[For Men] Masturbation with sex lubricant : Make your masturbation more pleasurable with sex lube

Lotion is a viscous lubricant, a sex toy that is primarily used to apply to the genitals during sex. It is said that masturbation with lotion can significantly increase the pleasure of masturbation than ever before. Many men are tired of monotonous and mechanical masturbation. If you take the trouble to masturbate, you want to feel as good as possible, don’t you? In such a case, the love lotion that we will introduce to you is very effective.

The love lotion is so powerful that it can make you feel better than real sex. There are many different types of lotions available on the market, so it is effective to be able to choose the one that suits your taste. Also, lotion masturbation has ways to enhance the pleasure even more, so you should learn to do so. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of lotion masturbation, the techniques, and the types of lotions and how to choose them in detail.

Does lotion feel good?

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You’ve probably heard that masturbating with lotion can make you feel much better than usual.You must have doubted whether you can actually feel that good or not.Many of you must have doubted whether you can actually feel that good or not. However, it’s actually true that lotion can make you feel better. Especially if you’re dissatisfied with your current masturbation or feel like you’re in a rut, the effectiveness of the lotion will also be much higher.

While masturbation certainly feels good when you ejaculate, a surprising number of people don’t enjoy the squeezing of the penis or the teasing of the glans before that. Mechanically continued masturbation is tasteless and gets stuck in a rut. In such a case, the lotion that improves the pleasure of masturbation dramatically comes into play. When you switch from boring masturbation to lotion masturbation, you will be able to enjoy a blissful time just like that.

Simply put, you will be able to recreate the sensations of being inserted into a vagina full of love juice or being sucked off sticky by a mouth full of saliva with only your fingers. The knee trembles with the pleasant sensation, and a horny voice comes out unconsciously. Moreover, since you can control all the stimulation at will, it is not uncommon for it to feel better than real sex. Lotion masturbation has such a wonderful appeal.

What is lotion?

Lotion is a viscous and lubricating water solution, and the term refers to love lotion primarily as a sex toy. The use of lotions increases lubrication, which helps to reduce friction. It is mainly water-soluble, so it stretches well when applied to the skin and can be easily rinsed off in the shower after the act is over. Some thicker products may be diluted with water, but recently there are more and more products that can be used without diluting.

Some products decompose when exposed to ultraviolet rays or go rancid after long-term storage, so you need to be careful about storage methods and expiration dates. In most products, the main ingredient is a water-soluble polymer (sodium polyacrylate), which is also used as a food additive and poses no major health hazard if consumed. However, some of them may contain preservatives such as parabens used in cosmetics and should be used with caution if your skin or mucous membranes are sensitive.

In sex, they can be used in lotion play when caressing each other’s bodies, and can reduce pain and increase pleasure by moistening areas that are not normally wet, such as paisley, bare thighs and anus. Since most lotions generally feel cold, you may be surprised when you suddenly apply them to your skin. For this reason, it is best to set the temperature to about human skin beforehand or choose a warm lotion for a smooth caress.

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Lotion makes you feel twice as good as usual

Lotions are often used in sex play, but of course they can also be used in masturbation. Moreover, you can always masturbate in a much more comfortable way. Many people have had trouble with masturbation done with dry hands because the friction is too strong and rubbing the glans is painful. That said, spreading pre-cum or spit on it doesn’t work the way you want it to because the amount is too small and it can dry up quickly.

However, with lotion, such problems are blown away. The biggest advantage of lotion masturbation is that it increases lubrication and allows you to stimulate your sexually active zones as you wish. In order for masturbation to feel good, you need to stimulate your sensitive sexual zones to the maximum extent possible. When you wet that point with lotion and make it easier to approach your sexual zones, you can increase your pleasure with harder caresses.

Sexual pleasure is also enhanced by stimulation through the five senses, such as images and sounds, not just physical ones. You can also get a heightened mental arousal from the thick blame of your finger on the sticky genitals with lotion, or the disgusting sound of teasing the glans. Needless to say, the more aroused you get, the stronger your orgasm becomes. Lotion is truly the best sex toy to support excitement and pleasure.

