[For men] What causes masturbation to not feel good? How to get back masturbation that feels good

Do you have this problem: “Masturbation doesn’t feel good ……”? By nature, masturbation is supposed to be a very pleasurable activity. However, there are times when masturbation does not feel good for some reason. It would be very sad if that happened to you. Is there any way to regain the pleasure of masturbation? In fact, most of the reasons for not being able to get pleasure from masturbation are found in “conventional masturbation habits”. The bad influence of “wrong masturbation” in particular is immeasurable.

We know that there is no harm in masturbation itself. However, too much masturbation that is too stimulating, or masturbation that is performed under special conditions, can reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Other physical and mental illnesses can cause a lowered sex drive and an inability to feel good with masturbation.

Therefore, it is important to make a comprehensive assessment of multiple possibilities to determine the cause of the problem and try to improve it. Therefore, in this article, we will thoroughly investigate the causes of masturbation not feeling good and then explain how to get back to excitement and pleasure.

What is the mechanism that makes masturbation feel good?

Masturbation feels so good, doesn’t it? But why does it feel so good when you ejaculate? Everyone must have wondered about it. So let’s take a quick look at the basics of the process and mechanism of how the penis goes from erection to ejaculation. First of all, when the penis is exposed to external sexual stimulation, the erection center of the brain responds and causes the penis to become erect. An erection is a decrease that occurs when blood flows into the sponge-like tissue that makes up the penis and increases in volume.

As continuous sexual stimulation is transmitted to the penis after an erection, sexual arousal increases and the testicles gradually rise, causing the scrotum to become smaller and tighter in preparation for an erection. As orgasm (climax or ejaculation) approaches, a certain amount of semen is carried to the end of the vas deferens (the passage of semen) and waits until the moment of ejaculation.

When the sexual excitement finally reaches its climax, the ejaculation center in the spinal cord reacts and the spermatozoa merge with the seminal vesicle secretion and the semen is ejected from the penis. The moment of ejaculation is a reflex that cannot be interfered with by the brain, so ejaculation cannot be stopped at will.

What is extremely important here is the mechanism of pleasure that occurs during ejaculation. There are two elements here: physical stimulation and neurochemicals. First, physical stimulation seems to be greatly influenced by two things: a sudden increase in the internal pressure of the prostate gland due to the accumulation of semen on the verge of ejaculation, and the ejection of semen all at once through the vas deferens and urethra. The mushy/throbbing sensation in the penis just before ejaculation is caused by exactly this kind of physical stimulation. The brain itself has little to do with this.

Even more significantly than physical stimulation is a neurochemical called “dopamine”, which is a so-called “pleasure substance”. Dopamine, also known as the so-called “feel-good substance,” can be released in such large quantities that it can be made to feel good by drinking, smoking, or even drug abuse.

What’s more, this dopamine also makes negative mental elements such as anxiety and fear disappear temporarily. These factors are thought to be the reason why ejaculation can make you feel good. In other words, during ejaculation, the synergistic effect of the brain’s response and physical stimulation provides irreplaceable pleasure.

What causes masturbation to not feel good?

We have briefly introduced the mechanism by which masturbation gives you pleasure. The main reason why men want to masturbate is because it feels good. If you can’t feel good about masturbation, you will feel very empty, won’t you? However, there are times when masturbation does not make you feel good. There are five main reasons why masturbation doesn’t feel good, so check to see if you can think of any.

  • Decreased sex drive due to uncertain factors
  • Not enough arousal can be obtained
  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Gotten used to the pleasure of masturbation
  • Overdoing hard stimulation masturbation

Even young men can lose their sex drive for one reason or another. When this happens, the desire to masturbate is lessened, and the pleasure is naturally understated. The inability to get aroused by the wank used in masturbation is also a factor. Those reasons could be physical and mental fatigue. Also, if you have been masturbating in a highly stimulating manner on a regular basis, your penis tends to be less sensitive. Let’s take a closer look at these causes one by one.

