Masturbation addiction : Is too much masturbation bad for you?

All men have had the experience of wondering how often they masturbate. If you masturbate every day, you may worry that it’s bad for your body or that you’re addicted to masturbation. While too much masturbation is said to be bad for your body and mind, the problems it causes for your sexual function are actually more serious than that. Too much force in the hand job during masturbation often leads to delayed ejaculation and vaginal ejaculation disorders.

The optimal frequency for masturbation is once every three days. Overdoing masturbation can lead to an addiction, so if you are masturbating too much, you need to improve. Furthermore, switching to masturbating with Masturbators instead of hand jobs can also improve problems caused by masturbation, such as delayed ejaculation and ejaculation problems. This article will thoroughly explain the proper frequency of masturbation, how to incorporate Masturbators, and tips on how to reduce the frequency of masturbation.

What is the proper frequency of masturbation?

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There are so many different common beliefs and myths about masturbation. For example, many of us have heard that too much masturbation can cause acne or make us dumb, and many of us have wondered about the proper frequency of masturbation when we were in school. The harms of masturbation and the correct frequency have been the subject of debate since ancient times. While the ancient Greeks, Romans and Indians searched for ways to get along with sex, some already held the view that masturbation was harmful. In the post-Christianized West, religious and moral concepts also led to masturbation being considered a vice.

Thus, there was a wide variety of ideas about masturbation, but even today, with the development of science and medicine, the debate continues. There are many aspects of masturbation that are still unresolved and shrouded in mystery. However, there is a lot of published research on masturbation itself, so let’s use that as a basis for thinking about how often masturbation should be preferred. First of all, the “International Society for Sexual Medicine,” which is an authority in the field of sexual medicine, sums up its views on masturbation as follows

  • masturbation is a natural sexual activity that most people engage in
  • It helps you to get used to your body and discover your likes and dislikes regarding sexual activity.
  • There is no such thing as a “normal” frequency of masturbation.
  • If too much masturbation has a negative impact on your daily life, it’s a problem.
  • Men who have sex less often tend to masturbate more often.

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It’s kind of too vague to be entirely clear. If you look at it differently, you could say that even the most prestigious international societies are currently unable to provide guidelines on masturbation. However, it has been suggested that too much masturbation can interfere with daily life and that the problem is a so-called addiction. In considering the appropriate frequency of masturbation, it is first necessary to examine how often people generally masturbate.

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The frequency of masturbation varies greatly from person to person

Most men have wondered how much other people masturbate, and most men have wondered how much they masturbate. I’m sure many of them have discussed it with their friends. Since the most sexually active age in life is the teenage years, here’s a study that looked at the state of adolescent masturbation.Robbins et al. conducted a survey of American boys and girls (14-17 years old) about their sex lives. The content of the study was diverse, but the following is a report on the frequency of masturbation among boys.

  • A few times a year
  • A few times a month for 24.5%
  • 28.9% of them 2-3 times a week
  • 20.2% of the time, 4 or more times a week

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This may seem like a surprising result. Nearly half of people masturbate multiple times a week, but the other half only masturbate a few times a month or less. Perhaps this is because there are a certain number of people who relieve their sex drive through sex rather than masturbation. In the aforementioned official position by the ISSM, it was suggested that people who have sex more frequently masturbate less frequently. At any rate, it is clear that those who masturbate every day without fail are actually in the minority.

The proper frequency of masturbation is once every three days

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There are many theories on the proper frequency of masturbation, but in conclusion, “once a day for three days” is considered optimal. This is because such a frequency balances the advantages and disadvantages of masturbation. As we’ll explain in more detail later, too much or too little masturbation can have a negative effect on sexual function and fertility. Continued “no fap” abstaining from masturbation doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all good. Let’s consider the proper frequency of masturbation in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of abstinence.

Let’s start with the benefits of abstinence: in a study by Jiang et al. they investigated how testosterone levels changed in 28 men if they continued no fap. They found that the changes were minimal during the first two to five days of no fap, but by the seventh day, testosterone levels peaked at 145.7 percent of their starting levels. Testosterone is a type of male hormone, and when it’s elevated, it increases your attractiveness as a man, your mental capacity, and your sexual prowess. In other words, after a week of no fap, your masculinity will increase.

