How to increase penis size at your own home? Normal and Ideal penis

The size of the penis is the most sexual problem that many men have. It seems that all the countries are concerned about the size and average value of their penis. It’s not uncommon for the penis size in the world you see online to be much larger than yours.

But the medically proven average size of the world is not really that large. Even women don’t want the length of a man’s penis. Knowing that, you may be able to face your penis positively.

However, since the penis is still a male symbol, many people want to make it as big as possible. Therefore, this time, we will thoroughly explain in detail the situation of penis in the world and the method to increase the size by oneself with scientific data.

How to increase the size of your penis at home?

It’s not strange to be worried about your penis size, “I wish I were bigger…”. Many men around the world want to make their penis bigger. Actually, there are various ways to increase the size of the dick.

・Gel King
・PC muscle training
・Penis augmentation supplement
・Penis pump
・Penis extender
・Penis sleeve

Male-wear met sleeve
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Gel King and Milking is a method of stimulating the penis by hand to promote blood circulation and increase the size. PC muscle training increases erectile strength by training the muscles of the anus. Penis pumps and penis extenders are augmented with specialized equipment. The penis sleeve is one of the sex toys, and it is made of silicon, etc., and temporarily enlarges it.

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It may seem impossible to grow your penis, but if you find a way to fit it, you can increase it. Before you actually try to increase your penis, make sure you have some knowledge of penis size.

What is the size of the penis?

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Even though the size of the penis is the same, there are actually three factors: Knowing what you care about can be helpful when training for growth.

·The thickness

Isn’t it the length that men pay attention to? Men often think that women will be pleased because a long penis reaches the end when inserted. Even when training to increase the penis, it seems that many people try to increase the length anyway.

“Thickness” is an element that is often overlooked. The thickness of the penis is expressed by the circumference (circumference), not the width. No matter how long your penis is, you will not be able to stimulate your vagina sufficiently if it is not thick enough. On the contrary, if the length is short, it will be appreciated by women if it is thick.

Hardness is a very important factor that affects the feeling of insertion. Even if the penis size is large, it is difficult to irritate the vagina if the hardness is insufficient and it is fluffy. It is difficult for women to get a pleasant feeling because the piston movement becomes unstable in Funiyachin.

What is the average penis size?

I think everyone is interested in the average penis size. By knowing your size with the correct measurement method and comparing it, you can determine how large it should be.

In addition, in the age of globalization, it is useful to know not only domestic penis but also penis worldwide. Knowing the size of the world, you may find that your penis works surprisingly abroad as well.

What is the correct measurement method?

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Every man will be worried about the size of his penis. Many people may have measured the length and thickness with a ruler. However, it is difficult to judge the size of the penis if you do not measure it properly. To measure your penis correctly, do the following:

(1) maximally erect the penis while standing upright
(2) Hold the penis parallel to the floor
(3) Lightly press the ruler on the pubis (center of the root of the penis)

With the above procedure, you can accurately measure the length of the penis. The important point is to lightly press the ruler on the pubis. If you hit it against the side of your penis or press it hard against your lower abdomen, you will not be able to obtain accurate figures. The thickness (peripheral length) is measured by the following procedure.

(1) maximally erect the penis while standing upright
(2) Wrap the measure around the widest part of the glans
(3) Wrap a measure around the middle of the rod
(4) Outer circumference is the larger of (2) and (3)

It seems that the thickness of the penis is basically judged by the circumference of the largest part of the glans. However, depending on the shape of the penis, the rod part may be thicker, so it is good to measure both the glans and the rod. The glans have a complicated shape, so it may be difficult to measure correctly until you get used to them.

What is the world’s penis size?

