Is premature ejaculation within 1 minute? How to surely fix premature ejaculation

Many men suffer from premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation, which ejaculates quickly even if you want to continue for a long time, is a big problem for men. In fact, it is said that the length of sex is directly related to the pleasure of women, and it is also clear that the satisfaction of women decreases when the time is short.

However, most of the causes of premature ejaculation are hyperresponsiveness to sexual stimulation and psychogenic causes, and the function of the penis itself is not a problem.

Therefore, premature ejaculation can be improved by training and medication. Women’s satisfaction can be enhanced not only by the time of insertion, but also by devising ways to caress and how to use adult goods.

Let’s try various methods and face each other together to enrich your sexual life. This time, we will introduce in detail various information on premature ejaculation and specific improvement methods.

Definition of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation refers to an excessively short time to ejaculate when having sex. It seems that there are some ambiguous points such as “within 30 seconds into the vagina” and “within 1 to 3 minutes” as the specific time standard. The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) defines it as “ejaculate within 1 minute of vaginal insertion”. (1)

Premature ejaculation is one of the major sexual concerns of men. The reason is that if you ejaculate too quickly, the sex ends before you are satisfied with the woman, and you will not be able to have a fulfilling sexual life. First, check the basic points, then consider the causes and countermeasures.

What is premature ejaculation?

For men, sexual ability leads to confidence. There are various points that men themselves place importance on, such as the size of the penis and the erection power, but among them, the “weight of insertion time” occupies a large weight. Men tend to want sex to last longer, but often they ejaculate sooner than ideally.

Especially, if the time from insertion to orgasm is extremely short, such as within 1 minute, it is judged as “premature ejaculation”. Although he wants to continue more, he feels so comfortable that he can’t stand it and ejaculates. Many men are deeply troubled. Why is that? It’s because it’s difficult to satisfy women and stress on sexual activity.

The time of sex is basically the insertion time, that is, the length of time from the insertion of a man to the ejaculation. It is during the piston movement after insertion that women are most comfortable. If you put it out early, the time for women to feel good will be shortened and you will be less satisfied. In fact, women may consider “male ejaculating before they are satisfied” to be premature ejaculation, and there may be a correlation between sex satisfaction and insertion time for men and women.

In serious cases, those worries can lead to a vicious circle and exacerbate symptoms, leading to avoiding sex and avoiding it. In other words, premature ejaculation is a life and death problem for men. However, women take longer to get orgasms than men. When a man ejaculates without thinking and without endurance, it is a natural premature ejaculation. From a different perspective, premature ejaculation can be said to be “not able to control ejaculation well”.

In any case, the sexual self-confidence of men lies in how they can satisfy women. Longer insertion times can stimulate various postures and movements, which makes it easier for women to reach orgasm. By improving premature ejaculation, it will be easier to polish the technique of the etch and the satisfaction of sex for both men and women will be improved.

Two main causes of premature ejaculation

In fact, in most cases of premature ejaculation, there is no problem with the physical functioning of men. It is often possible to improve if you are unfamiliar with sex, psychogenic, or if you know the cause. There are several causes of premature ejaculation, but the two most important are:

The penis is hypersensitive to stimuli
・Psychological problems such as stress and trauma

As you can see, there are almost no problems with the function of the penis itself. By carefully identifying the cause, it will be easier for you to devise measures for the future. Let’s take a closer look at the causes of why it suddenly goes against your intentions, along with specific examples.

Penis is hypersensitive to stimuli

The predominant cause of faster ejaculation is “hypersensitive premature ejaculation,” where the penis is overly sensitive to sexual stimulation. With this type, a slight stimulus to the penis causes an excessive reaction, and even if you try to put up with it, you will ejaculate immediately. Normally, after the sexual stimulation is fully transmitted to the brain, the body begins to prepare for ejaculation. However, a person with irritable premature ejaculation has too sensitive a penis, and the “ejaculatory center” of the spinal cord reacts before it is ready, and it reflexively becomes accustomed.

“Youth” and “inexperience” are the two main causes of irritable premature ejaculation. In both cases, there is no problem with the function of the penis itself, so it can be improved by measures such as training. Premature ejaculation is commonplace among young men and men with little experience with sex. In particular, active men who exercise a lot are healthy and have strong libido, so they tend to get excited easily and ejaculate faster. You don’t have to worry because you don’t have any physical problems.

