I want to make a woman orgasm outside and clitoral orgasm!

The clitoris (genitalia) is a woman’s main sexual area and the most sensitive part of the body. If you continue to stimulate this area, you will reach the clitoral orgasm (clitoral orgasm), which is an orgasm in the clitoris. The main feature of the external orgasm is the electric, mind-blowing pleasure of the clitoral orgasm. If you are a beginner, try to get your partner to have an external orgasm first, as it is relatively easy compared to an “inside orgasm” where you climax in the vagina.

However, the clitoris is far more sensitive and delicate than the penis, so you need to be careful how you handle it when caressing it. Try to keep your hands clean and touch the clitoris gently. If you improve your technique, you can make a girl orgasm, but it is recommended to use adult products because it is easier to make a girl outside orgasm. In this article, we will explain in detail about the methods and techniques to make a girl orgasm and the sex toys that are effective for clitoral orgasm.

Do you want to make a woman orgasm? What’s an orgasm?

Orgasm (orgasm) is a term that refers to the climax of sexual pleasure. When the body receives sexual stimulation during sex, the reproductive organs, such as the penis and vagina, respond and become more functional. Orgasm is the English word for ‘sexual climax’, but it is also known as Orgasmus in German or Acme in French.

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Orgasm, the ultimate in universal and universally loved sex, happens in both sexes. While it’s easier to understand for men because they ejaculate from the penis, female orgasms can be difficult to understand. However, female sexual climax is certainly present, as it is often seen in pornographic films. If you have a moment when your partner’s body or genitals are buzzing and shaking, that’s when you’ve had a sexual climax. In fact, every girl wants to have an orgasm.

Just as men love to ejaculate from their penises, women love the pleasure of reaching orgasm, and they always want their partners to let them orgasm in sex. When they are able to orgasm during sex, their satisfaction level increases dramatically and they often become obsessed with men. Therefore, for many men, letting a woman orgasm is a supreme moment and a technique that they long for. However, it is not easy to make a partner orgasm, so it is necessary to improve various techniques.

What does it mean for a woman to orgasm?

To begin with, orgasm is a rhythmic contraction of muscles caused by sexual arousal that produces an intense feeling of pleasure. Physiologically, both sexes’ orgasms are considered to be the same, since the penis twitches in men, while women’s clitoris and vagina twitch during climax. The difference between the two is that female climaxes do not have a clear sign like ejaculation, and orgasms can be prolonged or multiple in duration.

Male orgasms last only 10 to 30 seconds at the most, and after ejaculation, the hormones oxytocin and prolactin cause a relaxed state, so they cannot be climaxed continuously. On the other hand, a woman’s orgasm can last from a few minutes to a few tens of minutes, and then she can orgasm again with continued sexual stimulation. It is also important to note that there are two main types of female orgasm: external orgasm (clitoral orgasm) and inside orgasm (vaginal orgasm).

The word “ecstasy” is used to describe the selflessness of pleasure. Ecstasy in sex describes the feeling of “orgasm madness” and is often used specifically for female orgasm. It is generally accepted that female orgasms are far more intense and provide much more writhing sexual pleasure than male orgasms. Ecstasy is exactly the right word for women, but how much pleasure is actually available?

In ancient Greek mythology, the supreme god Zeus and his wife Hera asked the prophet Teiresias for his opinion on the controversy over whether a man or a woman feels better, and he replied, “If I were to divide pleasure into ten, a man would only be able to experience one of them. Scholars disagree on whether women’s pleasure is actually ten times that of men’s, but it’s still true that female ecstasy is much more pleasant.
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What is the outer orgasm and clitoral orgasm?

One of the two major female orgasms, “external orgasm,” is the climax of stimulation to the clitoris. The clitoris (clitoris) is a small protrusion on the female genitalia, located at the top of the vagina, the crack of the vagina. The tip of the glans is about 5 to 7 mm in size and shaped like a small bean, and when stimulated, the clitoris becomes sexually aroused and erect. It has many similarities to the penis, such as the pseudofollicle, which is often covered with skin in normal times and peels off naturally when erect, and is a pseudofollicle.

