Instant penis growth? The amazing effects of penis sacks and how to use them

Have you ever wanted to make your penis bigger? Every man would like to have a big dick. The size of your penis is still important to make a girl feel good about herself during sex. But penis training is hard and time-consuming, and it’s kind of scary to undergo surgery. That’s when a penis sack is immensely powerful. A penis sack is a penis-shaped device that is attached to the penis.

It’s like an armor that you wear from above. When you put it on, it actually makes the whole thing look like armor, and you can increase the size of your penis. In other words, it is a product that allows you to experience a big dick. When you wear a penis sack, anyone can easily get a big dick and poke a girl with a huge penis. You’ll also be able to make them have vaginal orgasms “inside orgasm” easily. The penis sack is one of the only such awesome goods among many.

Penis sacks are basically as safe to use as Masturbators, but you need to be careful not to use them as a substitute for condoms, and that they should be thoroughly dedicated after use. As long as you make a conscious effort to do so, a penis sack can be a great partner that will increase your sex excitement several notches. This article will thoroughly explain the benefits of penis sacks, how to use them, and what to look out for.

Do you know what a penis sack is?

What is a penis sack? You may have heard the name, but it may be difficult to get an idea of what kind of goods it is and how to use it.

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A penis sack, also known as a penis sleeve, is an item that you can wear on your penis to enjoy the feeling of having a huge cock. Simply put, it’s like a cover for your penis. You may be interested in the following two points about such a penis sack.

  • The material and shape of the sack
  • Mounting method

A penis sack is a minor item, but it has a great potential. A penis attached to a penis, like a bra if you compare it to a woman, can reshape the genitals and make them look bigger than they really are. The detailed effect will be explained later, but you will be interested in it if you can get a big dick. In order to get an idea, we will first introduce the material and shape of the material.

What is the material? What does it look like?

There are various kinds of penis sacks in a word. There are various shapes, and they can be roughly divided into four types: “Realistic type”, “pleasure seeking type”, “glans-cut type” and “special type”.

In the “Realistic” type, the shape of the penis is reproduced realistically and it wraps around the whole penis like a condom. This is the most basic type of penis sack and can increase the size and pleasure of your penis and improve your erection.

The “pleasure-seeking type” is completely different and is worn on a part of the penis rather than the whole penis. The feature of this type is that it is mainly attached to the turtle head and the projection for clitoral stimulation is attached. The pleasure-seeking type is recommended to increase the pleasure for both couples. On the other hand, the “Glansack type” removes only the turtle head and is attached to the shaft part only.

The major disadvantage of the penis sack is that the sensitivity of the glans head is greatly reduced. This is because the turtle head is wrapped in resin and its thickness far exceeds that of a condom. This turtle head cut type compensated for that. The turtle head part is your penis as it is, so you can maintain the sensitivity as usual. At the same time, because the shaft part is made thicker by the sack, the pleasure of the woman can be increased at the time of insertion.

The last “special type” has a very special shape, and it can increase a woman’s pleasure mainly at the time of insertion during sex. All of the four types are designed to be worn in the vagina for piston movement, but unlike condoms, they do not adhere to the penis, so they may come off during the movement. Therefore, there are some that are designed to be hard to come off.

The material of the penis sack is basically rubber, but the rubber will inevitably give off an odor, won’t it? Even if your penis is huge, if it smells like rubber, it will fade during sex. Therefore, in the relatively high price range, the materials are made of silicone or estramer so that the smell is not a problem. Choosing by these materials as well as the shape is also important in a penis sack.

How do you put it on your penis?

It is very easy to put on any type of penis sack, just put it on over the erected penis like a condom and move it to the designated place. In other words, if it’s attached to the whole penis or shaft, lower it firmly to the root, and if it’s attached to the glans, lower it to the potash area. However, you must have a condom and lubricant on hand, as you cannot use a penis sack alone for insertion during sex.