What is the average size of the penis in the world? Although a lot of measurement data is available on the net, the fact is that most of them are self-reported figures, so the reliability is low. The data from accurate measurements by medical professionals, released by Veale et al. in 2014, are as follows: (1)

・Normal length: 9.16 cm
・Extended length…13.24 cm
・Length at erection…13.12 cm
・Perimeter at normal times… 9.31 cm
・Perimeter: 11.66 cm

I think it’s a much smaller number than the data we usually see. Moreover, since this study was conducted in the West, it is a reliable global average. What should be noted is that the self-reported numerical value and the actual measured value are far from each other.

Based on the self-reported data that is open to the public, the average penis size in the world is 15 to 16 cm. It’s easy to understand how men value penis size. But in reality, the size of the world is not that big.

Which country has the largest size and the smallest?

The “” site summarizes various data from around the world and presents them in ranking format. Let’s check the size of each country on the page “Average penis size by country: worldwide comparison”. (2)

・First place…Ecuador (17.61 cm)
・Second place…Cameroon (16.67 cm)
・Third place…Bolivia (16.51 cm)
・60th place…United States (13.58 cm)
・No. 61…Japan (13.56 cm)
・62nd place: Turkmenistan (13.48 cm)
・Bottom…Cambodia (10.04 cm)

What is very interesting is that the numbers in the US and Japan are almost the same. It is also worth noting that Africa is the dominant country, and that many Asian countries are inferior. The data show that there are obvious differences in penis size from country to country.

However, the statistical data on this site is based on self-reported numbers, so it must be said that its reliability is low. It is better to keep it for reference only. Scientific data suggest that there is no significant difference in penis size depending on race or ethnicity.

Beware of bias in penis size

There is a popular wisdom regarding the size of the penis: “Black people are big and Asian people are small.” However, it should be noted that such speculation has no scientific support. In the study by experts. introduced earlier, we concluded the following regarding the relationship between race and penis size.

“It is not possible from the present meta-analysis to draw any conclusions about any differences in penile size across different races.(Currently published data do not allow for differences in penis size between races. .)”

So why is the preconception that black people have a big penis preceded? It is thought to be a porn influence. Western pornography emphasizes big cocks, so we purposely have big penis actors. Thus, pornography is not real and can lead to false knowledge about sex.

However, it seems that taller people tend to have larger penises because the taller they are, the larger each part of the body becomes. Conversely, if the penis is large even if the height is short, the force is relatively increased and it looks like a big cock. It might be interesting to judge by the ratio of penis length to height [chin length (cm) ÷ height (cm) x 100] as follows.

・Height ratio 9% or more…Big cock
・Height ratio 8-9%…Large
・Height ratio 7-8%…Average
・Height ratio 6-7%…Small size
・Height ratio 6% or less…Small

What is the ideal penis that women want?

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We have introduced some basic knowledge about penis size. But what does a woman really want from a male penis? In fact, women aren’t as demanding for a longer penis than men are concerned about.

The most important thing is hardness

A survey of 3,282 sexually active men and women in 10 Asian countries found that about 80% of men and women “value quality over sex”. So what exactly does “quality of sex” mean? The answer seems to be the hardness of the penis.

In a survey of Filipinos, 7 out of 10 women said that “penis hardness and erection persistence” was the most important factor in sex quality. From this, it is thought that what women demand from men’s penis is hardness rather than size. (3)

Many women don’t care about penis length

A study conducted by Francken – examined what is important to a partner’s penis in 170 sexually active women who have recently given birth. As a result, the following results were obtained, indicating that there is a strong tendency to emphasize thickness over length. (Four)

・Length is very important… 1%
・Length is important… 20%
・Length is not important… 55%
· Length doesn’t matter at all… 22%
・Thickness is more important than length… 53%

As you can see, many women value thickness over length. Hardness is also important because the thickness of an erect penis is related to hardness. From these findings, it can be inferred that the factors women seek for a male penis are in the following order.

(1) hardness
(2) Thickness
(3) Length

What is the required length for the vagina?

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Surprisingly, it turns out that many women are not asking for penis length. So what is the minimum required length for inserting into the vagina for sex? In fact, it turns out that a short penis is fine for normal sex.