1. Lowered sex drive

When your sex drive drops, the pleasure of masturbation also decreases. This is because if your arousal is not high, your orgasm will not be as strong. A man’s sex drive is not always high, but it comes in waves. Specifically, the longer it’s been since you last ejaculation, the stronger your sex drive will be. In other words, if you masturbate too often, your sex drive won’t be high.

If you masturbate more often and somehow out of inertia, your sex drive will naturally stabilize at a lower level. As a result, you won’t get as strong a pleasure from ejaculating. If it’s due to the frequency of masturbation, you can simply intersperse a few days of abstinence and you’ll feel better.

Even if you don’t masturbate that often, your sex drive can decrease. The most significant factor in this is aging. As we age, our bodily functions as well as the secretion of “testosterone” decreases. Testosterone production peaks in your late twenties, and it almost always declines gradually after that. Testosterone plays a pivotal role in the functioning of the penis, and as this production level declines, sexual function also declines. Mentally, the body cannot keep up with the sexual desire, even if it is there.

In fact, studies have shown that men still have sexual desire in old age. However, most of the time their vital genitals are unable to function, so they just don’t actually engage in sexual activity. On the other hand, even young men in their twenties and thirties often experience a decrease in their sex drive.

One of the reasons for this is that lifestyle habits can lead to a decrease in the production of male hormones. If you live an irregular lifestyle, i.e., surrounded by a lack of exercise, a protein-poor diet, lack of sleep and excessive stress, your testosterone production will decrease.

Of course, most young men do not have any problems with their penile functioning, so improving their lifestyle can bring their male hormones back to normal levels. However, it can be difficult to regain your sex drive if you are physically or mentally fatigued. This will be explained again later, but physical and mental fatigue can have a major negative impact on sexual function.

If it gets worse, it can lead to “ED (erectile dysfunction),” which makes it difficult to get an erection, let alone a lowered libido. If you feel that “masturbation doesn’t feel good” or “interest in masturbation is waning,” this may be an early sign of ED.

2. Finding things less “fappable”

When you masturbate, you use some kind of “fappable material” or pornographic video or image. You build up your sexual arousal by imagining specific sex scenes or images of naughty girls. Since the pleasure of masturbation has a lot to do with the level of excitement, the selection of this content actually has a big impact on the pleasure of masturbation.

If you can’t get aroused by the content, you can’t feel good about masturbating. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an effective material that will always allow you to be maximally aroused.

Since men tend to be particularly aroused by sight and sound, pornographic videos are still the most effective tools. However, it is true that pornographic videos can have a negative effect on men. Because pornography is entertainment, it inevitably involves sex in ways and situations that would never happen in real life.

Hardcore pornography in particular is probably the best example of this. If you are constantly masturbating to watch such pornography, you may not be satisfied with sex the next time you watch it. Pornography is a medium that can enhance the pleasure of masturbation, but you need to be careful not to become too dependent on it.

Ultimately, it would be desirable to be able to get off on just the fantasy in your brain without having to use any sexual media, but that can be difficult to do. For this reason, you should try to get into the habit of getting aroused by images and sounds rather than something too direct, such as pornographic videos. As a result, you’ll not only feel good in masturbation, but you’ll also become more easily aroused during real sex and have hotter sex. It is important to be aware of how to choose a content for ideal masturbation.

3. Mental and physical fatigue

As I lightly mentioned earlier, if you are experiencing physical and mental fatigue, you are more likely to not feel good about masturbating. This is because the state of your mind and body has a significant impact on your orgasm. Sex and masturbation can take a considerable amount of energy.

Therefore, it is not surprising that when you are tired, your penis does not perform adequately and the intensity of your orgasm is reduced. So to speak, masturbation is like a sport, so if you don’t have enough stamina, you won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

By the way, when you feel significant fatigue due to overwork, etc., you may get the so-called “tired mala” which makes you horny for some reason. However, it doesn’t mean that you really feel sexual desire because the substances released by the body to maintain consciousness just happen to affect sexual functions.

