10 advanced techniques to further enhance the pleasure of Masturbators!

I’m sure there are a lot of men who have recently learned about Masturbators or have finally gotten them, and Masturbators feel so good to simply put lotion on them, insert them, and move them around. But if I told you that there is a way to make them feel even better, you would be very curious. You’ll definitely want to try it. In fact, there are various techniques for using Masturbators, and by making full use of them, you can dramatically increase the pleasure. Moreover, it is surprisingly easy to practice.

For example, even if you warm up the Masturbators and the lube before using them, you can make it feel as real as inserting them into a warm and moist pussy. Yo. There are no limits to masturbation, and there is more to Masturbators’ pleasure. So in this article, I will show you how to use Masturbators and techniques to masturbate even better with Masturbators.

Tell the inexperienced! It would be a shame not to experience Masturbators!

Even if you’re interested in using Masturbators, you may feel guilty about using them, because Masturbators is a sex toy and you may feel embarrassed or have a bad impression of them. Especially since there are rather a lot of people who have a negative image of Masturbators, it may be hard for them to be willing to take the plunge and try Masturbators. However, Masturbators are actually a wonderfully attractive product.

Masturbators are a great way to boost your masturbation. Do you feel any frustration with your regular masturbation? For example, there are many men who are dissatisfied with normal masturbation such as not being able to be satisfied with the stimulation of a hand job, or not being able to feel good unless you grip it strongly and do fast pistoning. However, even in such cases, it is not the same as sex and it is only masturbation.

However, the possibilities of masturbation are not so limited. Masturbation still has hidden charms, and most men just don’t realize it. Masturbators allow you to experience the pleasure of inserting yourself into a girl’s vagina, but depending on how you use it, it can be so much more than that, and in many cases, it can feel even better than sex. It would be a shame not to try out these wonderful Masturbators.

Start here for beginners! How to use Masturbators in a basic way

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When your Masturbators arrive, you may not even know where to start. Here’s a quick look at how to use your Masturbators after you receive them, and of course, once you receive your Masturbators, you should open the package and take them out. Don’t be reluctant to do so, but first inspect the Masturbators carefully. If you neglect to do so, you may damage your penis.

The manufacturer should have inspected the Masturbators, etc., but inevitably there may be an oversight or an accident during shipping, and in rare cases, the Masturbators may be damaged. Make sure that the soft resin is not cracked or ripped. Also, relatively inexpensive Masturbators may have burrs (protruding parts).

If they are on the outside, there is no particular problem, but if they are near the insertion point or inside, they can hurt your penis. If the Masturbators are damaged or badly burnt, they cannot be used and must be returned. There is one thing you still need to do after inspecting it. That is to clean the Masturbators; the soft resin in Masturbators contains a lot of oil and the surface may be oily or have a coating powder on it when you buy it.

Also, germs and other contaminants may be present during manufacture, so new Masturbators are not as clean as you might expect. So, wash the inside of the Masturbators with hand soap and wipe off the water quickly. Then the Masturbators are finally ready to be used, and you’re ready for your first night.

Masturbators cannot be used without lotion, so start by injecting the right amount of lotion. I recommend inserting your finger and making sure you get it all over the inside. Then get your penis erect and insert it slowly.

Once you have come to that point, move the Masturbators and stimulate your penis more and more, and devour the pleasure of the virgin Masturbators to your heart’s content. Afterwards, clean and dry your Masturbators and prepare them for the next time.

10 techniques for increasing pleasure that advanced users are doing

Masturbators can be very pleasurable to use normally, but depending on how you use it, it can greatly enhance the pleasure. If you’ve gotten Masturbators, you’ll want to make the most of their potential. Here are 10 techniques that advanced users often use to get the most out of their Masturbators.

