Surprisingly? The right way to masturbate to prevent late or premature ejaculation

Not surprisingly, there is a wrong way to masturbate. If you continue to masturbate the wrong way, you can end up with late ejaculation or premature ejaculation. Both late ejaculation and premature ejaculation are a type of ejaculation disorder, so they can fail to satisfy or cause pain to a woman during sex. To prevent such troublesome problems, you need to know about proper masturbation.

The key to correct masturbation is to provide stimulation to the penis similar to that which is experienced when inserting it into a woman’s vagina. However, traditional hand job masturbation inevitably results in unnatural stimulation. So, make use of sex toys such as Masturbators and cock rings to rehabilitate late or premature ejaculation. This article explains in detail the correct way to masturbate and recommended sex toys to avoid ejaculation disorders.

What is the right way to masturbate? How to prevent late and premature ejaculation?

To make masturbation feel good, do you grab your penis as hard as you can with your hand and move your hand in spurts at great speed? You might even enjoy rubbing it against the floor, a blanket, or anything else that can give your penis a strong stimulation anyway. But all those methods of masturbation are the wrong way to do it. Many people are surprised to be told that.

What’s the problem with wrong masturbation? You might think that masturbation can be done in any way you want, as long as it makes you feel good. However, if you continue to masturbate incorrectly, it can cause problems with your sexual function. Masturbation can lead to ejaculation problems such as delayed or premature ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction (ED), which prevents the penis from standing up in the first place. Moreover, such cases are not infrequent and have been found to be quite common in fact.

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Correct masturbation is about progressing to orgasm through sensations and stimulation similar to that of insertion into a woman’s vagina. In other words, the more realistic the stimulation received by the penis in the vagina, the more ideal masturbation is. As we’ll discuss in more detail later, correct masturbation can be difficult to achieve with a hand job, so using Masturbators is ideal, as they can solve some of the more annoying problems of late ejaculation, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Is there such a thing as a wrong way to masturbate?

There are a number of wrong ways to masturbate, and everyone does it unconsciously in no small part of the world. For example, doing the hand job with a clenched hand, masturbating with the foreskin of a pseudofollicle over the glans, or rubbing it against the floor or something that provides strong stimulation, such as a blanket, are all ways to stimulate the penis in ways that are very different from sex. The problem lies precisely in the type and intensity of the stimulation.

A typical example of the wrong kind of masturbation is applying too much pressure, friction or unnatural stimulation to the penis with too much force. The genitals have a sensitivity, which is high if you are not used to the stimulation and low if you are too used to it. On the other hand, if you continue to give them a different kind of stimulation than normal, they will feel more normal. In other words, if you continue to give too much stimulation, your penis will be less sensitive, and if you get used to the unnatural ways, you won’t feel it any other way.

There are other methods of masturbation that can be problematic. Masturbation by stretching your legs with force, “stop right before ejaculation masturbation masturbation” where you hold back when you are about to ejaculate, and “short-time masturbation” where you speed up the pace of masturbation and ejaculate quickly in a short time are also masturbation habits that can cause problems with sexual function. . If you continue to masturbate in this way, you will only be able to ejaculate with certain stimuli and postures, and this can lead to ejaculation disorders and penile dysfunction.

Why does masturbation cause late or premature ejaculation?

It’s actually surprisingly common for masturbation to cause late or premature ejaculation. The reason is that if you continue to masturbate in the same way, your penis becomes too accustomed to the stimulation and your sensitivity decreases, or you become so entrenched in a particular ejaculation habit that you can’t be satisfied with any other method of masturbation. Delayed ejaculation and premature ejaculation have very different masturbation patterns that cause them, so you need to examine them carefully to see which one you fall into. Let’s take a look at the causes of each and how to improve them.

The cause of late ejaculation is too much stimulation of the penis. Clenching and rubbing as hard as you can, mainly because the glans is too accustomed to the stimulation and the sensitivity is reduced. The pressure inside a woman’s vagina is not surprisingly high, so if you are used to masturbating with strong pressure on the vagina on a regular basis, vaginal stimulation will not satisfy you. The result is delayed ejaculation because orgasm is not as close as it can be when inserted into the vagina. Too much masturbation with too much stimulation can cause not only delayed ejaculation, but also erectile dysfunction and vaginal ejaculation disorder, so people in this category should be careful.
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The main cause of premature ejaculation from masturbation is “skin masturbation,” which is performed with the foreskin of the pseudofollicle over the glans. When you insert it into the vagina, the skin peels off naturally, but the exposed glans is not used to the stimulation on a regular basis, so it ejaculates as soon as you insert it. Also, if you have a habit of “short-time masturbation” that is usually done in a short period of time, you are likely to ejaculate prematurely. If you are in the habit of always ejaculating quickly, you will have a faster orgasm in the real world.