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But there are other important aspects to consider. That is the “sperm cycle”. The body controls the amount of ejaculation per ejaculation and is constantly making sperm, so you can masturbate every day and never run out of semen. However, if you masturbate more often, you will have less sperm in the testicles, which means less ejaculation. It has been shown that it takes approximately 3 days for sperm to accumulate in the testicles until they are full, so from the point of view of the body’s cycle, it can be said that masturbation “every 3 days” is just fine.

Does it take three days for sperm to fill up?

The testes are filled with lots of sperm, but it has been found that it takes surprisingly little time for them to fill up. The testes fill up with sperm after about three days, even if they are empty. So what happens if you don’t ejaculate after the testes are full? Actually, basically nothing happens; rest assured that no fap to the extreme will not cause the old sperm to rot in the body or cause pain in the testes.

Old sperm will be absorbed and broken down by the body, but not necessarily in the order of the old ones. However, it is important to note that both new sperm and old ones are absorbed at random. It’s a little easier to understand if you compare it to a situation where a bucket full of water is filled with water from above at a brisk pace. The total amount of water in the bucket itself doesn’t change, but the order in which the water leaks out is random. The same thing happens in the testes, and it’s often the case that old sperm are left behind.

Since sperm is also an organic substance, the old ones will oxidize and become damaged. Thus damaged sperm are less active to move around in the vagina after ejaculation, so in most cases they cannot reach the egg. This means that as the number of old sperm increases, fertility is reduced. In this regard, if you masturbate on a cycle of about three days when your testes are full, you will be more efficient because you will always be able to produce new ones while building up sperm.
How can I increase my sperm count? If you want to know more specifics, here’s a great article.

What is masturbation that can help prevent prostate cancer?

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We also know that there is a major medical disadvantage to having fewer ejaculations than more frequent ejaculations. Currently, the only medically revealed benefit of abstinence is an increase in testosterone levels. On the other hand, we know that when masturbation and sex are reduced and ejaculation is less frequent, fertility is reduced. Furthermore, ejaculating too infrequently may increase the risk of prostate cancer.

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Gottlieb studied the causal relationship between sexual activity and prostate cancer risk in nearly 29,000 American men. The results showed that the higher the number of ejaculations per month, the lower the risk of prostate cancer: those who ejaculated more than 21 times ejaculated 89 percent of the time in those aged 20 to 29 years and 68 percent in those aged 40 to 49 years, compared to those who ejaculated only four to seven times a month. Since the average for all ages is 67%, this means that ejaculating 21 or more times a month reduces the risk of getting prostate cancer by about 70%.

The prostate is a reproductive organ that exists only in men, and its primary function is to secrete prostatic fluid, which acts as a sperm activator. Although prostate cancer has a lower fatality rate than other cancers, there is a risk of loss of reproductive function with treatment. As a man, you want to avoid this disease as much as possible, but as mentioned above, it has been suggested that it may be preventable with frequent ejaculation. However, even if you include all the masturbation and sex, it’s not easy to ejaculate 21 times a month, so you might want to make an effort to produce as much as possible to avoid cancer.

Maybe you’re a masturbation addict?

The “No Fap” movement is currently gaining traction around the world; No Fap refers to the “no fap” of putting up with masturbation, and it originally started with the website and online community NoFap, which was founded in 2011. The aforementioned study by Jiang et al. found that a week of no fap boosted testosterone to 145.7%. Based on this data, the purpose of No Fap is to obtain the following benefits from no fap

  • Improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Develop strong will power.
  • Control your libido and turn it into a force to be reckoned with.

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In other words, the goal of the No Fap movement is to stop unhealthy masturbation altogether and improve the quality of real life. In fact, some No Fap users seem to claim that no fap has had various physical and mental improvements; it seems that there are not a few men anywhere in the world who are dedicated to believing in the benefits of no fap. However, since the NoFap movement involves deep-rooted social issues and the harms of masturbation have not been scientifically proven, no fap would not necessarily be recommended.

“Masturbation addiction” definitely exists

Why is masturbation considered by so many people to be so harmful in the first place? The biggest reason is that if you masturbate too much, it becomes like a kind of addiction and you can’t stop even if you want to. There are many different kinds of addictions in the world, such as nicotine dependency, gambling addiction, internet dependency, drug dependency, and so on. One of them is “sex addiction” (sex addiction).