Unlike the vaginal sex zone, which can’t feel very good without development, the clitoris is also relatively easy for anyone to feel. As you continue to stimulate the clitoris and reach orgasm, you will instantly feel a rush of electricity in your genitals and a mind-blowing sensation of pleasure. When a man ejaculates, he will also feel a rush of electricity in his penis, a buzzing and twitching sensation that will make him feel like he’s going blank.

In other words, the clitoris and penis are very similar. The reason for this is probably because the origin of the penis is the same as that of the pubic nucleus. When a baby grows up in the womb, the genital area of a boy grows into a penis and testicles, while a girl grows into a clitoris and vagina. On the other hand, the penis also serves the function of the urinary organs, but the genitals are considered to be “organs for sexual pleasure only” because of their location and structure. In other words, the clitoris is an essential part of a woman’s ability to reach orgasm.

What is the inner orgasm?Inside orgasm?

An inside orgasm is an orgasm that is reached by stimulation of the “G-spot” or “portio” in the vagina, also known as a vaginal orgasm or back orgasm. This inside orgasm is an orgasm in contrast to the aforementioned outer orgasm, which was first proposed by the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. He stated that it is the natural state of a mature woman to be able to have a vaginal orgasm without any stimulation of the pubic nucleus. I will reiterate the details later, but we know that his claim is not correct.

The main difference between the inside orgasm and the outside orgasm is the type of pleasure; in the inside orgasm, a soft sensation of pleasure spreads from deep within the body and the body feels like it is floating. inside orgasm climaxes last longer than in the outside orgasm, and in addition, the repeated waves of pleasure It is also characterized by what is sometimes described as a heavenly feeling of comfort because it comes repeatedly, as in the case of the “G-spot” and the “Portho”, and it is because of this special pleasure that many women yearn for inside orgasm.

Also, since inside orgasm is caused by stimulation of two sexual zones, the “G-spot” and the “portio”, we sometimes distinguish between reaching the G-spot as a “vaginal orgasm” and the portio as a “back orgasm”. The back orgasm is basically the same as the vaginal orgasm, but it seems to provide even deeper pleasure.

Portioorgasm is said to be the most difficult technique because the portio-sexual zone is located around the cervix, the deepest part of the vagina, and it requires more development than the G-spot to achieve pleasure. I won’t go into detail in this article as I’ll be introducing the external orgasm, but if you want to learn more about how to do the external orgasm, check out the following article!

Is the clitoris the normal way to make a woman orgasm?

When a woman reaches orgasm, it is usually exorgasm. This is because the majority of women can only reach climax by stimulation of the pubic nucleus or by assisting in some way with pubic stimulation. In other words, a relatively large number of women do not get sexual pleasure from the G-spot or porthole, so clitoral orgasm is naturally more common. This shows that Freud’s theory that vaginal orgasms are more natural was wrong.
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The clitoris as we imagine it often represents just the glans pubis, but the clitoris is actually a surprisingly large organ. Most of the clitoris is hidden inside the body, and from the outside, only the small glans of the clitoris is visible. However, the clitoris has more than 6,000 nerve tissue running through it, which surrounds the vagina in the body. The vagina itself has no pleasure or orgasmic functions, and basically only the clitoris and the urethral sponge (G-spot) can make you feel good.

Moreover, recent research has suggested that the mechanism of the external orgasm and the inside orgasm is the same, and that both may actually be caused by the clitoris; the inside orgasm caused by stimulating the G-spot is actually a sexual sensation of the clitoral tissue. The theory that the zona is a response, and the traditional idea of knowing the external and inside orgasm is beginning to be rejected. In other words, the clitoris is the basis of female pleasure, and orgasm would not be possible without the clitoris.

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Is the external orgasm easy?

