Masturbator : Guide to Washing & Maintaining the Masturbator

Masturbator is a sex toy that allows you to enjoy the excitement and pleasure of penetrating a woman’s vagina all by yourself. With the type of Masturbator in which the vagina is realistically recreated, you can enjoy the very real pleasure of live sex and the pleasure of coming and going, and it’s also great for training for sex. The Masturbator has all these wonderful features, but there is one tricky thing about it. Cleaning and maintenance of the Masturbator after use, which can be dangerous for your penis if you don’t maintain it properly.

The Masturbator must be kept clean, and if it is not maintained properly, you are at risk of contracting an infection. After using the Masturbator, it should be thoroughly cleaned and dried with hot water and hand soap. However, if you are a beginner, it can be difficult to understand how to effectively wash your Masturbator. So, in this article, we’ll explain how to wash and maintain your Masturbator in an easy to understand manner.

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Masturbator that is not washed and maintained properly is dangerous!

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Masturbator cannot be used safely if it is not washed and maintained properly. In particular, it can cause major hygiene problems. You may think, “I’m the only one who uses it, so why does it matter? It is true that only one person can insert his or her penis into the Masturbator, so the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease are almost zero. However, it’s not just certain viruses that can cause genital problems.

In fact, you can also get genital infections from infecting yourself with bacteria and fungi that exist very close to you. As the inside of the Masturbator is filled with protein, it is a rich source of nutrients for these bacteria. can multiply rapidly and become dangerous.

If the penis becomes infected with bacteria or other substances, it can enter the body through the urethra, which can lead to urethritis and cystitis. In the worst case scenario, damage can be done to the kidneys and testicles, so the risk of an unsanitary Masturbator is surprisingly serious. Even if the Masturbator is washed clean, if it is not sufficiently dry, mold can grow, which can be just as dangerous as bacteria if it is left as it is.

How to wash the Masturbator in 5 steps

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To prevent nasty infections, the Masturbator must be reliably cleaned and kept hygienic. However, there are many fine fissures and other parts inside the Masturbator, and it is surprisingly difficult to wash out semen and other parts of the Masturbator. If the folds are not cleaned properly, bacteria can grow inside the Masturbator, so you want to make sure to maintain it. Therefore, the Masturbator should be cleaned and dried in the following five steps.

  • (1) Pour lukewarm water into the insertion opening.
  • (2) Scrape out the dirt by inserting your fingers deep into it.
  • (3) Clean the inside with hand soap.
  • (4) Wipe up the water with a towel or kitchen paper
  • (5) Dry naturally or with a hair dryer

First, pour lukewarm water into the insertion opening of the Masturbator and wash it all over. Once you’ve put your fingers inside and scraped out some of the semen, lotion, etc., you should inject hand soap and wash it clean. Once the soap and dirt inside has been completely rinsed off, wipe off the water and let it dry to complete the process. However, be careful not to expose the Masturbator to hot water or hot air, as this will degrade the soft resin. The following is a detailed explanation of each step.

1. Fill the entrance with warm water

The first step is to rinse the Masturbator surface with lukewarm water only. The reason for pouring lukewarm water into the Masturbator is to make it easier to remove semen, lotions and dirt from the penis. The temperature of the water should be between 35 and 38 degrees Celsius, which is about the temperature of human skin, so that it can be cleaned without damaging the Masturbator. However, hot water is not always a good thing, as hot water over 40 degrees Celsius will cause the Masturbator to deteriorate and melt.

If it’s difficult to fine-tune the temperature of the water, make sure it’s not too hot or cold to feel hot or cold against your finger. If it feels obviously warm, the temperature is too high. However, if you use a cleaning solution from the beginning, it will mix with the lotion or semen and it will be harder to remove the dirt.

It’s also important to start off with a low water pressure to fill the inside of the body with hot water, rather than using too much water. Then, as you increase the water pressure, it will automatically stir inside and remove the lotions and semen. At this point, you should do the same thing as before, but don’t use the cleaning solution yet, just hot water. If you increase the water pressure, it will spray out like a fountain from the insertion opening, and this alone will have a considerable cleaning effect.