  • Warm the Masturbators and lube to human skin temperature.
  • Try using different types of Masturbators
  • Rotate the Masturbators to change the stimulus.
  • I’m going to develop my nipples while I masturbate.
  • Fixing Masturbators and enjoying pseudo-sex
  • Increasing the amount of sperm in your body and increasing the feeling of exhilaration.
  • Foreplay on the Masturbators to enhance their mood
  • Try using the opposite hand
  • Use multiple lotions.
  • The cock ring increases the pleasure.

All of these techniques have been created by men to enhance the pleasure of Masturbators as much as possible. The most basic of these would be to warm the Masturbators and the lube to about human skin temperature. It may be surprisingly easy to overlook, but increasing the amount of semen in a short-term no fap is extremely effective for Masturbators as well. Let’s delve into each of these techniques.

1. Warm the Masturbators to human skin temperature

It’s always a good idea to warm the Masturbators to about human skin temperature beforehand. The weak point of Masturbators is the cold feeling of insertion. It feels like you are inserting it into an artificial object, and it may make you fade at once. In addition, the lotion required for Masturbators is cool, which makes it even more unnatural.

So warm up your Masturbators and the lotion before use, but be careful about how you warm them up. Basically, there are two ways to heat up Masturbators: boiling water or special goods. For hot water, you will need to prepare two containers of hot water at around 40 degrees Celsius and two plastic containers, one large enough to hold the Masturbators and the other small enough to hold the lotion. Only put in the first container and then dip that container into the first one. In this way, you can heat the Masturbators and the lotion to the right temperature.

Remove the Masturbators and wipe them dry, then add the lotion and start masturbating! Ugh. Also, you can’t just put it in a pot of hot water to warm it up. Put hot water in a container and put Masturbators and lotions into it.

Never use the microwave, as it will make the Masturbators too hot and will burn your penis, and there is a very high chance of damaging the Masturbators. If boiling water is too much of a hassle, use a special product called a Masturbators warmer (hole warmer). This was developed to warm up Masturbators and lotions, and if you leave it in the Masturbators for 5-10 minutes, it will warm the whole thing up. The temperature will also be moderate so you don’t have to worry about burns.Warming the Masturbators should be done either in hot water or in a warmer.

2. Use different types of Masturbators

There are many types of Masturbators. It is no exaggeration to say that the choice of Masturbators determines the pleasure of the Masturbators. Different people have different stimulation preferences. What may be a great pleasure for others may not be so great for you. For this reason, there are various types of Masturbators available for you to choose the one that best suits your preferences.

  • Hand type
  • Hand job system
  • Blowjobs
  • Electric Masturbators
  • Large Masturbators

The hand type is the most common type and is used to stimulate the Masturbators in which the penis is inserted by hand. There are two main types: a hard type, which is tighter, and a loose, mellow type, which is looser. The internal structure also varies from a simple, straight type to a more complex type with twists and turns. The appeal of the hand type is that there are many variations such as hard and soft soft soft resin.

In addition, there are hand job types for people who want to enjoy the pleasure of hand job rather than penetration, and blowjobs for people who love to be sucked off. It is recommended to use the hand job type according to your mood. There are also electric Masturbators with an electric vibrating function and large Masturbators that are stationary and shake their hips for realistic sex sensations. The fact that there are countless types of masturbators to suit your needs is a unique appeal of Masturbators.

3. Rotate the Masturbators themselves to change the stimulus

By rotating the Masturbators, you can vary the stimulation. This is because the internal structure of Masturbators is often slightly different on the front and back sides, and the stimulation of the penis changes depending on the orientation. For those with a realistic reproduction of the insertion opening, the angle of insertion will change by inserting it in the opposite direction. Even if it is a simple straight type, if you are always inserting it in the same direction, you will feel the effect of changing the direction of insertion because the soft resin has a peculiarity to it.

The realistic internal structure of the Masturbators replicates the internal undulations and twists of the vagina. A real woman’s vagina is not symmetrical on both sides. The sensation of insertion is completely different in the normal and Doggy position. Therefore, depending on the type of woman’s vagina, the position in which it feels good and the position in which the stimulation is strong will also change. By changing the direction of the Masturbators, you can experience the sensation of changing the position of the Masturbators.

