Nipple masturbation: Always feel more Pleasurable and how to Cum

Nipple masturbation is a technique in which the nipple is the main stimulus for orgasm, also known as “chickney”. It is characterized by a pleasant sensation not found in regular masturbation, and it is not impossible for a skilled masturbator to cum from stimulation of the nipple alone, without touching the penis. However, it is important to continue chickening out in the right way, as it takes a long period of development to feel good with your nipples.

Another unique feature of nipple masturbation is that you can use everyday items around you to enhance your pleasure. For example, you can make use of various items such as washcloths, toothbrushes, sponges and kitchen paper. In this article, we will explain in detail the features of chickney, the proper way to do it, techniques and precautions. Master the art of nipple masturbation.

Is it possible to cum with just your nipples?

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It is possible for both men and women to cum through nipple stimulation alone. However, unlike women, the nipple is not developed as a sexual zone at all in men. Therefore, the first step is to become aware of the nipple as a sexual zone and continue to develop it steadily. In other words, nipple masturbation increases the point at which you feel good.

This effect, for example, allows the woman to stimulate your nipples during sex foreplay to support your penis’s erection. This is simply a great benefit because it increases the range of play. Nipple development can be done with everyday items around you, so try nipple development with everyday items first and then step up to a nipple sex toy.

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Also, there are actually two types of orgasms in chickney. One that eventually ejaculates like normal masturbation, and the other is a “dry orgasm” where you reach a feminine climax without ejaculating. Both can be reached by stimulation of the nipples alone, but they require considerable development and training. Nevertheless, dry orgasms can be phenomenally pleasurable and are well worth the effort to learn.

What is a chickney?

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Chikney is masturbation with the nipples. It’s now called “chickney” after abbreviating the term “nipple masturbation. When you think of nipples in general, you may think of a man caressing a woman’s nipples as part of his foreplay during sex.

Since nipples are one of a woman’s main sexual zones, stimulating them can increase a woman’s sexual arousal. However, nipples can actually be felt by men as well, so stimulating them instead of the penis through masturbation can also be useful. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of such a chickney.

Masturbation with the nipples alone

There is only one definition of the word chickney: “masturbating with the nipples”. As long as you mainly stimulate the nipples, you can touch other parts of the body, such as the penis and the anus, along the way. In fact, it is extremely difficult to reach orgasm with your nipples alone, so it is recommended that you actively tease your penis as well while you are a beginner. We’ll go into more detail on how to masturbate with your nipples later on. First, let’s take a look at the benefits of chickening.

  • Easy to do.
  • Dry orgasms are also possible.
  • It’s easier to feel in other parts of the body.
  • You’ll be able to get a feel for what it’s like to be a woman.

Nipple masturbation with nipples has the above advantages. You can reach a dry orgasm, which does not involve ejaculation, depending on how you do it, so there is no need for a wise man’s time or the disposal of semen as in the case of ordinary masturbation. Therefore, it is easier to do it casually than rubbing a penis.

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Men can use above sex toy on their penis to stimulate their glans part as well as testicles for better masturbation. Similarly some of sex toy also help to improve your masturbation activity when you feel at home.

Also, developing your nipples will make it easier to feel in other parts of your body as well. For example, if you have a woman caress your nipples during sex foreplay, your arousal will increase and your penis will be more sensitive. Once you know what it feels like to “feel it in your nipples,” you’ll also understand how to caress a woman’s nipples to make them feel good.

What does it mean to cum on a nipple?

There are two kinds of orgasms, “cumming at the nipple” and “dry orgasms” that do not involve ejaculation. One is to ejaculate with a penis just like normal masturbation and the other is a “dry orgasm” which does not involve ejaculation. I will explain about ejaculation in thichny later. Let’s take a look at the sensation of cumming from nipple masturbation.

Dry orgasms are very similar to female orgasms and are a unique climax that can be reached by masturbation of the prostate. The sensation is quite different from ejaculation and is characterized by a long-lasting, fluffy feeling of elation. In other words, if you can reach a dry orgasm with your nipples, you won’t be hit with pesky wise man time or fatigue. Furthermore, unlike ejaculation, dry orgasms don’t have a definite “end” and, if you can do it well, you can reach multiple climaxes.