Sex addiction is a medically recognized mental illness, but it doesn’t just apply to sexual activity with a partner. In fact, over-dependence on masturbation or pornography is another form of sex addiction. The problem with masturbation addiction, where the person cannot stop masturbating, is basically the same as other addictions. You become so addicted to the stimulation of masturbation and pornography in your daily life that you can’t get it out of your head.

Gradually, you lose control of yourself and can’t stop masturbating even if you want to stop. As a result, they spend most of their time each day scavenging and masturbating for pornography, leaving them with no time for anything else. It is not uncommon for them to lose friends and family members as their daily lives and work begin to suffer. What’s more, the trouble is that this type of sexual addiction is more like a “drug addiction” aspect of the disease.

During ejaculation, brain drugs such as “dopamine” and “beta-endorphin” are released, and these substances have similar properties to morphine. Morphine is a type of drug that is also used as a painkiller and is highly addictive, and its use is characterized by an elevated mood and a sense of well-being. Since what is released during ejaculation is only a narcotic in the brain, the situation is very different from morphine. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that it may be the cause of a kind of addiction that makes one want to taste the pleasure as often as possible.

How to recognize and determine masturbation addiction

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Since there are no medical diagnostic criteria for masturbation addiction yet, it is not possible to definitively determine what symptoms would indicate an addiction. However, like other addictions, masturbation addiction, like other addictions, can become a major problem in daily life if it gets worse, so it’s better to have criteria for determining it if possible. So, I’m going to list the criteria that would generally be considered to be a masturbation addiction, so please check them out one by one.

  • You masturbate at least twice a day, every day
  • You have to masturbate or you’ll get irritated.
  • You masturbate to relieve stress.
  • You only masturbate, not have sex.
  • You masturbate once and then hours go by.
  • You think about sex and pornography all the time.

If you are in your teens or early twenties when your sex drive is high, but even in your thirties when you are relatively calm, masturbating more than twice a day is far too much. Especially if you’re doing it to relieve stress, you may have an addiction. Basically, many of all addictions develop when you start doing things to relieve stress. For example, in many cases, people smoke cigarettes, surf the internet, enjoy gambling, use drugs, etc. to relieve stress.

Spending hours on a single masturbation session is an indication of the addiction to prolong the pleasure and excitement, even if only for a short time. If you are constantly thinking about sex or pornography, you are almost certainly a masturbation addict or sex addict, and you need to remedy this by the methods described below.

Beware of sex addiction as well as masturbation

What is the difference between sex and masturbation in the first place? Generally speaking, masturbation is said to be harmful, but sex is rarely said to be harmful. However, the act of ejaculation itself is basically the same for both sex and masturbation, so if too much masturbation has a negative effect on the body, then it should have a negative effect on sex as well. If there is a big difference, masturbation is done alone, but sex is done with a partner.

To put it simply, it’s like the difference between eating your favorite food alone and eating it with someone you love. I think eating with two people is much more mentally satisfying than eating alone. It’s the same with sexual activity; all men love to ejaculate, but having sex with a partner will make you feel more comfortable than masturbating alone. This results in the release of euphoric hormones like oxytocin, a hormone that gives you a sense of well-being.

However, just as eating good food will satisfy your hunger regardless of the situation, ejaculating will make you feel better about sex by masturbating if you ejaculate. Just as eating too much can lead to obesity, too much ejaculation can have a negative effect on your body and mind at all. In other words, it’s not just the addiction caused by masturbation, but also the risk of becoming sexually addicted by indulging in sex. These things are often overlooked in NoFap and no fap, so be wary of the easy idea that everything will be solved if you just stop masturbating.

What are the effects of too much masturbation?

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Many people are concerned about masturbation because too much masturbation is said to have a variety of negative effects on the body and mind. For example, it is thought to cause a great deal of harm, such as a decrease in testosterone, making you less manly, making you look bad, making you less motivated and mentally strong, and causing acne and hair loss on your head. However, there is no need to take these theories seriously, as most of them have not been scientifically proven in any way.

It is true that ejaculation, which can cause a sudden change in physical condition or a shock that makes you feel like you are going blank, may not have any effect on the body or mind. However, the harmful effects of too much masturbation are quite different, and this one may be rather more serious. The negative effects of masturbation are more likely to extend to sexual function itself, so the following four risks should be especially noted.