Also, rotating the Masturbators dynamically is very effective. Simply moving the pistons up and down can feel monotonous, even for the Masturbators. If you want to experience the excitement of intense sex, try tornado pistons with a quick rotating motion when you move the Masturbators. It’s a different kind of pleasure than the usual straight pistons. Some electric Masturbators have a rotating function, but you can also experience that feeling manually.

4. Developing your nipples while masturbating

If you’re going to use Masturbators, enjoy dynamic masturbation while stimulating other parts of your body as well. For example, nipple masturbation, which develops the nipples, is a very good masturbation technique. In fact, the penis is not the only sexual area for men. If you stimulate your nipples while using Masturbators, you can experience the excitement and pleasure of having a woman move and lick your nipples.

In other words, even a man can feel it if he stimulates his nipples, but it is not easy to feel it because his consciousness is not rooted in them. Consciousness is the awareness that the nipple is a sexual zone. Unlike the obvious sexual zones such as penis and vagina, auxiliary sexual zones such as nipples and anus need to be developed in order to be felt. Nipple development is simply a matter of stimulating your nipples to continue, but there are a few tips and cautions to keep in mind.

At first, continue to gently touch the tip of the nipple with the tip of your finger, just barely touching or not touching it. When your nipple becomes hard, use your fingertips to stroke around the tip and sides of the nipple. As your nipples become erect, they will become more tolerant of stimulation, so push and roll them a little harder to feel them. As you continue to do this, the pleasure should increase rapidly. If you feel pain from touching it with your fingers, use a lotion. However, nipples are not something you can feel right away and will take a couple of months to develop.

If nipple masturbation is successful, the sharp orgasm of masturbation combined with the soft, deep pleasure of nipple masturbation can increase the pleasure of masturbation by several levels. If you want to experience a different kind of pleasure, try combining it with nipple masturbation. If you want to enjoy more extreme masturbation, try combining it with anal masturbation, which stimulates the anus. However, you have to move your hands with great dexterity, so it may be difficult to get used to it until you get used to it. This technique is recommended for masters of masturbation.
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5. Fixing Masturbators to enjoy pseudo-sex

If you’re stalking Masturbators, you’ll want to try it like a real sex game. If you can swing your hips as if you were shoving into a girl, I have a feeling that it would be the best masturbation you could ever have, wouldn’t it? It’s easy with large or stationary Masturbators, but it’s going to be difficult with hand types. But in fact, you can easily fix them in place and do waist swinging masturbation with regular Masturbators as well. All you need is something thick like a comforter or blanket or a butt cushion for hemorrhoids.

The easiest way to do this with familiar tools would be to simply wrap the Masturbators in something large, such as a comforter or blanket, and then lean over and insert them. Hemorrhoid cushions have just enough holes in the middle to make it easy to stick the Masturbators in here. If the exterior is made of plastic, you can more simply secure the Masturbators to the desk with duct tape to recreate a standing-back insertion-like situation.

If you want a more secure way to hold the Masturbators in place, you can use a special Masturbators fixation product. Some Masturbators are sold with a separate fastening device that can be used to hold the Masturbators in place like a stationary Masturbator. It is recommended to choose those types of products from the beginning.

6. Increasing the amount of sperm to increase the exhilaration

The intensity of the pleasure of an orgasm is proportional to the amount of semen that is produced during ejaculation. There are exceptions, of course, but basically the more semen you produce, the more powerful your orgasm will be. If, after your best masturbation, the amount of semen you produce is low, you’ll say, “Huh? You think. You may also have experienced the tremendous rush of pleasure and excitement before ejaculation, but somehow it didn’t feel as good as you thought it would when you finally ejaculated.