Premature ejaculation is easier to improve with training than late ejaculation, so there is no need to take it so seriously. In general, people with premature ejaculation are more likely to get worse if they are concerned about it, so don’t be overly conscious of it and try to make it better little by little. However, in most cases of late ejaculation, rehabilitation takes time. This is because it is more difficult to restore a penis that has become difficult to feel than it is to reduce the sensitivity that is too high. Nevertheless, in both cases, you can improve it with a good use of Masturbators.
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Will women not be able to orgasm? What is vaginal ejaculation disorder?

As I mentioned earlier, if you get used to masturbation with too much pressure and friction, you will not be satisfied with the stimulation in the vagina. This can result in “vaginal ejaculation disorder,” the inability to ejaculate in the vagina. A characteristic of vaginal ejaculation disorder is that it is possible to ejaculate properly during masturbation, but it is not possible to ejaculate during the performance. Of course, the cause is wrong masturbation, so men who often satisfy their sex drive by masturbating instead of having sex are at a higher risk of developing vaginal ejaculation disorder.

It is not just masturbation that is too stimulating, but also problems with the posture and the movements before and after ejaculation that can have a significant negative impact on sexual function. In particular, stop right before ejaculation masturbation can cause a condition called retrograde ejaculation, a condition in which semen flows back into the bladder, which puts you at risk for reduced fertility in addition to vaginal ejaculation disorders.

The trouble with these vaginal ejaculation disorders is that they can cause a woman to become sexually unsatisfied. While longer sex sessions may seem like a benefit, the nature of the limited amount of time a vagina can be thoroughly wet can make too long an insertion painful for a woman. Furthermore, it is hard for the man to not be able to ejaculate as well, so both couples will suffer. Unless you change your masturbation habits to the right ones, the symptoms of ejaculation disorders will continue to worsen and you need to take steps to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Possibility of becoming an ED

Continuing the wrong masturbation habits can lead to “erectile dysfunction” (ED), which is not only ejaculation problems, but also the inability to get an erection in the first place.The criteria for diagnosing ED are clear: If you can’t get an erection 70-80% of the time when you have sex, you are most likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. As people age, their erection ability decreases and their underlying disease increases, so ED naturally increases in middle age and beyond. However, even young people can develop ED, and the majority of these conditions are caused by incorrect masturbation.

A particularly common case of ED in young people is when they can get an erection during masturbation with no problems, but when it comes to sex, they can’t get an erection at all. The more mistakes they make in the actual sex, the more anxiety they feel, and the more psychological burden they feel, the harder it is to get an erection. The reason why you can’t get an erection in the real sex is because you have become accustomed to stimulation that is far removed from the real world. In particular, people who masturbate by squeezing their penises hard from start to finish are at an increased risk of developing ED.

In actual sex, the sensation of holding a woman, caressing her, and oral sex can give you an erection, but in masturbation, you’re basically making her stand up on her own accord. For example, you can go from soft to increasingly squirming or pushing against something. In some cases, you may stand naturally after watching intense pornography. However, the same is not true for sex with a partner. If you have to jerk yourself hard in front of a woman to stand up, your partner is going to be amused.

Masturbation and sex are two very different situations, so it’s not crazy that you can’t stand up when it comes to the real thing. However, if you have erectile dysfunction, it can become a vicious cycle where you become even more addicted to masturbation because you can’t live a satisfying sexual life. In young people, it is unlikely to be caused by an underlying disease, so it is difficult to solve ED unless you improve your masturbation methods. Therefore, it is important to make good use of Masturbators to improve the ED.

Is Masturbators the best choice for moderate stimulation?