In female orgasms, clitoral orgasms are natural and relatively easy for anyone to achieve pleasure. This is the same as how basically any man can feel good with stimulation of the penis and reach orgasm. In other words, external orgasm is relatively easy compared to inside orgasm and is the most basic type of climax for women. There’s still a lot of debate about female orgasm, but it’s currently clear that the following

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  • An average of 20 minutes of sexual stimulation is required for a woman to reach orgasm
  • 50-60% of women have never experienced climax from penetrative stimulation
  • Only 20% of women can reach climax with penetration alone
  • Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm
  • Only 5% of women have multiple orgasms during sex

These points show that many women find clitoral stimulation essential to reaching orgasm, and that inside orgasm is very difficult to achieve. While the best climaxes in the commonly described vaginal orgasm certainly exist, high frequency inside orgasm can only be achieved by a limited number of women. Therefore, it is much more realistic and effective to aim for external orgasm on the clitoris than to try hard to stimulate the G-spot and make it vaginal orgasm. Basically, the clitoris is highly sensitive to any woman, so if you improve your technique, you will be able to make her orgasm in no time.

Specific methods and techniques of external orgasm

Since the external orgasm at the clitoris is the basis of female pleasure, it is less difficult to make a woman orgasm than other methods. However, it has to be done the right way to make it feel good. To get your partner to orgasm outside, keep the following seven points in mind as you hone your technique.

  • Do a good job of creating the right atmosphere.
  • Explore the points that your partner feels.
  • Note that the clitoris is dozens of times more sensitive than the glans.
  • Be sure to wet your vagina before touching it.
  • Slowly stimulate the clitoris, keeping a good rhythm.
  • Increasing clitoral pleasure with cunnilingus
  • Utilize sex toys when necessary.

It should be noted that the genitalia is very sensitive, especially the vulva. Touching the clitoris without wetting the vagina beforehand will cause pain instead of pleasure. Make sure you are prepared by creating the right atmosphere and then stimulate the clitoris to bring your partner to climax.

Making the atmosphere is the most important thing

In order for a woman to reach orgasm, it is most important for her to be relaxed. If your partner is not in a relaxed state, it may be difficult to orgasm, even if you try your best to stimulate the clitoris. Even for men, if there is something tense or irritating going on, masturbation may not be very pleasant. You’ll feel much better if you’re in a relaxed state of mind and get lost in the pleasure.

In order to get your partner to external orgasm, it is important to create a good atmosphere before sex. There are many ways to relax a woman, but the most basic method is to keep the lighting warm and dark and the caresses careful. If possible, taking a short bath before sex, even if it’s only for a short time, will help relieve the tension in all the muscles of the body and make it easier for her to relax mentally. Cuddles and caresses should also be carefully used to put a woman at ease.

Women tend to look for reassurance in sex in addition to pleasure. A series of gentle hugs and kisses will make them feel safe to surrender to you. Reassurance makes it easier to get pleasure and increases the effectiveness of clitoral caresses. In addition, the effect of the hormone oxytocin, which is released when you feel affectionate, makes the vagina more flexible as soon as you relax, making it easier for you to reach orgasm.

Explore where you relax and feel

In order to caress the clitoris, of course, you need to touch the place where the pubic nucleus is located. Stimulating another area won’t make you feel good, so make sure you are familiar with the correct location. However, the location of the clitoris varies slightly from person to person, and it can be difficult to tell because it is hidden by pubic hair. The clitoris is characterized by the upper part of the urethral opening, where the labia minora, the villous part, meet on either side of the lip-like shape.

Keep in mind that if you go up from the vaginal crack to the abdomen side, you will find what looks like a small pea pod, which is the clitoris. However, since most of the labia are hidden inside the body, it can be difficult to see them with your eyes alone. If that’s the case, try opening the labia minora cracks with a little snap and look for the round protrusion at the top. You may find it easier to find it by gently touching it with your finger, as there is a point at which the woman’s response changes.