However, it is very difficult to cum from the nipples alone, whether in ejaculation or dry orgasm. It takes a lot of time just to get the pleasure from your nipples, so you’ll know how difficult it is to reach orgasm intact. In particular, dry orgasms also require imagination and mental strength, so you’ll need to spend a long time working on it.

In nipple masturbation, it’s important to create an atmosphere

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The most important thing about masturbation with the nipple is relaxation. This is the same with “anany” or female orgasm, which is done by stimulating the prostate gland and is quite different from ejaculation. Even if you are aiming for ejaculation with ticunny, the first thing you need to do to increase the pleasure in your nipples is to relax. This is because the sexual sensitivity of the nipple’s sexual sensation varies greatly depending on your mental state.

However, calming your mind can be surprisingly difficult. Since ticunny is an unfamiliar task, there is a lot of anxiety and you will inevitably get nervous. The first thing you need to do is to create an atmosphere. You need your own space where you can relax and be by yourself, so take some time to relax in your room and let your mind wander. It’s also important to relax your body.

The body and the mind are deeply connected, so if you can relax your body, your mind will gradually become calmer. For this reason, it is recommended that you soak in a warm bath before nipple masturbation to relax all the muscles in your body. If your body feels warm and comfortable, and you feel a little sleepy, you’re perfect. From there, you can slowly stimulate your nipples, which will increase the effectiveness of the chickney.

Women aren’t the only ones whose nipples feel good!

The reason why women caress their nipples during sex is because the nipples are one of the sexual zones. Stimulation there increases sexual arousal and at the same time increases sensitivity to other parts of the body, such as the vagina and clitoris, making them easier to feel. However, since the nipples are also a sexual zone for men, they actually feel better when stimulated by men as well.

The sexual zones of both men and women are surprisingly similar, with the nipple being the most typical area. So why can’t many men feel with their nipples? The biggest reason is that they are not aware that their nipples are sexual zones. Women are aware that it is natural to feel the nipples, so when they are stimulated, they naturally feel good.

On the other hand, men generally have a preconceived notion that they can only feel good with their penises, so they don’t feel good when they touch their nipples. In other words, if you know that you can feel good with your nipples, then they are good enough to serve as a sexual outlet. However, in order to be able to feel better with the nipple, you need to “develop” it, and the drawback is that it takes time to develop.

Men and women can get off on their nipples alone!

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As mentioned above, stimulating the nipples in the same way as women can make them feel good sexually, even for men. However, men are not accustomed to nipple stimulation at all and do not feel anything as it is. Therefore, development is necessary to get pleasure from the nipples, but the road is steep and takes quite some time.

The method of nipple development will be discussed below, but as the nipple development progresses, the sexual arousal will gradually increase just by touching the nipple and the penis will become erect. As long as the nipples continue to be stimulated, it is eventually possible to ejaculate without touching the penis. This is also true for women, as women with very high sensitivity can cum from the nipples alone.

For men, if they are more advanced, it is possible to have a dry orgasm like a woman’s climax instead of an ejaculatory orgasm. As mentioned above, dry orgasms can be reached several times and can be much more profoundly pleasurable than ejaculation. Reaching this realm is extremely difficult, but it is not impossible if you master the development of your nipples.

Is it possible to ejaculate from the nipples alone?

As mentioned above, it is possible to ejaculate with nipple stimulation alone. However, it can be difficult to actually stimulate the nipple alone to get the penis erect and then progress to further ejaculation. If you have reached that level, dry orgasm may be more effective than ejaculation rather than ejaculation. Therefore, if you are aiming for ejaculation with chickney, it is realistic to mix in a moderate amount of penis stimulation.

However, if you ejaculate while stimulating your penis, you won’t be able to ejaculate with Chikney, so it’s important to switch to nipple-only stimulation when you’re about to come, so that you can gradually get closer to climax. If you switch to nipple stimulation and your orgasm recedes, it means that your nipples are still not sensitive enough. By developing your nipples, you can gradually bring them closer to orgasm.