As we’ve discussed, in order to improve late ejaculation, premature ejaculation, vaginal ejaculation disorders and erectile dysfunction caused by masturbation, you need to change the way you masturbate itself. However, since it’s difficult to make dramatic improvements with the traditional method of doing it by hand, we recommend introducing Masturbators, a type of sex toy that allows you to experience the realistic sensation of inserting yourself into a woman’s vagina. In other words, Masturbators allow you to masturbate with stimulation similar to actual sex.

Especially, when the grip strength of the hand job masturbation is too strong, masturbation with Masturbators is very powerful. However, it should be difficult to determine if your hand job is too strong; if you are gripping your penis with all five fingers or the palm of your hand, there’s a pretty good chance that the pressure is too strong. Most people should fall into this category, which basically means that you should try to use Masturbators.

Perelman recommends masturbating with stimulation similar to that of having sex with a partner as an effective way to improve late ejaculation. It’s also important to note that many men with late ejaculation have a special method of masturbation that prevents them from ejaculating with their partner’s hands, tongue or vagina, and Perelman’s report shows that masturbation with stimulation similar to that of real sex can Masturbators are an appropriate rehabilitation tool for late ejaculation and vaginal ejaculation disorders.

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In addition, Masturbators are also a very effective product to improve premature ejaculation. Masturbators are a great way to train your glans because they provide exactly the right amount of realistic stimulation. However, Masturbators come in a variety of types and sizes, so you need to choose the one that fits your penis. For example, if you are a man with premature ejaculation, choose a looser type, and if you are a man with late ejaculation, start with a slightly tighter type to improve.

What is right and wrong masturbation?

As we’ve explained, wrong masturbation is one that provides too much or unnatural stimulation to the penis, and correct masturbation is one that has the same kind of stimulation as vaginal penetration during sex. However, many men may tend to squirm or rub their penis against something in an attempt to increase the pleasure as much as possible. Actually stimulating your penis as much as you can feels great.

That kind of masturbation is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can have a big negative impact on your sexual function. In the first place, if you understand what exactly wrong masturbation is and what is wrong with it, it will be easier to improve it for good masturbation. So, let’s look at the difference between wrong and right masturbation, along with the dangers and areas for improvement.

Wrong and dangerous masturbation

The following are four typical examples of wrong masturbation and masturbation that should be stopped. This section will also explain how to masturbate incorrectly, but this is only for the purpose of “checking whether your masturbation is wrong”, not to tell you to masturbate like this. Check carefully to see if your masturbation falls into any of these categories.

  • Floor masturbation
  • Stop right before ejaculation masturbation
  • Barker

Basically, these masturbations do not cause serious physical impairment, but they can cause problems with sexual function. However, only when it comes to stop right before ejaculation masturbation masturbation, there is a risk of serious sexual dysfunction, so if you have become habituated to it, stop it immediately. Let’s take a look at why the above four masturbations are bad, along with the specific ways to do them.

Floor masturbation

Floor masturbation, which involves rubbing your penis against the floor, is another classic example of wrong masturbation, which can lead to late ejaculation and vaginal ejaculation problems if continued. The method is simple: In a prone position, put your weight on your penis and press it against the floor, and continue to press and shake your hips until you ejaculate. If you are a skilled floor masturbator, even if you don’t have an erection, you may be able to ejaculate simply by pressing your genitals against the floor. Surprisingly, this is a method that many people have gotten into, and this is why many people can no longer cum.

It’s easy to see why floor masturbation is a bad idea, because it’s too unnatural and puts too much pressure and friction on the penis. It is a dangerous masturbation method that should be avoided because if done incorrectly, it can damage the penis. It is true that floor masturbation gives you a unique feeling of pleasure and can be very pleasurable, but it can also be very harmful. If you are too used to the pleasure of floor masturbation, you may be surprised when you insert yourself into the vagina for sex, because it doesn’t feel good at all.

Surprisingly, a woman’s vagina doesn’t feel as constricted or compressed. The countless folds in the vagina are pleasurable when they touch the penis, not because they are squeezing it so tightly that it feels good. Therefore, if you get used to the pressure that is too strong by clenching or rubbing it against the floor on a regular basis, it is no wonder that you will not be able to ejaculate in your vagina. An effective way to break away from floor masturbation is to use Masturbators, which will help you get used to natural stimulation anyway.

stop right before ejaculation masturbation

Stop right before ejaculation masturbation is to repeat the rhythm that you hold back when you are about to have an orgasm, and when the sensation that you are about to ejaculate recedes, you start to ejaculate again. Specifically, when you are about to come, put all the force you can into your penis and PC muscle (anal sphincter), and hold back your ejaculation as if you were holding back pee. Hopefully the excitement will subside, so you can resume shagging again to bring you closer to orgasm, and then stop right before ejaculation masturbation masturbation, repeating the same thing a few times.