  • The risk of late ejaculation with sex.
  • The sensitivity is reduced due to acclimation to strong stimuli.
  • Cannot ejaculate in the vagina satisfactorily
  • You are at risk for masturbation addiction.

If this applies to you, you should take steps to improve it. To eliminate these negative effects of masturbation addiction, we recommend that you use Masturbators as a corrective measure by incorporating Masturbators into your masturbation, which are sex toys that can replicate the sensations of inserting themselves into a woman’s vagina. Let’s take a look at the problems masturbation brings to sexual function and how to use Masturbators effectively.

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Prone to delayed ejaculation

Too much masturbation can lead to late ejaculation, which can cause problems with real sex. Delayed ejaculation is a condition where it takes more than 30 minutes to ejaculate during sexual activity. It is an ejaculation disorder that often causes pain to the woman because the insertion time is too long. Masturbation, which is performed by grasping the penis with the hand, inevitably results in too much stimulation, which can lead to delayed ejaculation. The force that the penis receives from the grip from masturbation is often significantly stronger than the pressure it receives in the vagina.

If you are in the habit of increasing the strength of your grip and the speed with which you move your hand to climax and spurts, you are even more likely to have delayed ejaculation. The great thing about Masturbators is that they replicate a woman’s vagina so realistically that it feels more like a real insertion. This means that you can get away from the excessive stimulation of the hand job and rehabilitate yourself for realistic sex.

Of course, you’ll also get the same pleasure from the vaginal penetration, which makes it feel much better than doing a hand job on your own.You might think that getting addicted to Masturbators will make your masturbation addiction even worse, but in fact, it’s more likely to improve.

People who have slow ejaculation due to over masturbation cannot orgasm when they start using Masturbators and cannot masturbate easily, because when they start using Masturbators, they cannot orgasm and cannot masturbate easily; by the time they are able to ejaculate normally in Masturbators, they are able to enjoy real pleasure and the masturbation addiction is surprisingly easy to get rid of. I think it’s improving.

To learn more about the causes of late ejaculation and how to improve it, click here!

Easy to get used to stimuli

It’s basically the same with any kind of stimulation, but if you continue to use only similar stimulation, you’ll get used to it and need stronger stimulation. If you get used to too much pressure and friction in the hand job, your sensitivity will decrease and you won’t be able to get pleasure from weaker stimulation. You will get used to it.

The reason why this is a problem is because you may not be able to get a satisfactory erection during sex. Usually, the only way to get an erection is to either grow naturally during sex or have a woman caress you to get an erection. If you can’t stand up without doing a hand job on your own, or you have to rub it against a blanket, the mood of the woman will be diminished and the atmosphere will cool down quickly. This may seem impossible, but it’s actually quite common and should be noted.

Masturbators’ stimulation itself is often weaker or more natural than other masturbation methods, which can be helpful in rehabilitating people who have only been able to achieve an erection or ejaculation with excessive stimulation. Some Masturbators are tighter than others or have a vibration function, but choose a less stimulating masturbator. Even if you are not satisfied with them at first, if you continue to do so steadily, your penis will be able to play an active role in the actual sex.

You won’t be able to ejaculate during sex

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Masturbation can be a problem not only because of the method of stimulation, but also because of the posture in which it is performed. The same negative effects that have been explained so far can lead to “vaginal ejaculation disorder,” which is the inability to ejaculate in a woman’s vagina when she is used to stimulation that is far removed from actual sex. If you are used to masturbating with your legs tensed and stretched out on pins and needles, you are at particularly high risk for ejaculation disorders.

If you don’t keep your legs tense at all times, your orgasm won’t come close and you won’t be able to ejaculate. People who don’t simply pin their legs, but also try to exert themselves as hard as they can during ejaculation to get a lot of semen out, can also lead to foot-pinning masturbation. This can lead to a situation where a woman cannot orgasm in the normal or Doggy position and can only have sex in the cowgirl position. The cowgirl position can be very hard on a woman, and it can make it difficult for her to continue her relationship with her partner.

Furthermore, because they are not used to masturbating all the time and swinging their hips, they may not be able to ejaculate in a real battle where they have to move their bodies by themselves. Both leg pins and lack of hip swing can be compensated for by Masturbators rehab. If you choose the type with a plastic exterior, you can train them by real masturbation with swinging hips by securing them to a desk with duct tape or by rolling up a pillow or cushion.