A characteristic of the clitoris is that it erects like a penis as sexual arousal increases. The size of the erection also varies from person to person, but the total length, including the part contained inside the body, can exceed 10 cm, which makes it quite easy to see from the outside. If the nipple is teased before touching the clitoris, for example, to build up a firm arousal, it may be easier to tell because the clitoris is erect.

The clitoris is dozens of times more sensitive than the glans!

As mentioned above, the clitoris is an organ that has very similar origins to the penis, so its properties are also very similar. However, there are significant differences between the two, one of which is sensitivity. The clitoris is usually covered by the foreskin, but when the skin is removed, the glans penis is exposed. It is also very similar to the male glans, but it is believed that the sensitivity is a whopping 10 times greater than the male glans. In other words, the clitoris is much more sensitive than men can imagine.

The clitoris has nearly 8,000 nerves concentrated in the clitoris, more than twice as many as in the penis. In addition, the nerves in the clitoris affect more than 15,000 other terminal nerves, which are thought to transmit pleasure to various parts of the body. This is why the clitoris is thought to be far more sensitive than the penis. Although definite figures are still being worked out, it can be said that the clitoris is 10 times more sensitive than the glans.

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In other words, the clitoris is too sensitive and stimulating it in the wrong way causes pain instead of pleasure. In pornography, for example, there are scenes of rough treatment of a woman’s vagina and blaming her clitoris, but if you practice this, your partner will not like it. When caressing the clitoris, remember that it is a much more sensitive and delicate area than the penis, so try to be gentle with it.

Be sure to get it wet before you touch it.

The clitoris is an extremely sensitive sexual area and should not be stimulated by suddenly touching it with a finger or licking it with your tongue. In most cases, men get an erection as soon as the penis is stimulated and can ejaculate if they keep squeezing it. However, it takes women much longer than men to get their genitals ready and ready for pleasure. If you try to touch and stimulate the pubic nucleus before that time, you will only feel pain, not pleasure.

The readiness of the clitoris can be determined by the wetness of the vagina. As a woman’s sexual arousal increases, her love juice (vaginal secretion) is released and her vagina becomes wet. It’s easy to think of it as being similar to a man’s pre-cum. If very little of this love juice is coming out, you are not caressing enough, and if the vaginal area is sufficiently wet, you know you are ready to go. However, some people may not produce enough love juice after adequate stimulation, so you may want to apply Sex Lubricant if necessary.

If you’ve done a good job of kissing, hugging, and caressing other parts of the body beforehand, a woman’s arousal will be increased to some extent. Then, instead of removing your underwear right away, start by gently stroking the crack area with your fingers over your underwear. You can touch it by tracing the entire vagina, not the exact spot of the clitoris. This way you can impatience your partner. The impatient effect will increase your pounding and excitement, and the pleasure of rubbing the fabric of your underwear will make you wetter.

Gently and in rhythm

When stimulating the clitoris, it is always important to do so slowly and carefully. This is also true when your arousal is heightened and your clitoral sensitivity is increased, so always be aware of this. If you feel like you’re squeezing your penis and spurts towards the climax, you may cause severe pain and soreness to the pubic nucleus. You need to pay attention to the intensity of your touch, especially when you begin to touch it.

When first caressing the nerve with your finger, be aware of the feather touch, so that you can’t tell if your finger is touching or not. Even if the clitoris is covered with foreskin, there is no need to force your finger to peel it off. The skin often peels off naturally when the clitoris is erect, so make sure to touch it raw after the glans pubis is naturally exposed. The raw clitoris is even more sensitive, so you should start with feather touches here as well.

Additionally, stimulation of the clitoris is more effective if you repeat rolling and thumping it with your fingertips in a steady rhythm rather than rubbing it with your fingers. As your arousal increases, you tend to touch it harder, but try to repeat the same stimulation with a soft touch. It may come as a surprise, but for clitoral orgasm, repeating a similar rhythm seems to make it easier for a woman to reach orgasm as she becomes more immersed in the world of pleasure.