Barnhart and colleagues measured the length of the vagina in 28 adult women based on images taken with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). As a result, it was found that the average length was about 6.3 cm. In other words, a length of 7 cm is enough for sex. (Five)

In addition, for a disease called micro penis (small penile disease) in which the penis does not grow sufficiently, the diagnostic criterion is a length of 7 cm or less at the time of erection. From these things, it can be said that most men who suffer from the length of their penis do not really need to worry so much.

Are you worried about the length of your penis?

As you can see from the results of the research by Francken, which we introduced earlier, women don’t really care about male penis length. If it is too short, it may be difficult to get pleasure, but with an average length of 12 to 13 cm, women should be able to get enough pleasure.

Rather, if it is too long, it will hit the portio (cervix) too much, and women with undeveloped erogenous zones will experience more pain than pleasure. Many women are more likely to feel the part in the foreground such as the G-spot or the clitoris than the erogenous zone in the back like the portio.

However, many women attach importance to thickness and hardness. This is because the penis needs to be thick enough to withstand the vaginal pressure and hard enough to withstand the vaginal pressure in order to rub the vagina strongly against the vagina or hit the G spot. In other words, men should emphasize “thickness and hardness” rather than length.

It’s very difficult to lengthen your penis, but fortunately you can train the thickness and hardness to some extent. In order to make a woman feel good with sex, it is effective to do “chintre” to enlarge the penis.

Specific method to increase the penis

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There are various chintres that make the penis larger by themselves. Depending on the person, the method that suits you and the way you can easily obtain the effect differ, so we recommend that you try various things. However, be careful because doing it the wrong way can damage your penis.

Pressure training

The most important way to increase your penis is pressure training called “Jelking”. Actually, it is a penile enlargement method that has been passed down in the Middle East for a long time, and scientific research was conducted in the latter half of the 1970s. The purpose is to improve the blood flow by compressing the penis that is about half erected as in the following procedure.

(1) Make the penis semi-erected and apply lotion
(2) Make an OK sign with both hands and lightly grasp the base of the penis with one
(3) Firmly grasp the upper part of (2) with the opposite hand
(4) Move gently toward the glans, applying a little force to your upper hand
(5) After reaching the glans, relax and put your hands back to the root
(6) Repeat steps (4) to (5) about 20 times

It is important to semi-erect the penis and apply lotion to enhance the effect of gelking. If you have a full erection during training, give it some time to relax. Also, be careful not to overdo Gel King.

Pay attention to power and time

Gelking has been evaluated as effective if continued, but the risk of damaging the penis has also been pointed out. In particular, be careful not to use too much force when squeezing the penis with your hands, or for too long.

Gel King is a chintre to improve the blood flow of the penis and increase the erection power, so it is enough to grip it with a little effort. Also, even if you apply moderate force, it will hurt your skin and blood vessels if you stimulate it for too long, so try to finish it in 10 minutes at the longest.

If you want to improve your penis strength then use cock rings for better enjoyment and pleasure with the partner. Cock rings give you more pleasure and also maintain your erection power. You can buy it from online website easily –

Rs – 1,480

PC muscle training

“PC muscle training” is a well-known event for chintre enthusiasts because it enhances erection power safely and effectively. The PC muscle is a type of “anal sphincter” and is used to endure excretion and to open and close the anus.

If you put some pressure on your anus when you have an erection, your penis should be jerky. In PC muscle training, we aim to increase the size by training this muscle by the following procedure to increase erection and endurance.

(1) Continue tightening the anus for 5 seconds
(2) Continue to loosen the anus for 5 seconds
(3) Repeat steps (1) and (2) 10 times

By repeating this kind of operation, it is possible to strengthen the PC muscles and restore the penis. You don’t have to move your body or use any equipment, so you can do it while commuting to work or at work. There is no adverse effect from overdoing, so if you have free time, do it aggressively.

Let’s train with rich variations

PC muscle training is by far the easiest method, but that’s why variation matters. This is because even if the same kind of stimulation is given to the muscle, the muscle gets used to some extent. Let’s train PC muscles in various ways by the following methods.