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Risk of masturbation addiction

As mentioned above, masturbation addiction or sex addiction is a serious problem. When it becomes unbearable, everything in your daily life becomes centered around masturbation, which affects your academic and social life; if you become irritable if you don’t masturbate multiple times a day, or if you’re constantly thinking about sex or pornography, you’ve become a total masturbation addict! It would be. The more often you masturbate, the more likely you are to become addicted.

Furthermore, masturbation addiction can lead to problems in your sex life as you are not satisfied with sex with women. This is because you cannot ejaculate the way you want to in a sexual act with a partner. Masturbation allows you to feel free to feel good and orgasm by your own will. However, in sex, you are often influenced by your partner’s movements, which makes it more difficult to feel good.

It is still recommended that you incorporate rehabilitation by Masturbators to relieve your masturbation addiction and frustration with sex. As mentioned earlier, masturbators can be used to masturbate with stimulation similar to real sex, and even masturbation with a hand job can be pleasurable, but it is not mentally satisfying in any way. Inserting the Masturbators close to the woman’s vagina will help to fill you up and relieve your frustration.

What are the effects of too little masturbation?

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Over masturbation does not cause any major physical or mental problems, as long as it does not lead to addiction. However, it can cause problems with sexual functioning, such as ejaculation problems and an inability to satisfy sex. Abstaining from masturbation may seem like a good thing, but too little ejaculation can lead to the following problems

  • Decreased fertility.
  • I’m prone to premature ejaculation.

Both of these are major problems for men. Decreased fertility makes it harder to have children, and premature ejaculation makes it harder to satisfy a woman with sex. However, both problems can be remedied by resuming your masturbation habits, so if you’re currently no fap, I urge you to review and masturbate at an ideal frequency for your health.

Decreased fertility

One of the serious problems caused by ejaculating too infrequently is reduced fertility. no fap may seem to improve sperm quality because it increases the amount of semen. However, in fact, the opposite is true and no fap significantly worsens fertility. comar et al. studied the various effects of abstinence on sperm from 2,458 semen samples from 2,458 individuals undergoing fertility treatment, dividing the duration of abstinence into three groups. The three categories of abstinence periods were “less than 2 days”, “2-5 days” and “longer than 5 days”. The results revealed the following

  • Longer periods of abstinence were associated with higher sperm concentration and quantity.
  • The longer the period of abstinence, the lower the sperm motility and activity.
  • The longer the period of abstinence, the more DNA fragmentation and mitochondrial damage

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Ayad et al. conducted a similar study, using a variety of previously published data to investigate the relationship between the duration of abstinence and semen characteristics. They concluded that shorter periods of abstinence significantly improved sperm motility, especially mobility and speed. They attributed this in part to the lower semen volume and concentration caused by shorter periods of abstinence. Lowering the frequency of ejaculation produces more semen, but it seems that higher quantity and viscosity doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality sperm.

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What these studies reveal is that a longer period of no fap clearly reduces fertility. The increase in DNA fragmentation and damage to the mitochondria is a particularly serious problem, and if the no fap is too long and there is only an increase in low quality sperm, there is a greater chance of some damage to the fetus that is conceived. The more men who want to make a child, the more they should be able to get their sperm out well instead of hoarding it. This shows that masturbation once every three days or about twice a week is appropriate.

Prone to premature ejaculation

If you ejaculate too infrequently, your chances of having premature ejaculation increase significantly. Premature ejaculation is the phenomenon of ejaculating within a minute during sex, which is a problem because it increases a woman’s inability to satisfy herself. no fap means, in other words, that the penis is stimulated less often. The result is that the glans becomes more sensitive to sexual stimulation, and as soon as it is inserted into the vagina, it reaches its limit and ejaculates.

If you masturbate with skin masturbation, which is done without peeling the foreskin of the glans, you are more likely to ejaculate prematurely. Men with pseudoforeskin tend to naturally masturbate more often than men with pseudoforeskin because it is often more comfortable to suck on it while it is covered than to peel it off, so they tend to masturbate more often. However, that leaves the glans protected by the foreskin all the time, so when it comes time to insert it into a woman’s vagina, it will be unbearable and will come out quickly.

