[Masturbators Picture Book] Structure and types of Masturbators

Masturbators is a sex toy that makes it easy to enjoy the pleasure of vagina penetration. As long as you can find the Masturbators that suit you, the pleasure is even greater than sex. However, there are so many types of Masturbators that it is sometimes difficult to know which one to choose. Therefore, knowing what types are available beforehand can be very helpful when choosing Masturbators.

Masturbators have simple forms of construction, such as penetrating or non-penetrating, as well as more complex internals. Masturbators come in a wide range of types, from the most popular hand type to the technician’s blowjobs and even those that simulate hip swings during sex. This article provides a thorough explanation of the structure and types of Masturbators and the differences between each type.

Each Masturbator is different in terms of stimulation and enjoyment

The great thing about Masturbators is that you can enjoy the excitement and pleasure of sex all by yourself. Moreover, there are many types of Masturbators, each with a different content and therefore different stimulation. Of course, as the types of Masturbators change, so do the ways of enjoying them, and the variations are countless. This is one of the most appealing and difficult aspects of Masturbators, and it is important to choose the right Masturbators to enhance the effectiveness of Masturbators.

For example, if you want to enjoy the realistic pleasure of inserting a masturbator into a girl’s cunt during sex, you should choose a Masturbator with a realistic internal structure. If you want to enjoy a blowjob or hand job more than insertion, you should choose a Masturbator that is specialized for those situations. If you want to get a good feeling by shaking your hips instead of moving your hands, a large stationary type can also simulate sex. You might even find that holding a fleshlight girl with a realistic full-body replica of a woman’s body can feel better than real sex.

As you can see, Masturbators has a wide variety of masturbation types to choose from, depending on your preferences and objectives. In masturbation, pleasure is everything. If you are going to use Masturbators, make sure that you choose one that will make you feel the most comfortable and enjoy the best masturbation experience possible. For this reason, it is useful to know the types of Masturbators, their structure, and how to use them.

The different Masturbators depending on their construction

When choosing Masturbators, it is important to pay attention to their internal structure. This is because the inside of the Masturbators is where your penis touches, and changes in this area can make a huge difference in stimulation. Just as real women’s pussies feel different from person to person, each type of Masturbator has a completely different feel to it. For this reason, it is important to know about the seven main types of Masturbators to choose the one that is right for you.

  • Penetrating Masturbators
  • Straight
  • spiral
  • Transparent type
  • blowjob type
  • Dimensionless processing
  • Special Processing

Each of the above seven internal structures are completely different and are characterized by stimulation, pleasure and ease of maintenance. For example, the advantage of the through-penetration type is that it is easy to maintain and keep clean because the holes in Masturbators are penetrated. The non-penetrating type is further divided into various types, such as straight and spiral. The more complex the internal structure is, the better the pleasure will be. Let’s explore the internal structure of Masturbators, including the special types.


The most basic difference in the internal structure of Masturbators is whether they are “through and through” or “non-through”. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but as the name implies, the penetrating Masturbators have a penetrating hole in the Masturbators. With the smaller Masturbators, you can take a larger stroke by inserting your penis all the way in and having the head protrude from the opposite side. Excellent maintenance is a major advantage of this type of masturbator.

The biggest hassle with Masturbators is cleaning and drying them after use. You can’t neglect the use of filthy Masturbators as they can cause your penis to become infected. However, it is surprisingly difficult to clean deep into the Masturbators and some dirt may remain. With through-hole models, it’s easier to clean them because you can put your fingers in from the other side, and they’re also easier to dry because air can pass through them when drying.

Smaller penetrating Masturbators allow you to take a wider range of piston strokes, and when doing a hand job masturbation, you can take a larger stroke and move it from the head to the base, which feels good because you can stroking the entire penis all over the place. In the penetration type, the feeling of the inside is close to the insertion into the vagina, but the feeling of the piston movement is close to the hand job.