Cunnilingus makes the clitoris feel good too

  • After using your fingers to stimulate your clitoris, make it feel even better with cunnilingus. Like
  • blowjobs, it is a form of oral sex and is now a widely practiced foreplay technique. To get a good
  • cunnilingus, it’s important to pay particular attention to the following points

Use plenty of saliva to make it smooth.
Stimulate with tongue and lips in a slow and steady manner
Inhale and breathe on it.

To ensure that your partner doesn’t feel pain, you need to be careful about how you stimulate your cunnilingus as well. Make sure you put saliva on your mouth before you put your tongue or lips on the vagina before you start caressing it. Instead of suddenly licking hard, move your tongue from side to side and lick gently with a chirping or bouncing motion. The more saliva you lick with your tongue, the smoother your cunnilingus will be and the easier it will be for the woman to feel. Similarly, sweetly biting the clitoris with lips that are thoroughly wet with saliva is also helpful.

In addition to licking, sucking and breathing on the clitoris can be effective as it can provide unexpected stimulation. However, the trick is not to suck as hard as you would juice with a straw, but rather to suck gently enough that the clitoris is sucked to your lips.

If you do it well, a kind of vacuum is created and there is a unique pleasant sensation. Also, as you continue to caress your vagina, the vagina area will get hot and blazing hot, so try blowing softly on the cunnilingus, and the stimulation from the sudden drop in temperature may make you feel good. You can read more about the cunnilingus technique in the following article to learn more about it!

Do you want to use a sex toy?

If you’re aiming for clitoral orgasm, you’ll definitely want to make use of a sex toy. Although caresses with fingers and tongues are also stimulating, they can inevitably become monotonous and tiring. This is where you can make it easier to make a girl feel good by using an effective clitoral torture product. The bullet vibrator and the vibrator are two of the most famous sex toys to use on the clitoris, so let’s take a look at these goods.

The bullet vibrator is the most basic goodies and is a small toy with a vibrating function that is mainly used in clitoral torture. The bullet vibrator is simple to use, you just have to wet the vagina thoroughly and then apply it to the clitoris. To avoid pain, you start out with the vibrations at the lowest level and gradually increase the intensity while watching your partner. There are bullet vibrators that are equipped with a variety of vibration patterns, so use them well and let your clitoral orgasm.

Vibrators are generally long devices that are inserted into the vagina, but there are “tongue-type vibrators” and “suction vibrators” that are specifically designed for clitoral torture. Some tongue-shaped vibrators have a curved tip that looks like the tip of a tongue, and some have a realistic reproduction of the shape and feel of a tongue. In high level ones, the tongue moves and rotates like the real thing, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of stimulation. Since actual cunnilingus often makes the tongue tired, try using a tongue-shaped vibrator instead.

A suction vibrator is a product that replicates the sensation of being sucked on the clitoris. There are two types: one that sucks air like a vacuum cleaner, and the other that creates a vacuum and sucks. The vacuum type is far more realistic, so if you want to make your partner feel good, choose this one. A surprising number of men are resistant to cunnilingus, which can be frustrating for women, but if you substitute a vibrator, you can give your partner the pleasure of a naughty suction. To learn more about sex and more, check out the following featured article!

Clitorial orgasm, outer orgasm notes!

When stimulating the clitoris to get your partner to external orgasm, be mindful of your hygiene first. The vagina is very sensitive to germs and viruses, so touching it with unclean hands can lead to infection. Make sure you wash your hands clean before you have sex before you start caressing them. Additionally, don’t forget to cut your nails short. The vagina can be damaged by even a little nail contact, and you can get a bacterial infection from it. It’s perfect to cut them short enough to get a deep nail and then file and smooth them out.

As I explained earlier, you need to be careful in how you handle your female genitals. Rubbing the pubic nucleus with your hand hard like a porn actor can cause a woman to feel terrible pain. You stimulate the clitoris to make your partner feel good, but this just hurts, so it’s not worth it. Basically, you don’t need fast and intense movements to make a girl orgasm.