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Zero friction with the slickness of lotion

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The reason why lotion masturbation makes you feel so good is because the slime allows zero friction on the skin and mucous membranes. In sexual stimulation, friction is basically just an obstacle. This is because friction causes more pain than pleasure. In particular, the glans is the most sensitive and delicate part of a man’s body.The Corona of Glans penis or the back slit is one of the best spots for this. However, stimulating it with a dry finger does not make it feel good at all.

It is true that the glans will get wet with pre cum if you continue stimulating the genitals, but there is a limit to the amount of stimulation and it will take a long time to get wet. The reason why your penis and vagina get wet when you are aroused in the first place is simply to make it easier for you to engage in sexual activity. Since the sexual act is also a stairway to ecstasy, we can say that the phenomenon of getting wet is the first step to pleasure. In other words, getting your genitals wet with lotion is a shortcut to climax.

Of course, the most pleasant part of the penis is the glans, but you can also wet the entire penis with lotion to make it feel better. If you hold the rod gently and move it well, it is possible to reproduce the pleasant sensation as if you are inserting it into a woman’s vagina without Masturbators. Even if you want to do it, you can easily do the hard stimulation which was not possible even if you had wanted to do it until now, if you have lotion. Lotion masturbation will open the door to a new kind of pleasure, and you will be able to enjoy the best possible climax.

To improve premature ejaculation!

Lotion masturbation is also extremely effective in improving premature ejaculation. Of course, until you get used to the stimulation, you will rather orgasm faster than ever before. That’s because the pleasure from lotion is too fresh and too exciting. However, if you continue the masturbation method of sticky caressing of the glans, you will gradually get used to the stimulation. In fact, the wet glans being stimulated by soft pressure and smoothness rather than friction is very similar to the situation when it is inserted into the vagina.

In other words, masturbation with lotion is similar to the stimulation in real sex. Premature ejaculation is caused precisely by the glans being too sensitive or unaccustomed to vaginal stimulation. If you have a pseudophakic foreskin and are usually habituated to skin masturbation, you are especially prone to premature ejaculation, so you should definitely switch to lotion masturbation. Even if you can only tolerate it for a short period of time in the beginning, the time to ejaculate will always increase as you continue to do so. This is a wonderful way to train for sex while still getting the best pleasure.

In fact, lotion can improve not only premature ejaculation but also delayed ejaculation. The most significant cause of late ejaculation is thought to be the wrong masturbation, especially the over-stimulation method. With dry hand masturbation, the only way to get stimulation is to grip it tightly. However, the pressure on the penis from the grip is much stronger than when inserting it into the vagina, so the glans gets used to the strong stimulation and causes delayed ejaculation.

When you masturbate with a strong grip, it is rather uncomfortable, so you can get into the habit of stimulating the penis with a soft touch, which will improve your delayed ejaculation.
If you want to learn a little more about improving premature ejaculation, here’s another article to help you out!

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Lotion types (by ingredient)

I’ve found that lotions are a great sex toy that can dramatically increase the pleasure of masturbation. However, there are so many different types of lotions on the market. Because of this, it can be difficult to know which type to choose. Lotion can be divided into three types based on their ingredients, so let’s learn how to choose the one that is best for you first.

  • Sodium polyacrylate.
  • Glycerin
  • Silicon base

You may not be able to tell what they are at a glance, but each one has its own significant features. The one you choose will depend on the application you use and your preferred stimulus. Simply put, a sodium polyacrylic acid-based lotion is best for multiple uses and cost effectiveness, a glycerin-based lotion is best for ease of use and smoothness rather than cost effectiveness, and a silicone-based lotion is best for lubrication and duration of use. Knowing the texture and advantages of each type of lotion will help you choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable.

Sodium Polyacrylate

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The first type of polyacrylic acid-based products (hereinafter referred to as “polyacrylic acid-based products”) are the most widely distributed and are readily available everywhere. Its most significant feature is that its high viscosity makes it easy to stretch and feel sticky. Therefore, it is ideal for people who want to make their penis slippery and torture the glans as much as possible. The price is cheaper than other types, so it is easy to use without worrying about the cost.