In simple terms, this means that you should stimulate your penis at a higher rate until you get used to it, and then gradually increase the rate of stimulation of your penis and nipples by masturbation. In this way, your body will decide that the nipple is linked to the pleasure in the penis and that the nipple can also feel good. By stimulating the nipples with increased sensitivity while also touching the penis in moderation, you will gradually get closer to climax.

How to do nipple masturbation

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Now that you have the basic knowledge of nipple masturbation, it’s time to actually try chickening. However, just tweaking your nipples in the dark won’t make you feel good at all. It is important to be aware of the following steps for successful tikuny.

  • Gently pinch your nipples.
  • Flick with your finger.
  • Use saliva and lotions.
  • Use everyday items.

Many people may be familiar with these procedures. The way you do chickie is actually not too different from the way you caress a woman’s nipples. In other words, if you can master nipple masturbation, you can also make a girl feel more comfortable by caressing her nipples. Let’s take a look at the steps of the chick-nipple masturbation process one by one.

Gently pinch your nipples

Male nipples are not developed at all in their initial state, and most of the time they are only ticklish to touch in the beginning. So, it’s important to carefully develop each step, so start by touching the nipple with your fingers. First, try stimulating them with your index or middle finger, touching them gently.

At first, it’s important to increase the sensitivity anyway. After touching the nipple with your finger, tease it by moving it in a circular motion with your fingertips. As the stimulation is transferred well, the soft nipples should gradually become harder. This is because the touch activates the nerves in the nipple and increases the blood flow. Keep stimulating gently until the nipple is hard enough to make your penis erect.

Standing nipples will also be more sensitive, so they will be more responsive to the next stimulation. Once the nipple is erect, pinch it with your thumb and forefinger. The key is to pinch with a feather touch, just enough to touch or not. As your nipples become accustomed to it, continue to stimulate them by pushing and moving them in a circular motion.

Pick lightly with your finger

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If you keep doing the same kind of stimulation all the time, the nipple that has been getting more sensitive may get bored and go back to its original state. So next time, try stimulating your nipples by lightly popping them. The trick is to use your fingertips to pinch and pop your nipples. After all, if you do it too hard, it may hurt, so try to do it like a light touch.

When you play the nipple, the nipple will mysteriously become even harder. This is because the stimulation is making them even more sensitive. However, there is only so much sensitivity you can grow in one try, so repeat the process of stimulating your nipples by standing them up after each masturbation session. As you get used to it, a little touch on your nipples will feel good.

A variety of stimulation is essential to the development of your sexual organs, so try to vary the way you flick your fingers in moderation. For example, playing a little harder with your fingernails can be effective. Try touching your nipples with your fingernails instead of your knuckles when you pop them. It’s also recommended that you start out weak and gradually build up a rhythm of increasing the force. When you stimulate a girl’s nipples, playing them with your fingers in this way will also make them feel good and should be good practice for sex.

Use saliva or lotion

When you’re a beginner in tikny, your nipples aren’t used to the stimulation, so touching them dry can be painful. So, try to keep your nipples as wet as possible when you do nipple masturbation. You can simply put saliva on them, but since saliva dries quickly, it is recommended to use a lotion.

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The benefits of wetting your nipples with saliva and lotion are more than just making them slippery. It increases the sensitivity of your nipples by allowing the stimulation to be transmitted smoothly. In addition, your nipples will feel less painful, which will allow you to provide stronger stimulation. Next, place the side of the first joint of your middle finger, the part that touches your nipple when you hold a pen or chopstick, against your nipple.

As you move your finger over this area, your hardened nipple will become even more cocky. Once your nipple is standing on its own, you should be able to pinch it with your thumb and forefinger. Once you’ve wet them thoroughly with the lotion again, knead your nipples around like you’re tightening a screw. The key is to rotate the nipple as well as the areola for more variation in stimulation.

Use household items

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Once you’ve gotten used to the finger chickney, it’s time to switch to stimulation with a sex toy. However, you may be uncomfortable using the goodies out of the blue, and you may be surprised by the sudden increase in stimulation. So, I recommend trying the following everyday items first.

