The fascinating world of masturbator! Introducing the 7 benefits you’ll want to use immediately

masturbator is a great sex toy that makes masturbation time easy to enjoy. Men are born with an innate love of sex. However, you can’t easily enjoy sexual activity these days because of the various risks involved in coming in contact with someone. Regardless of that, there are a surprisingly large number of men who find it financially and emotionally troublesome to have a partner in the first place.

The truth is that you can enjoy sex on your own without a partner. In fact, if you make good use of a masturbator, you can even enjoy the excitement and pleasure of sex more than real sex. However, you may have an image of a masturbator as a maniacal sex toy, something for nerds and slightly kinky people to use. For this reason, you may feel guilty and somewhat embarrassed about using a masturbator.

However, once you set foot on the masturbator, you will never get rid of it, and you will be able to enjoy various benefits, both physical and mental, such as improved sexual function and a simulated experience of real sex, which far surpasses hand job masturbation. Infinity; the masturbator is not an embarrassment, it’s a masturbation friend. In this article, we’ll look at the attractions and wonderful benefits of masturbator from a spiritual perspective.

Once you’re hooked, you can’t get out of the masturbator

Masturbation is an act to enjoy sexual pleasure and to release sexual desire. The masturbator is a sex toy that was developed by a Japanese adult manufacturer and popularized all over the world, but now it is loved by men all over the world. When a famous athlete comes to Japan, he often buys a masturbator from TENGA (one of the most famous masturbator manufacturers in Japan). The reason it is so popular is because it feels so good. In the sexual act, pleasure is the only justice, the only thing that is absolutely necessary, and the masturbator has it.

Nowadays, not only in Japan, but all over the world, adult product manufacturers are developing masturbators. In fact, masturbators are being used more actively in other countries than in Japan, and it is even said that the frequency of sex is decreasing because of masturbators. The wave of masturbators is spreading to the United States, Europe, and the Orient, and it is sweeping the world, connecting men all over the world through masturbation. All men masturbate despite their differences. You could say that all human beings are brothers in that respect.

Nowadays, we are in a lot of trouble, aren’t we? It is precisely because of these times that masturbation is so important. According to a survey by TENGA, the pride of Japan, the number of men who think it’s important to masturbate has skyrocketed since the year 2020, and sales of masturbators have exploded. This shows that the masturbator is a more than adequate alternative to sex. Yes, with a masturbator, you can enjoy sex by yourself. No, depending on how you use it, it may even surpass sex, depending on how you use it. There is no other such wonderful product that can be found anywhere.

Masturbation is a healthy activity to begin with

Every man masturbates. Nevertheless, you have been told that masturbation has many harmful effects. Is it true? The truth is that it is not scientifically proven that masturbation is harmful. That is to say, as long as you do it once a day, there is no need to worry about the side effects of masturbation. On the contrary, masturbation is rather a healthy activity.

The benefits of masturbation range from sexual function to mental health. Ejaculation increases the production of male hormones. Testosterone plays a very important role in a man’s physical health, energy, and motivation, and when it increases, your masculinity is enhanced. In addition, testosterone also supports sexual desire and erection, which improves sexual function and boosts a man’s confidence. The effects of masturbation can be surprising, as it also improves sleep quality and immunity.

What’s more, regular ejaculation can also reduce the risk of future prostate cancer, which shows that masturbation itself is a good practice. What a shame it would be to avoid such a great masturbation. We should masturbate more and more because we’re men and we want to have sex all over the place. Moreover, using a masturbator will increase both the quality of masturbation and the level of pleasure by several orders of magnitude, so you can truly kill two birds with one stone.

Introduce the advantages of the fascinating masturbator7!

Now you know that masturbator has the power to captivate men all over the world. This alone should make many men want to give masturbator a try. However, the appeal of the masturbator does not stop there, there is a deeper world to explore.

  • There are pleasures that cannot be achieved by ordinary masturbation.
  • You can enjoy completely different stimuli for each masturbator.
  • The habit of masturbation becomes healthier and healthier.
  • Prevention and improvement of vaginal ejaculation disorders
  • Prevents or improves premature ejaculation.
  • You can even enjoy simulated sex.
  • The intensity and variation of the pleasant sensation depends on the device.

