate masturbation. The best tool for massaging the prostate, the Enemagra, is explained in detail.

4. Glans masturbation

Many people must be a bit resistant to “anal or prostate masturbation. Certainly, using the anus for the first time in special masturbation is a very high hurdle to overcome. So, the technique called “glans masturbation” is easy to do even for beginners of special masturbation.

The main sexual zone of a man is the penis, and the glans is the most sensitive part of the penis. Countless nerves run through this area, and it is responsible for the sexual pleasure of men.

When performing glans masturbation, you need to use lotion. The glans is extremely sensitive, so you will feel pain if you do it while it is dry. If you apply lotion to the glans, it will make it more slippery and stimulate the glans more effectively.

The method of glans masturbation is not difficult. First of all, apply the lotion to the glans. If you are concerned about the coldness of the lotion, put the amount of lotion you are going to use in a separate container of hot water to warm it up.

After applying a generous amount of lotion to the glans, stimulate the glans by stroking and rubbing it with your fingers. It’s easier to stimulate than usual because it’s more lubricated, but there’s no need to rub it hard. Instead, it is far more effective to stimulate the Kali and the back of the penis.

The potash is located at the level of the glans and the pole, and the backside of the glans is at the back of the glans where it is connected to the pole. If you stimulate this area intensively, the pleasure will increase dramatically.

5. Perineum Masturbation

As I mentioned earlier, prostate masturbation can bring men to a “dry orgasm”. A dry orgasm provides a much stronger sensation than normal ejaculation, and it is characterized by the ability to climax for a longer period of time.

However, many people are reluctant to use anal or prostate masturbation because it requires inserting a finger or sex toy into the anus. Therefore, what is most effective is perineum masturbation.

The perineum is the part that spreads between the testicles and the anus, and it is the part where many nerves gather at a high concentration. So, if you stimulate the perineum, it becomes a sexual zone. Moreover, if you master perineum masturbation, you can reach a dry orgasm like prostate masturbation.

Because the prostate gland is located at the back of the perineum, and when the perineum is stimulated, the stimulation is transmitted indirectly to the prostate gland. Perineum masturbation is performed by lying in bed or leaning over the back of a chair in the M-spread position.

Then reach out to the perineum and gently stroke a wide area, up and down, left and right, to find out where you feel it most easily. If you feel a creeping sensation for a moment, that’s the point where it feels good. Press a little harder there with your fingertips and move it around, bobbing up and down with the skin. By doing this, stimulation is transmitted to the prostate gland, and a pleasurable sensation should increase.

If you continue to stimulate the perineum, you can reach a dry orgasm in the same way as prostate masturbation. In fact, the perineum masturbation is effective for dry orgasms because Enemagura has a protrusion to stimulate the perineum as well. However, not everyone can feel the perineum or prostate immediately. It takes at least a few months of development, so feel free to continue whenever you feel like it.

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6. Skin masturbation

Skin masturbation is a masturbation method for men with pseudophimosis. It is very natural that the glans is covered by the foreskin in a normal state, however, because the glans is usually covered, they are not used to stimulation and it may be painful to masturbate with the skin peeled off.

The most effective and comfortable way to masturbate is to masturbate with the skin on the glans. Since the skin masturbation is very comfortable, a lot of guys with foreskin may be doing it unconsciously.

It is very easy to do, and it simply stimulates the glans with the skin on. However, the secret of the skin masturbation is to rub the glans rather than the whole shaft intensively. Because a lot of juice is accumulated in the foreskin, the glans head becomes slippery as if the lotion was put on it in the skin masturbation. That is also a pleasurable point of skin masturbation. You may come in no time if you keep on stimulating it.

However, please be careful not to move the foreskin too hard, because you may hurt it. The advantage of skin masturbation is that it is difficult to get your hands dirty. However, it is recommended to wash the glans if possible after masturbation because it is easy to leave gaman juice and semen inside the glans.

The accumulation of dirt inside the glans is dangerous because it can cause bacteria to grow and increase the risk of infection. It doesn’t have to be right after masturbation, so when you take a shower, peel off the skin of the glans and clean the inside of the glans.

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It is also important to note that if you only do skin masturbation on a regular basis, you are prone to premature ejaculation. Since skin masturbation is done without exposing the foreskin, the glans cannot be directly stimulated.