In addition, daily penis habits such as “masturbation” and “pseudohypophysis” also contribute to premature ejaculation. For example, if you are busy every day and masturbate quickly to save time, you will soon find yourself in a habit of iku. Even if you try to extend the time until ejaculation only during sex, you cannot easily change your physical habit. It is also said that premature ejaculation is more likely to occur when the glans is always hidden by pseudotumor because it is very sensitive to stimuli.

Mental problems such as stress and trauma

People with mental problems such as stress and trauma are also more likely to have premature ejaculation. For example, you may be traumatized for early ejaculation in sexual activity, or you may feel a complex premature ejaculation. These psychological factors make you more likely to feel stress when you engage in sexual activity, and you may become agitated and ejaculate quickly even without strong sexual stimulation.

If you have a trauma about sexual activity, you might be worried about premature ejaculation when you have sex. Mental anxiety should increase as vaginal insertion approaches. When the body and mind feel stress, the sympathetic nerves are activated to enhance the functions of the body, but the sympathetic nerves also have the function of promoting ejaculation. As a result, they become overly sexually excited and ejaculate against their will, despite not feeling enough stimulation.

In addition, it seems that premature ejaculation may occur when mental health deteriorates due to stress in daily life such as work and human relations. If you continue to receive strong stress, the amount of relaxing substances such as serotonin is reduced, and your sympathetic nerves become more active. As in the previous case, ejaculation is accelerated by overreacting to sexual stimulation. Since modern people have a lot of stress, it can be said to be a major factor.

What is the ideal insertion time for women?

As I mentioned, premature ejaculation is a serious problem for men. But what do women think of men with premature ejaculation? In fact, the ideal insertion time for women is considered to be “3-10 minutes”. Nakajima and colleagues conducted a survey on the sex insertion time of 300 Japanese couples. The results reveal the following: (2)

• Average insertion time reported by men is 14.5 minutes
The average insertion time reported by a woman is 13.6 minutes
・43.0% of women want “longer insertion time”
・38.7% of women want the insertion time to be “the same as now”
・18.3% of women want “shorter insertion time”

As mentioned above, insertion time is a point that men place importance on as sexual ability, so men tend to declare longer than women. The point is that about half of the women want a longer time now. However, it can also be seen that about 46.4% of women who experience pain during sexuality and 13.7% of women who do not feel pain desire shorter times. In other words, women have a wide variety of desired times depending on their sex experiences and situations.

This suggests that a general self-reported survey cannot determine the ideal insertion time for women. So, Corty and colleagues surveyed 50 members of the Sex Therapy Society in the United States and Canada. As a result, the appropriate insertion time was “3 to 10 minutes” and the following were revealed. (3)

・”3-7 minutes” is sufficient insertion time
・”7-13 minutes” is the ideal insertion time
・Insertion of “1-2 minutes” is too short
・”10-30 minutes” insertion is too long

From the above results, it can be said that the ideal sex insertion time is “3-10 minutes”. This result is consistent with the objective ideal time to ejaculate, and does not affect the therapist’s gender or experience. So why is the ideal ideal time for men and women longer than the objective data? It is thought that there is an influence of pornography and technique.

In general, the insertion time for pornography is very long, often tens of minutes. To impress and entertain the viewer, men misunderstand it as their ideal sex. Also, women who are not very happy with sex tend to think that the short insertion time is the cause. The above points are the causes of the large gap between ideal and objective figures.

Premature ejaculation rate

Premature ejaculation is a type of sexual function disorder called “sexual dysfunction”, but the lack of clearly recognized diagnostic criteria complicates testing and analysis of premature ejaculation. Generally, it is said that the world’s premature ejaculation population is “about 30%” of men, but it is not possible to determine because statistical data show a large difference. However, it can be said that so many men suffer from premature ejaculation. (Four)

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction in men under the age of 40 and is said to be present in about 1 in 5 men aged 18 to 59. As I explained at the beginning, it seems that many doctors diagnose premature ejaculation as a condition that ejaculates within 1 minute after inserting it into the vagina. Even men who have never had premature ejaculation may have a faster ejaculation when they have another sexual intercourse if they have not had sex for a long time. (Five)

Thus, premature ejaculation is a phenomenon seen in many people, and anyone can experience it depending on the situation. However, because it is a very delicate problem for men, it is difficult to consult with other people or consult a doctor. By knowing that premature ejaculation is a common phenomenon, it may be easier to reduce the psychological burden and receive effective support.