When you masturbate in such a situation, you may feel even more drained and find it difficult to sleep. If you are physically fatigued, do not masturbate when you have accumulated physical fatigue, but first rest your body thoroughly.

Mental exhaustion may have a greater negative impact on your sexual functioning than physical fatigue. In order for the body to move toward sex, the mind must first move toward it. In other words, when you are mentally exhausted and can’t afford it, you won’t feel sexually aroused and horny.

However, the male instinct is to have the desire to reproduce, so it may be natural for you to masturbate. As mentioned above, it is difficult to get pleasure from such inertia masturbation. Excessive stress can lead to ED (erectile dysfunction) because of stress-induced loss of libido.

Also, if you suffer from a mental illness such as depression, you may have a condition that causes you to lose most of your sex drive. This is even more so if you are on medication. SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), such as Paxil, are particularly well known for their side effects of severely decreasing your sex drive.

Drugs with SSRI-like effects are even used to treat premature ejaculation. If you stop SSRIs on your own when this happens, you may experience withdrawal symptoms and become mentally dangerous. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your sexual problems before you switch to another drug.

4. Gotten used to the pleasure of masturbation

Once we get used to the pleasure of masturbation, it can be difficult to get any more pleasure from it. Our bodies have a tendency to get used to stimulation, so we get used to similar sensations if they continue to feel similar. It’s the same with masturbation.

Even if it’s not so obvious that we get used to it, if we are always doing the same kind of stimulation, we will get into a kind of rut. Many people may say that the most pleasurable masturbation in their lives was …… something they were still getting used to in middle school or high school.

Especially if you’re always masturbating with your hands, you’ll probably feel like you’re in a rut more often than not. No matter how much you try to change the way you wank and shag, there are still limits to hand job masturbation.

You may think that since masturbation is done with your hands, it is inevitable that you will be in a rut. However, this is actually not the case. There are many other ways to do masturbation. We’ll get into the details later, but masturbation utilizing a “sex toy” is extremely effective in breaking the rut and improving your pleasure.

You don’t want to get into a rut with hand job masturbation, but why is that? Simply put, it’s because when you’re in a rut, you need stronger stimulation to get pleasure and you’re more likely to masturbate in an inappropriate way. For example, if you are no longer satisfied with regular handjobs, you can try to tighten your grip, make quick piston movements, or rub something on your penis. However, these masturbation methods have a very high risk of causing problems with sexual function.

5. Overdoing highly stimulating masturbation

Many men who are no longer satisfied with masturbation will try to increase the stimulation in some way. However, when they still can’t get enough pleasure, they will move on to more intense masturbation. If you overdo it in this way, you may find that one day you will have a frightening experience.

It may take an inordinate amount of time to ejaculate in a woman’s vagina or it may be impossible to cum in the first place. This is called “severe delayed ejaculation” or “vaginal ejaculation disorder” and can have a significant negative impact on your sex life.

As explained at the beginning of this article, the reason why sex and masturbation feel so good in the first place is because sexual stimulation of the penis is transmitted through the nerves to the brain, which in turn releases dopamine and other pleasure substances.

In other words, if the function of the nerves of the penis is slowed down, the function of the brain, which causes the important pleasure sensation, is also slowed down. This is the true nature of so-called “loss of sensitivity,” and most of the causes are found in “wrong masturbation. The most common types of wrong masturbation are “too much grip masturbation” (Tess grip masturbation) and “floor masturbation”.

Too much grip is masturbation where the penis is gripped too tightly and can cause what is called “death grip syndrome”. Floor masturbation is masturbation in which you lower your body from a prone position and press your penis against the floor, a sofa, a blanket, or a cushion, or make pistoning motions by swinging your hips.