Some people may like to finish by ejaculating as hard as they can after they have worked so hard to almost ejaculate multiple times to build up their semen to the limit. It is true that the pleasure of ejaculation tends to be proportional to the amount of semen that is ejaculated, so there is something special about an orgasm after you have held out to the limit. However, this kind of stop right before ejaculation masturbation masturbation is one of the most dangerous forms of wrong masturbation and should be stopped now. This is because repeating ALMOST ejaculated over and over again causes semen to flow back into the bladder, which can become habitual and cause a condition called “retrograde ejaculation”.

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in which you have successfully orgasmed and ejaculated, but no semen comes out of your penis. Most of it flows back into the bladder and mixes with the urine, so the urine is characterized by a cloudy white color after ejaculation. It can be caused by excessive loading due to ALMOST ejaculated, due to the failure of the area called the bladder neck to block properly. As retrograde ejaculation worsens, it can lead to a loss of semen production, which can lead to infertility, but there is essentially no fundamental treatment for retrograde ejaculation.

In addition, repeated ALMOST ejaculation can cause excessive pressure and damage to the seminal vesicle (the bag that holds semen) and vas deferens (the pathway for semen). Stop masturbation masturbation right before ejaculation masturbation because it can cause a serious problem that does not enhance the pleasure of masturbation. If you really want to prolong the time to ejaculation, stop stimulation when you feel like you are about to come a little bit, not at the very moment when you are about to ejaculate. In this way, you can increase the pleasure of masturbation with no risk.

Skin masturbation

If you have a pseudophakic foreskin and an excess of foreskin on the glans, you may be tempted to masturbate on the skin. The way to do it is simple: you shimmy with the skin over the glans and then ejaculate as you go. The skin masturbation method is very pleasant because you can make the glans slippery with only the gaman juice without any lotion. However, if you continue to do skin masturbation, you will ejaculate prematurely and it will be difficult to satisfy a girl with real sex.

This is because when you are doing skin masturbation, the glans will always be hidden and you will not be able to get used to external stimulation. So the main cause of premature ejaculation was the glans being too sensitive and not being used to the sensation of inserting itself into the vagina. As long as you continue to masturbate on the skin, you can’t eliminate those causes, so you need to change the way you masturbate itself. In other words, you have to masturbate with the skin of the glans firmly removed.

Of course, it only hurts if you do it raw, so you wet the glans firmly with lotion and then you sting it. However, hand job masturbation is difficult to effectively improve premature ejaculation, so we recommend introducing Masturbators. Choose a loose-tight, mellow type of Masturbators and get used to the stimulation little by little. You will probably orgasm in less than 30 seconds at first, but if you continue steadily, your record will surely grow.

The Proper Way to Masturbate

Now that you know what kind of masturbation to avoid, it’s time to learn about proper masturbation. Even if you’ve developed bad habits in the past that have led to late ejaculation, premature ejaculation, or vaginal ejaculation disorders, you can improve your situation by changing to the right way. There are five basic ways to masturbate in the right way.

  • Do it in a relaxed state.
  • Get a good erection.
  • Keep your grip on your penis low.
  • Using Masturbators
  • Ejaculate in a reasonable amount of time

To put it plainly, you can do the opposite of what you’re doing wrong. You can also improve your masturbation by paying attention to other minor points. In particular, using Masturbators is the best way to rehabilitate your body, so make sure to take advantage of it. Let’s take a closer look at how to masturbate properly, one by one.

Do it in a relaxed state

It may come as a surprise, but masturbation is more effective and reduces the risk of ejaculation disorders and other problems when performed in a relaxed state. Not only is it important to relax your body without straining your legs or PC muscles (anal sphincter), but it’s also important to be mentally relaxed. Therefore, if you are usually stressed or frustrated, you will need to create a mentally relaxing environment first.