・Move slowly
・Perform actions quickly

The basic approach is to tighten and loosen. Instead, try changing the rhythm, such as slowly tightening or unscrewing for 10 seconds, or conversely performing an instantaneous action. This will give you a variety of stimuli and more effectively train your PC muscles.


“Milking” is a chintre method that holds the penis to improve blood flow, similar to the gelking method, but the method is very different. The point is to move your fingers in a rhythmic manner so that you can squeeze milk from the cow in the next step.

(1) Make the penis semi-erected and hold the root part with one hand
(2) Release the part other than the thumb, and then firmly grip the little finger to the index finger in order.
(3) Keep your thumb and index finger apart, and keep it there for 2-3 seconds.
(4) Repeat steps (2) to (3) for a while
(5) If the glans become flat, continue holding for 20 seconds and then finish

The procedure is a little complicated, but the point is to increase the number of fingers to be gripped from the little finger to the index finger, and if all fingers are gripped, hold the thumb and index finger for 2-3 seconds. Once you get used to it, you should do about 3 sets a day.

Be careful not to put too much effort

Milking, like gelking, requires care not to overdo it. As you continue to move, blood concentrates on the glans and gradually swells. When it becomes crunchy, hold it for about 20 seconds, but since it is to maintain the accumulated blood flow, it is sufficient to apply light force.

If you continue to apply too much pressure, your blood vessels will be damaged. It is dangerous to have the glans discolored or your skin red and swollen during the milking process, so stop it immediately and get rid of your erection. We recommend that you start with a light force until you know the amount of force.

Pseudouncer correction item

“Phimosis” is one of the reasons why the penis is small. The phimosis is a penis with the glans covered with skin, and can be divided into the following three types depending on the condition of the foreskin and the degree of excess.

・Intrinsic phimosis
・Kanton uncut

In either type, it is thought that the penis is difficult to grow sufficiently because the glans has a long time to be pressed against the foreskin. Improving the phimosis may improve the size of the penis.

Of the above three types, the pseudophyllum is a type in which you can peel yourself and pull out the glans. Pseudohypophysis is considered when the skin is covered only in normal times, or when it can be peeled by itself even if it is slightly covered during erection. Only this type has the potential to improve phimosis on its own.

Pseudophimosis may be improved with a straightening ring

“Uncut correction ring” is a ring-shaped correction device that attaches and fixes the glans with the skin peeled. Even though it is a fixture, it looks like an accessory, so it doesn’t feel exaggerated.

A phimosis correction ring is a device to assist a person with a false phimosis to keep it peeled. As a result, the longer the glans is exposed, the less pressure is applied, which may improve the size of the penis.

However, for true and cantonal phimosis that is difficult to peel, a straightening ring cannot be attached. In addition, phimosis surgery is necessary when aiming for a fundamental phimosis treatment even with a pseudophimosis.

Penis augmentation supplement

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Penis augmentation supplements are well known as a way to grow your penis outside the chintre. However, there may be many people who are reluctant to use it because the price is very high and some have not been properly approved by the government agency.

What I would like to focus on is the nutrients contained in these supplements. In fact, nutrients are also considered important in the size of the penis. Among them, the following three types of nutrients are highly effective in improving sexual function as they are included in the energy-enhancing supplements.

  • Zinc
  • Arginine
  • Citrulline

The important point is that nutrients do not directly increase the size of the penis, but increase the penile threshold by improving erectile power and blood flow. However, if the intake is low, the effect will not be obtained, so it is necessary to take a large amount.

Let’s take supplements effectively

Regarding the nutrients such as zinc, arginine, and citrulline, the above three types of nutrients are contained in many meats and seafood, but in order to realize the effect, it is necessary to eat a considerable amount and it is not very realistic. Therefore, we recommend using supplements.