The quality of masturbation is actually related to the amount of semen that comes out during ejaculation. This is because part of the pleasure of ejaculation is due to the physical stimulation of the semen that is ejected. In simple terms, semen travels from the seminal vesicle through the vas deferens to the urethra, where the prostate gland is located in the middle of the pathway. It seems to be thought that the stimulation of the urethra and the prostate gland during ejaculation makes it possible to get such a pleasant sensation.

In other words, the more semen that comes out when you orgasm, the more pleasure you get. You’ve probably had to no fap to feel more comfortable, as even normal masturbation is exceptional after no fap. That technique works for Masturbators too, and it’s more important to do it because they are Masturbators, and a short no fap of two or three days in between will increase the pleasure of Masturbator masturbation tremendously. If you have a lot of sloppy, sloppy semen, that’s a great way to increase your mental satisfaction.
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7.Boost your mood by giving the Masturbators some foreplay

One of the benefits of Masturbators is the realism, and if the vaginal area is also built in, it gives you even more of an atmosphere. It may seem like a silly thing to do with masturbators, but if you start with the foreplay part, you can enjoy a completely different atmosphere than usual. But if you can do it well, this is surprisingly addictive. The point is to do it by using “fingering” and “cunnilingus” as a real vagina.

If you just pour lotion into the Masturbators, you won’t get the vibe you want. Fingering is the technique of wetting the cunt with a finger, which is essential for preparing the female genitalia. You can recreate a situation where you can get your vagina slowly wet, which can be very exciting.

It is also effective to do cunnilingus. It’s like doing cunnilingus while getting your cunt wet and you can get very excited just like a real sex scene. However, after wetting the Masturbators with lotion, there may be some resistance. The lotion is basically harmless to lick, but if you’re concerned about it, opt for a lickable lotion or flavored type. In order to enjoy the best masturbation experience, you should try to recreate not only penetration but also foreplay, which will be very effective.

8. Use the opposite hand

When you do hand job masturbation, you will usually use your dominant hand to hold your penis, and the same is true with Masturbators, and in most cases you will probably use your dominant hand to move the Masturbators. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but the constant smooth movement of the Masturbators can be a bit tedious. Reverse hand masturbation” is very effective not only for hand job masturbation but also for Masturbators.

If you are right-handed, you use your left hand. If you are left-handed, you use your left hand and move the Masturbators. It gives you a different and strange feeling, as if you are having someone else do it for you. But why is this so strange? It’s because when you do it backhanded, the movements are more awkward than usual. The technique of sex is not all about smoothness and dexterity. In fact, sometimes awkwardness and clumsiness can produce pleasure.

For example, having a girl who is not used to doing hand jobs or sucking cock to do foreplay can feel different than someone who is good at it. The same is true for Masturbators, where the opposite hand movements can lead to a different kind of stimulation and create a new kind of pleasure. If you want to experience a different kind of excitement and pleasure, please try reverse masturbation using the other hand. Of course, if you combine it with any of the other techniques we’ve discussed, you’ll get even better results.

9. Use different types of lotions

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The use of Masturbators is essential to using Masturbators, but if you use different types of lotions depending on your needs and preferences, they can be a great weapon to enhance the pleasure of Masturbators. There are many different types of Masturbators. The first thing to note is the difference in the ingredients of the Masturbators. There are three main types of lotions: sodium polyacrylate-based, glycerin-based, and silicone-based. They are characterized by their viscosity and staying power.

In general, polyacrylic acid-based lotions are inexpensive, highly viscous and have a sticky texture. On the other hand, they have the disadvantage that they dry easily and have low staying power. On the other hand, glycerin-based products have a smooth and silky feel, which is in contrast to polyacrylic acid-based products. On the other hand, silicone-based products are also very smooth and long-lasting, but the drawback is that they are expensive. If you want to enjoy the sticky sex, we recommend you to use polyacrylic acid type, and if you want a smooth penetrative feeling, we recommend glycerin type and silicone type.