You may want to try listening to music with headphones or earphones if the sounds around you are too noisy, or take a bath if your body is tired to refresh yourself a bit before you masturbate. When you’re in a relaxed state, it’s easier to focus on your orgasms, which will help to enhance your pleasure.

Also, when your body is in a relaxed state, your muscles will be stiff and you won’t be able to move as flexibly. This is still not a problem during masturbation, but it can make it difficult to move freely during actual sex, which can make it harder to make your partner feel good. If you have a habit of masturbating with your body on a regular basis, you will have to do the same during sex to orgasm. Relax your body well and masturbate well.

Make sure you get an erection

When masturbating, make sure you have a good erection before ejaculating. It may seem obvious, but as mentioned above, depending on how you do it, you may be able to ejaculate even if you are in a halfway house. However, if your erection is weak, you may not be able to achieve a full erection by any means. In such cases, I recommend using a “cock ring”.

A cock ring is a product that is worn at the base of the penis to restrict blood flow, which can increase your erection. An erection is caused by a large amount of blood flowing into the penis and stagnating, but if there is not enough blood flow or blood flow is quickly reduced, erections will be reduced. Wearing a cock ring will help you to get a good erection and masturbate comfortably. Note, however, that the cock ring should be worn from the beginning, not when it starts to grow. It’s also important to choose a size that fits your penis and is not too loose or too tight.

It is also important to note that cock rings can be dangerous to wear for long periods of time; if you keep the ring on for more than 20-30 minutes, your penis can become discolored due to poor circulation and damage to the tissue. In the worst case scenario, your penis may become unusable, so don’t sleep with the cock ring on by mistake. Even if you use it for masturbation, try to remove it within 20 minutes at the most, and don’t stretch out the time until ejaculation too long.

Reduce your grip on your penis

If you masturbate conventionally with your hands without using Masturbators, you must be careful not to grip the penis too tightly. As we have explained, the pressure and friction of the hand job is too strong, which can lead to delayed ejaculation. In particular, if you are using all five fingers, or if you are doing it with your palm gripping the hand, there is a high probability that the stimulation is too strong and needs to be remedied. Specifically, you can deal with this by reducing the number of fingers you grip.

In fact, if you only want to ejaculate in masturbation, only two fingers are sufficient. However, if you are used to the traditional method and do it with two fingers, the stimulation may be too weak to ejaculate, so start with three fingers first. With your thumb on the front side of the penis and your index and middle fingers on the back side of the penis, move up and down, being aware of the minimum amount of force you can feel. Rubbing the Corona of Glans penis and the Back Side with your index and middle fingers is effective.

When you get used to 3-fingered masturbation, try to use only your thumb and index finger. If you are able to ejaculate satisfactorily, it means that you will be able to reach orgasm as you wish in sex.

Use Masturbators

Masturbators are the easiest way to masturbate correctly; Masturbators are sex toys that are designed to masturbate as if they were inserted into a woman’s vagina, so they can provide stimulation to the penis that is similar to actual sex. When using Masturbators, be sure to inject lotion and wet it liberally before inserting your penis. If you don’t have lotion, the friction will be too much and it will be too painful to masturbate.

Masturbators come in many different types, but if you’re treating late ejaculation, you should choose the looser, “mellow” type, and if you’re treating premature ejaculation, you should choose the slightly tighter, “hard” type. However, it is better to start off with a moderate one because if you choose an excessive one, you won’t be able to continue. Masturbators are also better than the disposable types, and non-penetrating types are better than the reusable and penetrating types.

The disposable types are less expensive in the long run, and the non-penetrating types are less convenient to use in the long run. It is also important for people with late ejaculation to choose manual Masturbators instead of electric Masturbators with a vibration function. Electric Masturbators are very comfortable, but they are not suitable for use in improving delayed ejaculation because the stimulation will not be natural. Once you have found the Masturbators that work for you, simply apply a generous amount of lotion, insert your penis and move the Masturbators up and down to make a piston motion.

At this point, if you have slow ejaculation, try to move it slowly, because if you move it up and down too hard and fast, the Masturbators rehab won’t be worth it. If you can ejaculate within 10 minutes with slow movements, you have succeeded. If you have premature ejaculation, you should aim to increase the insertion time gradually and aim to be able to continue with slow piston movements for five minutes. almost ejaculated repetition is bad for you, so you can just let it out when you feel your ejaculation come to the edge. Keep training steadily.