What do women think of premature ejaculation?

As I’ve said before, men suffer from premature ejaculation, but in fact women suffer as well. Burri et al. conducted various studies on male ejaculation in 1,463 women aged 20 to 50. As a result, about 40% of women answered that proper ejaculation control for men is “very important for satisfying sex”. In addition, the study also revealed: (6)

・One-quarter of women are distressed due to sexual dissatisfaction with premature ejaculation
40% of women were satisfied with their previous relationship with men who were not premature ejaculation
20% of women consider premature ejaculation to be a “major problem”
20% of women consider premature ejaculation to be “not a problem at all”
Two-thirds of women who have sexual relationships with premature ejaculation have sexual problems
・Not only sex, but stimuli such as kissing and caress are important
・Women will be less satisfied if men are overly concerned about premature ejaculation

As you can see, premature ejaculation is not just a problem for men. In particular, premature ejaculation often causes a catastrophic event, and it is important for women to have problems with sexual function. If a man cares too much about premature ejaculation, he is distracted by the insertion and neglects kisses and caresses, which can cause a vicious circle in which women become more dissatisfied. However, you should never be pessimistic. It is medically proven that premature ejaculation can be adequately resolved by training.

5 ways to improve premature ejaculation

Not only men, but women also see premature ejaculation as a problem. I’m sure some of you are disappointed with this result. However, there are various methods for reselecting premature ejaculation as follows, so it is important to try various things and find a method that suits you. (7)

・Stop start method
・Squeeze method
・Prepare the glans for stimulation
・Cream or spray that improves premature ejaculation
・Supplements and drugs

Some of the above methods have been scientifically proven effective. By acquiring and practicing the correct knowledge, premature ejaculation can be definitely improved. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about premature ejaculation. Let’s look at each one of the training to increase the time until ejaculation.

Masturbate with the stop-start method

The “stop-start method” is the most major technique and is a development of the “squeeze method” described later. It has been used for a long time to improve premature ejaculation with a simple training that stops when you feel like ejaculating when you masturbate and then resumes when you are excited. The stimulation to the penis is started and stopped repeatedly.

The major cause of premature ejaculation is considered to be “short-time masturbation” and “insufficient tolerance to stimuli”. Masturbation is an unexpectedly time-consuming task, so when you’re busy, you’ll probably want to squeeze it out as soon as you want to finish it quickly. However, if you continue to masturbate like this, you will not be able to control ejaculation.

Also, the fact that masturbation time is short means that the glans is usually stimulated for a short time, so resistance to stimulation is not acquired. As a result, even a small amount of stimulation raises sexual desire to the limit. If you don’t have good masturbation habits, even if you try to put up with real sex suddenly, your ejaculation management techniques and resistance to irritation will be insufficient, and you will soon get sick.

The advantage of the stop-start method is that it can be performed very easily because no tools or drugs are used. In addition, a short-term study conducted in 2017 found that half of the men who used the stop-start method had an effect on improving premature ejaculation. In this research, a proof test was also conducted for the “squeeze method” described later, and it seems that half of the effects were confirmed. (8)

The disadvantage is that if you don’t pay attention to the procedure, it can cause troublesome diseases such as “retrograde ejaculation” and “priapism”. Retrograde ejaculation is the result of excessive backlash of semen that flows back into the bladder. The amount of sperm ejected during ejaculation may be reduced, resulting in infertility. Priapism is a condition in which the penis does not return from an erection, and it is caused by maintaining an erection for a long time. (9)

In order to avoid such a situation, be aware of “stop with a little time, not just before ejaculation” and “finish the training in an hour at the longest”. Especially, it is not good to repeat putting up just before ejaculation because it puts a heavy burden on the body. Even if you ejaculate, it is only necessary to try again the next day, so it is important to continue patiently.