Rather, slow and careful caressing is more effective because it helps the woman to relax mentally. When using a sex toy, pay attention to the intensity of the vibrations and find just the right setting that makes your partner feel good. It is easier to orgasm if you repeat a steady rhythm rather than changing the stimulation often.

Causes for not being able to clitoral or external orgasm

Even if you keep stimulating your clitoris as hard as you can, sometimes your partner just can’t orgasm outside. Although clitoral orgasm is a relatively easy orgasm to achieve, it can be inevitably difficult depending on how you stimulate it and your physical condition at the time. A woman’s inability to external orgasm may be due to one of the following four reasons.

  • Lack of clitoral development.
  • I’m not relaxing.
  • The caresses are too strong.
  • I’m not ready to feel it vaginally.

The main possible causes are not relaxing enough or not using the right amount of force or caressing methods. If you pay attention to these points, you may be able to clitoral orgasm more easily than you think. Let’s go over the important points one by one and learn the techniques that will make your partner orgasm and get you ready for it.

Lack of clitoral development

The clitoris is basically a sexual zone that can make anyone feel good, but until you get used to the stimulation, it can be too sensitive and, conversely, difficult to get pleasure from. In such cases, you may feel pain and not be able to reach orgasm. However, as the clitoris develops, not only does it become even more sensitive, but it can also provide more pleasure than pain. In other words, the clitoris is a wonderful sexual area that becomes easier to orgasm the more you polish it.

You can develop your clitoris by massaging it with your fingers. The basic approach is the same as the caressing technique I mentioned earlier, but first you need to create an environment and atmosphere where your partner can relax before proceeding with the caresses. At first, gently touch your partner on top of his or her underwear, such as pants or shorts, to get it thoroughly wet. If the woman feels comfortable at this point, future development will be easier.

After removing her underwear, the pubic nucleus is massaged over the foreskin with a finger gently pressing and applying pressure. This is recommended as it is easier to reduce the pain compared to caresses that involve peeling or rubbing the skin. Then gently stroke the clitoris over the skin. Varying the stroking speed will change the intensity of the stimulation. At this point, it is important to find the point where the woman feels the most.

Once the woman has become accustomed to the stimulation of the massage over the skin, the next step is to open the labia minora with the index and middle fingers from side to side and peel the foreskin to expose the glans of the glans penis. After applying a generous amount of Sex Lubricant, massage the clitoris in the same way as you did on the skin earlier. Then roll and lightly press with your fingertips, varying the stimulation as you develop.

Not relaxing

In order for a woman to reach orgasm, she needs to be relaxed in body and mind. If she is mentally tense, anxious, or tense in any part of her body, her climax will not come despite her best efforts to stimulate her clitoris. Sometimes a man can’t help himself, but try to set an atmosphere that will help her relax as much as possible. The easiest and most basic way to do this is to create an environment in the room.

Men are aroused by sight, while women tend to feel aroused by hearing and smell. As a man, you may want to see your partner sexually, but the intensity of lighting in the room should be darker than light, and warm colors of lighting are more relaxing than white colors. Additionally, burning aromatic oils will naturally help you relax more easily and she may be happy to see you.

Additionally, try to take a bath together before sex and start foreplay from there. Touching each other in the nude frees up your body and mind, and warming up your body makes it easier to relax. Caress each other’s bodies as you wash each other’s and soak in the tub together. Touching each other increases your arousal, but it also releases oxytocin, which helps you relax mentally.

However, be careful not to set the temperature of the bath too high, as this will cause your body to become hot and tired, which will have the opposite effect. Ideally, the temperature of the water should be around 39-40 degrees Celsius, which feels a little warm, so avoid making the water as hot as a public bath. Once you’re aroused, head to bed and resume foreplay to start the sex. Both of your bodies will be clean and you will be able to enjoy the caresses mindlessly.