However, it is a big demerit that you can’t enjoy the “vacuum effect” of the penetration type. The penetrating type has an air vent on the other side, so the air is scuttled out with each piston movement. Therefore, you may feel that the Masturbators do not feel like they are sucking on the head and the stimulation may feel somewhat light. The maintenance is excellent, but the pleasure is not so good, which is a characteristic of the penetrating type.


I mentioned earlier that the internal structure of Masturbators has a big impact on the pleasure. The straight Masturbators have a straight internal structure and there is no “swell” or “twist”. The V-shaped grooves and small protruding warts placed in the middle allow the penis to get stimulation. In other words, they are a simple and uncomplicated type of Masturbators.

The straight construction of Masturbators is the most standard and is easy to handle without any quirks, making them safe for beginners to use. It is straight from the insertion opening to the back, making it easy to insert your penis, and the non-penetration type makes it easiest to feel the vacuum effect the most. Because there is no air passage on the other side, when you insert your penis to some extent and grip the back of the Masturbators, the air is released and a vacuum is created.

If the shape and placement of the warts inside are well thought out, the synergy with the vacuum can be strong and pleasurable. This type of Masturbators is safe and easy to make anyone feel good, but on the other hand, it can be lacking in terms of richness, unexpectedness and explosiveness of stimulation. However, the vacuum sensation is easier to feel than the other types, so I recommend them to people who want to feel the pleasure of having their cunt sucked by a penis.


In the spiral type, the inside of the Masturbators has a spiral or twisted shape. Not only does it have the same vacuum effect as the straight structure described above, but it also allows you to enjoy the pleasurable sensation of the Masturbators sticking together, such as the dimensionless process described below. In other words, one of the major advantages of the spiral type is that you can enjoy a fresher stimulation than other types of Masturbators.

Another major feature of this type is that they are asymmetrical. In general Masturbators, the warts may be placed differently, but they are basically the same on the top, bottom and left and right sides. Therefore, no matter which direction you insert them, the stimulation will not change significantly. On the other hand, in the spiral type, the stimulation changes greatly by the way of insertion. It’s as if you changed your position, so you can enjoy a surprisingly realistic feeling.

A real girl’s vagina is not symmetrical, and the stimulation you get changes depending on the direction of insertion. When you change the position of Masturbators from normal to Doggy Style, the sensation of insertion and piston movement will change. Rotating them and making them do piston motions will also give you a sensation of stimulation of the penis, which makes the stimulation more varied.


The transparent type Masturbators are made of a soft resin material that is transparent, so you can see the whole inside. The internal structure itself is no different from other types of masturbators, such as the penetration type and the straight type, but the point is that you can see the inside because it is transparent. You can observe the scene that a penis is inserted deeply, the exciting scene of the piston movement, and the place where the semen comes out in a steady stream at the time of ejaculation, and so on.

You can enjoy the unique excitement because you can’t see such a scene even in the real sex. The characteristic of the clear type that you can see the inside of the doll is very effective at the time of purchase. One of the most common problems with Masturbators is that they do not feel comfortable after using them. In many cases, this is because the internal structure does not match your taste or compatibility. With the clear type, you can give careful consideration to your purchase.

Additionally, the clear type of Masturbators have the added benefit of being easy to clean; while perfect cleaning and drying is essential for the continued safe use of Masturbators, there are times when you will inevitably leave some residue on them. The clear type is the same as the others in terms of how it is washed, but since you can see inside, it is relatively easy to detect any leftovers. Although it is a clear type that allows you to enjoy erotic scenes, the fact that you can see the inside of the masturbators may be an advantage when purchasing or considering them.

blowjob type

If you prefer the pleasure of a blowjob to insertion or a hand job, the blowjob hole is not the usual Masturbators, but an exact replica of a woman’s mouth. The type of stimulation is completely different, and you can experience the sensation of a sticky caress, like having a girl suck your penis. And you can do it the way you want it to be done and the way you want it to be done.

There are many restrictions when you have a real woman do a blowjob for you. For example, girls won’t like it if you shove it in too deep or if you do an immersion that involves roughly pumping your penis in and out of their mouths. Even if you want them to suck you for a long time, your partner may get tired and it may be over in a short time.