It is recommended that the foreskin is also peeled off, if possible, and the foreskin is applied with lotion to the glans and then masturbated by hand or inserted into the masturbator to get used to the stimulation. Masturbation is an effective way to train for premature ejaculation, so try it out.

7. Floor masturbation

Prone Masturbation is a very specific method, but it is also very dangerous. Floor masturbation is performed by rubbing your penis against the floor or a bed, or by putting your weight on it and pressing on it. In this way, the stimulation to the penis is stronger and the pleasure is greatly increased than with normal hand job masturbation.

In terms of simple stimulation, it can be said that it is more powerful than any other masturbation method. However, the method is very simple, so anyone can enjoy it easily.

First, lie face down on the floor, sofa, or bed. Even if your penis doesn’t have an erection at all, it’s okay, so let’s put your body down and squeeze your penis.

The stimulation should make your penis gradually become erect. Let’s move more and more by pressing and rubbing the genitals on the floor as it is. When you want to ejaculate, just let it come out, and you will feel very good with the feeling of freedom.

In this way, you can do floor masturbation that feels good. If you are an advanced floor masturbator, you may be able to ejaculate even when your penis is not erect. However, floor masturbation can easily cause delayed ejaculation and vaginal ejaculation problems, so be careful not to overdo it.

Floor masturbation provides extremely specific stimulation to the penis, so it is not advisable for your body to get used to this masturbation method.

If you must do floor masturbation, be sure to take care of your hygiene. The floor and the sofa are very dirty places, so if you want to press your penis against them, be sure to pull a towel or a sheet to prevent your penis from touching them directly.

Also, pay attention to the angle at which you press your penis against it. If you push downward while you are erect, the erectile tissue that makes up the penis will break off. Be sure to adjust it so that it is facing upward before you push.

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8. Abstinence Masturbation

When masturbation is done after abstinence for a while, its pleasure is also significantly stronger. That’s because abstinence increases your libido and your sperm stores at the same time. An increased libido increases the ability to get an erection and sensitivity, and an increase in sperm production increases the amount and momentum of semen that is released during ejaculation.

These synergistic effects make masturbation after abstinence much more pleasurable. “Abstinence masturbation” makes use of these characteristics of abstinence and maximizes the pleasure.

It’s very simple: after holding back from sex and masturbation for a couple of days, you simply masturbate as usual. However, after abstinence, your penis is more sensitive and prone to ejaculate immediately, so stretch out your masturbation time by moderately relaxing the stimulation.

When you finally come after holding back ejaculation, it’s an exceptional feeling to have your libido released and go out at once. Once you experience it, you will probably want to do abstinence masturbation on a regular basis.

However, there are two major caveats to abstinence masturbation. Don’t do a last-minute skintight and don’t make the abstinence period too long. A short stop is hard on the genitals. Be careful not to do too many last-minute skittles that you hold back at the edge of ejaculation, because you can get a disease called retrograde ejaculation.

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition that causes semen to flow back into the bladder, which can lead to infertility. To prolong your masturbation, try to loosen up the stimulation a little bit, not at the last minute.

If you loosen up when you feel like you’re about to ejaculate, you can minimize the risk by having a mild skittish stop. Also, the longer the abstinence period, the better; about two to three days is appropriate. If you go any longer than that without ejaculating, your reproductive function will gradually decline.

9. Outdoor masturbation

If you want to try masturbation in a slightly different situation, “outdoor masturbation” is recommended. Open-air masturbation is masturbation that is done with all one’s might in the open air. There are two major advantages of outdoor masturbation: a “sense of freedom” and a “thrill”.

By nature, animals are sexually active anywhere outdoors. Masturbating outside also releases the animal instincts that we have. It creates a unique pleasure experience.

However, if others find you doing something sexual outdoors, it can be a crime. The sense of immorality of doing something naughty and the thrill of being caught or not being caught can quickly increase the adrenaline production and provide a kind of arousal.

These synergistic effects make outdoor masturbation a unique form of excitement and pleasure. The method of outdoor masturbation is almost the same as the usual one, except that it is done outside.

However, it is important to note that it should be done in a place and attire that is as private as possible. Places that are less likely to be noticed by others are public restrooms and rooftops, or campgrounds, cars, parks and offices at night.

Other places like movie theaters and comic book cafes are also good places to do this. However, doing it naked is out of the question. Be sure to keep your penis slightly exposed and be in a position to pull your pants on at any time.