In addition, polyacrylic acid type can be used for any purpose, so it is suitable for multi-modal masturbation such as anal and nipple blaming as well as penis blaming. The main ingredient, sodium polyacrylate, is used as a food additive, so it is safe and basically safe to use in your mouth. Its high viscosity also makes it easy to make sounds, so it’s perfect for people who are easily excited by their hearing.

However, one of the biggest disadvantages of polyacrylic lotion is that its high viscosity makes it difficult to wash off cleanly after use. The lotion left on the skin absorbs water, which can cause skin irritation. You need to be careful when cleaning up after masturbation, as it can lead to the growth of germs. Therefore, it is not suitable for those who want to finish cleaning up immediately. The features of polyacrylic acid-based lotions are summarized below.


Can be used for multiple purposes
There are many different types and they are cheaper than other types.
Easily available anywhere
Strongly slimy and easy to pull strings.
Safe to eat, etc.


It’s hard to wash out.
May cause skin irritation
Wipe up after use, otherwise it is unsanitary
It is not suitable for people who want a silky feeling.


Glycerin-based lotions are the opposite of the aforementioned polyacrylic lotions. This type of lotion is characterized by its low viscosity, easy to dissolve in water, and smooth texture. In addition, it’s easy to wash off with water, so it’s relatively easy to clean up after masturbation. For this reason, glycerin-based lotions are recommended for people who want to enjoy a light, smooth stimulation and clean up their penis immediately after the act.

Also, most of the warmth lotions, those that do not feel cold when applied to the skin, are basically glycerin-based. Glycerin is not only a food additive, but it’s also found in medicines used in delicate areas such as enemas and eye drops, so it’s both lubricated and safe. However, using it for enemas means, in other words, that it promotes defecation, so it’s best not to use it for anal use.

The biggest disadvantage of glycerin-based lotions is that they are more expensive than polyacrylic acid-based lotions. You can’t easily use plenty of them in every masturbation session, so in some cases, you might sacrifice pleasure for the savings. Especially, glycerin-based lotions are not suitable for masturbation like lotion play by applying it not only to a penis but also to a wide part of the body. The features of glycerin-based lotions are summarized below.


Enjoy the smoothness and stimulation.
Easy to wash off and safe


The price is too high for casual use.
No slimy feeling or strings.
I do not recommend using it for anal use.

Silicon base

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Silicone-based lotions are also very different in nature from polyacrylic acid-based lotions. They are characterized by good stretch and long-lasting lubrication while not pulling strings. It is one of the best lubricant lotions of all. Moreover, silicone based products do not contain water, so they don’t dry out as quickly as other types. This makes it perfect for anal blaming annies that don’t automatically get wet.

The fact that it doesn’t dry out easily also means that you don’t have to replenish the lube as often. If you use a lotion that doesn’t last long enough to lubricate, you’ll have to reapply it again and again in the middle of masturbation, and you’ll lose your excitement and pleasure each time you do. If you use a silicone lube, you can focus only on getting it good once it’s thoroughly wet. If you want to make pleasure your top priority, silicone-based lotions may be the best choice.

However, the drawback is that the majority of silicone lotions are oil-based, which makes them very difficult to wash off. They are low in viscosity and too smooth, so they often drip onto the floor, and their high oil content can lead to oil stains on clothing and sheets. The price is often higher than glycerin-based products, so it’s not something you can use easily. It is said that it may deteriorate if you use it for adult products, but you don’t need to worry about it as long as you use it regularly. The features of silicone-based lotions are summarized below.

Silicone based lotions are best for having masturbation because they can provide more pleasure as well as long working process.  Most of the experience people used it and got better results. So you can buy it from online website.


You can enjoy the smooth and silky feel of this product.
No pain due to its high lubricity
The lubrication time is much longer than other types.


It is difficult to wash off after use.
Since the viscosity is low, it can easily drip and fall to the floor.
The most expensive of all lotions.
Silicone based lotion can’t used with silicone made masturbator or sex toy otherwise you may feel bad impact on your genitals. All types of sex lubricant is not compatible with all types of masturbator toy (ex – silicone lube is not compatible with silicone made masturbator toy, oil based lube is not compatible with latex condom.)