At the blowjob hall, this doesn’t happen and everything is just the way you want it to be. The cost of this hole is significantly better than the regular hand-type ones. The structure of the mouth as well as the folds and roughness of the tongue and even the feel of the teeth are reproduced, so the fun is endless. If you want to enjoy the pleasure of a blowjob all by yourself, choose the blowjob hole.

Dimensionless Processing

Dimensionless Masturbators are completely different from simple straight or spiral, they have a random structure with swells and twists added to them. To put it simply, the holes in the Masturbators are complicated by the zigzagging method of the holes going up and down and left and right. It’s sometimes called a “hole without a hole” because it feels as if the hole doesn’t go all the way to the back.

A real woman’s vagina is also not a regular structure, but rather it twists and turns in various directions as it progresses deeper. In that respect, the non-dimensional Masturbators have a very high degree of realism. Moreover, since they are asymmetrical, the stimulation changes greatly if the direction of insertion is changed even a little, so there is a variety of pleasant sensations.

However, the drawback is that it is difficult to get the vacuum effect compared with straight and spiral, and it is difficult to clean and dry it because of its complicated shape. Unless you maintain them very carefully, they are more difficult to use over a long period of time than other types. If you want to prioritize the tightness, adhesiveness and digging feeling, we recommend non-dimensional processing Masturbators.

Special Processing

The special processing type of Masturbators offers a unique stimulation like no other. One of the more common types of special processing is one that consists of two different materials inside. This type, known as a two-layer system, is divided into a chewy, sucking first layer and a slightly harder, more firm second layer. Even a real vagina has a hard muscle behind the soft surface, so it can be said to be a realistic structure, but the drawback is that the part of the vagina that is attached to it is easy to peel off.

Others have unique shapes and arrangements of folds and warts, a perfect combination of undulations and twists, and other innovations unique to the manufacturer. They’re not as expensive as the regular types, but whether they’re right for you or not is largely a matter of taste. You may want to try out different Masturbators and look for word-of-mouth reviews on the internet in order to find the one that is best for you.

The differences and features of different types of Masturbators

While the internal structure of Masturbators varies, there is also a diversity in the type of hole itself (external structure) to begin with. Depending on the combination of both, even if the internal structure is similar, the use and pleasure can vary greatly depending on the external structure. The 8 types of Masturbators are as follows The following are the eight types of Masturbators.

  • Disposable Masturbators
  • Hand job system
  • Hand type
  • Fresh Light
  • Electric Masturbators
  • Piezli type
  • Stationary type
  • fleshlight girl

Inexpensive disposable types allow you to enjoy masturbation right away without the need for maintenance, such as cleaning and drying. There’s no hassle as you can just throw them away after use. Fresh Light is a pushover Masturbators, with a wide variety of types and unique construction. If you want to move your hips instead of your hands and enjoy the real sex sensation, the stationary models and fleshlight girls are the best choice. Let’s explore the above 8 types of Masturbators in detail.

1. Disposable Masturbators

Bambina 2
RS 995

The disposable Masturbators are characterized by the fact that they are disposed of after every use. The main advantage of this type of Masturbators is that they require no maintenance whatsoever, and the tricky part is cleaning and drying them after use, which can lead to infections if neglected. This is why you need to wash your Masturbators after every use, but you don’t want to do that when you want to indulge in the afterglow of pleasure during wise man time. With disposable Masturbators, you can save yourself that hassle.

Once you’ve dealt with your libido and it feels good, you can quickly discard it without a second thought. When you feel like doing it, you can open the package and you’ll be ready to insert it right away. Moreover, since most of the disposable types are injected with lotion, there is basically no need to prepare lotion. In addition, since there is no fear of infection, you don’t need to wear a condom, and you can enjoy the pleasure of coming in and out anytime.