It is important to understand that outdoor masturbation is a big risk. If you are caught by others masturbating, you could be reported to the police. You won’t necessarily end up in jail, but if you make a mistake, you could end up with a sex offender’s record and a big stain on your career. On the contrary, this risk can be pleasurable, but please don’t overdo it.

10. Hypnotic masturbation

The last one I’m going to show you is very specific, but it’s “hypnotic masturbation” which has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. Hypnotic masturbation is a technique in which sexual pleasure is achieved through hypnosis or suggestion.

If it is done well, you can reach a climax without stimulating your penis or other sexual organs. And since the climax of hypnotic masturbation is a dry orgasm, it can give you a deeper and longer-lasting pleasure than ejaculation.

Hypnotic masturbation is mainly performed by a special “hypnotic voice”, so you need to prepare a hypnotic voice and headphones or earphones in advance. Play the hypnotic masturbation and listen carefully from the introduction.

Deepen the images and fantasies as the voice sounds, and make it easy to get yourself into a state of suggestion. Since disgusting sounds are played according to the situation, please give a hand job to increase the sexual pleasure until you get used to the hypnotic masturbation.

You can ejaculate if you keep going, so the last thing you need to do is to break the hypnotic state with “release sound”. However, it is difficult to get comfortable with hypnotic masturbation for beginners, so you have to try many times to get a good feeling.

If you are an advanced masturbator, you will be able to come without touching your penis, and you will be able to enjoy a completely different kind of pleasure from other masturbations. It is recommended for people who want to try unusual masturbation.

Masturbation can feel even better if you use tools!

We have introduced various masturbation techniques, but in fact, if you make use of a “sex toy,” you can make masturbation more and more powerful. Sex toys are goods that can dramatically increase the pleasure of sex and masturbation.

As I mentioned earlier, masturbators, cock rings, and lotions are extremely effective, and should be used in combination with masturbation.

Masturbators are the best masturbation items. You can insert your penis and move it around to get a pleasurable sensation, and then ejaculate directly into the vagina as if you were ejaculating inside. It is the best friend of masturbation, made only for the purpose of pleasurable masturbation.

The most important thing in masturbation is the internal structure. The tightness of the cock ring is of course important, but the pleasure you get from it depends on whether the hole is penetrated or not, and whether the undulations and twists are reproduced or not.

Cock rings are worn on the penis to increase the strength and durability of the erection. A healthy erection is essential for pleasurable masturbation. Cock rings help to maximize the performance of the penis and allow you to enjoy the pleasure of orgasm.

Lotions are essential for anal and glans masturbation. It increases lubrication and provides a slippery and pleasurable stimulation. There are various types of lotions to choose from, depending on your purpose and preference.

There are also a number of specialized products available to support special masturbation methods, such as the nipple vibrator and Enemagra that we mentioned earlier. The important thing to remember is that you can’t enjoy the best masturbation without a sex toy.

Many people do not have a good image of sex toys. However, masturbation is all about pleasure. Sex toys are a great way to enhance the pleasure of masturbation. We’ve compiled a list of sex toys that give men the best pleasure in masturbation in the following article.

Don’t overdo the unusual masturbation!

We have introduced a variety of masturbation techniques, but some of them are very quirky. If these masturbation techniques are overdone or over-stimulated, they can cause problems with sexual function. The following three problems are particularly likely to be caused by masturbation, so be careful when masturbating.

  • You will not be able to ejaculate without a specific stimulus.
  • It can damage the penis.
  • It doesn’t feel good at all during sex.

Of all the masturbation methods I’ve mentioned, floor masturbation is particularly dangerous. Other masturbation methods, depending on their methods and intensity, can cause a lot of problems, such as hurting your penis and not being able to ejaculate during sex.

Therefore, you need to be careful not to overdo the unusual masturbation. Let’s take a closer look at the above three problems. Masturbation itself is a healthy activity. The following article summarizes the benefits of masturbation

If you don’t masturbate a certain way, you won’t ejaculate

Masturbation should inherently provide stimulation similar to actual sex. Realistic stimulation is, of course, vaginal penetration, so a masturbator that replicates the inside of a woman’s vagina is most ideal.

Floor masturbation, for example, which provides other stimulation, is a typical masturbation method that can prevent ejaculation during sex. If you have vaginal ejaculation disorder, you will not be able to cum during sex with a woman, which can be a major obstacle to your sex life.