Ejaculate in a moderate amount of time

Your normal masturbation habits will have a direct effect on your sex life. For example, if you usually take too long to ejaculate, you are likely to ejaculate too late in the performance, and if you take too short a time, you are likely to ejaculate too early. Therefore, try to ejaculate in a reasonable amount of time, even during masturbation, and let your body find the ideal rhythm. If you try to cum about 10 to 20 minutes after you start squeezing your penis, you will develop an ideal ejaculation habit.

The insertion time for sex is about the same, so if you keep your masturbation time to this amount, it will be easier to avoid premature or late ejaculation in the real world. Of course, it’s okay to interrupt or weaken your lashing in the middle of the act. Especially in the case of premature ejaculation men, you need to change your jerk-off rhythm often to prolong the time. However, it is important to note that late ejaculating men should not scrub as hard as they can in order to oragasm fast.

If you are a man with late ejaculation and cannot oragasm fast, a short period of abstinence is a good idea. Based on the maintenance of fertility and the period of testicular charge, the ideal frequency of masturbation is once every three days or twice a week. The more sperm that builds up in the testes, the more sexual desire you have and the less time it takes to ejaculate, so if you masturbate after masturbating for a couple of days, people with late ejaculation will cum a little faster, too.

People with premature ejaculation often have a shorter time to cum because their glans are not used to the stimulation or they usually only masturbate for a few minutes at a time. Therefore, training with Masturbators is the most effective way to improve premature ejaculation, but it can be difficult to extend the insertion time. So, first try to extend your record by just stimulating your penis without watching pornography. This will help you develop a tolerance to physical stimulation, so once you get used to it to some extent, you can incorporate hard pornography and other forms of pornography to build up your mental tolerance as well.

Enjoy masturbation in moderation!

If you have ejaculation problems or erectile dysfunction due to the way you masturbate, the methods we’ve discussed can help you improve. It’s important to imbue your body with normal ejaculation habits in order to enhance sex, but if you’re doing it all the time, it can be stressful. People with late ejaculation or vaginal ejaculation disorder may want to do it with more intense stimulation, but may find that such weak stimulation is not satisfying. People with premature ejaculation may want to get it out faster and feel better, but find it a hassle to hold back and prolong the time.

To begin with, masturbation is something you do to soothe your precious genitals, to relieve your accumulated sex drive and to relax your body and mind. When such masturbation becomes some kind of training, it’s reasonable to feel stressed rather than relaxed. If you get frustrated, it can have a negative effect on your sexual functioning. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you continue to combine the masturbation you’re used to on a regular basis with masturbation to improve sexual function.

Your body’s habits are so accustomed to the masturbation you’ve been used to that you’ll inevitably seek that one out. First, try to incorporate the right masturbation every five times or so. That’s about as much as you’ll be able to get stressed out, and it may be good for your body because it’s a new stimulus.

If you don’t have any problems with that rhythm, increase it gradually to once every four times or once every three times, and if you start to have no problems with the correct masturbation once every two times, you may start to feel rather more comfortable than you did before. Let’s start with a moderate balance and continue the rehab over the long term, little by little.


In this article, we have explained the correct way to masturbate and recommended sex toys to avoid ejaculation problems. There are so many different ways to masturbate. However, it is important to note that many of them cause unnatural over-stimulation of the penis and can cause problems with sexual function. In particular, floor masturbation, stop right before ejaculation masturbation masturbation is recommended to stop as soon as possible as it has many negative effects.

If you continue to use these wrong masturbations, your penis will become accustomed to unnatural stimulation and the natural stimulation in the vagina will not be enough. This leads to delayed ejaculation, which slows down ejaculation, and vaginal ejaculation disorder, which makes it impossible to orgasm in the vagina. Also, if you normally masturbate on the skin or short masturbation, you need to remedy this, as the glans can become too sensitive to stimulation or develop a habit of ejaculating quickly.

Proper masturbation is masturbation that is done with pressure and friction close to the vagina. A sex toy called Masturbators is an easy way to achieve this. Incorporating it into your daily masturbation routine can improve late ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and vaginal ejaculation disorders. If you are not confident in your ability to get an erection, a cock ring can also be used in conjunction with the cock ring to extend its duration, but be careful not to wear it for too long. Get your great penis back by developing a proper masturbation habit.

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