However, it can be a bit of a hassle to throw them out in the trash every time, but be aware that some municipalities may not collect used Masturbators if you just throw them away, as they are plastic. Also, disposable Masturbators have the name of the product printed on the container, so your neighbors may find out about your Masturbator if you throw it away. It’s a good idea to check in advance how to dispose of Masturbators in general.

2.hand job system Masturbators

RS 890

The hand job Masturbators are suitable for people who want to enjoy the pleasure of a hand job rather than insertion. It is attractive that the intensity and speed of the movement can be freely changed by the grip strength. In this case, try using hand job Masturbators.

The hand job type is more like an extension of the hand job rather than a hole, and there are three main types of masturbation sheets, glove type, and masturbation caps. A masturbation sheet is a type that is wrapped around the penis with a thin soft resin like a piece of cardboard, and used by moving your hand around it. It’s almost like a hand job, but since it’s the resin that touches your penis and not your hand, the stimulation is somewhere between regular Masturbators and hand job masturbation.

The glove type is very unique and the hole mimics the shape of a woman’s hand. Putting your penis in your hand gives you the realistic pleasure of feeling like you’re being hand-jobbed by a girl. The last masturbation cap is a small hole that you can put on the head, so you can blame the head intensively. You can enjoy the stimulation as if you were being hand-jobbed by a girl.

3. Hand Masturbators

Virgin loop
RS 2629

The hand type is the most basic type and is the one you think of when you think of Masturbators. The hand type has a wide variety of internal structures such as straight, spiral, and non-dimentional. This means that hand types are easier to find Masturbators that fit you.

If you have a non-penetrating type where the Masturbators’ holes are only open at the point of insertion, you will get a vacuum effect when the air inside is removed, which will cause the Masturbators to suck on your penis for stimulation. In addition, more and more hand types have complex internal structures, so you can enjoy the agonizing pleasure of having complex warts and folds tangled around the head.

It may seem a bit expensive, but the more expensive ones will be significantly more durable. The hand type is excellent in terms of cost effectiveness, as it can be used for several years with proper maintenance. It is difficult to clean and dry the back of the non-penetration type, so you may feel that maintenance is a hassle, but if you want to enjoy the realistic penetration feeling, the non-penetration type hand type is definitely recommended.

4. Fresh Light

Vaginal Male Masturbator
RS 3482

The Fresh Light is a special Masturbators. They are basically similar to the aforementioned hand type, but the fact that the soft resin is encased in a plastic case is a major feature in terms of appearance and feel. Because of the hard plastic exterior, the Fresh Light will not look like a sex toy, but rather some kind of plastic container, like a flashlight (flashlight).

The word “Fleshlight” is a combination of “Flesh” and “Light”, which means human skin or body. Fleshlight is unique in that it looks like a flashlight, but it is actually a Masturbators. The soft resin inside of the Fleshlight is a penetrating type, but the plastic exterior allows the lid to be closed tightly. In other words, FreshLite is a hybrid of a through-and-through type and a non-through type.

The non-penetrating Masturbators are superior in terms of pleasure due to the vacuuming effect, but the maintenance of the Masturbators is a pain in the buttocks. However, with FreshLite, the soft resin itself is a penetrating type, so you can easily wash the Masturbators deep inside. Moreover, when you close the plastic lid, you can enjoy the vacuum feeling as if the head is being sucked in. Even more notable is the vacuum adjustment mechanism and the quality of the soft plastic.

There is a lid on the top of the FreshLite, and you can adjust the strength of the vacuum by closing the lid. Close it completely for a strong vacuum, or open the gap a bit for a moderate vacuum, like a realistic vagina. In addition, the soft resin is made of a special silicone resin that has been studied and is known for its feel and durability. It’s a perfect balance between the soft, chewy, enveloping feel and the intense stimulation from the warts and folds.

However, since FreshLite is a U.S.-sized Masturbators, the stimulation may feel weak depending on the size of your penis. Also, the resin inside is penetrating, so depending on the orientation of the Masturbators, lotion and semen may leak out of the top hole, causing the exterior plastic and soft resin surface to become sticky. It’s sealed so it won’t leak out, but the need to wash both the plastic and the resin is a bit of a hassle.