  • Chopsticks.
  • Washing scissors
  • toothbrush
  • Sponges
  • Rubber bands
  • Kitchen paper
  • Ice
  • condoms

The above items are effective in supporting nipple masturbation. Many of them may be surprising, but you can actually use these everyday items to further enhance the pleasure of chickney. Let’s take a look at the recommended uses one by one.


It would be hard to imagine using chopsticks as a chickney. It’s not a very common method of chickney either, but chopsticks can provide a wide variety of movements when used well, and may be surprisingly useful for nipple development. The key is to use chopsticks to stimulate your nipples by repeatedly “pushing”, “grabbing” and “moving” them.

The most basic action in chopstick chickney is to press the nipple with the chopsticks. Place the tip of the chopsticks on your nipple and try to stimulate it with a grind. However, if the tip of the chopsticks is sharp at this point, you will feel a stinging sensation and it will be painful. Using mildly shaped chopsticks or disposable chopsticks, or placing the sides of the chopsticks against each other is also effective.

Since chopsticks are for grabbing things, try grabbing your nipples with them as well. If you do this too hard, you may damage your nipple. The trick is to grab it gently with the chopsticks, just like you would grab a small bean. Once you get a good grip, try moving your nipple up and down, up and down, left and right a little. Repeated pinching and releasing of the nipple will also help you feel better.

Washing Scissors

Using washcloths for nipples is a well-known method, so you may have already tried it. You can also develop your nipples to some extent by using the finger and nail method I have described so far. However, they may not be enough to develop your nipples to make you cum. That’s why we recommend you to try using a washcloth.

The method of stimulating the nipple with a finger or a nail that I introduced earlier is very simple, and the nipple should be made to stand. Then use a washcloth to pinch the nipple, but there is one caveat. Make sure you pinch the nipple from the root of the nipple, not the tip. If you only pinch the tip, it will be very painful and you won’t be able to keep the washcloth on.

After pinching the base of the nipple with the washcloth, leave it on for a while. At this point, it is important to note that if the nipple erection is incomplete, it will not be stable. The pain in the nipple will become more intense in the next few seconds, so remove the washcloths when you reach the end of your patience. You may not last 30 seconds at first, but as you continue, your record will improve. It’s usually enough to keep going for about 3-5 minutes.


Toothbrushes are famous for being a female masturbation product. For example, it is used for a variety of purposes, such as rubbing it during clitoral masturbation or using it against the nipples of a chickney. In fact, the toothbrush is also an effective product for male chickney. The biggest advantage of using a toothbrush is that it is easy to use something that is readily available.

The chickney method with the toothbrush is very simple: just place the brush against the nipple and move it. However, there is a lot more to it than you might think because the way you move the brush can make a big difference in the effectiveness of the method. For example, if you rub the tip of your nipple just barely touching it, the light stinging sensation of the toothbrush combined with the friction will give you a unique pleasant sensation.

However, if you keep rubbing the tip of the nipple, it will hurt, so it’s important to touch the base of the nipple as well. This one is different from the tip and you can try moving it a little harder. You can also use an electric toothbrush instead of a manual one. With an electric brush, you can stimulate the entire nipple like a vibrator.


The sponge that you always keep around the water is actually a reassuring ally for nipple masturbation. There are two main types of sponges: regular dishwashing sponges and melanin sponges for removing stubborn stains. In both cases, the usage is pretty much the same, but the key is that the regular sponge has a different softness on the front and top side.

The soft one is soft and fluffy and should be used to gently stimulate your nipples. The hard one can be used when you want to scrub hard, but basically it’s better to use the soft one. Using the sponge is simple: just place it against your nipple and rub it. Just like with a toothbrush, the stimulation will vary greatly depending on the position, strength, and speed with which you move it.

The basic principle is much the same with the melanin sponge, but this one has an abrasive action. This means that it has a stronger stimulus, so be careful when using it. Instead of simply rubbing, try cutting a slit in the center of the sponge and popping it open. Try moving your nipple between those slits and enjoy the unique pleasure of moving it around.