As I will explain again later, a penis sack is not a substitute for a condom. Therefore, you must first put the condom on your erect penis and then put the penis sack over it. In addition, the penis sack should be lubricated and then inserted into the woman’s vagina. Without a condom, there is a chance of pregnancy, and without a lubricant, it will be painful and impossible to insert.

It should be noted that a penis sack or penis sleeve is different from a condom and will not adhere perfectly to the penis. However, with a little bit of effort, it will be easier to stabilize them. Since the material of the penis sack is rubber, it is recommended that you can bend it over and wear it like a sock. If it’s the type that is attached to the glans head, push it on while putting it on, it will help to release the air inside and make it adhere to the glans head.

If you experience pain when you put the penis sack on, or if the interior is too narrow to fit, try lubricating your erect penis before putting it in. However, only apply a small amount, as too much will cause it to slip out of place inside the vagina and come off easily. As mentioned above, penile sacks often come off, so there are some that are designed to hold them in place. Many of them can be secured by stretching the band section and hooking it to the testicle area.

Must see! Who should use a penis sack?

We’ve covered the basics about penis sacks in terms of materials, shape, and how to wear them. But what are the benefits of a penis sack in the first place and is it a good product that such a person should use? The biggest effect of a penis sack is megalomania, but there are a surprising number of benefits that come with it. The following five points are who should wear a penis sack.

  • People who want to increase their penis easily.
  • People who want to have sex for a long time
  • People who want to maintain an erection longer
  • People who want to give strong pleasure to women
  • People who want to boost their confidence as a man.

If you fall into any of the above five categories, you should try a penis sack. If you want to make your penis bigger easily, a penis sack is perfect for you. You don’t have to go through a tedious procedure like penis training or something as scary as surgery. As a result, women’s pleasure will also increase dramatically. Let’s take a closer look at the five benefits of a penis sack.

1. People who want to increase their penis easily

One of the most significant benefits of penis sacks is that they can easily increase the size of your penis. Although it may be a hard thing to do, the size of penis is inevitably necessary in order to make a woman feel good about sex, and according to Prause et al.’s experiment, women’s desired penis size seems to be about 16cm long and 3.88cm thick. However, a study by TENGA, a well-known global manufacturer of adult goods, reveals that the average penis size for men is 13.56 cm in length and 3.53 cm in thickness.

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Wiki to Tenga

However, since all of the TENGA data is self-reported, it is estimated that men’s actual size is between 11 and 12 cm in length at the time of erection. This means that many men, unfortunately, may not be able to meet a woman’s desired size. That’s when a penis sack comes into play. The average thickness of a penis sack is about 3mm, depending on the product, so the average penis sack can be at least 5mm bigger in thickness and length just by wearing it.

In fact, the length of the penis is often increased by 1-2 cm, and in extreme cases, it can be increased by more than 3 cm. Even a 5mm change in penis length can make a huge difference, so a 2 cm increase in penis length can have a truly dramatic effect. The pleasure that a woman can get is much stronger than before, and it is not a dream to stimulate the portia and make it orgasm. Moreover, it is no exaggeration to say that there is no other product that can provide such a great effect simply by wearing a penis sack.

2. People who want to have sex for a long time

When you wear a penis sack, in most cases the glans is wrapped in the penis sack. As mentioned above, the sack is a few millimeters or more thick, so it’s far thicker than a condom’s 0.03 millimeters, for example. Therefore, the stimulation that the glans receives is considerably reduced when it is inserted into the vagina, and the sensitivity is reduced, so to speak. In other words, wearing a penis sack makes the glans desensitized, which means that the time it takes to ejaculate is extended.

If a person with premature ejaculation uses a penis sack, he or she can continue to have sex for longer periods of time. Moreover, the size of the penis has increased and the stimulation a woman can get is dramatically stronger, making it possible to stimulate and make her feel good. Many women want more than 10 to 15 minutes of penetration because they need a certain amount of continuous stimulation for a certain amount of time in order for them to reach orgasm. Utilizing a penis sack will make it easier to get a girl to INSIDE orgasm with a solid piston movement by a big cock.