5. Electric Masturbators

Rotation Lover
RS 11250

Electric Masturbators are a type of electric masturbators that have a vibrating function. In recent years, these electric Masturbators have developed rapidly, making it easier to get more pleasure than sex. Some models are equipped with functions that allow the Masturbators to rotate and make piston movements, rather than just vibrating like a vibrator or rotor. For example, when you insert your penis and turn on the electric function, the Masturbators will rotate like a tornado, giving you a special pleasure that cannot be experienced in a hand job or insertion.

When it comes to highly functional electric Masturbators, there are many different patterns that are paired together, and of course there are models that allow you to create your own patterns. If the Masturbators suddenly change their movements, you will be surprised to feel as if your partner has changed positions during sex, and you will enjoy the excitement of real sex. Incidentally, there are some hand job-type glove Masturbators with a vibration function. In these masturbators, the hand of the girl who puts in the penis moves up and down, and you can enjoy the stimulation and feeling of presence just like a real hand job.

The latest Masturbators even allow the Masturbators to vibrate in conjunction with video productions and can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app. The electric Masturbators can be used while watching pornographic films to give the viewer a realistic experience of real sex, with sticky motions in intense scenes and dynamic movements in intense pistoning scenes. The remote control model allows a woman to have remote sex with a couple using an electric vibrator.

6.tit job tits fuck tit wank type Masturbators

RUNE tits
RS 18090

The tit job tits fuck tit wank type Masturbators are a bit of an odd type, and instead of insertions and blowjobs, you can enjoy the excitement and pleasure of tit job tits fuck tit wank. Insertions and blowjobs are good, but putting your penis between a girl’s soft tits is a unique feeling. Even if you want to enjoy real girl’s tits, it’s not always easy to get them free.

In particular, women’s breasts are surprisingly delicate and vulnerable, so you can’t rub them too roughly or shove your penis too hard. You can often get a tit job tits fuck tit wank for only a few minutes, and it can be an unfulfilling experience. If you can, you’ll want to nuzzle and rub your face against your tits for a long time to get a stimulating tit job tits fuck tit wank. In other words, a lot of men are hungry for tits.

In the tit job tits fuck tit wank Masturbators, the tit job tits fuck tit wank hall reproduces a girl’s tits as if they were real, so you can rub a beautiful girl’s tits and tit job tits You’ll experience the excitement of fuck tit wank and more. They are so faithful to the shape and color, as well as the texture and softness, that you can even feel the soft and elastic sensation when you press on them.

And unlike real breasts, they don’t make your partner uncomfortable or feel pain, so you can fully enjoy them in a variety of ways. You can rub your face against the tits and moan, or you can shimmy hard and spray the tits, and the way to enjoy is different for each man. There’s no better way to enjoy the tit job tits than with tit job tits fuck tit wank type Masturbators. If you want to get off with a girl’s stimulating tits, choose tit job tits fuck tit wank type Masturbators.

7. Stationary Masturbators

Cutie Pai
RS 48600

Any man who has stepped into the world of Masturbators will be curious about the stationary Masturbators. Stationary or large Masturbators are replicas of a woman’s lower body, especially around the vagina and waist. The normal hand type is made only for a woman’s vagina, so although the stimulation itself is realistic, it may be hard to get rid of the feeling of “having sex alone”. Sometimes it’s this kind of insufficiency that makes it hard to get excited by Masturbators.

This is when a stationary Masturbator is a great help. The stationary Masturbators are large in size and weight, and can be placed on a desk or bed to give a sense of stability. If you insert it as it is, you can masturbate as if you had sex with a girl in the normal position. No, you can say this is already “sex alone”. It overturns the common practice of using your hands to masturbate, and you can enjoy masturbation with swinging hips.

The internal structure of the stationary type is basically the same as that of the non-penetrating hand type. Therefore, there is nothing special about the stimulation itself. However, since the stationary type is surrounded by the body, there is a feeling of being wrapped up like when it is put into a real woman’s vagina. Above all, the big difference is that you can shake your hips in a real way and feel comfortable, instead of moving it by hand like the hand type.