There are also special types of lotions such as scented and warm types. The scented type is safe to lick like cunnilingus, and the warm type gives you a warm penetration feeling without making it warm. If you always use the same lotion all the time, you may get tired of it. However, if you prepare several types of lotions and use them according to your mood, you can enjoy masturbation with a lot of variations.

10. Enhancing Pleasure with Cock Rings

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If you want to boost the stimulation of the Masturbators to an even higher level, we recommend that you wear a cock ring and insert it into the Masturbators. A cock ring is a ring that is attached to the base of the penis. It not only inhibits the blood flow to the penis, which helps to increase the erection and duration of the erection, but it also enhances the pleasure of ejaculation. Such cock rings are mainly utilized during sex, but they are also effective in masturbation with Masturbators.

It is easy to use the cock ring. You only have to put the ring through the bottom of the glans and make it erect and then move it to the base of the penis. In this way, the penis swells up, and the pleasant sensation of excitement is increased more than usual. However, wearing a cock ring may dull the sensation in the glans somewhat, so in some cases the pleasure may be weakened. This can be balanced out by making the cock ring a little less tight.

You can also wrap the cock ring around the Masturbators instead of the penis to great effect. Again, it’s easy to do, just wrap three cock rings around the soft resin of the Masturbators at equal intervals and insert the penis as is. This will make the Masturbators much tighter and will make them feel as if they are the hard type. By changing the size of the ring, you can change the tightness of the ring in any way you like.

If you want to try Masturbators, you can buy them by mail order

You may be tempted to try Masturbators, but you may not be sure where to buy them. It would be great if you could buy them quickly and easily in your neighborhood, but that’s not really possible. It’s a bit embarrassing, and it’s a bit of a public-sightedness issue, and you may not even be able to find Masturbators in your neighborhood. If you live in a major metropolitan area, there are plenty of adult shops, but in rural areas, drug stores and questionable grocery stores may be your only option.

However, it’s not too early to give up; there is one reassuring ally for men who want to try out Masturbators: online shopping. It’s online shopping. Nowadays, everyone shops by mail order, and you can buy Masturbators by mail order. With mail order, you can choose from countless stores, so you can get domestic manufacturers’ products as well as imported products. You may feel uneasy about not being able to see and touch the products in person, unlike in a physical store, but you can compensate for this by searching word-of-mouth reviews and carefully checking product descriptions. You can also ask the store for help.

When it comes to online shopping, you may be worried that your family or roommates will find out. But don’t worry, you don’t have to worry. Even if you buy Masturbators by mail order, there is no way for you to know that they are adult products. Some stores allow you to choose the name of the item on the invoice to make it look like you’re buying computer equipment. If you’re shopping by mail order, you can get the best Masturbators if you choose well, so if you’re looking to buy Masturbators, I definitely recommend the internet.


In this article, we’ve explained how to use Masturbators and how to use the Masturbators to masturbate more comfortably, and how to use the Masturbators is not something to be ashamed of; rather, it is a healthy and desirable activity that improves the quality of your daily life! Masturbators are great for normal use, but with the use of various techniques, you can enjoy a much better masturbation experience than ever before.

If you’re worried about the coldness of Masturbators or lube, you can warm them up in a hot water bath or Masturbators warmer before using them to enjoy the realism of inserting yourself into a real woman. It is important to use different types of Masturbators in different directions, so try to insert them in the opposite direction and rotate them as you go. Let’s see. The pleasure will be greatly enhanced.

If you want to enjoy the sensation of real sex, try fixing the Masturbators in place, which is very effective. You can experience the excitement that you can’t get from masturbation with your hands. As with regular hand job masturbation, you can charge your semen with a short no fap or masturbate with the opposite hand of your dominant hand. You can also make use of lotions and cock rings to make it feel even better with Masturbators. Use a variety of techniques to enjoy the most comfortable masturbation with Masturbators.
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