However, the type of penis sack that exposes the turtle head will not give you this effect, so if you have premature ejaculation tendencies, choose a type of penis sack that wraps the turtle head, such as the “real type” or “pleasure seeking type”. Also, if you have a slow ejaculation problem, the penis sack will slow you down even more and you may end up with a breakage. If you are concerned about it, it is safer to choose a penis sack with an exposed turtle head.

3. People who want to maintain an erection longer

It may come as a surprise, but wearing a penis sack can increase the staying power of an erection. This is because the penis is squeezed by the penis sack, which reduces blood flow. Why does the penis get an erection in the first place? The penis is made up of a sponge-like tissue called the corpus cavernosum, and when it is sexually stimulated, blood flows into it. As the sponge absorbs the blood, it expands and causes the penis to become erect.

If the blood stops firmly inside the penis, the erection is maintained, but if the blood flows back for any reason, the erection is reduced. When this happens, it’s easy to get a breakage during sex, which makes it harder for a woman to satisfy herself and get in trouble. However, when you wear a penis sack that is the right size, the penis will be compressed, which will reduce blood flow and make it easier to maintain a strong erection.

There is a penis sack and a similar product called a cock ring, but this one is characterized by pressure on the penis with the ring, which helps to maintain a stronger erection. As mentioned above, the insertion time is important in SEX, so if the duration is prolonged by a penis sack, a woman can enjoy a firm pleasure. It can be said that the penis sack can kill two birds with one stone by getting both the effect of penis enlargement and the power of erection.

4. People who want to increase the stimulation for women

As we have explained, wearing a penis sack can greatly enhance the pleasure that can be given to a woman by wearing a penis sack. In order for a woman to reach orgasm, she needs to have a good penis size, which is hard to cover with technique. Furthermore, while different women have different preferences, there are certain people who love a larger than standard penis or a big cock. Increasing the size of the penis is very difficult, but with a penis sack, it can be achieved in an instant.

In order for a woman to inside-orgasm, she needs to stimulate the G-spot, which is about 5 cm from the entrance of the vagina, and the portia, which is located at the very back of the vagina. At this point, if you have a large, taut calli or a long penis, you will be able to stimulate it without any difficulty. If you wear a penis sack and insert it, it will be easier to stimulate those spots as well, so you might start moaning loudly and orgasm a lot more times.

However, be careful not to go to extremes, as too many penis sacks can cause a woman to feel pain. There are many different types of penis sacks, but some of them are unrealistically big dick sized sacks. If you try to force such sacks into a girl, you should be careful not to use one that is too big, as it can damage the vagina. Check with each other as a couple to find the size that will make you feel the most comfortable.

If you want to give your woman an orgasm, here’s what you need to know.

5. People who want to feel confident as a man

It’s no exaggeration to say that a man’s confidence lies in his sexual ability, or how well he can satisfy a girl with sex. As you get older, you may lose some confidence because no matter how hard you try, you inevitably lose your ability to get and sustain an erection. Many young men, even young men, have been having problems with sexual functioning in recent years.

If you are young, you can improve your sexual function by improving your lifestyle and masturbation habits, but it can be troublesome because you need to continue for a long time. However, with a penis sack, you can get a big dick right away, and you may be able to make your woman cum more and more today. When you are able to make your partner orgasm in this way, your confidence as a man will be full of energy. A lot of things will change as you become more confident in yourself.

For example, a confident man is more active in his daily life and is more likely to succeed in many things. Confidence will also increase the production of male hormones, which will improve your masculinity and sexual function. Penis sacks have the potential to enrich your life as well as your sex life. Ideally, your actual sexual function will gradually improve as well, and you’ll be able to satisfy your partner without a penis sack.

What kind of penis sack should I choose?

It turns out that using a penis sack has a variety of great benefits. However, if you are a beginner, it can be difficult to know how to choose a sack. There is a surprisingly wide variety of penis sack shapes and functions, so if you buy the wrong one, it may not be suitable for your purposes, even if you buy the wrong one. Knowing how to choose a penis sack can help you choose the one that’s right for you. Let’s focus on the following four points.