Too much force when caressing the vagina will not allow a woman to reach orgasm. When caressing the clitoris, it is important to stimulate it slowly and gently. Many men tend to get it wrong, but it’s not the intensity or speed that matters in sex, it’s the way you move it and the rhythm, so be careful not to rub the clitoral nucleus like in porn, as this will not only hurt, but it can cause bleeding. Pressing and rolling with your fingertips can provide effective and painless stimulation.

Even if you are able to be careful and caress it gently at first, as your sexual arousal grows, you may forget about it and do it too hard. Even if your clitoris is wet enough and you’re used to the stimulation, you will still feel pain after a certain level. Of course, this is not a bad thing, but women should be aware that it can be painful. It is also difficult for a woman to say that it hurts when she sees a man doing his best to caress it.

When blaming the clitoris, try to check your partner’s facial expressions from time to time, instead of only paying attention to the movement of your fingers. If they look painful, it’s important to reduce the force. Also, ask, “Doesn’t it hurt? and verbal communication will make it easier to check in with them. However, “Are you okay? or “Does that feel good? It can be difficult to tell about the pain if you ask “I’m not ready to feel it”, so be sure to include a direct question about pain.

The vagina is not ready to feel

In order to get sexual pleasure from the clitoris, the vagina must be ready. Being ready means that you have done a good job of caressing the vaginal area and the entire vagina is well wet and relaxed. If you are not ready in this way, the sensitivity of the labia will not be increased, so it will not feel good and your orgasm will not come close. In order to get your partner to clitoral orgasm, you need to perform on-point caresses.

When caressing the clitoral nucleus, it is important to start with indirect stimulation and gradually work your way up to direct contact. Instead of removing your underwear immediately after a kiss or cuddle, trace the I-line (the line of the genital crack) over your shorts or pants. It’s important to take them off after their underwear has become moist with love juice, and then touch and caress the vagina and clitoris directly with your fingers. Stimulation of the clitoris is both “nice” and “painful” next to each other, so try to reduce the pain as much as possible so that you can shift to the pleasantness and get ready for orgasm.

Get used to the stimulation by stroking your clitoris up from the bottom to the top, or thumping and rolling it around with your fingers. Repeatedly doing this will increase the tolerance of the clitoral nucleus, so pinch it lightly with your fingertips and vibrate it with a buzz or sweet bite with your lips. In addition to stimulating the clitoris with your fingers, you can also combine this with “Fingering”, which is a finger stimulation of the vagina. Place your middle or index finger in the vagina and gently move your thumb to continue caressing the clitoris. If you use the hand maneuver, you can prepare for the vagina to feel, and the effect of clitoral stimulation will increase.


In this article, we’ve explained in detail how to make a girl have an external orgasm, techniques and recommended sex toys. An external orgasm is an orgasm caused by stimulating the clitoris of the female genitalia, and it is a sharp, chattering, electrifying pleasure. While inside orgasm may be more impressive as a female climax, external orgasm by the clitoris is the basis of all pleasure. Getting a woman to external orgasm makes her feel even better and increases the satisfaction of sex.

In order to get your partner to ectorgasm, it is important to create an atmosphere that allows you to relax. Take a bath with her or hug her gently to put her at ease. Then explore the points you are comfortable with and wet the vagina thoroughly before stimulating the clitoris. Rhythm is also important for reaching orgasm, so repeat the stimulation your partner feels without putting too much pressure on it. Cunnilingus and fingering can also be exchanged for extra effect.

To further enhance the effectiveness of caressing the clitoral nucleus, it is recommended to make use of special clitoral sex toys such as the bullet vibrator, tongue vibrator, and suction vibrator. Fingering and tongue technique is important, but if necessary, it is easier to make your partner orgasm easily if you also use goods. It is not an exaggeration to say that good sex is a good clitoral tease.

Master the technique of clitoral torture and how to use the goods and make your girl feel ecstasy. We’ve featured external orgasm in this article, but if you’re looking to satisfy women overall, check out the following articles that show you how to trick women into it!