As for nipple masturbation and anal masturbation, it is important to be careful not to overdo it on a regular basis. This one is also very different from normal penis masturbation, and if you only do chick-nipple or anal masturbation, your penis may deteriorate in function.

If you have to have a woman stimulate your nipples or anus during sex to make you ejaculate, there is a problem. This kind of masturbation should be done in moderation.

Also, if you do it in a special situation, such as outdoor masturbation, you can become addicted to the situation. Outdoor masturbation has a unique excitement and thrill to it, and there is a strong stimulation other than the physical stimulation of the penis.

As a result, the sexual stimulation is also much stronger and makes it easier to come. However, if you get used to such a situation, you may find it harder to ejaculate during actual sex.

You may damage your penis

As mentioned above, floor masturbation is one of the most dangerous masturbation methods. Pushing your penis against the floor means that you are also putting your weight on your penis.

That’s why it provides stimulation that is not possible with normal masturbation, but you should be aware of the risk of damaging your penis. There is also the risk of developing vaginal ejaculation disorder (severe delayed ejaculation). It is best to avoid floor masturbation as much as possible.

Skin masturbation may not seem dangerous at first glance, but be careful not to do it too hard either. Moving the skin quickly or gripping the glans tightly can damage the glans and foreskin. Also, if you masturbate on the skin on a regular basis, it can lead to premature ejaculation and cause problems with sex.

Therefore, if possible, you should stop skin masturbation and switch to glans masturbation with lotion. Abstinence masturbation can also hurt your penis, depending on how you do it. Abstinence masturbation is designed to maximize the pleasure of accumulating sexual desire and sperm.

However, it would be a waste of time to let out what you’ve accumulated right away, so it’s not uncommon for people to aim for orgasm while repeatedly stopping for a short time. As mentioned above, be aware that if you do a lot of skidding on a regular basis, it can lead to retrograde ejaculation.

You won’t feel good at all during sex

The way you masturbate can lead to ejaculation problems and so-called insensitivity. In particular, masturbation done in a special way or with too much stimulation can cause problems with sexual function.

If you masturbate too much on a regular basis, your penis will gradually become accustomed to it and will feel that excessive stimulation is normal. As a result, the actual stimulation of sex becomes completely unsatisfying.

In the worst case scenario, not only can you not ejaculate, but you can hardly feel any pleasure at all. This is called insensitivity. The word “insensitivity” originally referred to a woman’s inability to get sexual pleasure, but in fact, men can also have insensitivity.

If you start to feel that masturbation feels good but sex doesn’t feel good, it’s best to consider that the stimulation of masturbation is at a dangerous level. If you continue to masturbate as it is, you won’t be able to enjoy sex.

With vaginal ejaculation disorder, where you can ejaculate with masturbation but not with sex, you can at least feel the pleasure. Insensitivity is an extremely serious problem because it prevents you from getting even that pleasure. Extreme masturbation has these risks.

For this reason, it is recommended that masturbation should be done with as much natural stimulation as possible, especially with a masturbator. Choosing the right masturbator can reduce the risks while increasing the pleasure.


In this article, we’ve discussed some great masturbation methods that can make you feel better than regular penis masturbation. Masturbation can feel as good as it gets, depending on how creative you are.

If you’re tired of the usual hand job masturbation, or if you want to enjoy a stronger sensation, special masturbation methods are recommended. Let’s summarize the 10 masturbation techniques introduced in this article, and what kind of person each of them is suitable for.

If you are interested in masturbating with the anus instead of the penis, or in dry orgasms, I recommend “anal masturbation” or “prostate masturbation”. However, if you are interested in dry orgasms but have some resistance to anal orgasms, try “perineal masturbation” or “hypnotic masturbation”.

If you want to enhance the pleasure of regular penis masturbation, we recommend “Glans masturbation” or “abstinence masturbation”. However, if the glans is too sensitive and it hurts, you can use “skin masturbation” and if you want to stimulate the penis more strongly, “floor masturbation” is for you.

If you like nipples, try “nipple masturbation” to develop them. If you want to enjoy the excitement of the outdoors, “outdoor masturbation” is perfect for you, but you must be careful not to let others see you do it. Find a masturbation technique that works for you and enjoy the best masturbation experience possible. If you want a tool to help you feel good about masturbation, you can purchase one at the following sites