2. Put your finger in and scrape out the dirt that has accumulated in the back

The next step is to insert your fingers into the insertion port of the Masturbator and finally clean the inside of the Masturbator thoroughly. We recommend using your longest middle finger for insertion. Gradually insert your fingers into the back of the Masturbator, while at the same time bending your fingers to scrape out the dirt, rotating the Masturbator as you go. Even if you increase the water pressure to wash it, there should still be some slime in the internal folds. Moving your fingers back and forth and side to side will wash more effectively and remove the sogginess.

Be careful not to try to scrape it out by moving your fingers in a violent fingering manner, as this will certainly damage the Masturbator. Be careful and steady as if you were caressing a real woman’s cunt. However, the length of the penis is longer than the middle finger, so it cannot reach the deepest part of the Masturbator. So, once your finger is as deep as it can go, try pushing the Masturbator from the other side. This will deform the Masturbator and shorten the distance, allowing you to wash the back of the Masturbator with your finger.

With the through-type Masturbator, you don’t have to do it this way, just stick your fingers into the upper and lower holes in turn, which will remove the dirt more effectively. The non-penetrating Masturbator is very easy to clean, but we don’t recommend this, as the soft resin is easily damaged; once the Masturbator is cleaned all the way to the bottom, just move your fingers back to the entrance, scraping the dirt out again. Keep running lukewarm water into the insertion slot throughout this process.

3. Clean the inside with hand soap

Once the inside of the Masturbator is mostly cleaned with just warm water and your fingers, the cleaning solution is poured through the insertion opening to finish the process. We will discuss this in more detail later, but it is important to use a surfactant-free hand soap that has sterilizing properties. Avoid using body soap, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent and mild detergent, as these products have too much cleaning power and will degrade the Masturbator. With the nozzle of the hand soap pointed at the insertion point, push it two or three times to inject the cleaning solution into the Masturbator.

Then use a low stream of water to pour the lukewarm water into the hole, and insert your middle finger into the hole again in the same manner as before. Move your middle finger and the Masturbator to the back of the hole and cleanly remove the dirt from the inside. At this point, instead of scraping it out as you did before, move your fingers as if you were stroking it while pressing it with your fingers to make it easier to wash the small parts between the folds. Once the hand soap has reached deep into the folds, the next step is to wash everything off.

Let’s remove the hand soap while pouring the hot water from the insertion opening with a strong stream of water and scraping it out with a middle finger in the same way as the first. If you can get your nose close to the inside of the Masturbator and you can’t smell the semen, you have successfully cleaned the Masturbator. By the way, washing the outside of the Masturbator is useless, so it is important to wash the inside of the Masturbator intensively.

4. Wipe off the water with a towel or kitchen paper

Once the Masturbator has been completely rinsed off, utilize a towel or kitchen paper to wipe off the moisture from the Masturbator. Even if you’ve been able to clean your Masturbator clean, leaving it wet is a surefire way to get moldy. This is why you must always remove the water from the Masturbator as a finishing touch to its maintenance. However, use a soft towel or kitchen paper and do not use tissue paper.

Tissue paper is not strong enough, so if you try to wipe the inside, you will get a lot of debris and it will be difficult to remove it. Therefore, wrap a towel or paper around a thin stick or chopsticks and gently insert it into the inside of the Masturbator and stir it to effectively remove the water. However, be careful with the amount of force you use and how you move the Masturbator, as roughing it can damage it. If it’s not easy to wipe clean, insert a moisture-absorbing stick or something similar into your Masturbator to remove the moisture from the inside.

If hygiene is a concern, it is perfect if you disinfect it with disinfectant spray, disinfectant tissue or anhydrous alcohol. However, when you wash it with hand soap, you’ve already sanitized it, and it can be difficult to spread the tissue or spray deep into the Masturbator. Therefore, it is not necessary to sanitize the Masturbator. If you have followed the procedures described so far, you should not have any problems as long as you dry the Masturbator thoroughly using the method we will explain later.

5. Dry them naturally or with a dryer

Once the Masturbator has been cleaned and wiped down, the final step is simply to dry it out and let the water drain away completely. However, this process is actually the most important, and if you do not do it right, it can cause germs and mold to grow inside the Masturbator. It is important to dry the inside of the Masturbator, not the surface, so it is important to dry the inside anyway. To do this, once you’ve rinsed your Masturbator clean with hand soap, the final step is to dry the inside of your Masturbator properly by drying it naturally or using a hair dryer.

