Sextoys in India : How to use and choose sex toys to prevent boredom

I really like sex but I don’t like it nowadays, so sex toys are really recommended for those people.

“Sex toys” are goods used to boost sexual activity. There are various kinds, and if you make good use of it, you can enjoy Sex with a new pleasure. The attraction of adult goods is that they can eliminate the boredom of sex.

And noon like boring sex!

Any couple can get bored with a long relationship. If you can, you’ll want to enjoy Sex again, as if you were there. At such times, sex toys are extremely powerful.

Adult goods are used all over the world. However, beginners often have no idea what to choose or how to use it. Therefore, this time we will introduce in detail the effects of sex toys, how to use them, and recommended techniques.

Sex toys to prevent boredom

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Sex toys help prevent the boredom of Sex. No matter how much a couple loves you, you can get tired of them when you have a long relationship. However, if that happens, the couple or couple will have a “sexless” relationship.

Sexless is a phenomenon seen in developed countries and seems to be a major social problem. When the number of sexual relations decreases, the relationship between the couples becomes cold. This is because as the body distance increases, so does the heart distance. So why are you tired of having sex?

The biggest cause is that sex becomes one pattern and there is no new stimulus. In other words, if you can create new stimuli for sex, you can eliminate boredom. The “sex toy” is where the great power is exerted.

Different sex toy better for different stimulation such as if you want different vibrations then your use dildo vibrator as well as vibrating fleshlight or masturbator. So you can select any sex toy according to our interest –

FLESHLIGHT Girls Riley Reid
Rs – 4,600

What is a sex toy?

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Sex toys are toys that satisfy sexual desire and are also called “adult goods” and “sextoys.” It is commonly called “Sex toy” even in English. There are really many different types of sex toys.

Famous sex toys include Male masturbators and vibrators. You may think that sextoys are used by men for masturbation, but in recent years, sex toys for women have begun to develop rapidly.

  • Sex Lubricants
  • Male masturbators
  • vibrator
  • Egg Vibrators
  • Electric massager (Magic Wand toys)
  • Cock rings
  • SM equipment
  • Anal toys

As mentioned above, a variety of devices are popular as sex toys, from men’s to women’s, to those used for sex play. The fun of Sex spreads endlessly if you choose it according to your purpose, such as enjoying yourself masturbating or attacking your partner.

What if you think sex is boring?

Are you worried that “Somehow sex is boring recently… “Have you lost your libido?” No matter how delicious the food is, if you eat it often, you will lose the impression of what it used to be. The same goes for sex, and if you keep going in similar situations and positions, you’ll gradually get bored.

A strong ally at that time is sex toys. If you compare it to food, sex toys are an exciting spice. With a stimulating flavor that has never been seen, the motivation for Sex is revived. Things that satisfy a certain fantasy will feel particularly attractive.

Everyone has some desire for sex (propensity). For example, it is a fantasy that cannot be usually fulfilled, such as “SM desire” to sexually bully or be bullied with a partner, “Cosplay desire” to have sex with an obscene costume.

If we could make such a wish come true, then even the tired partner would have a sexual desire again. With the increase of sex, the relationships of couples in their daily lives can be improved. A sex toy is exactly what you can enjoy with two birds with one stone, which has both physical and mental benefits.

In addition, we have found that regular and stimulating sex has both physical and mental benefits such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and improving mental health for both men and women. Indeed, leveling up sex can be life-changing.

Reference article: Is Sex Good for Your Health? A National Study on Partnered Sexuality and Cardiovascular Risk Among Older Men and Women

Sex toys loved all over the world

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In the first place, sexlessness is a problem seen all over the world. For example, in Japan it is known that about 32% of couples do not have sexual intercourse once a month. Even in the United States, about 20% of couples have sex only a few times a year.

The definition of a non-sexual marriage is often broadened to include those where sexual intimacy occurs fewer than ten times per year, in which case 20 percent of the couples in the National Health and Social Life Survey would be in the category. Newsweek magazine estimates that 15 to 20 percent of couples are in a sexless relationship.

Reference: Sexless marriage – Wikipedia

Sex toys, which have the effect of improving such sexlessness, have actually been popular in all cultures from east to west. It turns out that stone dildos (penis upholstery) were already used in the Stone Age. Even today, sex toys are used all over the world.