It refers to the desensitization of nerves in the penis due to frequently masturbating in a very specific way — with a tight grip, for example. As a result, you have a hard time climaxing without recreating that one very specific move.

Death Grip Syndrome: Is It Really a Thing?

All of these can greatly reduce the sensitivity of the penis, which can cause delayed ejaculation and vaginal ejaculation problems. When sensitivity is reduced, it is difficult to get pleasure, so the pleasure of ejaculation will not be as good as it could be.

Of course, many men with late ejaculation or vaginal ejaculation disorder have only a desensitized nervous system, not an impairment in the function of the nerves themselves. Therefore, it is possible to gradually regain sensitivity by returning to normal masturbation methods. However, it is not an easy thing to do as it requires correct knowledge and practice and considerable time.

To prevent this from happening, you should be careful about masturbation that is too strong or special. We will discuss in more detail later on how to develop normal masturbation habits and how to regain pleasure.
If you want to know more about the side effects of wrong masturbation, please refer to the following articles.

The Disadvantages of Stopping Masturbation

As the inability to feel good during masturbation increases, you may feel like you don’t want to masturbate anymore, giving up and saying “I don’t care anymore because it doesn’t feel good ……”. However, when you stop masturbating, your sexual functioning is further diminished and you find it increasingly difficult to get pleasure, a nasty vicious cycle. There are three specific disadvantages of not masturbating:

  • It can lead to male infertility.
  • It can cause ED and premature ejaculation.
  • Decreased production of male hormones.

Each of these things are very troubling for men. It can be especially frightening when it leads to infertility. Since masturbation has a role in preserving and improving sexual function, you can’t get that effect without masturbation as well. As a result, a variety of seemingly contradictory and adverse effects, such as ED and premature ejaculation, can occur in sexual function. In addition, not masturbating means a decrease in the habit of ejaculation, which may lead to a decrease in the production of male hormones.

It may lead to male infertility

Prolonged “masturbation abstinence” from masturbation can lead to a significant decrease in sperm quality. Studies have shown that after two to three days of not ejaculating, sperm motility begins to decline. It was also found that prolonged masturbation abstinence leads to a significant increase in the number of sperm with genetic abnormalities.

This decrease in sperm quality can lead to a deterioration in fertility, which is why excessive masturbation abstinence is dangerous. On the contrary, masturbation every day does not decrease sperm quality, but rather reduces sperm genetic abnormalities and increases motility.

The weight of the evidence suggests that the decline in semen volume and sperm concentration with shorter abstinence periods is accompanied by a substantial improvement in sperm motility characteristics, especially progressive motility and velocity.

Revisiting The Relationship between The Ejaculatory Abstinence Period and Semen Characteristics

You might think that masturbation would rather improve your fertility, but the truth is that it’s the exact opposite. Let’s take a brief look at why this happens. The testicles fill up with sperm very quickly from emptying to filling with sperm in about three days, but it actually takes two to three months for sperm to be manufactured. This means that prolonged masturbation does not have an immediate negative effect on the sperm production capacity itself. The key point is sperm oxidation.

Spermatozoa are organic matter consisting mainly of protein, and as they age, they oxidize or deteriorate. The body naturally absorbs degraded sperm, but degradation does not mean that they are processed immediately. Therefore, the testicles are gradually filled with old, oxidized material, not all new sperm. The body also tends to try to conserve energy by decreasing the function of lesser-used parts of the body, so the ability to make new sperm is also gradually reduced.

Another reason for the loss of motility is, of course, the deterioration of sperm, but the concentration of semen also seems to have a significant effect on the sperm. The study I mentioned earlier suggests that the longer you don’t ejaculate, the greater the amount of sperm you have, the higher the concentration of sperm relative to the other side of the body.

This sludgy, highly viscous semen is also thought to be a factor in reducing sperm motility. On the other hand, if you ejaculate every day, the sperm motility may increase because the semen becomes smooth. Incidentally, if you ejaculate more often, the amount of semen and sperm itself will decrease, but it will not fall below the standard required for reproduction.