Masturbators are a great way to get rid of premature ejaculation, as they allow you to feel the sensation of vaginal penetration and can be easily trained at home. However, if the Masturbators are too big or too loose, the effect will be halved, so it is important to choose the right one for your penis size. At first, you may ejaculate in less than 10 seconds after insertion, but be patient and continue to improve your record gradually.
To learn more about the causes of premature ejaculation and how to remedy it, click here!

How to tolerate the number of times you masturbate

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Too much or too little masturbation can have all sorts of negative effects on sexual function. The problem is that too much masturbation increases the chances of becoming a masturbation addict and wasting time. This is why many men may wish to masturbate less often. First, try to reduce the frequency of masturbation by being aware of the following

  • Avoid pornographic videos.
  • Find another hobby.
  • De-stress.
  • We don’t want you to get an erection in the first place.
  • Enjoy the pleasures of masturbation without straining

Implementing these measures will reduce the frequency of masturbation in most cases. However, a serious disadvantage of less frequent masturbation is that it can lead to a significant reduction in fertility. Therefore, instead of abstaining from masturbation altogether, aim for an ideal masturbation cycle by keeping in mind the “once every three days” pace I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Avoid pornographic videos

Avoiding watching pornographic videos is an ironclad rule to reduce the number of times you masturbate. It’s hard to find a man who doesn’t get off on watching adult videos. When he gets excited, he reaches for his cock and starts squeezing it before he knows it. Once you start masturbating, you will inevitably not be able to stop and will continue until you finish, because if you stop in the middle of masturbation, you will feel like you are killing yourself alive. In other words, watching pornography leads to ejaculation, so in order to lower the frequency of ejaculation, you need to lower it from the frequency of pornography viewing.

Masturbation addicts or those who are on the verge of becoming addicted will somehow watch pornography more often, even if they don’t particularly want to masturbate. However, watching adult videos can be a surprisingly time-consuming process. Many of us have had the experience of scouring the internet for porn and before we know it, an hour has gone by. Isn’t that a very empty amount of time? Pornography is fine if you watch it once in a while, but for masturbation addicts, it’s a hundred times worse. Make an effort to cut out pornography as much as possible in order to reduce the frequency of masturbation.

However, if a person who is addicted to pornography suddenly and completely abstains from it, they will experience what is called withdrawal symptoms and rebound, which in turn will make the symptoms worse. Therefore, start by banning pornography except when you are masturbating, and only watch porn when you really want to shag. Once you get used to that rhythm, gradually reduce the frequency of adult videos. Eventually, you should be able to masturbate without porn and only with your fantasies. To do this, it is important to develop sensitivity with Masturbators and be able to ejaculate with natural stimulation.

Find other hobbies

The reason why men become addicted to masturbation is because they have wasted time to spend on masturbation, or there is nothing they would rather do than masturbate. This may be a difficult method for a complete addict who can only think about masturbation all day long, but if you’re on the verge of becoming an addict or simply want to reduce the frequency, try to spend your time doing something else.

The most effective way to do this is to find a hobby. Find a sport, strength training, devoting yourself to a musical instrument, reading, watching a movie, or anything else you can think of. Hobbies are for fun, so the trick is to choose one that you can continue to do as long as it doesn’t cause you stress. Sports and strength training are not only good for your body, but they also drain your energy and make it easier to masturbate less often. Working out is also good for your confidence, which will make it easier for you to fulfill your real life.

Once you find a hobby that suits you, you’ll want to spend as much of your extra time doing that as possible. You’ll still need to masturbate because your sex drive and sperm will still build up, but when you have an important hobby, you’ll be able to spare time for masturbation, so you’ll find a quick wanker and deal with your sex drive quickly. The downside to short-time masturbation is that you are prone to premature ejaculation, but it’s still better than becoming a masturbation addict. Find a hobby and reduce the number of times you masturbate.

Dissipate your stress

If you are under a lot of stress, you may find yourself masturbating more often. Stress is harmful to the body, so you need to relax your mind, and masturbation is a great way to do that. This is because ejaculation is so pleasurable that it blows away the stress, and it is followed by the release of the hormone prolactin, which gives you a time to relax.

There is a period of time after ejaculation when you feel limp and tired, but also calm, which is called wise man time. This time is perfect for a change of pace, so when you feel stressed, you may naturally proceed to masturbate. In other words, even if you don’t have a particularly high sex drive, you will masturbate just to relieve your stress. While this in itself is natural, it’s important to note that masturbation for stress relief can easily lead to masturbation addiction.