Ringing bands

Rubber bands are a big help in female chickening. By wrapping the rubber band around the nipple so that it is tightly bound from the root, the sensitivity of the nipple seems to be greatly increased. Continued stimulation by fingers and fingernails while tied in place will make it easier to develop the nipples, as the pleasure is greater than when they are not tied in place. This method is sometimes used in female chicknys.

However, men will not be able to bind their nipples with rubber bands because their nipples are significantly shorter than women’s, and their mammary glands are less swollen and wider than women’s. Even if it is possible, it is never recommended, as it can cause severe pain and abnormal nipple function. So, as an alternative, here’s how to pop the nipple with a rubber band.

The method is very simple: just stretch the rubber band slightly and pop it towards the nipple. When the rubber band hits the nipple, a chilling stimulation should be transmitted to the nipple. If the pain becomes painful and pleasurable, you’ve succeeded. However, if you do it too hard from the beginning, you will hurt your nipple, so start with light pressure and see how it goes.

Kitchen paper

Surprisingly, kitchen paper can also be utilized for chickneys. After all, it’s very easy to use, just crumple the kitchen paper and place the fluffy part on your nipple. You can use a tissue instead of kitchen paper. The hardness and texture of both are completely different, so it is recommended to use both depending on your preference.

Basically, roll up the paper and use the soft part against the tip or base of the nipple, but you can also use a rubber band to stop part of the paper. This way, the stimulation changes between the part of the paper and the part that the rubber band is wrapped around, so you can enjoy more variety of pleasurable sensations. Additionally, mixing kitchen paper and tissue and stopping it with a rubber band may be effective.


In fact, temperature changes can significantly alter the sensation of your sexual organs. To change the temperature and add rhythm to your stimulation, you should definitely try using ice. It won’t significantly increase the sensitivity of your nipples or make them feel dramatically better, but it will help prevent you from getting into a rut by continuing the same stimulation. In fact, warming as well as cooling can be effective, so let’s look at both.

First, if you want to cool it down, apply ice to your nipples. You can continue to apply it, or you can repeat the process of applying and releasing it for a few seconds. When you cool your nipples in this way, your blood vessels will constrict and your blood pressure will increase, which may cause your nipples to become even larger and more erect. Taking advantage of this timing to tease your nipples with your fingers or nails will make it easier for them to develop.

To warm your nipples, prepare warm water and a spoon of warm water, about 45-50 degrees Celsius. Then dip the spoon in it to warm it up enough and let it cool down a bit before you apply it to your nipple. If you suddenly apply it hot, you will burn yourself, so start with a little warmth and see what happens. After that, repeating the cooling and warming process is also effective, so try it out.


It may seem surprising to think of condoms in a chickney, but there are several uses for condoms. There are three: directly stimulating the nipple with a condom, attaching it to an adult product, and also attaching it to a tub masturbation. It may not be very practical, but here are three ways to use it.

The material of condoms, rubber (mainly latex), has a slippery feel and moderate elasticity, so it is actually surprisingly effective in stimulating the nipples. Lightly rubbing the condom against your nipple while rubbing or pressing and grilling it against your nipple will give you a sensation you can’t get any other way. Applying more lotion to the nipple may be even more effective.

Otherwise, when stimulating your nipples with adult products such as a den-ma or rotor, a condom can also be helpful to cover them with a condom to keep them clean and reduce stimulation. Another possible use is to put a condom on the penis when you want to do ticunny while soaking in the bath, in order to avoid contaminating the water.

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Use a sex toy for your nipples

Once you’ve made some progress with your nipple development, you may want to take it to an even higher level. So, make use of sex toys that you can use for your nipples to accelerate your nipple development. The following are some of the most famous products you can use on your nipples. I will explain them one by one, so you can use the one that suits you best.

  • Denma.
  • Rotor
  • Nipple torture goods

Many people are familiar with denma and rotors, as they are the most common goods used in regular sex. These products can also be used on your nipples to great effect. Experimenting with the strength of the nipple and the size of the vibrations will further enhance the pleasure. However, the stimulation of a Denma is quite strong, so if you’re new to nipple blaming, a rotor is recommended.