If a woman abstains from masturbation because masturbation does not feel good, old sperm will grow in her testicles and her fertility will be reduced. Even if a woman does get pregnant, there is an undeniable possibility that she will have some problems with her fetus because of the reduced quality of her sperm.

This may be a major problem for many men. However, these reductions in fertility are not irreversible, and if you resume masturbation properly, the quality of your sperm will return to normal. Masturbation is very important to enjoy in moderation.

It can cause ED and premature ejaculation

As mentioned above, our bodies are designed to diminish the functions of the lesser used parts of the body and put energy into other important parts of the body. This means that when the frequency of masturbation is drastically reduced, the reproductive function becomes less necessary for the body.

Of course, the act of reproduction is a male instinct, but essentially the most important thing to the body is its own life. The body tries to conserve as much energy as possible for that purpose, so the more you don’t use your penis, the more your sexual function takes a back seat.

Therefore, when you stop doing masturbation, your risk of developing ED (erectile dysfunction) increases significantly.ED is the inability to get an erection 70 to 80 percent of the time during sexual activity.The main cause of ED is most often a lifestyle disorder or an overstressed lifestyle, but a lack of ejaculation habits or It can also be caused by a decrease in testosterone production.

As we’ll discuss later, not using the penis also decreases the production of male hormones, which can lead to an even lower sex drive. Excessive masturbation abstinence can create a vicious cycle.

Also, masturbation can lead to premature ejaculation, which is the opposite of ED. This may seem contradictory at first glance. Our bodies become duller with continuous stimulation, but on the other hand, our senses become more acute with continuous unstimulation. If we don’t masturbate for a long period of time, our penis becomes more and more unstimulated, so the nerves in the glans become particularly sensitive.

As a result, ejaculation becomes unusually rapid during sex. Premature ejaculation makes it more difficult to satisfy a woman, so it’s important to be aware of premature ejaculation as well as ED.
If you want to know how to ensure that premature ejaculation is addressed for other nesting purposes, here’s an article.

Decreased male hormone production

If you don’t ejaculate for a long period of time, your male hormone production may drop. Studies show that after a period of abstaining from masturbation, testosterone (a male hormone) production improves significantly.

It takes about a week to reach 150% of normal levels, so it’s safe to say that a week of masturbation will significantly increase your testosterone. However, it has also been found that after the seventh day, testosterone levels do not increase, but on the contrary, testosterone levels drop sharply and return to the original level.

On the 7th day of abstinence, however, a clear peak of serum testosterone appeared, reaching 145.7% of the baseline ( P < 0.01).A research on the relationship between ejaculation and serum testosterone level in men

In recent years, “NoFap,” the practice of refraining from masturbation in order to enhance one’s masculinity, has become increasingly popular among young people, and it turns out to be a big mistake. To begin with, sex and masturbation are exactly the same in the act of ejaculation itself, so if you refrain from ejaculating, you have to eliminate not only masturbation, but sex as well.

In any case, it turns out that masturbation abstinence has no effect on maintaining high testosterone levels, but rather is more likely to lower them. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, if you continue masturbation abstinence for more than three days, your fertility will be greatly reduced.

There is an image that masturbation is bad because it reduces testosterone, which is similar to what NoFap claims. However, it has actually been shown that testosterone levels increase after masturbation. In other words, a moderate masturbation habit can boost functions that are extremely important to men, such as testosterone and sexual function. An increase in testosterone increases your so-called “masculinity” physically and mentally, which can increase your sex drive and also make you more active in terms of your feelings.

How to get back masturbation that feels good?

I’ve found that masturbation has essentially no downside, but rather enhances important functions such as sexual function and the production of male hormones. However, if masturbation doesn’t make you feel good in the first place, you won’t have the energy to spend all that time masturbating.