It doesn’t make any sense to masturbate when you don’t need to ejaculate. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you can relieve your stress in other ways. As I mentioned earlier, if you have some kind of hobby, you can devote yourself to it, which will help you relieve stress. Even if finding a hobby is a hassle, simply listening to heavy music at a loud volume can help you relieve stress. There are many different ways to relieve stress, so find one that works for you.

Stops you from getting an erection in the first place

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Doing no fap will cause you to have powerful morning stands, even if it is for a short period of time. Especially if you have a high sex drive, you may have trouble standing up in the morning after just one day of abstinence, because the morning standing is so great. Morning masturbation feels so good that if you stand up in the morning when you wake up, you may inevitably shimmy straight into masturbation. However, if you shag every time you stand up in the morning, you won’t be able to reduce the frequency of your masturbation.

The same can be said for the aforementioned pornography, but if you want to reduce the frequency of masturbation, it’s important to avoid getting an erection in the first place. When your penis stands up, you’ll be tempted to squirt it with your hand, but try to hold it in there and keep your erection in check. If you walk around the room for a while or do some light squats without putting on your pants, you should be able to calm down. Especially if you’re standing up in the morning, the erection is simply a physiological phenomenon and will dissipate after a few minutes of getting out of bed.

Also, abstinence doesn’t mean that you should only have to ejaculate. For example, many of us have had to jerk our penises to the limit when we can’t hold back from masturbating, and when we’re about to come, we end it with a short stop. These skimpy stops should be stopped even for NO fap, as there is a risk of putting undue strain on the seminal vesicles and vas deferens and retrograde ejaculation disorder. To reduce the frequency of masturbation, the rule of thumb is to avoid touching the penis as much as possible, except for one masturbation day every three days.

Enjoy the pleasures of masturbation without straining

As with anything, no fap will not last if you push yourself too hard. To begin with, the method I’ve described is not a complete no fap, but only for “masturbation reduction,” which is to reduce the number of times you masturbate in order to live a healthier life. The goal is to eventually get used to a masturbation cycle of once every three days or twice a week, so it doesn’t train the abstinence mind like NoFap does. Therefore, the success rate should be much higher than the normal no fap.

Nevertheless, for those who have been masturbating twice daily, just holding out for a day can be mind-blowing. It’s important to take it one step at a time first. Start by reducing your masturbation to once a day and continue at that pace for about two weeks; once the once-a-day pace is no longer an issue, you can reduce the frequency to once every two days, but you can have days where you masturbate every day in a row along the way. If you can gradually increase the number of days you don’t masturbate anyway, it’s not hard to get to once every three days.

When you do a short term no fap, look forward to the masturbation day that comes in a few days. Unlike when you were doing it every day, the pleasure you get when you orgasm in the Masturbators every three days is exceptional. It is not uncommon for you to feel several times more pleasure than you ever did before. The pleasure of ejaculation tends to be proportional to the amount of semen ejected, so the more you get, the better you feel. The harder you work, the more pleasure you’ll get, so when you have a short period of no fap, try your best to have the best orgasm afterwards.


In this article, we’ve discussed the proper frequency of masturbation, how to incorporate Masturbators, and tips on how to reduce the frequency of masturbation. All men love to masturbate, but too much of it can lead to addiction. In addition, because the wrong masturbation technique can lead to erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems, it is important to use Masturbators to help improve this problem; Masturbators allow you to masturbate with realistic stimulation, which increases your pleasure and helps rehabilitate your sex life at the same time.

You need to reduce the frequency of masturbation to live a healthy life, but there is also a problem with too long a no fap period. This is because as the sperm in the testes get older, the motility and activity of the sperm after ejaculation can be weakened, which can lead to infertility. In addition, the number of genetically damaged sperm increases, which can cause problems for the fetus. This is why men who want to produce a child need short term abstinence at an appropriate frequency rather than a complete no fap.

The optimal masturbation frequency is once every three days or twice a week. The most effective method of abstinence is to avoid watching pornography or sexually explicit material anyway. If possible, find a hobby so that you can relieve stress in ways other than masturbation. If you try not to get an erection in the first place and try to avoid touching your penis as much as possible, you can gradually improve to an appropriate pace. Make sure you masturbate at an appropriate frequency to get the best sex life possible.
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