How to choose a lotion

We’ve explained the advantages and disadvantages of each lotion type, but which one is actually the best type to choose? When it comes to choosing a lotion, it depends largely on personal preference, so we can’t say that this type is recommended by all means. However, we can say for sure that there are fewer mistakes to be made if you basically choose a polyacrylic acid-based lotion. This is because while polyacrylic acid-based products have the following advantages, they do not have any noticeable disadvantages when compared to other types.

  • They can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • You can enjoy the moist and slippery feeling.

The merit of polyacrylic acid lotion is that it has a high viscosity that pulls the strings and is easy to use for various purposes. You can enjoy lotion play on not only penis but also anal, nipples, and other sexual zones of the whole body. Furthermore, its low price makes it easy to use a lot of lotions. The polyacrylic acid lotion dries up after a while because it contains water, but it won’t be a problem because it can be added quickly.

Glycerin series have a smooth feeling, but it is not so strong as polyacrylic acid series. In addition, there is not so much slimy feeling and the price is relatively high. The smooth feeling and the lubrication time are attractive, but it is difficult to wash off and expensive. For these reasons, the best choice for beginners is a sodium polyacrylate lotion.

How to do lotion masturbation

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Once you’ve found a lotion that you like, it’s time to get into lotion play in earnest. If you’re going to masturbate with lotion, you want to make the experience as pleasant as possible, don’t you? Masturbation can be very different in terms of stimulation and intensity, so it depends on how you do it to get a good feeling. Typical lotion masturbation techniques include the following

  • Warming up the lotion moderately before using it.
  • Masturbate in the palm of your hand as usual.
  • Use a gauze or cloth soaked with lotion.
  • Put plenty of lotion in the Masturbators and insert it.
  • Try to masturbate with the opposite hand

All of these methods have their own unique pleasures that only lotion masturbation can provide, so you can try a variety of methods. You can enjoy masturbating as usual after you’ve applied plenty of lotion, or you can use Masturbators to stimulate the piston movements like real sex. A surprisingly easy blind spot is to try masturbating with the opposite hand of your dominant hand. Once you find a masturbation technique that works for you, all you have to do is push forward to climax.

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Warm up just right

One of the major disadvantages of lotions is the coolness of the skin when you apply them to your skin. Some people may like the stimulation of having their skin suddenly cooled, but for many people, it’s not very desirable. So, it is recommended that you try to warm up the lotion moderately before using it. The temperature in the vagina and mouth is approximately 36 to 37 degrees Celsius, so it’s a good idea to warm your lotion to that level by one of the following methods

  • Boiling water
  • Microwave oven
  • Masturbators Warmer

Warming up your lotion in a hot water bath is recommended as it is the most basic and safest way to do so; immerse the container with the required amount of lotion in water that has been warmed to around 40 degrees Celsius. If you put the bottle of lotion directly into the hot water, the amount you don’t use at that time may deteriorate, so it’s recommended that you transfer it to another container as much as possible before warming it up. With this method, the temperature of the lotion is only 40 degrees Celsius at the most, so you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot.

You can also use a microwave oven to heat up the lotion, but I would never recommend this method. The microwave has at least 500 watts of power, which is too much power to heat up the lotion. Moreover, it is not easy to adjust the temperature, so there is a high risk of burning your penis. The last method is limited to using Masturbators, but you can use a device called a Masturbators warmer to heat the entire Masturbators rule and the lotion together.

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Masturbating as usual with the palm of your hand

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The royal method of lotion masturbation is to apply lotion to your penis or hand, and then to rub it with a slippery feeling. It is basic to stimulate so that the whole penis is wrapped up, but since you have dabbled in the new masturbation method, you should also learn the special technique for lotion masturbation. In particular, the fissure at the base of the glans and the gap between the glans and the pole is the key point.

If you actively stimulate these areas, the pleasure of masturbation will improve dramatically. If you hook your thumb on the potash or rub the back part of the penis intensively with your finger, you will get a pleasant sensation that will make you moan. Normally, these areas are difficult to stimulate satisfactorily due to the pain caused by friction, but the use of lube allows you to use extreme techniques.

Let’s try to masturbate the glans as well as stimulate the whole penis by piston movement. In this case, you will apply lotion to the glans in particular. Gently grab the glans with all your fingers except your little finger and rub it as you press intensively on the Kali area. Next, stroke around the urethral opening and the sides of the glans in a circular motion. If you are not used to stimulation of the urethra, avoid the urethra at this time to help increase the pleasure.