These seven advantages are the charm of the masturbator. In masturbation, pleasure is everything, and the masturbator’s ability to enhance it is never-ending. Let’s take a closer look at the wonderful benefits of the masturbator.

1. You can enjoy a sense of pleasure that cannot be achieved by ordinary masturbation

When you use the masturbator, you can enjoy a feeling of pleasure that is impossible to achieve with ordinary masturbation. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the greatest charm of the masturbator. Usually, you masturbate with your hand, right? Hand job masturbation has a sharp sensation, but there is no deep, smooth, soft, enveloping sensation.

This is exactly what a man instinctively craves, the feeling of penetration into the vagina. A man’s body is always seeking the pleasure of sex, and hand job masturbation is not a satisfying way to achieve it. But what about the masturbator, which is designed to enhance the sensation of masturbation and replicate the sensation of thrusting into a woman’s vagina? In other words, the masturbator allows you to experience a significantly more realistic and deeper pleasure than in the past.

Moreover, the masturbator is said by some people to be more than just a sex experience. That’s because in masturbation, you can concentrate more on your own pleasure and give yourself over to it by not having a partner. In actual sex, there are many troublesome situations, such as caressing your partner and paying attention to them. With the masturbator, however, you don’t have to do any of these things. Therefore, it is not unusual for the pleasure of the masturbator to surpass that of sex, and depending on how you use the masturbator, the enjoyment of the masturbator will expand infinitely.

2. Enjoy completely different stimuli for each masturbator

One of the charms of the masturbator is that you can enjoy completely different stimulation depending on the type of masturbator.Each masturbator has different sizes, softness, thickness, etc., and the pleasures you can get from choosing one can be surprisingly diverse. Once you choose the masturbator that suits you best, you will never go back to the masturbator.

  • Hand Type
  • Hand job system
  • Blowjobs
  • Electric masturbator
  • Large masturbator

The hand type is the most basic and is stimulated by inserting the penis and moving it by hand. The size is reasonable and easy to handle, and it is possible to change the tightness of the masturbator by the strength of the grip. The size of the inside of the masturbator is also important, and there are various ways to choose it according to your favorite stimulation, such as a hard type that is tight and a loose round type. The difference between a penetrating type and a non-penetrating type is important.

You can enjoy the pleasure of a hand job by wrapping a soft resin masturbator sheet around a penis or inserting it into a glove shaped masturbator. On the other hand, the blowjobs are also called blowjobs, which are designed to reproduce the inside of a woman’s mouth in great detail so that you can enjoy the pleasure of a blowjob. Even the texture of the tongue in the realistic blowjobs is made so real that you can enjoy the pleasure of the real blowjob.

Since the masturbator is moved by hand, it feels like masturbation, so you may get bored at times. In that case, we recommend electric masturbators and stationary masturbators. The electric masturbator has a vibration function, and after insertion, it automatically stimulates you, so you can enjoy the sensation of having your woman move. In addition, it has a rotation and piston movement function, which sometimes gives you more pleasure than real sex.

The large masturbator is also called a stationary type, and it reproduces a real girl’s lower body. You can have sex by yourself by attaching it to a bed or table. We’ll talk about the details later, but when you become a fleshlight girl, you can even simulate sex. As you can see, there is a wide variety of stimulation available for each type of masturbator.
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3. You will develop the habit of masturbation and become healthier

If you don’t find pleasure or enjoyment in anything, you won’t be able to keep doing it for long. For example, if you find some hobby and you don’t feel stimulated by it, you will slowly fade away. Masturbation is not so simple because of the sexual desire involved, but even so, if you get bored with the pleasure, you’ll be kind of coasting, and you won’t want to take the time to do it often enough to bother with it. In other words, you won’t develop the habit of masturbation much in a boring way.

On the other hand, if masturbation feels good, you will instinctively desire that pleasure, so you will naturally look forward to masturbation. You will want to do more and more enjoyable things, so even if the frequency of masturbation had been decreasing, you will want to masturbate a lot again. For example, if you find a good restaurant somewhere, you’ll want to eat there again, and if there’s a movie you’re passionate about, you’ll want to watch the sequel. In the same way with masturbation, the more excitement and pleasure you get, the more you want to do it again the next time.