In addition to the three nutrients introduced earlier, vitamin C, vitamin D, niacin and folic acid have been found to be highly effective in improving sexual function. It is a nutrient that is easy to be deficient even for young people, so active intake is recommended. However, if you use supplements, be sure to follow the stated dosage. (6)

Summary of increase method

I introduced that there are various ways to increase the penis. Different people have different techniques, so be sure to check which method you should use.

・I want to actively stimulate my penis to train… Gel King (pressure training), Milking
・I want to increase it by a highly safe method… PC muscle training, penis augmentation supplement
・I want to improve the phimosis and make the glans bigger…

I want to actively stimulate my penis and train it

Gel King and Milking are chintre methods that improve the blood flow by manually massaging the penis. The advantage of these methods is that the penis can be stimulated directly, so that the effect can be easily felt.

However, in both cases, the blood vessel is compressed, so if you put too much effort or do it for a long time, it will hurt the penis instead of increasing it. It is a safe way to do it with gentle force until you get used to it.

I want to increase it with a safe method

If you feel uncomfortable with stimulating your penis directly or if you want to do it safely, PC muscle training and penis augmentation supplements are recommended. Since PC muscle training only puts force into and out of the anus, you can continue at any time and place.

If you have resistance to increased penis supplements, take zinc, arginine, citrulline and vitamin/mineral supplements with a careful dosage. Although these methods take time to realize their effects, they are safe and easy to continue.

I want to improve phimosis and enlarge the glans

If you suspect a problem with your penis size due to false phimosis, it is recommended that you improve your phimosis. For that, let’s utilize items such as phimosis correction rings.

However, it is not possible to remove the excess foreskin because the straightening ring is only for maintaining the peeled state. If you want a radical treatment, you need to have a phimosis operation.

Penis sleeve, penis sack

So far, we have introduced the basic penis enlargement method, but there are some unusual methods. That is what is called a “penis sleeve” or “penis sack.” They are almost the same, and they are used by attaching them to the penis.

There are several types of penis sleeves and penis sacks, but the most popular one is for increasing the size. However, instead of increasing the size of the penis like a chintre, you will experience the big cock by wearing it.

Wolftooth Penis Sleeves
Rs – 1,899

There are various sleeves and sackes on sale, but you can expect a size increase of several cm or more. Therefore, it is troublesome to try chintre and supplements, and it is recommended for those who want to enlarge easily.

Cum on a woman with a penis sleeve or penis sack!

By wearing a penis sleeve or a penis sack, you can give women an unprecedented amount of pleasure. This is because the longer the penis, the easier it is to stimulate areas such as G-spots and portio that are particularly easy for women to feel. If you want to make her squid, give it a try.

However, as I introduced at the beginning, it is often the thickness rather than the length that is directly related to the female pleasure, so in some cases wearing a sleeve or sack may be less effective. Chintre is more effective for thickness than length, so if you really want to increase it, training is recommended.

Penis pump

Since the basic chintre method is done with your own hands, it may be troublesome. Therefore, a device called “penis pump” is recommended for those who want to automatically enlarge their penis. There are the following types of penis pumps, and you can easily increase the size of your penis.

・Manual vacuum type
・Automatic vacuum type
・Water pressure type

The cheapest and most popular type is the manual vacuum type. The air inside the cylinder into which the penis is inserted is evacuated, and the suction force is used to increase the penis. It’s easy because it doesn’t require electricity, but it may be troublesome because you need to deflate it manually.

The automatic vacuum type is an automated version of the vacuum type pump. The principle is exactly the same as the manual type, but it is easy because it can automatically make a vacuum state. Highly functional ones have a pressure adjustment function, and there are also some that enhance the effect by repeating depressurization and pressurization.

Manual Enlargement pump
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The latest type is the hydraulic type. Put the penis into the cylinder containing hot water and increase the penis by suction by water pressure. The advantage of the hydraulic type is that the suction force is even and the damage to the penis is suppressed, allowing you to continue safely.