Finally, make your thumb with your index finger so that the OK sign is on the underside of your hand and move it up and down to hook into the potash. The key is to reverse the hand, and by doing this, the tips of your thumb and forefinger can easily hit the back slit and maximize the pleasure. As you build up your excitement in this way, the glans may swell up and become bigger than you’ve ever seen before. The ejaculation after stimulating it to the limit with lotion masturbation will be downright mind-blowing.

Using gauze or cloth

This is another technique that you can never do without lotion, but I recommend using gauze or a cloth to stimulate the glans with a gauze or cloth. All you need for gauze masturbation is a piece of gauze or a cloth large enough to wrap around the glans and lotion. If you use a cloth instead of gauze, try to use a smooth surface such as satin or silk, or a pair of women’s stockings. Avoid using fabrics with rough fibers or hard fabrics, as they risk hurting your penis.

Once you have all the necessary tools, soak the gauze or cloth with enough lotion. It’s okay to use a little too much, so the entire fabric should be slippery. Then hold the gauze over the glans in both hands and slide the gauze from side to side as you rub the glans. After that, repeat the left and right movements until you reach your climax. You can also try moving the gauze around with one hand to gently stroke the glans along the way.

Since gauze masturbation uses both hands, you can’t use one hand to operate a computer or phone and watch pornography while you watch it with the other hand. Either increase your arousal through fantasy alone, or leave the porn running. It is also easier to do gauze masturbation with a glycerin or silicone-based lotion than the polyacrylic lotion I recommended earlier. With polyacrylic lotion, the viscosity may be too strong to move the gauze or cloth, and the lotion may dry up quickly and you may have to refill it frequently.

Masturbators with plenty of lotion

Masturbators are sex toys designed to replicate the sensations of penetration into a woman’s vagina and are a great aid to those who want to enjoy realistic pleasures. This is because if you insert it as it is, the friction between the resin inside and the penis will be too strong, which can cause pain and injury. Therefore, you must always put plenty of lotion in your Masturbators before inserting them.

It is very easy to pour lotion into the Masturbators’ opening. However, when you put in too much lotion, when you insert a penis, it will flow backwards, so please put it in the appropriate range. Also, some disposable Masturbators come pre-filled with lotion. However, the default lotions are often of poor quality, so it’s easier to feel good about yourself if you add your own choice of lotion to your Masturbators.

When putting lotion into Masturbators, you can enjoy the sensation of groping by first wetting your middle or index finger liberally and then putting your finger in the Masturbators to wet it. This will help the lube penetrate the resin inside and may feel better than simply pouring it out of the bottle, but once you’ve wet the Masturbators, it’s time to insert your penis and achieve ecstasy through pistoning motions.

There are many different types of Masturbators, but we recommend the non-penetrating, hand-held, reusable type. Particularly useful are those that have a plastic exterior and the plastic part inside can be removed. It costs at least $5,000 or more, but it has an excellent balance between pleasure and durability and ease of maintenance. The plastic exterior not only makes it easier to grip and move around with your hands and move them hard, but it also allows you to fix them to a wall or the floor so you can swing your hips and pucker them up as you have sex.
‘What are Masturbators?’ If you’re curious, check out this article as well.

Lotion masturbation with the opposite hand of your dominant hand

This is a technique that is effective even outside of lotion masturbation, but the pleasure is increased if you finger the penis with the opposite hand of your dominant hand. For example, most right-handed people should masturbate with their right hand, but you can do it with your left hand.

However, by doing this alone, you can experience a different kind of pleasure, and in some cases, it can be far more pleasurable. The hand you don’t usually use is not accustomed to small movements and will feel somewhat awkward. This can make you feel as if you’re being spanked by another person, or as if you’re being given a hand job by a girl you’re not very familiar with. That’s exactly why reverse masturbation feels so good.

Of course, the use of lotion intensifies that pleasure. The dominant hand is dexterous because it is used all the time, but on the other hand, it can’t do the movement very freshly. If you combine the reverse masturbation using lotion with the glans, you will get a new stimulation. Sometimes, fine technique is not the only skill, and a big movement can lead to a pleasant sensation. Try using your other hand and try a new kind of masturbation.