As a result, you will masturbate more often and receive the benefits I mentioned earlier. Masturbation with a masturbator is so pleasurable and irreplaceable that there is no substitute for the excitement and pleasure that only a masturbator can provide. The pleasure is addictive and should enhance your masturbator habit.

4. It will help prevent and improve vaginal ejaculation disorders

Masturbation with masturbator is actually gaining attention in the medical field because it can help prevent and improve vaginal ejaculation disorders. Vaginal ejaculation disorder is a condition that prevents a woman from ejaculating in several feet in her vagina. It is characterized by the inability to ejaculate with no problems in masturbation, but for some reason orgasm when it comes to sex. The main reason for this is your normal masturbation habits, and the risk is high, especially if you are overdoing the stimulating masturbation.

Generally, masturbation is done by grasping the penis with your hand, but that is inevitably difficult to enhance the pleasure. Therefore, many people grip it with all five fingers or with the palm of their hand as much as they can, and they make piston movements at a terrific speed to increase the pleasure. If you continue to do this kind of masturbation on a regular basis, it will become a habit and your penis will get used to it. However, because you don’t get that kind of stimulation in actual sex, when it comes time to have sex with a woman, you won’t be satisfied.

You may think you are okay with this because sex and masturbation are different. However, many men are indeed suffering from vaginal ejaculation disorder due to the way they masturbate, and it’s starting to become a major problem. This is when the masturbator comes into play, as the masturbator provides realistic stimulation similar to that of a woman’s vagina, and if you continue to masturbate with the masturbator on a regular basis, your penis will become accustomed to the real-world environment. As a result, it can prevent or improve vaginal ejaculation disorders.

5. It leads to the prevention and improvement of premature ejaculation

The masturbator can also prevent and improve premature ejaculation, depending on the choice and use of the masturbator. While more and more men are suffering from vaginal ejaculation disorders, there are also many men who are suffering from premature ejaculation. If you orgasm immediately after insertion during sex, you won’t be able to satisfy your partner and you won’t feel as confident as a man. However, such anxieties and worries can become a psychological burden, which can lead to a vicious cycle of even more serious premature ejaculation.

In fact, there are several causes of premature ejaculation. There are three: psychogenic premature ejaculation, such as stress and anxiety; sexual dysfunction, which is a problem with the function of the penis itself; or hypersensitive premature ejaculation, which is caused by the glans being too sensitive. Unfortunately, the first two require different solutions, but the last one, irritable premature ejaculation, can be corrected with a masturbator. This is because hypersensitive premature ejaculation is simply caused by the glans being too sensitive, so if you can get the glans to get used to the stimulation, the problem will be solved.

As mentioned earlier, the masturbator allows you to experience the sensation of inserting yourself into a woman’s vagina. In other words, whenever you masturbate, you can train for sex. In other words, an exclusive trainer will train your penis just like a muscle training program. If you start with the “slow and steady” masturbator, you can extend the insertion time little by little. Don’t worry, you will ejaculate quickly in the beginning, but don’t worry, you can improve your premature ejaculation if you continue to use it.
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6. You can even enjoy pseudo-sex

Recent masturbators have evolved at a tremendous pace. The development of electric masturbators, which have an electric vibration function like a vibrating vibrator, is truly astounding. Not only that, there are also masturbators that automatically change their vibration patterns in conjunction with videos, and even ones that can be enjoyed with a partner by remote control. Of course, these electric masturbators are expensive, with the most advanced ones costing as much as 20,000 to 30,000 yen.

There are plenty of variations for those who want to enjoy realistic masturbation with their own movements, not electric ones. For example, the stationary and large masturbators, which feature a reproduction of a woman’s torso and lower body, can be set up on a bed or desk. You can enjoy the realistic excitement and pleasure of having sex with a real girl by thrusting her in the position you want.

There is also a fleshlight girl, in which a woman’s entire body is realistically recreated. The textures are noteworthy, and the texture and feel of the real thing. Even the waistband is recreated, so you can feel the tightness and swell of a woman’s vagina, and it’s a sex simulator at this level. These fleshlight girls are even more expensive than electric masturbators, with some high-end models costing over 100,000 yen. However, the fact that a man’s dream can come true in this way is an attraction that can only be found in a masturbator.