For safety, follow the instructions

The penis pump is famous as a convenient penis enlargement method, but side effects have been reported. Damage to the penis due to incorrect use is especially serious. The pump draws the penis with suction, but in other words, it tends to cause congestion.

If you continue to use the pump for a long time, the penis may not get enough blood and, in severe cases, tissue damage. Therefore, be sure to follow the instructions when using it, and if you experience pain or discoloration, stop using it immediately.

Penist tray device Penis extender

There are various methods for increasing the penis, but the effects obtained by people are mixed, and it is the current situation that it is not scientifically proven to be effective. However, only for the “penis extender” that forcibly stretches the penis, experiments have proved effective.

Mohammad Reza Nowrozzi and his colleagues had 54 adult men wear a penis extender called “Andro Penis” for four to six hours a day for six months. The following shows the results of 5 measurements before use, after 1 month, after 3 months, after 6 months and after 9 months (3 months after discontinuation of use). (7)

・Normal length: Average increase of 1.7 cm (0.9 to 2.5 cm)
・Stretched length…Average increase of 1.3 cm (0.9 to 1.7 cm)
・Length at erection…Average increase of 1.2 cm (0.8 to 1.6 cm)

It should be noted that the penis on erection grew by at least 0.8 cm and the length of the penis was maintained when measured 3 months after discontinuation of the extender. It may seem like it is less than 1 cm, but even if it grows even 1 cm, it will have a completely different look and feel to women.

Meter gauge enlargement pump
Rs – 3,500

Penis Extender if you want to extend Chin length surely?

Other studies similar to the one I have just introduced have been reported, demonstrating a scientifically proven effect of Penis Extender. So if you want to make sure your penis gets longer, it might be your first choice.

However, since the device used in the research introduced earlier is “Andropenis”, it is unknown whether other similar products will have the same effect. Also, it seems that if you do not wear it for 4 to 6 hours a day, the effect will decrease, so it will be difficult to practice without considerable preparation.

Is the last resort surgery?

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There are many penile enlargement methods, but the last resort is still surgery. There are actually three types of penile augmentation surgery as follows.

・Penus augmentation surgery
・Glen head augmentation surgery
・Long stem surgery

“Peni augmentation surgery” and “glans augmentation surgery” are methods to artificially “thicken” the penis and glans by injecting a skin filler called filler.

On the other hand, “long stem operation” is a method of “longening” the penis by sucking subcutaneous fat on the abdomen and pulling out the part of the penis that is buried inside the body.

Advantages of surgery

Penile augmentation surgery has the great advantage of increasing sex satisfaction. In addition, there are various advantages depending on the method of surgery, so please refer to it when considering.

・Satisfaction with sex increases
・Surgery can be done in a short day
・Any age can receive
・Women’s satisfaction increases especially with penis augmentation surgery
-Glanoplasty surgery has the effect of improving mild phimosis and premature ejaculation
・Long stem surgery gives you confidence in your penis

Both methods increase penis size, increasing sex satisfaction for both men and women. Also, the operation time is at most 1 hour, and you can go home during the same day, so you will not be confused by your family or partner.

There is no age limit for penile augmentation surgery. So you can have surgery in your 20s and 60s alike. However, if you are a minor, you need consent from a parent.

There are various advantages depending on the surgical method

Penis augmentation surgery is a way to thicken your penis. As I mentioned at the beginning, this surgery makes women especially happy with sex, as thickness is important for women to feel good.

Glans augmentation surgery is a procedure to enlarge the glans. Increasing the size of the glans reduces the amount of excess foreskin, which can improve phimosis. Also, by injecting a filler agent, irritation at the time of sex is alleviated, so it seems to have the effect of improving premature ejaculation.

The advantage of long stem surgery is that you gain confidence in your penis. When you become a big cock and become proud of your masculinity, you can become positive in many ways. Not only the penis, but the size of your life may improve.

Disadvantages of surgery

Penile augmentation surgery has the following disadvantages such as damage to the penis and high cost. If you want to have surgery, carefully consider these risks and make a careful decision.