If you choose to dry your Masturbator naturally, leave it out of direct sunlight for a day or so to allow the interior to dry out. If you leave it in a well-ventilated area, it will dry out more easily, so open a window and place it close to a window to prevent it from being exposed to sunlight. However, direct sunlight will inevitably take longer, and the deepest part of the Masturbator will not dry easily, so artificially drying it out is recommended. A well-known method of drying is to place a hair dryer on the insertion point.

If you continue to apply cold air from the hairdryer to the insertion opening for about five minutes, you can blow off some of the moisture. However, never apply hot air; only cold air can be applied to the Masturbator, so be sure to check the settings on your hairdryer. Also, if you have roommates, we recommend drying in your own room as much as possible, as drying in the washroom may cause people to come in. If you want the inside to be perfectly dry, keep the air purifier or blower blowing for a day or so, or leave the Masturbator drying sticks in it.

4 points to keep in mind when washing the Masturbator

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We have looked at how to wash the Masturbator, but there is actually a risk that the Masturbator will deteriorate to no small degree depending on the detailed method of cleaning. In particular, the way you wash the inside of the Masturbator, the cleaning solution you use, the way you dry it, and the temperature of the water, can shorten its life span. Since you have bought a Masturbator, it is best to use it as long as possible.

  • Do not wash the Masturbator inside out.
  • Do not expose to hot water or hot air.
  • Cut the nails to avoid scratching the inside.
  • Don’t use surfactants

This may be a surprisingly easy thing to overlook. In particular, many people are told that the inside of the Masturbator should be washed inside out, and many people tend to do just that. It is quite common for people to try to wash their Masturbator as cleanly as possible by rinsing it with hot water or detergent with surfactants. However, continuing to do so will shorten the lifespan of your Masturbator, so let’s take a closer look at the four points above to ensure that you can keep using your Masturbator for a long time.

Do not wash the Masturbator inside out

If you want to keep your Masturbator in use for as long as possible, don’t wash it inside out – there are some Masturbator types that can be washed inside out, so let’s start with how to tell the difference. If you have a hand-held Masturbator, which is a hand-held type of Masturbator, you can basically flip it all over. Some Masturbators come in a plastic case, but if you can separate them, you can wash them with no problem. Large and stationary Masturbators cannot be flipped over and washed unless the hole part can be separated.

However, even with hand-type Masturbators that can be turned over, we do not recommend washing them inside out. Especially, the insertion opening may be torn if you flip it over, especially if the insertion opening is thin or has villas attached to it like a real pussy. If the internal structure is complicated or twisted, the possibility of internal rupture increases when you turn it over. Even those with a multi-layered structure should not be flipped over, as this will cause the material joints to come off.

Even if the inside of the Masturbator has a simple, straight structure, the risk of damage to the material will gradually build up as you continue to clean it, even if the inside of the Masturbator is simple and straight. By flipping it over, the holes will widen, and it may become more and more slippery. Follow the steps we mentioned earlier to carefully wash the inside of your Masturbator. However, if maintenance and hygiene are more important to you than longevity, you can turn it over and wash it. It’s much easier to keep the Masturbator clean that way.

Do not expose it to hot water & hot air

Do not apply boiling water when cleaning the Masturbator or hot air when drying it. The soft resins used in Masturbator, such as silicone and estramer, are sensitive to heat; up to about 40 degrees Celsius is fine, but if you wash your Masturbator in hotter water than that, the soft resins will deform and melt. Be careful, as the oil inside the resin will dissolve and may cause the Masturbator to become sticky and hard.

More and more Masturbators today use TPE (thermoplastic estramer) to enhance the feeling of insertion, but this deforms easily when heat is applied. The more complex the interior of the Masturbator, the more adverse the effects will be. You don’t want the inside of your precious Masturbator to become weird and uncomfortable. If you want to keep it clean, lukewarm water, about the size of human skin, is enough to keep it clean, so don’t get it any hotter than necessary.

It’s also extremely important to dry your Masturbator after cleaning, but don’t use hot air just because you want it to dry completely. Just like with boiling water, the Masturbator will melt and deform, which can make it unusable. As long as the wind is blowing, the water will evaporate, so only cold air is sufficient for the Masturbator. However, it’s not easy to keep the hairdryer on the Masturbator, so it’s a good idea to keep the blower wind on the Masturbator’s insertion point.