Masturbate with the squeeze method

The stop-start method I mentioned earlier was to control ejaculation with consciousness. On the other hand, the “squeeze method” is a method of pressing the glans with the hands. First, stimulate the penis like a normal masturbation. If you feel like you’re about to ejaculate, stop stimulating immediately and continue to grab your glans in the following way until your ejaculation is over.

① Apply your thumb to the back streak on the back of the glans (the joint between the glans and the rod)
② Apply your index finger to the potash on the surface of the glans (the step between the glans and the rod)
③ Continue to hold your thumb and forefinger to the extent that it does not hurt until the ejaculation subsides.

Simply put, you use your thumb and forefinger to press the front and back of the potash part of the glans to contain your ejaculation. It takes some technique, so it may not be easy until you get used to it. It’s a good idea to continue to hold it for about 10 to 20 seconds, but if you feel less responsive, you can shorten it. Then repeat the process of stimulating the penis and squeezing it again several times.

The important point here is not to be on the verge of ejaculation, but to allow a little extra time before performing the squeeze method. As I mentioned in the stop-start method above, there is a risk of ejaculation disorder if you repeat the patient’s endurance just before ejaculation. Let’s grasp the glans quickly and hold it at the timing of “I’ll be a little more alive”.

When squeezing, it’s not good to be too strong. Ejaculation can usually be controlled with a slight amount of discomfort. If you get it, squeeze it too late, so start early. In addition, it is said that the most prominent position for controlling ejaculation is the “sneak position”, that is, the posture in which the person lay down sideways. If you want to do it more effectively, we recommend that you try it sideways.

Get accustomed to stronger stimuli

One of the major causes of premature ejaculation is that the penis is not accustomed to sexual stimulation. Therefore, you may be able to improve premature ejaculation by accustoming yourself to stronger stimuli. The easiest and most effective way is to devise a method of masturbation to reproduce the stimulus when having an etch with a woman. Let’s use adult goods such as lotions and onaholes, and combine them with the stop-start method.

For example, if you usually masturbate only with your hands, apply lotion to stimulate the glans intensively. The most sensitive in the penis is the glans, so training here can improve premature ejaculation. When you feel the sensation seems to stop, the stimulation is stopped immediately, and when it stops, you can blame the glans again. Combined with the stop-start method, the effect is further enhanced.

It is also common for premature ejaculation men to say that “masturbation lasts a long time, but in production it is early for some reason”. It’s because I’m not used to the feel of a woman’s vagina and the excitement of actually fucking a woman. In this case, try using the onahole. In particular, it is better to use a relatively expensive recreated female vagina for training to prevent premature ejaculation in actual sex.

In addition, in the case of pseudotumor, the glans part is particularly sensitive, so it is recommended to use other methods. It is effective to peel off the skin as much as possible, to wash it well in the shower when taking a bath, and to increase the chance of consciously stimulating the glans. It’s not an immediate improvement, but you should be able to see the glans become increasingly tolerant.

In this way, training by increasing the chance of stimulating the glans anyway is extremely effective as a method for improving premature ejaculation. However, do not rub the glans on the floor or blanket or use strong force to stimulate it. This is because too much unnatural force is applied, which can result in delayed leakage or erectile dysfunction. Be careful of the wrong premature ejaculation improvement method because late ejaculation is more difficult to improve than premature ejaculation.

Use cream or spray effective for premature ejaculation

From here, we will introduce medical methods for improving premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a problem that many men are suffering from, and the treatment for it has been developed. At present, a cream called “Lidocaine” and a spray called “Lidospray” are said to be effective in improving premature ejaculation. As I will explain in detail later, it is common to use “SSRI-based” swallows to improve premature ejaculation. However, since it is originally used for mental illness, there are many concerns about price and side effects.

However, the cream and spray can be used just by applying it to the penis, so it is easy and there are no worries about side effects. It is an attractive feature of creams and sprays that the amount to be applied can be adjusted according to the premature ejaculation condition and the required sensitivity. Moreover, these methods, unlike premature ejaculation remediation training, are immediate. If you “need to improve premature ejaculation now”, you should definitely consider it.