In such a case, you’ll fall into a vicious cycle of inertia and squeezing a penis at random, so you won’t be able to get even more pleasure. If you make full use of the following four methods, you may be able to regain a pleasant masturbation.

  • Improve the time and quality of your sleep.
  • Increases testosterone.
  • Change the way you masturbate.
  • Use a sex toy.

If you are physically and mentally tired, you will not be able to feel good from masturbation. Therefore, in order to get pleasure from masturbation, you need to get a good night’s sleep. Also, increasing your testosterone levels through moderate exercise, nutrients, and stress relief can enhance your sexual function and enhance the pleasure of orgasm. Finally, you may be able to get out of your masturbation rut with a sex toy, which can dramatically improve your masturbation experience.

Increase the amount of sleep

It is no exaggeration to say that getting more sleep is the most important thing you can do to feel good about masturbation. If you don’t get enough sleep, not only will you not be able to recover from physical fatigue, but you will also tend to be mentally unstable.

In order to enhance the pleasure of masturbation, the body and mind must be relaxed, but if you are fatigued from lack of sleep, you will not be able to do so. In other words, you need to recover your mental and physical fatigue so that you can come to masturbation in perfect physical condition.

However, simply extending the length of your sleep may not do much good. The quality of sleep is more important than the “length” of sleep. For example, getting just five hours of good quality sleep is more effective in helping your body and mind recover from fatigue than eight hours of poor quality sleep.

So how exactly can you improve the quality of your sleep? The most basic thing you can do is to get adequate exposure to sunlight during the day. Our body has a so-called internal clock, which controls the rhythm of our body. By exposing ourselves to sunlight during the day, we can create a rhythm that allows us to want to sleep after dark.

In other words, if you’re in the sun after dark, your body won’t go into sleep mode later in the evening. Of course, when the sun goes down, there is no sun, right? But there are things around us that make our bodies just as active as the sun. That’s the lights in our rooms and the screens on our computers and phones. These things contain rays of light called “blue light”. Blue light is characterized by the shortest wavelength and highest energy of all the visible light rays that we can see. In other words, it puts such a strong strain on the retina and brain.

Blue light, as mentioned above, helps to regulate the body’s internal clock, but if you are exposed to large amounts of it before bed, your brain is activated. In other words, it makes it harder to fall asleep. Blue light is causing more and more sleep problems, especially as people today are increasingly staying away from their computers and phones even before bedtime.

For this reason, try to spend about 30 minutes before you fall asleep, away from your computer or phone screen and with the lights slightly darker. This way, you can prevent your brain from being exposed to more blue light than it needs to be and help your body shift into sleep mode.

However, even before you go to bed, you may still need to get in touch with your phone or look something up on your phone. If that’s the case, you can reduce the impact of blue light with a few measures. Some phone models have features that change the color and brightness of the screen to reduce blue light, so you can use them. Wearing glasses that cut down on blue light can also help. Simply avoiding blue light before bedtime in this way can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

Depending on your mental state, it can be difficult to fall asleep and sleep itself. If this is the case, this is not the time to worry about masturbation at this time, as you may be suffering from a mental illness such as depression. It is plausible that many people suffer from mental illnesses, especially in recent years, as they are often mentally exhausted.

First, you should see a psychiatrist for a diagnosis. Then, if you continue with treatment such as medication and counseling, your mental illness may improve, your libido may return to normal, and you may be able to enjoy masturbation again as before.

Increase your male hormones

We know that there is a close relationship between male hormones (especially testosterone) and sexual desire and sexual function. In other words, if you can increase your testosterone production, you can increase your sex drive and make masturbation feel good. But how can we increase testosterone?

Actually, there are various ways to increase it. Testosterone can be increased by improving basic lifestyle habits such as “adequate sleep,” “protein-based diet,” “nutrient intake,” “moderate exercise,” and “stress reduction.