Cut your nails so you don’t damage the inside

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Be sure to trim your nails when cleaning your Masturbator. Just like a real woman’s pussy, the Masturbator is a coyote. As I mentioned earlier, when cleaning it, you have to put your fingers in and scrape it out to remove semen and lotions. However, if your fingernails are long or sharp, they can then hit the inside of the Masturbator and damage the inside of the Masturbator. When you insert your finger, you may damage the insertion point.

If you damage the Masturbator in this way, the rips and tears will occur and the durability of the Masturbator will be compromised. In order to extend the life of your Masturbator, it is important to prevent damage to the soft resin as much as possible. For this reason, make sure to cut your nails short and keep them neatly aligned with a file when using the Masturbator.

You don’t need to cut your nails until they are deep, but it’s safer to keep them as short as possible. Also, even if you keep your nails short, if the lines are rickety or sharp, you may damage the Masturbator at the edges. Longer nails can also hurt your penis during normal masturbation and hurt your vagina during sex, so it’s recommended that you keep your nails clean at all times.

Don’t use surfactants

When cleaning Masturbator, do not use detergents or cleaning solutions that contain surfactants. Surfactants are substances found in dishwashing detergents, laundry detergents, and body washes that are primarily used to remove grease stains. Surfactants are very useful because they make it easy to remove persistent stains and grease stains. However, since it is only semen and lotions that need to be removed by the Masturbator, there is no need for something as powerful as a surfactant.

Furthermore, be aware that using surfactants on a Masturbator will degrade and greatly shorten its lifespan. This oil keeps them soft and pliable to the touch, but the use of surfactants removes these oils. As a result, the Masturbator will melt or shrink, making it unusable.

It would be a shame if this happens to your precious Masturbator, wouldn’t it? Beware of surfactants, as the ideal hand soap for cleaning your Masturbator should be able to remove semen and lotions, yet it should not contain surfactants and should have disinfectant properties. This means that hand soap is ideal. Most hand soaps are surfactant-free and have good sanitizing power, so as long as you can follow the steps we just mentioned, you’ll be able to keep your Masturbator clean.

How to maintain your Masturbator to make it last longer!

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If you are aware of how to clean your Masturbator and the precautions you need to take, you should be able to keep it as close to clean as possible. However, no matter how clean and dry you clean and dry your Masturbator, the soft resin will deteriorate if the essential storage method is not right. So, use the following three techniques to store your Masturbator in a more ideal way and environment to extend its life.

  • Sprinkle baby powder on the Masturbator
  • Put the product back in the box in which it was packed and store it.
  • Store out of direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity

A surprisingly common problem with Masturbator is that for some reason, the soft resin becomes sticky as it gets longer and longer in use. The stickiness is actually caused by oil leaking out of the resin, so absorbing it with baby powder will restore its original feel. Another very important factor in extending the life of your Masturbator is to keep it out of direct sunlight and hot and humid environments. Let’s take a closer look at these techniques.

Cover your Masturbator with baby powder to prevent deterioration

If you’ve been using Masturbator for a while, you may find that it gets somewhat sticky. This is due to the properties of Masturbator, which basically uses TPE (Thermoplastic Estramer) as its raw material, which alone cannot produce a realistic feeling cunt. In order to create softness and elasticity, an oil that softens the TPE is added to the mixture. I mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t use surfactants when cleaning the Masturbator because you don’t want to lose the oil inside the TPE.

However, Masturbator is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, and after an extended period of use, oil bleed, or “oil bleed,” occurs, which causes oil to spill onto the surface. As the oil spills out, it becomes sticky and you may remember that it has reached the end of its life. In fact, you can prevent this all bleed and restore the smooth feel of the product to the way it was when you bought it. The method is simple: just apply “baby powder” to the surface of the Masturbator.

First, clean and dry your Masturbator as usual. Once it’s completely dry, apply a good final coat of baby powder. The key is to make sure you apply it to the insertion point, not just the surface, and if you incorporate this process every time you use the Masturbator, it will take a few times for it to stop being sticky and feel smooth as new. Baby powder absorbs oil, so when you put it on the Masturbator, it eliminates the sticky feeling.

If you don’t have baby powder, you can substitute cornstarch, talc or potato starch to some extent. You can also degrease the Masturbator with alcohol to get rid of the stickiness, but be careful, as it may remove more oil than necessary and make the Masturbator harder. Baby powder and other alternatives are only a symptomatic treatment and there is no way to completely prevent all-breeding, so it’s important to review the storage method along with the application of baby powder to keep Masturbator from becoming as sticky as possible.