There are three types of nipple blaming goods, “clip type”, “suction type”, and “nipple licking type”, and the sensation of each type is very different. The clip type gives you a pleasant sensation of vibration when you put it between your nipples, and the suction type gives you a pleasant sensation of being sucked by your nipples. The last nipple licking type is more expensive, but the combination of vibration and rotation makes it feel good, as if you are really being licked.

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Advanced Nipple Masturbation

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Once you’ve learned to enjoy the pleasure of nipple masturbation, it’s time to try some more advanced techniques. The following three methods are famous for further enhancing nipple sensitivity and pleasure, so try them out. Once you’ve learned these techniques, you’ll be closer to having a chickney orgasm.

  • Try dressing up as a woman.
  • I’ll try to speak up.
  • With your penis and prostate.

I’m going to dress up as a woman

Since chicknys are basically done by women, it can be easier to feel them if you do something feminine. So, I recommend trying to dress up as a woman when you do chikunny. If you do it too half-heartedly, the effect will be lessened, so it’s better to try to dress up as a girl, using the following outfits that allow you to pretend to be a girl.

  • Lingerie
  • Skirts
  • Pantyhose
  • Cosplay costumes

Lingerie is women’s underwear, which includes panties and bras. The trick is to choose something that looks as much as possible like what the girl is actually wearing. Skirts should be chosen according to your preference, such as mini-skirts or long ones. In addition, you can combine it with knee-high socks or pantyhose (stockings) to make it easier to get into.

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When buying these types of cross-dressing costumes, it is safer to buy them online specifically for cross-dressing, as it is difficult to buy them in stores. There is also a very wide range of cosplay costumes, and it is recommended that you choose the ones you are interested in anyway, such as bloomers, school swimsuits, maids and cheerleader costumes. Combining the techniques I’m about to explain, you’ll be able to enjoy the chickney even more effectively.

Make a sound

If you’re going to do a chickney, try to make your voice heard when it feels good. Just like a girl panting during foreplay, try to pant as much as you can. Have you ever wondered why athletes in instantaneous competitions like hammer and shotgun throws scream out loud the moment they throw? The truth is, screaming gives you power.

Even during sex and masturbation, it feels better to scream as loud as you can than to do it quietly without screaming. In fact, when you don’t feel good, it is more effective to speak out aggressively. This is because when you speak out, your brain thinks that you can feel good in that state, and it connects stimulation of the nipple with a pleasant sensation.

It’s like the so-called “placebo effect,” and even if your nipples don’t make you feel very good, believing that they feel good and speaking out will really help you get the pleasure. Of course, even if you do get pleasure from the chickney, you can still consciously make a conscious effort to moan, which can have an even more pleasurable effect.

Penis and prostate together

This one may be basic, but when you do nipple masturbation, you can stimulate the part of your body that is originally more likely to feel it with your nipples as well. In other words, in order to increase the pleasure of chickney, it’s more effective to rub your penis as well. Because if you stimulate the nipple when you feel good with penis, your brain thinks that you can get pleasure from the nipple. This way, nipple stimulation is associated with pleasure.

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It is also effective to combine Anani, which stimulates the prostate gland, with Chickney. The similarity between chikunny and anani is that they can both help you reach dry orgasm. They blame both the prostate and the nipple to reach a man’s ultimate climax. Both are masturbation techniques that take a long time to develop, but if you can make them successful, you can reach a climax far more powerful than traditional penile masturbation.

Tips for nipple masturbation (chickney)

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The biggest trick to nipple masturbation is to just continue to be steady. Unfortunately, there is no secret technique that will make anyone feel good with their nipples right away. The only way to develop it is by repeating the basic steps I explained at the beginning of this article, and developing it steadily. Nevertheless, you can develop them efficiently by getting a few tricks.

If your nipples don’t make you feel as comfortable as you’d like, try touching your nipples while teasing your penis a little. Until you get used to it, you can use a balance of mainly stimulating the penis and using the nipple as a supplementary stimulus. As you continue to do this, the nipple stimulation will become associated with pleasure, so gradually shift towards less stimulation of the penis.