Lidocaine cream and lidospray are made from anesthesia called “lidocaine”. Applying it to the penis will block the transmission of sexual stimulation to the brain, prolonging the time to ejaculation. In other words, lidocaine paralyzes the sensation of the penis, thus extending the insertion time of sex. The effect begins to appear 15 to 20 minutes after application, and then the effect lasts for 3 hours. (Ten)

Anesthesia can be scary, but lidocaine has no noticeable side effects. However, after applying lidocaine to the penis, it is necessary to wash it off after 10 minutes. If you insert the penis as it is, it will adhere to the vagina and make it difficult for women to feel. If used correctly, lidocaine can be a strong ally for premature ejaculation boys, but since it is a drug, it requires a doctor’s diagnosis when prescribing.

Taking supplements and medicines

Taking supplements or medications to prevent premature ejaculation is also very effective. However, taking supplements can be counterproductive. Premature ejaculation supplements are considered to be effective in cases of premature ejaculation, primarily due to age-related loss of energy. These supplements contain nutrients with energies such as zinc, arginine and citrulline. When used by vigorous young men, it often gets worse.

In recent years, drug therapy for premature ejaculation has developed. The “lidocaine” introduced above is extremely effective in improving premature ejaculation. However, if the cause is a relatively severe type or a mental illness such as depression, lidocaine may not be fully effective. Therefore, the use of “SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor)” is increasing. Earlier studies have found that lack of serotonin causes premature ejaculation, and it became clear that increasing the amount of serotonin in the body with SSRI can greatly improve it. (11)

However, SSRI is a drug prescribed for mental illnesses such as depression, and its use is limited because it has physical and mental side effects. The special SSRI “dapoxetine” developed for the treatment of premature ejaculation is approved in European countries but unfortunately not approved in Japan. Other SSRIs such as Paxil, which is believed to be effective as a premature ejaculation drug, can be prescribed. If you cannot improve premature ejaculation using the methods introduced so far, consult a doctor in a urology department and treat with medication if necessary.

How to satisfy women even with premature ejaculation

We have introduced methods to improve premature ejaculation. Although many of them have been scientifically recognized as effective, there are times when it is troublesome, such as having to continue for a long time or requiring a doctor’s diagnosis to actually achieve the effect. Also, as mentioned in the above research results, the long insertion time does not necessarily increase the satisfaction of women.

Therefore, the approach of first acquiring the technique to satisfy women even with premature ejaculation is also effective. There are a variety of ways to spend time on foreplay, use adult goods to supplement premature ejaculation. Reinvent your confidence in sex by devising ways to make girls squid.

Foreplay carefully over time

Women’s sex satisfaction greatly influences the time and quality of foreplay. Miller et al. investigated 150 couples for ideal foreplay and insertion times, as well as expected expected time for their partners. As a result, the following are the findings regarding the ideal sex time allocation for men and women. (12)

・There is no difference between men and women in the ideal length of foreplay
・The ideal insertion time for men is significantly longer than that for women
・The ideal time for foreplay and insertion is much longer than the actual time

From the above, it can be seen that both foreplay and insertion time are basically insufficient, which causes women to be unsatisfied. In other words, if you can enhance the foreplay, it will be easier to satisfy the girl. Have a great foreplay that makes you think, “Appetizers are better than main dishes.”

The most important thing in foreplay is to carefully stimulate the erogenous zone to wet the genitals. Caress the main erogenous zones such as the nipples and nape, then blame the vagina and clitoris. If you insert the clitoris in the foreplay after orgasm, it will give the woman more pleasure even in a short time. If the usual foreplay time is 5 minutes, it is a trick to satisfy the girl to extend it to 15 minutes and play carefully.

Premature ejaculation improvement guttsu

Foreplay is effective for satisfying girls with premature ejaculation, but it is also effective to use adult goods well. Reducing friction on the penis and controlling ejaculation to some extent can help reduce stimulus and prolong duration. Let’s easily improve premature ejaculation by using the following goods.

・Penis sack
・Penis sleeve

A thick condom? ?