However, the major disadvantage of the stationary type is that it’s very difficult to clean and dry. However, unlike the hand type, which can be cleaned by adjusting the washing method, the stationary type cannot be cleaned to the depths in a normal way. The downside is that it is a bit cumbersome, as you have to put in a soft toothbrush and scrub it until you put it down while running the lukewarm water and hand soap under strong water pressure.

8.fleshlight girl

Moe 158cm/5.2ft
RS 278850

The fleshlight girl is a development of the masturbator lovers’ final destination: the fleshlight girl, a development of the stationary type, in which a woman’s entire body is recreated, not just her waist. In other words, it’s a life-size doll. The details of the body and even the feel of the soft, smooth skin are reproduced. Many of the fleshlight girls have a metal skeleton embedded inside, so you can have them pose as you wish.

When inserted into a fleshlight girl, the user can have realistic masturbation by swinging their hips as if they were having sex with a girl. Rather than masturbation, it’s more of a sex simulator. The great thing about fleshlight girl is that you can control the movements, stimulation, and poses as you wish while experiencing the pleasure of real sex. So, hopefully, you’ll be able to experience an arousal that will surpass that of actual sex, let alone other Masturbators.

However, there is a major problem with the fleshlight girl. It’s extremely expensive and difficult to get rid of. If you want to dispose of it, it will be treated as bulky garbage, but you cannot just throw it away. However, it is possible to dispose of it through a pickup service of adult goods or a used goods agency (because the Masturbators part of the fleshlight girl is detachable).

Masturbators Useful sex toys for masturbation

When masturbating with Masturbators, it is important to have other goodies on hand as well. If used alone, you will not be able to get the most out of Masturbators. If you use Masturbators in conjunction with the following 3 masturbation tools, you will be able to enjoy the masturbators more conveniently and comfortably.

  • Lotion
  • condoms
  • Cock ring

Masturbators must have lotion. If you try to force yourself into it, it will hurt and you will not be able to masturbate. Condoms and cock rings are not mandatory. However, condoms make maintenance easier, and a cock ring will enhance your pleasure. Let’s take a closer look at the three goods above.


Warming Lubricting gel 100g
RS 995

Masturbators cannot be used without the use of lotion. Masturbators are made from a soft resin, such as estramer, which has a tendency to absorb into the skin, creating a strong friction between the masturbator and the penis. Inserting a Masturbator without any lotion will be like rubbing a dry cloth against the head, which can be painful and difficult to enjoy.

For this reason, be sure to use a lube for your Masturbators, and although it’s okay to inject the lube inside the Masturbators at random, you can make your Masturbators more optimal with a little bit of creativity. It’s easy to do, just try lightly gripping the Masturbators after you’ve injected the lotion into the back of the Masturbators. Then look at the insertion opening and if you can see a little bit of lotion, it’s the right amount.

If the lotion drips out of the insertion opening, it’s too much, so wipe it off, and if you can’t see anything, it’s too little, so add more. It’s a very simple thing to do, but this way you’ll not only get the right amount of lotion, but it will also be more effective because it will penetrate the inside. Depending on your mood, you may want to change the type of lotion you use.

Like Masturbators, there are different types of lotions, and the viscosity, lubrication, and duration of the slippery sensation vary greatly depending on the ingredients. If you want to enjoy a thick and sticky penetration feeling, choose a high viscosity sodium polyacrylate type, if you want a smooth and smooth penetration feeling, choose a glycerin type, and if you want to value the duration of lubricity, choose a silicone type. This choice of lotion is also an important factor in mastering Masturbators.


Durex feel thin
RS 180

Normally, you don’t need a condom to masturbate with Masturbators, but if your priority is to ease maintenance and reduce the risk of infection, use a condom. Just like with real sex, you have to put a rubber on your penis before inserting it, and one of the major disadvantages of Masturbators is that you will always need to clean and dry them after use.