7. The more you devise, the more pleasure you get

The masturbator can enjoy the pleasant sensation that is far better than a normal hand job just by using it as it is. Moreover, depending on how you use it, you can improve the pleasure even more. For example, one of the weak points of the masturbator is the cold feeling. On days when the temperature is low, it feels like you’re sticking your penis in ice. Lotion in particular gets cold easily, so your arousal will be diminished all at once. However, if you warm up the masturbator and the lube by boiling water, you can enjoy the feeling of penetration at a temperature close to human skin.

As you can see, there are many ways to improve the masturbator, so it’s safe to say that the masturbator can give you a much better feeling than a hand job, but if you keep using it, it can become monotonous. If this is the case, you can change the stimulation by rotating the masturbator from time to time. When the vagina is realistically recreated, the inside of the masturbator is asymmetrical, just like a real pussy, and the sensation changes depending on the direction of insertion.

If you turn the masturbator 180 degrees, you can change the position from normal to back. You can enjoy the stimulation like an electric masturbator by rotating the masturbator. In addition, the essential lotion in the masturbator can be changed by your mood. When you want to feel the stimulation like being wrapped up in a thick lotion, use a sodium polyacrylate lotion, and when you want to feel light and smooth, use a glycerin lotion or a silicone lotion.

Thus, it is possible to change a pleasant sensation freely by warming up or rotating the masturbator and by using different lotions according to your favorite stimulation. If you change the way you grip the masturbator, the tightness of the masturbator will change, and if you fix it to a bed or a table and move your hips instead of your hands, you can enjoy a new stimulation. As you can see, the ways to enjoy the masturbator are endlessly expanding depending on how you use it.

Three disadvantages of the masturbator before you get hooked on it

We have seen the wonderful appeal of the masturbator. There is no other item that can enhance masturbation as much as the masturbator, and there are many people who have been dying to use the masturbator. It should be. But before you try masturbator, you should first keep the following disadvantages in mind.

  • You may not be satisfied with sex.
  • It can be tricky to store them so that your family and loved ones don’t find out.
  • Clean and dry or risk of infection

Only if you know about the disadvantages beforehand will you be able to take advantage of the advantages even more. masturbator can be so powerful that actual sex can be unsatisfying. If a sex toy masturbator is found by a family member or lover, it can be awkward. You also need to be very careful about your hygiene, as a masturbator is a penis sticking out of your penis. Let’s check the disadvantages of each.

You may not be satisfied with sex

If you are addicted to masturbator, you may not be able to satisfy yourself with sex. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to cum inside a woman, or that you won’t be aroused by the sight of a woman’s body, but rather that the pleasure of masturbator is so great that you feel like you don’t need to have sex with a woman in real life. It might be more appropriate to say that the pleasure of masturbation exceeds that of sex, rather than that sex becomes unsatisfying.

However, there are many different types of masturbators, and if you get your hands on an electric masturbator that offers a wide variety of stimulation, you may not really be able to satisfy a woman’s vagina. Some of them have electric piston motions, and they are automatic masturbation machines when you get to this point. You will be able to devour the pleasure in a way that words cannot describe. In other words, the masturbator gives you the kind of pleasure that makes you say that you won’t be satisfied with sex anymore.

From a different point of view, the masturbator allows you to enjoy sexual pleasure to the fullest without having to have sex. It doesn’t mean that fulfilling your sexual desire through sex is good and masturbation is bad. In fact, self-contained masturbation may be a better way to save yourself a lot of trouble. The advantages and disadvantages are inextricably linked, and if you make good use of the disadvantages of the masturbator, they can become tremendous advantages.

It would be awkward if your family and loved ones found out

A major disadvantage of the masturbator is the complexity of storage. Even in your own room, your family may come in, or your girlfriend may come to your house or live with you. You might accidentally discover the masturbator while you’re looking for something or cleaning your room. It can be very awkward when that happens, because the masturbator has a unique look to it, and even if you’re not familiar with sex toys, you’ll know right away that it’s something you’re going to stick your penis into.

Therefore, in order to keep your masturbator safe, you need to hide it in a drawer, in a closet, at the back of a bookshelf, under a bed, or some other relatively hard-to-find place. The need to pay close attention to storage locations is a major disadvantage of the masturbator. The pink, soft resin-only masturbator is easy to recognize as a sex toy when you see it. However, more and more masturbators are being made with an interior design that is difficult to recognize at first glance.