  • Shape.
  • Material
  • Size.
  • design

Since penis sacks are for sex, not masturbation, they are used in the presence of a partner. For this reason, it is important to know how your partner can feel. Sacks also function differently depending on the shape, so it’s best to choose one that gives a woman a stronger sense of pleasure, if possible. If you are a beginner, you can be sure to choose one that has a realistic reproduction of the shape of the penis. This is because those with only a portion of the glans or shaft are somewhat limited in their use and are not versatile.

The material is also important to enjoy comfortable sex. All materials are soft resins, but it’s the smell that can be a problem. Rubber has a distinct odor that makes it hard to concentrate, so if possible, choose something that doesn’t smell bad, like silicone or estramer.

The size of the penis sack is also important, and if you choose a reasonably large penis, not too big, about 15-16 cm long and 4 cm thick, it should basically make any woman feel good. If it looks too grotesque, women will be turned off by it, so it is recommended to choose a natural design with as much skin tone as possible.

Cautions on using a penis sack

We’ve taken a closer look at the features of penis sacks, how to use them and the benefits you can get. While penis sacks have a variety of benefits related to sexual function, they are also easy to use, as you can simply attach them to the penis. Moreover, it is basically very safe to use and you don’t have to worry about the time it takes to wear it or injuries. However, you should only be aware of the following three points

  • Apply lubricant to ensure safe use.
  • Do not use it in place of a condom.
  • Clean and maintain a clean environment before and after use.

If you pay attention to the above points when using a penis sack, you will be able to enjoy it more safely and effectively. It is important not to use lubricants or substitute condoms for ease of fit or pain relief. Also, be sure to clean them after use to ensure that they remain clean. The following is a simple explanation of important precautions.

Lubricant for safe use

When using a penis sack, be sure to have a lubricant on hand. Penis sacks are basically made of rubber material, silicone or estramer, which tend to stick to the skin and cause friction. Therefore, it is important to note that inserting a sack directly into the vagina can cause severe pain to the woman. Be sure to apply lubricant to the sack before insertion.

Also, it can be difficult to fit a penis sack to the penis in the first place. Especially when you wear a sack that is the right size, you may not be able to get your penis all the way in, and it will hurt if you try to force it in. In this case, applying lubricant to the penis will increase the lubrication and you can put it on while sliding it in. However, be careful not to apply too much lubricant.

When you wear a condom, you don’t lubricate your penis because the slime of the lubricant will cause the rubber to slip out of place. The same is true with a penis sack, and if you apply lubricant, it can cause the penis to cheat after insertion and make it difficult to piston movement. Therefore, keep the amount of lubricant you apply to your penis to a minimum so that your penis sack doesn’t slide around more than it should. However, it is important to apply plenty on the front side so that the woman does not feel any pain.

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It’s not a substitute for a condom

Do not use a penis sack or penis sleeve as a substitute for a condom. You might think that a penis sack that wraps around the entire penis can be used like a condom. However, condoms and penis sacks are two completely different goods. Condoms are also a medical device and are mainly used for contraception. A penis sack, on the other hand, is to obtain the effect of powering up sex, especially as a joke toy, and has no contraceptive ability.

This means that if you use a penis sack as a condom substitute, it will not provide contraception. Sure, if it’s the type that wraps around the whole thing, the semen won’t go directly into the vagina during ejaculation, but it will still drip out because the base of it isn’t close enough. If it comes in contact with the vagina, there is a good chance that you will become pregnant, so don’t use it in place of a condom. If it’s the type that only covers the glans or part of the glans, it’s obvious that it’s not a contraceptive at all.

When using a penis sack, you must also wear a condom separately. As I explained earlier, first put a condom on your erect penis. Then you have to put a penis sack over the condom and lubricate the sack before inserting it into the vagina. This may seem like a bit of a chore, but you should always follow this procedure to enjoy safe sex. The penis sack is not a contraceptive and should never be used in place of a condom.