If you fail to do this, bacteria can grow inside the Masturbators, and if you insert your penis into the Masturbator, there is a risk of contracting an infection. There are things that happen. This is why Masturbators need to be cleaned and dried, but it’s a hassle to do that every time.

So, if you wear a condom and use Masturbators, you can save yourself a lot of maintenance. Nevertheless, since you will be injecting lotion inside, you’ll need to clean and dry it at a minimum. Still, you won’t be inserting your penis raw, so you won’t have to pay as much attention to detail as with the regular procedure. Compared to raw insertion, the maintenance is roughly half as much as with raw insertion.

However, you might be worried that wearing a condom will reduce your sensitivity, so you might be worried that you’ll lose your enjoyment of Masturbators. Don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about it. These days, ultra-thin types such as 0.01mm and 0.02mm are available on the market, and if you choose this kind of rubber, you can get about 80 to 90% of the pleasure of raw insertion. In this area, it is important to have a sense of balance between the ease of maintenance and pleasure.

Cock Ring

New Viaring
RS 648

A cock ring is a very potent pleasure-enhancing product for Masturbators. Cock rings are essentially a product that is worn at the base of the penis to restrict blood flow and improve erection and staying power. It is often used during sex, but when used in masturbation, it can simply increase the pleasure. masturbators Masturbation is also a great tool for masturbation.

As the cock ring increases your erection, the size of your penis will be slightly larger than usual, making it seem as if Masturbators are tighter. In addition, the duration of the erection is prolonged, making it easier to enjoy the pleasure of Masturbators than usual. However, you need to be careful about how long you wear the cock ring and how you put it on. It should be worn for no more than 20 minutes and should be worn only at the base of the penis.

If you wear the cock ring for more than 20 minutes, it can overly inhibit blood flow and adversely affect the tissues of the penis, and although it is easy to become overzealous with Masturbators, it is important to keep it under 20 minutes when wearing the cock ring. Also, when it comes to how you wear it, you should basically only put it through your penis. If you involve the testicles as well, it will be too tight and may have an adverse effect on the genitals.

If the Masturbators are too loose to feel good, try wrapping two or three cock rings around the holes at equal intervals. This way you can increase the stimulation as if you’ve bought a new pair of tighter Masturbators.


The internal structure of Masturbators allows you to experience various kinds of pleasure and it is a wonderful toy that raises the level of masturbation dramatically. Because they differ, this is an important point to consider when choosing one. The most obvious difference is the “Through Hole Type” which is easy to maintain and the “Non-Through Hole Type” which is excellent in terms of pleasure. The non-penetrating type is the mainstream now, and the internal structure is diversified.

The most common internal structure is “straight”, and the hole spreads in a straight line from the insertion opening to the back. It is relatively easy to maintain and provides a strong vacuuming sensation. The spiral type has a spiral shape and gives a unique stimulation. The clear type shows the inside of the spiral, so you can enjoy a different kind of erotic excitement. If you like the pleasure of a blowjob more than insertion or hand job, we recommend the blowjob hole which reproduces the inside of a woman’s mouth.

In addition, the non-dimensional Masturbators are very close to a real vagina, and the stimulation changes drastically depending on the direction of insertion, because of the swell and twist of the vagina. The “special processing” type, which is the manufacturer’s original devise, will be a masterpiece if you can find one that suits you. In addition to the internal construction, the basic type of Masturbators is also important. The “disposable” type is maintenance-free and can be enjoyed without any problems. The “hand job type” and the “tit job tits fuck tit wank type” allow you to enjoy each situation to the fullest.

The most common type is the hand job type, which is a safe Masturbators that anyone can enjoy. The Fleshlight is a masterpiece that has the unique structure of both penetrating and non-penetrating types and is easy to maintain. If you want to enjoy the electric functions of these Masturbators, choose the electric Masturbators. It works best when used in conjunction with a ring or other device. Find the Masturbators that work for you and enjoy the best masturbation experience possible. How do I use Masturbators? If you are wondering how to use it, the following article explains how to use it.