Alternatives to Lotion Masturbation

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We’ve looked at the different types of lotions and how to use them, but you may find that it’s a hassle to buy them all the way through, or you may be embarrassed to buy them in a store. You may also want to try out something familiar. In that case, we recommend that you try a lotion substitute first. The following everyday items have similar properties to lotions, so try them out.

  • Body soap
  • Conditioner and rinse
  • Edible oil
  • Potato starch

Some of them may be surprising, but if used well, they can act as an alternative to lotions. However, some of them need to be used with caution, so it’s important to utilize them for masturbation in the right way. While these alternatives can be used to make you feel good enough, they are still no match for lotion. If the above items make you feel good, you should definitely try real lotion.

Body Soap

Many of us have had trouble getting somewhat horny while washing our bodies with body wash. You may have even been able to shimmy your penis as it was. Actually, you can use body wash as a lotion. This is because body soap has the same slippery sensation and lubrication as lotion, which is an important element of lotion.

However, if you are using body wash as a substitute for a lotion, it should only be slimy, so be careful not to lather it up. If you move your hand stubbornly, it will inevitably become lathered up, so you should move it slowly by feeling like you’re sticky about the glans. You can also use the techniques I have introduced so far. In addition, body wash is mildly acidic so that it can remove dirt mildly, so basically it is almost not irritating to the skin.

However, the skin around the genitals, especially the glans, is still very sensitive. If you continue to stimulate the penis with body soap for a long time in order to masturbate, the skin of the genitals may become rough or the glans may become painful and itchy. It is better to finish body soap masturbation within 5 minutes. Also, don’t use soap as a further substitute for body soap. Soap is mildly alkaline and can be very irritating to the skin and can damage the skin around the genital area and the glans.

Conditioner and rinse

Hair conditioners and conditioners commonly used by women actually have similar properties to lotions. Normally, these are meant to condition the hair, but they can be used as a substitute for lotions due to their slippery nature. Unlike the aforementioned body washes, they are relatively easy to use because they don’t lather, and they often smell good, so you may be able to masturbate while you relax.

However, conditioners and rinses may contain ingredients that are surprisingly strong and irritating, so you need to be especially careful when using them on the skin around your sensitive genitals. In particular, those with strong cleaning and moisturizing properties can cause pain and rashes, so test them on other areas of your body before applying them to the glans. For example, apply it to your arms and legs and leave it on for a few minutes after applying it to your body to see if any changes occur.

The skin around the genital area is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of the body, so never use it if you experience pain or irritation in other areas of the body. Also, conditioners and rinses can moisturize and smooth your hair when used on your hair, but they can be surprisingly dry when used on the skin. Therefore, if you masturbate with these alternatives, it’s better to keep it short.

Edible Oil

You can also substitute cooking oils, like olive oil or salad oil, for love lotion. The good thing about these alternatives is that they are safe because they are meant to be in your mouth in the first place. One of the best cooking oils is salad oil, which is one of the cheapest in price. Typically, salad oil is often used for frying, but it can also be used as a lubricant due to its moderate viscosity.

However, salad oil is relatively easy to degrade, and poor quality salad oil can oxidize and give off an unpleasant odor as it ages. If you use degraded oil on the pubic area, you may damage the glans and other delicate parts of your body, or you may not be able to concentrate on masturbation. If you also want to focus on its quality as a lotion, try using olive oil. Olive oil is by far the highest quality oil than salad oil.

The great thing about olive oil is that it has a mild fragrance, is gentle on the skin, and is smooth and stretchy. In particular, fresh extra virgin oil feels wonderful when used on the skin, and high quality oils can be used as a serum or hair oil. However, olive oil is far more expensive than salad oil, so you may not be able to use it more and more casually.

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Potato starch

Potato starch is a food used to thicken a variety of dishes, such as stews and curries. When you think of potato starch, you might think of homemade Masturbators. In fact, potato starch can be used to make homemade lotions. It’s very easy to make: just add a teaspoon of potato starch to 100 milliliters of cold water in a pot and put it on a low heat, stirring well. When the water has thickened completely, put it in the refrigerator and chill it to room temperature.