・I can not etch for a while after surgery
・Surgery is expensive because it is not covered by insurance
・Satisfaction depends on doctor’s level
・Internal bleeding and swelling occur after penile augmentation surgery
・Prolonged glans surgery makes late leak more likely
・Long stem surgery may leave discomfort and scars

You cannot have sex for at least a week after having surgery. In the case of long stem surgery, it may not be possible for one month. If you try to force it, you will have an infectious disease and the penis will be poorly finished, so be careful.

Also, unlike true phimosis and canton phimosis surgery, penile augmentation surgery is not covered by insurance. The surgery cost is at least 100,000 yen, and more than 1 million yen for advanced surgery. Furthermore, the finish varies depending on the level of the doctor, so it seems that there are times when it is not possible to be satisfied with the high cost.

Be careful about side effects of surgery

Penile augmentation surgery always has side effects. For example, in penile augmentation surgery, fillers are injected into the penis, so internal bleeding and swelling will occur for a while after the surgery. Since the glans augmentation operation reduces the sensitivity of the glans, it is often worse for people with late leak.

If long-stem surgery is used to aspirate the subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, the effect may not be realized so much, and if fat, it will return to the normal state. Withdrawing the penis inside the body often leaves scars and discomfort even after recovery from surgery, so careful judgment is required before surgery.

Questions about penis

Image result for how to increase penis size

Since the penis is a symbol of men, it is accompanied by various questions and rumors. Here’s a quick introduction to the most common rumors and questions and their truths:

・Do people with big legs have big dicks?
・Are puberty peak in male libido?
・Why is the penis of the Renaissance sculpture small?

Do people with big legs also have big dicks?

“A man with big legs also has big dicks” seems to be a rumor common to all countries. However, a 2002 paper by J. Shah and colleagues found no correlation between foot and penis size. (8)

Interestingly, the length of the penis of British men shown in this study was on average 13 cm. The self-reported average is in the latter half of 16 cm, so you can see how men tend to exaggerate their penis size.

Adolescent peaks in male libido?

In many cultures, male libido is considered to peak during adolescence. However, according to a study by Ava Cadell, a Los Angeles sexual science, male libido seems to peak around age 30.

True, male testosterone, a type of male hormone, peaks around age 18, but it takes nearly 10 years for actual levels to reach peak. In other words, men’s sexual desire is maximum only around the age of 30. (9)

Why is the Renaissance sculpture penis small?

The Renaissance nude images represented by Michelangelo’s David are all skinny with a small penis. In fact, among the ancient Greeks and Romans, it was considered barbarians with large penises.

On the other hand, the man with a small penis was said to be an intelligent civilization. Since the Renaissance was a movement to revive ancient arts and culture, the sculptures and paintings of this period also imitated ancient ideals. It may be that we, as modern people, should think a little about the idea of ​​pursuing a big cloud in the dark clouds.


This time, we introduced in detail the penis situation in the world and how you can increase the size by yourself. The penis size is roughly divided into three elements: “length”, “thickness” and “hardness”. While men tend to focus on length, women actually focus on thickness and hardness.

The average scientifically proven penis size is 13.12 cm in length and 11.66 cm in outer circumference. It is believed that the minimum penis length required to have sex is 7 cm. You don’t have to worry about the length of your penis.

However, it has been found that women value penis thickness and hardness. Fortunately, it is easy to improve the thickness and hardness compared to the length, so it is possible to get the penis that women want by using equipment such as chintre, supplements, and extenders.

There are methods such as gel king, milking, and PC muscle training that can be done by yourself. When using supplements, zinc, citrulline, magnesium, vitamin B, and vitamin C are important for sexual function, so let’s refer to them when choosing a supplement.

Penis Extender is also famous as a scientifically proven method to increase penis size. Surgery is the last resort, but it requires careful consideration due to the high cost and side effects. Let’s combine various methods to increase the size of your penis.