Storing it back in the box in which it was packed

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As mentioned above, the longer the Masturbator is used, the longer it is used, the more oil leaks out, or oil bleed occurs. This phenomenon is likely to accelerate further if left with dust and dirt on it. TPE is naturally prone to static electricity, and when static electricity is generated, it attracts dust and dirt, which can lead to more serious oil bleeding. For this reason, it is recommended that you keep Masturbator in the bag or box it came in at the time of purchase if at all possible.

Be careful not to put it in a plastic container, as the Masturbator may melt. The box in which it was first packaged by the manufacturer is the most stable. However, most of the time, the box or bag is thrown away as soon as you open it. If that’s the case, don’t worry, there’s an alternative. That is “Ziploc”. Ziplocks are mainly used for storing food and other items, and they have a reputation for secrecy, so when you put the Masturbator in a Ziplock, it can completely shut out dust.

However, Ziploc is not breathable, so if you put it in a humid environment, mold can develop inside. Put the Masturbator in a dry place and keep it well ventilated before storing it. Putting it in an adult toy bag made of non-woven fabric can also help, but placing it on cardboard or paper products can cause oil bleed. It is best to place them in a plastic bag or container after they are placed in a toy bag.

Storage out of direct sunlight & hot places

Masturbator is very sensitive to direct sunlight, so be careful where you store it. In addition to the UV light and other influences that can alter and effect Masturbator, the high temperatures can cause it to melt away. Masturbator oil bleed is also more accelerated in hot and humid environments, so it is important to store your Masturbator away from exposure to “direct sunlight” and “hot and humid” environments. Let your precious Masturbator sleep in a dark, well-ventilated place.

As mentioned above, you should store your Masturbator in its initial packaging or ziplock, but then don’t store your Masturbator in a closet or other poorly ventilated area. We recommend storing it in a dark, hard-to-find place with some ventilation, such as under the bed. Cleaning your Masturbator before use is also a good way to increase its safety; after storing it unused for a week or more, you should always give the inside of the Masturbator a thorough cleaning before using it. This is important to avoid any small amount of fungus and to avoid damaging your penis.

What if you can’t be bothered to wash it?

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We’ve looked at how to wash the Masturbator and what to look out for, but there are so many things to take care of that it can feel like a bit of a hassle. If that’s the case, you can make the Masturbator “easy to wash” or “usable without washing”, but if you do it too lazily, your penis can be in danger if you do it too lazily. So, try to make the Masturbator as easy to use as possible by using one of the following three methods.

  • Use a Masturbator with an easy-to-wash construction.
  • Use a disposable Masturbator
  • Using the Masturbator with a condom

The three methods above are effective in making maintenance of the Masturbator easier, so if cleaning is a hassle for you, try them out. However, all of these methods have side effects. For example, easy-to-clean Masturbators are inevitably less pleasurable, and disposable Masturbators are more costly if you masturbate frequently. Let’s take a closer look at the techniques that make Masturbators easier to clean and maintain, one by one.

Use a Masturbator with an easy-to-clean construction

A basic way to make Masturbator maintenance easier is to choose a Masturbator that is easy to wash in the first place; the ease of cleaning a Masturbator is entirely dependent on its size and internal construction, so choosing one that is easy to maintain will save you a lot of trouble The point is that the shorter the length, the larger and more spacious the interior, and the simpler the structure, the easier it tends to be to clean and dry the Masturbator.

The shorter length means that there are fewer parts to be cleaned, and the wider interior allows more water and cleaning solution to enter, making it easier to clean. If the internal structure is twisted or has innumerable folds, it will be harder for dirt to accumulate because the surface area is that much larger. For this reason, if you want to make maintenance easier, a straight internal structure is the way to go. It is also worth noting that the penetrating or non-penetrating type is much easier to maintain.

The through-hole type has a hole through the top and bottom of the Masturbator, just like a chickweed. With this type, water or cleaning liquid flows out from the other side of the hole, allowing you to quickly wash off the dirt. On the other hand, the non-penetration type can not be easily washed inside unless you scrape it out with your finger as hard as you can. The same is true for drying, as the through-type allows air to blow through from both sides, making it easier to dry.