Wash and keep it clean before and after use

After using a penis sack, be sure to clean it and keep it clean. Penis sacks are basically very safe goods, but you need to be careful about your hygiene; the same thing happens with Masturbators, but when you wear a penis, germs and other things can get on the goods. Moreover, after ejaculating, you will have plenty of semen in your system. If it is left unattended, germs will grow inside the penis sack and it will become very unsanitary.

The same thing can happen with Masturbators, but if you get germs on the penis, they can cause nasty diseases such as urethritis and cystitis, so you need to be careful. Even if the situation is not that serious, a penis sack with plenty of bacteria and other germs will smell so bad that you won’t feel like using it in the first place. The woman who is inserted in such a thing will not be able to bear it. To enjoy the sexual activity comfortably and safely, it is important to wash the penis sack clean after use.

It’s very easy to wash it, just put soap, hand soap, or other disinfectant, or a special cleaning solution for adult products inside the sack, and wash it off with warm water. Depending on the material, you can easily wash the inside of the sack by flipping it over, but the resin will deteriorate and tear more often. If you want it to last longer, leave it as is and put your fingers deep into it to scrape out the dirt with the cleaning solution and hot water. The temperature of the hot water should be about 35-37 degrees Celsius, any higher and the resin will deteriorate.

Even if you didn’t ejaculate inside the penis sack, or even if you put the sack on with a condom, be sure to clean it after each use. The sack will get dirty when the penis is inserted and the lubricant contains organic material that can be a source of bacteria growth. It is also even safer to wash your penis sack before as well as after use. Sacks can be washed and used as many times as you want, as long as you manage them in a hygienic manner.

A relative of the penis sack! Do you know what a cock ring is!

We’ve looked at the great benefits of penis sacks, how to choose them, and what to look out for, but there is actually a good that is very similar to a penis sack. That is the cock ring. A cock ring is a ring (ring) that is attached to your cock (penis). Some of you may have heard the name “cock ring” before. This one is different from a penis sack and is attached to the root of the penis. One of the major benefits of cock rings is that they increase the size of your penis temporarily by increasing your erection power.

While penis sacks can also have an erection-enhancing effect, cock rings are even more powerful. Not only does a cock ring restrict the blood flow to the penis and support the expansion of the corpus cavernosum, but it also makes it easier for the penis to expand larger than normal. As a result, cock rings also have a penis enlargement effect, albeit a temporary one. There’s a lot of similarities between the two, including the ability to get an erection and increase penis size.

It can be said that these two goods are like relatives, so to speak. Let’s compare the two a bit here. The cock ring is more powerful in terms of improving erections, but the penis sack is more powerful in terms of the impact of big cock growth. In terms of the pleasure given to a woman, a penis sack will also be more effective. If you try to use a penis sack and a cock ring for different purposes and moods, it might be interesting to see the variety of sex you can have.

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In this article, we have explained the benefits of penis sacks, how to use them and what to look out for. A penis sack is a penis-shaped device that is attached to the penis and can easily make your penis bigger. Every man is concerned about his penis size, but with a penis sack, your worries will be gone in an instant. Just put the sack on like a condom and you can turn any penis into a big dick. There is no other penis sack that is as awesome as this.

The biggest advantage of the penis sack is that anyone can experience a big dick easily. The sack makes the glans desensitized and increases the time it takes to ejaculate, and the tightness increases the staying power of the erection. As a result, the pleasure you can give to your woman will increase and your confidence will also increase as a man when your partner feels it. A penis sack is a man’s sex toy for a man.

When choosing a penis sack, choose it based on its shape, material, size and design. If you’re a beginner, I recommend a penis sack that wraps around the entire penis and doesn’t smell bad, and one that isn’t extremely large or grotesque in appearance. Penis sacks are safe when used correctly, but be sure to use lubricant to avoid pain, don’t use it as a condom, and wash it thoroughly before and after use. Get your ideal penis with a penis sack and give your partner the best orgasm possible.