Some masturbators are wrapped in a plastic case, which at first glance appears to be just a container. Women who don’t know much about men’s sex toys are unlikely to recognize a masturbator when they see one. What’s more, with their enhanced interior design, masturbators actually tend to be very easy to maintain. For example, some masturbators have a soft resin itself that is penetrating, and a plastic cover over it that makes it practically non-penetrating.

Clean & maintain cleanliness or risk of disease

You must pay close attention to hygiene when using a masturbator. When using a masturbator, semen, dirt, and lotion will adhere to the inside of the masturbator. Because they are organic matter, they provide nutrients for germs (bacteria) to grow, and if left unattended after use, they will multiply rapidly. You need to be careful how you wash and dry it.

Even if you think you have rinsed the inside of the product thoroughly, if there is any leftover residue, bacteria will still grow from there. Moreover, even if the cleaning process is clean, if the interior is not sufficiently dried, mold will grow. Maintenance is also important. A masturbator that has been in use for a long time will always become sticky, and this is a phenomenon called oil bleed, where oil comes out of soft resins such as estramer. You can get rid of it by sprinkling baby powder all over, but it’s a bit of a hassle to have to put it on after every wash and dry.

The drawback is that you need to follow a number of steps steadily to keep your masturbator clean and in use for the long term. However, there are ways to simplify the procedure: cleaning the masturbator is much easier if you choose a penetrating type, and oil bleed is somewhat preventable if you keep it away from high temperatures and humidity and store it in a dust-free environment. While this may still seem like a hassle, it’s still a good idea to put some effort into it so that the masturbator can be used to its fullest potential.

I want one now! Where do I buy a masturbator?

Vaginal Male Masturbator
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Once you learn about the many wonderful things about masturbator, you’ll probably want to buy a masturbator more and more. Once you start wondering about it, you’ll want a masturbator right now. But where is the best place to buy a masturbator? I recommend online shopping. masturbator itself can be bought at your local drugstore. However, since it is not a specialty store, the selection is not as good as you would expect, and in most cases, it is only available as a disposable product. It’s a bit embarrassing to be seen buying a masturbator at a drugstore, especially if you’re a neighbor.

If you live in a large metropolitan area, there are plenty of adult shops, but if you live in a rural area, it can be difficult to find them. That’s where online shopping comes into play. You can choose your favorite masturbator from a lot of shops if you shop by mail order, and since you can also choose a foreign-made masturbator, it is safe even for people with big dick. In addition, the purchase of goods is not revealed to family members and roommates, and it looks like you bought something by ordinary mail order. Anyone can purchase the goods easily.

However, unlike the actual store, you can’t actually hold it in your hands and see it, so you won’t know what it’s actually like until you buy it. In the mail order, the word-of-mouth and reputation of other people is very important, so before you buy, you want to check well. There are so many different types of masturbators out there that you may not know which one to choose, but you can always find the one that is right for you. If you maintain it carefully, you’ll be able to use it for a long time.


In this article, we’ve introduced you to the attractions and wonderful benefits of masturbator from a spiritual perspective. Masturbation is a very healthy activity and you never have to be shy about it, rather it is something you should actively enjoy. The benefits of masturbation are many and varied and include pleasing effects such as improved male hormones and sexual function, better sleep quality and a stronger immune system. A sex toy called a masturbator can further enhance the power of such masturbation.

If you use masturbator, you can get a pleasant sensation that is not possible to reach by ordinary masturbation. In addition, it is a great rehabilitation product for people with sex problems, as it can improve vaginal ejaculation disorders and premature ejaculation. Moreover, since the stimulation of masturbator is various, the stimulation can enjoy the stimulation completely by choosing it. For those who want to enjoy various types of masturbation, the masturbator will be the best partner for those who have a blue ceiling.

If you want to get a masturbator, look for it in an online shop. The mail order stores have a much better selection than the actual stores, so you can choose a domestic or international masturbator. Once you’ve learned the appeal of the masturbator, it’s time to get into the masturbator. It’s time to get your hands on it; step into the world of masturbator and enjoy your best masturbatory life.