However, there is a little problem in terms of the pleasantness because the vacuum sensation which is sucked on the penis cannot be obtained in such a penetrating Masturbator. It is because air goes in and out rapidly when the penis is inserted and the piston movement is done. The non-penetrating type can get a vacuum effect to some extent if it is inserted deep because the passage of air becomes narrower when the penis is inserted. In this area, it is going to be important to find a balance between maintenance and pleasure.

Use a disposable Masturbator that doesn’t require washing

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To begin with, if you use the Masturbator as a disposable device, you don’t need to clean and dry it at all. After a good masturbation session, it is best to take it easy and immerse yourself in the afterglow, if possible, isn’t it? If you have to clean the Masturbator in such a situation, your mood will be ruined. By using a disposable Masturbator, you can enjoy it without any regrets because you can just throw it away after you’ve had your fill of it.

You don’t even need to clean it before use, so you can just shove it in when you feel like doing it. However, the cost and cleanup can be a pain in the ass.
The thing is that disposable Masturbator is surprisingly uncostly. That being said, never wash and reuse a disposable Masturbator. It is impossible to clean a disposable Masturbator, and if you’re going to go that far, it’s wise to use a proper reusable type of Masturbator.

Also, disposable Masturbators need to be disposed of in the trash after every use, which is a pain in the ass. Depending on the municipality, you may be able to dispose of them as they are in the plastic trash. However, it may not be collected due to inadequate sorting, and you may be embarrassed if your neighbors know you are using the Masturbator. The drawback is that you have to separate the plastic from the exterior and use scissors to cut the soft resin inside into small pieces before throwing it away.

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Wearing a condom and using the Masturbator

The most practical way to facilitate the maintenance of the Masturbator is to use the Masturbator with a condom on. If you can guard your penis from touching the Masturbator directly, it won’t get stained with semen or grime, and since the only thing that sticks to the Masturbator is the lube, this means that you only need to quickly rinse off the lube after use. You don’t need to scrape out the semen with your finger again and again. This makes it easy to extend the life of a non-penetrating condom that has a handicap in terms of maintenance, and you can continue to use it.

However, the idea of using the Masturbator with a condom on might be a bit intimidating for some, because the biggest attraction of the Masturbator is the excitement and pleasure of being able to come and go inside, and it’s a shame that you won’t be able to experience that. However, the recent condoms are very high in performance, and the pleasure is almost the same as the raw penetration if they are 0.01mm or 0.02mm ultra-thin type. If the pleasant sensation of raw insertion is 100, it will be the feeling that there is at least 80-90. Please decide whether you take maintenance and the maximum pleasure according to your taste.

If you’re allergic to the maintenance properties, you may get scrotal eczema due to the soft resin of the Masturbator, so it’s better to wear a condom from the start. Also, wearing a condom does not mean you don’t have to wash your Masturbator. If you leave the Masturbator with lotion in it, the lotion may dry out and become crispy, and the resin of the Masturbator may deteriorate. At the very least, it is necessary to maintain the Masturbator by pouring lukewarm water on it and then letting it dry.

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In this article, we have discussed various aspects of how to wash and maintain the Masturbator. It is important to note that if you use a Masturbator that is not well maintained and hygienic, your penis may become infected. Therefore, be sure to clean your Masturbator after use and dry it thoroughly.The trick to cleaning the Masturbator is to wash the inside thoroughly with warm water and hand soap.

First, pour lukewarm water, about 35-38 degrees Celsius, into the insertion opening, and then insert your middle finger deep into the opening to scrape out more and more semen and dirt. Then, if you clean the inside with hand soap, you can sanitize the inside at the same time, and if you wash it carefully with your finger, you can clean it almost completely. If you can’t reach deep inside of the masturbator, you can clean it by bending it from the other side.

When cleaning the Masturbator, take care to avoid turning the Masturbator over or exposing it to hot air as much as possible, and avoid using cleaning solutions that contain surfactants. Sprinkling baby powder all over after cleaning will help prevent oil bleed, and storing it back in the box or container in which it was packed will extend the life of your Masturbator. Additionally, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures and humidity will provide the best Masturbator storage environment.

Cleaning it clean is a tough and tedious process, so you may want to make it easier to use. In such a case, using a disposable Masturbator eliminates the need for cleaning, but the drawback is that it’s not very cost effective in the long run. If you use a masturbator with a simple internal structure or a condom, you can easily clean it, but it is not as good as a masturbator in terms of pleasure.
If you’re interested in learning more about how to enhance the pleasure of the Masturbator, continue reading this article!