In addition, in order to be able to cum without touching your penis, it is important to try chickening out as a woman to some extent. Thinking that you can feel it in your nipples like a woman and stimulating it can have a sort of hypnotic effect. Then you may be able to reach climax with your nipples alone, just like a woman.

Dangers of nipple masturbation (chickney), cautions

Nipple masturbation has a lot more to offer than regular masturbation, which stimulates the penis. On the other hand, there are a few things to be concerned about. In particular, many people may be concerned about the “feminization of the body” or addiction, such as the following three points It’s best to be careful beforehand when doing chickens.

It makes it easier for your nipples to develop.
My libido won’t stop.
It could be a hormonal imbalance.

The nipples are more likely to develop

The main disadvantage of chickneys is that they cause the nipples to get bigger. Normally, men’s nipples are like small pea-sized nipples, but if you do too much chikuny, they can get bigger. Especially if you are using suction-type nipple products, your nipples can get longer. If you were to compare it to an obese person, it would be like an obese person losing weight and then having an excess of skin.

Nipple masturbation may also cause the mammary glands to develop. Frequent stimulation of the nipples may cause them to grow as the body deems necessary. As the mammary glands develop, fat around the nipples may develop, making them look like a woman’s breasts. It will look unnatural and you’ll want to avoid this if possible.

Nevertheless, male hormones seem to have an effect on the development of the mammary glands, so even if your breasts have grown in size, they will probably return to normal once you stop chickening out completely. However, if the skin around them has become soft because of the development of the mammary glands, they may not return to their original state easily. In any case, you should be careful not to overdo nipple masturbation.

The sex drive doesn’t stop

The characteristic of nipple masturbation is that you can have a “dry orgasm” that reaches a climax without ejaculation. This is far more pleasurable than ejaculation, so you may become addicted to it once you’ve experienced it. Also, the more sexual development of the nipples, the more pleasure the masturbation itself simply increases. These are some of the reasons why chickens are considered to be addictive.

The main physical disadvantage of nipple masturbation addiction is the aforementioned feminization of the nipple. If you are ejaculating with chickney, this is in addition to the disadvantages of regular masturbation. This is not the case with dry orgasmic chicknys, but there is a major disadvantage, which is that you will not be satisfied with the stimulation and orgasm with your penis.

This means that if you get too much into chikuny, you could end up with penile insensitivity, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems. Women can have sex itself without feeling the vagina, but men can’t do it without an erection. To avoid this serious situation, it is better to also masturbate normally in between chickens.

Does it cause hormonal abnormalities?

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As mentioned above, continued stimulation of the nipple causes the mammary glands to develop. In other words, the production of female hormones increases and the relative levels of male hormones decrease. This means that there can be a hormonal imbalance that can lead to a number of problems, including the feminization of the body and a decrease in male function.

This may seem impossible, but there is in fact a condition called “gynecomastia”. It’s not necessarily caused by chickens, but considering that female hormones are activated by chickens, it’s not entirely ruled out. In order to avoid this situation, it is still safer to do nipple masturbation in moderation. (1)

It is also said that as the female hormones increase with continued chickening, the sensitivity also becomes more feminine, which makes men feel more sexually active. Even though the hormones can change sensitivity, it’s unlikely to be immediately linked to sexual orientation. It’s unlikely that ticunny will cause you to become gay, but you may become aware of anal pleasures such as ananias.


In this article, we have explained in detail the characteristics of chickney, the proper way to do it, techniques and precautions. The appeal of nipple masturbation is the unique pleasure that penis masturbation does not provide. Once you’ve experienced an orgasm with a chickney, you’ll be addicted to it. However, it takes steady development to make it a success.

Start by creating a relaxing environment and gently pinching your nipples. Touching your nipples will only tickle you at first, but as you continue to develop them, you will gradually get something like pleasure from them. To further enhance nipple sensitivity, it is also important to make good use of everyday products, and nipple sex toys are also very effective.

Nipple masturbation is a very high potential masturbation method, but on the other hand, you should be aware of the disadvantage of feminization of the body. A little bit of ticunny is fine, but too much of it can cause problems such as enlarged mammary glands and hormonal imbalances. Be careful not to overdo it and master the chickney so you can enjoy masturbation more.