We have discussed above how important adequate sleep is to sexual function. In addition to this, changing your diet to a protein-based diet may also help. Hormones such as testosterone are mainly composed of chotesterol (fat), but protein is essential for them to function as hormones. For this reason, animal products such as meat and fish should be consumed as much as possible on a daily basis. However, too much or too little sugar and fat intake can have a negative effect on testosterone.

Additionally, vitamin D, zinc and magnesium have been found to increase testosterone production. These foods are also basically found in animal products such as meat and fish, so be sure to eat them for your protein intake. However, it can be difficult to consume a lot of these foods because of the fat content of these foods as well. This is where supplements can be a big help. Take advantage of protein powder to supplement your protein and each of the other nutrients.

Moderate exercise, especially weight training, is extremely effective in boosting testosterone production. This includes a wide range of exercise, including running, aerobics, and various sports. Weight training is the act of training your body with weights such as dumbbells or barbells.

Weight training has been shown to not only increase muscle mass and give you a more masculine body, but it also increases the production of male hormones and improves sexual function. If weight training is difficult for you, you can substitute weightless body weight training, such as push-ups and crunches.

To increase testosterone, it’s also important to develop a habit of relaxing and de-stressing. Living an over-stressed lifestyle increases the level of the stress hormone called “cortisol,” which lowers the level of testosterone in relative terms. Stress relief is extremely important because people today are said to have chronically low testosterone levels due to their over-stressed lives. If you find a hobby and make time to devote to it, you may be able to relax and increase your sex drive.

Change the way you masturbate

The methods I’ve described so far are basically designed to increase your sex drive. However, it is not uncommon for people to have a good sex drive and motivation to masturbate, but they often have no way to feel good about masturbation itself, which is crucial. As mentioned above, the way you masturbate has a strong impact on your orgasm.

This is because if you get into a rut of masturbation, your arousal level will decrease. In order to regain the pleasure of masturbation, you should change your masturbation practices. Changing the intensity and type of stimulation can be very effective, especially if you change the intensity and type of stimulation.

For example, lubricant masturbation is recommended!

However, if you change your masturbation methods, you must be careful about the intensity of the physical stimulation. Unrecommended masturbation is masturbation that involves gripping the penis tightly or rubbing it against something, or masturbation that is done in a special position. Too much physical stimulation of the penis can hurt it and reduce its sensitivity.

As a result, you may find yourself in a vicious cycle where you may not be satisfied with masturbation again and increase the intensity …… further. Foot-pinning masturbation, where you pin your legs out, should also be avoided as it can cause ejaculation problems if you get used to it.

The most effective way to make masturbation feel good is to use a sex toy, which we will discuss in more detail later. Other effective methods include trying to stimulate sexual areas other than the penis, such as the anus and nipples. Especially with anal masturbation, you can reach a very different climax than a “dry orgasm” ejaculation.

For more information about dry orgasm, click here.

It can provide a much deeper pleasure than regular penis masturbation, which may satisfy even those who have been bored with masturbation. There are many different types of masturbation, so be sure to try them out and find one that works for you.
Here are some variations of masturbation that many men enjoy and you can read more about them in this article.

Use a sex toy

Utilizing a sex toy is the most effective way to break out of your masturbation rut and get pleasure from it. Plus, it’s easy and easy to get comfortable if you prepare and use the goods. Particularly recommended goods for masturbation are masturbators and lotions. Masturbators allow you to feel the pleasure of inserting yourself into a woman’s vagina, and lotion is used to increase the lubrication of the genitals. Both of these goods make masturbation feel dramatically better.

Vaginal Male Masturbator
RS 3,482

The reason why masturbation feels so good is that you can experience stimulation close to that of having sex with a woman. Masturbation is usually done with a hand job, but that inevitably limits the depth and variation of stimulation. But if you use an onaho, you can feel the closeness in the vagina and the sensation of being wrapped up in the vagina, so you can experience the kind of pleasure that is impossible with a hand job.