Condoms are essential for safe sex. The reason why many men dislike wearing rubber is that the penis is less irritated and the pleasure is weakened. You can improve premature ejaculation by putting it in your hand and wearing a thick condom. The reduced irritation of the glans should allow the penis to be inserted longer.

Condoms vary in thickness, the standard type is 0.03 mm. Depending on the level of premature ejaculation, try changing the thickness, such as an extra-thick type of 0.05 mm for about 1 minute, 0.09 mm for less than 30 seconds. It depends on each person which thickness is good, so trial and error is important. If you want to succeed in production as much as possible, it will be easier to test with Male masturbators in advance.

However, if the size of the condom is too small, it may cause ejaculation due to the stimulus caused by the pressure when wearing it. Especially, it is common for men with big glans, so it’s a good idea to choose a size with a little extra space. Also, if you wear a thick condom on the female side, it may make you feel uncomfortable, so it is recommended that you choose items that are comfortable for each other.

Penis sack, penis sleeve? ?

The penis sack and the penis sleeve are almost the same, and they are goods that are worn like a condom over the penis. The major difference from condoms is that they have the same color and shape as the penis, and the size of the penis becomes larger when worn. Usually, it is a product that can easily become a big cock to make women squid, but it is also effective in improving premature ejaculation.

Most penis sacks are 100 times thicker than condoms, at least a few millimeters or more. In other words, it is the same as wearing a condom that is much thicker than the extra-thick type. Not only is the insertion time longer, but the point is that the penis becomes larger. It’s a collection of two birds with one stone that can make a girl feel comfortable with long-time sex and double stimulation of big cock.

However, depending on the type of penis sack, it may be difficult to wear, or the irritation may be too low to be comfortable. It may be good to try a little thin first. Also, be sure to use lotion when using a penis sack. This is because the size of the penis becomes larger than usual, and it may hurt if you do not keep it slippery.


A cock ring is a ring attached to the male genitals. It is mainly used by attaching it to the base of the penis to limit blood flow and increase erectile power, but it is also thought to have the effect of improving premature ejaculation. As the blood flow becomes slower, the sensation becomes dull, which increases resistance to stimulation and prolongs ejaculation. As the size of the erection is increased, the size will be slightly larger, which will increase the pleasure on the female side.

The materials are mainly soft materials such as silicone, rubber and nylon, but there are also hard materials such as metal and plastic. Depending on the type, it has a part that stimulates the clitoris and vagina, so it may be effective in improving premature ejaculation and also making it easier for girls to get squid. Some of them come with a vibrator to vibrate, so it’s interesting to try various things.

However, when using the cock ring, you need to be careful about the mounting time. Cockling is a product that enhances erection and prolongs ejaculation by blocking blood flow in the penis. In other words, the blood flow in the penis is blocked during wearing. Be sure to remove it within 20 to 30 minutes at the longest, as it may cause serious damage to the tissue.

Summary of premature ejaculation

This time, we introduced various information about premature ejaculation and specific improvement methods. There are two main causes of premature ejaculation: “the penis is too sensitive to irritation” and “there is stress and trauma”. If you worry too much about premature ejaculation, stress may make you more likely to ejaculate. Try training to improve premature ejaculation to break the vicious cycle. The “squeeze method” and “stop start method” are famous.

In the squeeze method, when you feel like ejaculating, hold down the glans with your thumb and forefinger for a while, and resume stimulation when the excitement subsides. The stop-start method is to stop and put up with things when you feel like you’re going to go crazy. In any case, the point is to take a little extra time, not to endure just before ejaculation. It takes time to be effective, but it is scientifically accepted.

If these methods don’t work, you may want to prescribe a lidocaine spray or cream to your doctor. In relatively severe cases and premature ejaculation due to mental illness, lidocaine may not improve. Although the “SSRI” line of drugs is effective for premature ejaculation, it is a drug originally used for depression, so attention must be paid to physical and mental side effects. Seek medical advice before deciding whether or not to give medication.

Improving premature ejaculation is important, but it is also important to develop techniques that satisfy women in other ways. For example, lengthening the foreplay time or using adult goods such as a penis sack or cock ring will make it easier for the girl to orgasm even with a short insertion time. Rather than be pessimistic about premature ejaculation, let’s face it, improve it in various ways, and enrich your sexual life.