  • 100 ml of cold water
  • 1 teaspoon of potato starch

Potato starch is a food that can be found in most households, but even if you don’t have it, you can easily get it at convenience stores, supermarkets, and other places around you. Moreover, it is inexpensive, so you can use it more and more without worrying about the cost. The above is the basic recipe for making the potato starch lotion, so you can adjust the amount of potato starch according to your taste. When you adjust the amount of potato starch, you can develop your own special lotion.

For example, if you want a sticky lotion, you can add more potato starch. On the other hand, if you prefer a lighter lotion, you can reduce the amount of potato starch. Be sure to warm the potato starch in cold water before mixing it in boiling water, as it will lump together and become unusable. Warm it up by carefully stirring it, and it will thicken up like a lotion. If it’s too cold after it’s finished, you won’t be able to dip your genitals in it, so once it’s cooled to room temperature, put it in a container of lotion to use.

Cautions for lotion masturbation

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We’ve looked at the different types of lotions, techniques for actually masturbating, and familiar alternatives, but safety is also important in lotion masturbation. No matter how good the masturbation feels, if you use it in a dangerous way, it can lead to serious accidents and can hurt your penis. Therefore, please be sure to follow the following 4 points.

  • Always rinse it out after use.
  • Do not use expired goods
  • Use a diluted version for high-density products.
  • Be sure to wipe up any lotion that falls on the floor.

The above precautions are mainly for hygiene, safety and to help you feel better. It’s especially important to always rinse off the lotion after you’ve finished masturbating and not to use anything that has expired. Neglecting this can cause damage to your penis, so be sure to follow this to ensure that you continue to masturbate safely.

Be sure to wash it when you’re done

After using love lotion to make you feel good, be sure to rinse it off no matter what type of lotion you use. Simply wiping it off with a tissue or towel won’t remove it completely. The reason why you need to wash the lotion is because it can absorb moisture from the skin and cause dry skin and bacteria to grow and irritate your penis. Genitals with disturbed skin conditions can also be more prone to sexually transmitted infections.

And, most importantly, if you leave the lotion in place, it may cause discomfort when you put on your pants. If the lotion left on your penis gets on your underwear, it will feel sticky and cling to your skin. If you feel so good after the lotion masturbation, you want to be comfortable even after putting on your clothes, don’t you? For that reason, even in the case of the lotion of the type which does not need to be rinsed off, it is still desirable to wash and clean it after use.

The ease of rinsing off the lotion depends on the type of lotion you use, which is completely different. Although glycerin-based lotions can be cleaned relatively quickly when water is poured on them, polyacrylic acid-based lotions and silicone-based lotions are troublesome to wash off. In particular, silicone-based products are still somewhat sticky, even if you wash them carefully with body soap. If you value the ease of cleaning up after use, you may want to choose a glycerin-based product.

Adhere to the expiration date

Just like food and medicine, lotions should not be used if they have expired. Most lotions are sold in bottles rather than in small packs. Therefore, if you use a lotion infrequently, it may expire even though the contents are still intact. How long does a lotion have to be used in the first place? For most products, you can expect 3-4 years when unopened, and about 6 months after opening the package. You may find that it’s shorter than you thought.

It would be a shame to throw away the lotions you’ve bought. There are not many people who think it’s safe to use it as it is because it’s not something you put into your body and use it as it is. However, old lotions can cause pain and itching in the skin and mucous membranes if you use them because their ingredients have deteriorated. In addition, it also contains a certain amount of organic matter, which can cause bacteria to grow and cause infections.

For this reason, make sure you list the date of opening the lotion on the cap of the bottle or even on the cap of the bottle, and then don’t use it if six months have passed. Also, it’s important to store lotions the way they are stored. The ingredients in the lotion will degrade when exposed to UV rays, so never expose it to direct sunlight. However, most of the time, don’t let others see it. I keep it in a drawer or shed so it won’t be a problem.


All type of sex lubricant are better for masturbation or sexual intercourse because they can provide smooth surface as well as make you masturbation session more pleasure same as sexual activity with any sex toy. Different lubes can give you different feeling, not only for sexual activity it is also helpful during masturbation activity.