Moreover, masturbators have even been shown to improve premature and delayed ejaculation and vaginal ejaculation disorders. With a variety of large masturbators that are available in a variety of types and can be stationary, you can enjoy masturbation by swinging your hips as if it were real sex.

However, masturbators are blatantly sex toys, so you may be somewhat uncomfortable with them. Since maintenance is also troublesome, there may be people who want to increase the pleasure of masturbation a little more easily if possible. In that case, I recommend using lotion to masturbate with a hand job. Lotion is a good way to increase the lubrication of the genitals, and it’s especially effective when applied.

RS 6,996

If you fiddle with the dry glans during normal masturbation, you may feel pain from the friction. If you use lotions, you can easily masturbate the glans. If you successfully torture your best sexual areas, such as the cari and the back of the penis, you can enjoy a new level of pleasant masturbation.
This article introduces the tools that support the best masturbation.

If it still doesn’t feel good…?

We have introduced you to various ways to enhance the pleasure of masturbation. However, there seems to be a very rare case that you cannot get a good feeling even after trying various methods. In such cases, the cause may be “Ejaculatory Anhedonia”. Ejaculatory anhedonia is a condition in which little or no pleasure is felt at the time of ejaculation.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, during ejaculation, pleasure is achieved mainly by the pleasure substance dopamine and the physical stimulation of semen ejection from the vas deferens through the urethra.

If you don’t get pleasure from the first time you ejaculate, it’s congenital, and if you don’t feel good after a certain time, it’s acquired ejaculation aphakia. The cause of both is unknown, and unfortunately no clear treatment has been established at this time. The cause of congenital aphakia of ejaculation is thought to be a problem with the secretion of neurochemicals, especially dopamine, in the brain.

The possible causes of acquired ejaculatory aphakia may be due to mental problems, such as depression or some form of addiction, or to other diseases or physical problems, such as medication or spinal cord injury.

Ejaculatory anhedonia has no effect on sexual desire or orgasm itself. As such, it falls under Orgasmic Dysfunction (Orgasmic Dysfunction) rather than general sexual dysfunction or ejaculation disorder. Therefore, unfortunately, the methods I’ve described so far to increase your libido and change the way you masturbate will not eliminate ejaculatory asexuality. If you don’t get any pleasure at all during sex or masturbation, there is a high possibility of ejaculation aphakia, so please see a doctor.


In this article, we’ve uncovered the reasons why masturbation doesn’t feel good and then thoroughly explained how to get back to excitement and pleasure. The reason why masturbation makes you feel good when you ejaculate is largely due to the physical stimulation that occurs in the prostate and urethra during ejaculation and the large amount of dopamine released in the brain.

However, for some reasons, it can be difficult to achieve normal pleasure during ejaculation. This is mainly due to a reduced sex drive, physical and mental fatigue, or a rut to masturbation that makes it impossible to get excited.

Since there is a link between the intensity of orgasm and sexual desire, if your sexual functioning is diminished due to physical and mental fatigue or other factors, you will not be able to get the full pleasure of an orgasm.

Also, if the level of sexual arousal leading up to ejaculation is low, the intensity of the orgasm will still be reduced and the pleasure will be lowered. Some masturbation practices can lead to inappropriately strong stimulation of the penis, and in this case it is due to reduced sensitivity of the penis. Normal stimulation does not increase sexual arousal, so the pleasure of orgasm is also limited.

If you don’t masturbate because it doesn’t feel good, you are at increased risk for reduced sperm quality and infertility, as well as ED and premature ejaculation due to decreased male hormone production and sexual function. In order to prevent this and regain the pleasure of masturbation, you need to get enough sleep, a protein-based diet, nutrient intake, moderate exercise, and stress relief.

It is also important to reform your masturbation by utilizing sex toys such as masturbators and lotions. Restore the pleasure of ejaculation and enjoy the best masturbation possible.
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