For example, in the popular sex-based drama “Sex and the City”, a famous adult goods shop called “The Pleasure Chest”, which actually exists in New York, will appear. The electric dildo called “The Cowgirl” is on sale here.

Modern Europe is famous for being sex-friendly, but in the Czech capital, Prague, there is the Sex Machine Museum. Here you’ll find historic sex toys from all over the world, where you’ll enjoy amazing inventions like the steam engine dildo.

The sex toy industry is thriving in Northern Europe, which is one of the most advanced countries in Europe. “LELO” is an adult goods maker from Sweden, developing various equipment such as Male masturbators, Vibe, Egg Vibrators and SM goods, and also developing an online shop.

So sex toys are loved all over the world. When you say sextoys, you may feel embarrassed. However, the desire to satisfy sexual desire is quite natural, so let’s actively challenge sex toys.

Lecture on how to choose a sex toy for beginners

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We introduced basic knowledge about sex toys. There are various types of adult goods, but they can be broadly divided into those for men and women, and those for masturbation and sex. Here, let’s see what men and women use for masturbation and sex.

For masturbation

When it comes to adult goods, I think many people first think of what men use for masturbation. For masturbation that tends to be monotonous, you can find new fun by using sex toys. Goods used by men for masturbation include the following.

  • Male masturbators (Fleshlights)
  • Vibrators
  • Anal toys

Male masturbators is a “Fleshlights”, a product that imitates a female vagina.

Btw, Fleshlights is one brand name, so toys for masturbating for men are called male masturbators. It is called ONAHO in Japan and South Korea, and it is a coined word that combines the words masturbation (ONANII) and hole (HO-RU).

For us, Fleshlights is more prevalent, and we can recognize that Fleshlights = male toys.

Insert the penis into the Male masturbators and use it to enjoy masturbation. Male masturbators can be broadly divided into inexpensive “disposable type” and relatively expensive “reusable type”, and they have various insertion feelings and feels.

Vaginal Male Masturbator
Rs – 3,482

Vibrator is an abbreviation for “vibrator” and is a sex toy to get a pleasant sensation by vibrating. It is mainly used for women by putting it on the vagina or inserting it, but there is also a male masturbation vibe. It is attractive that it can be enjoyed for various purposes, such as a small one that is specialized for stimulating the nipple.

Anal toys is a sex tool used for the anus to enjoy sexual stimulation, and anal plugs and enema gras are famous. The anus is one of the erogenous zones for both men and women, and for men it can reach a special climax called “dry orgasm” by stimulating the prostate.

Desi Anal Plug-wave
Rs – 1,600

For sex

As mentioned above, in recent years, an increasing number of couples use sex toys for sex. Both men and women use it for their orgasms, to enhance the pleasure of their partner, and for other purposes. The following items are the main items that give you a new pleasure with sex.

  • Vibe
  • Dildo
  • SM goods
  • Cock rings
  • Costume
  • Sex Lubricants

Vibes are primarily used to increase the pleasantness of a woman’s vagina and nipples. The dildo is a tension type imitating a male genitalia, and it is often enjoyed by inserting it into the vagina of a woman as part of foreplay. On the other hand, as part of SM play or anal play, a woman may insert a dildo into the male anus.

SM goods are devices for enjoying “SM (sadomasochism) play”. Famous goods include blindfolds, restraints, whip and chastity belts for men. Cock rings are rings attached to men’s penis. It is attached to the root and used to reduce blood flow and increase erection time.

Iron ring mouth stop + nipple clamps
Rs – 3,049

Costumes are mainly used as part of “Cosplay Play”. Manga and anime, specific occupations and school uniforms, SM play costumes, etc. If you choose according to the couple’s wishes and tastes, you can enjoy the stimulus that you can not get with ordinary sex.

“Sex Lubricants”, which are familiar with sex and masturbation, are actually part of the sex toys. Applying Sex Lubricants to your genitals improves slippage and at the same time increases sensitivity. If you want to orgasm a woman in foreplay, I would like to use it positively. There are also Sex Lubricants that you can taste even if you lick them.

Jam Lubricant natural fruit flavour blueberry 100g
Rs – 995

What is important is what you want

Sex Toy Shopping Doesn't Have To Be Hard

What is important when using a sex toy is “what you want to do” rather than what you use. No matter how great a product is, you can’t use it unless it suits your needs. Therefore, let’s check the basics of choosing adult goods.

Depending on the person, the erogenous zone (where it is easy to feel), things that are easily excited, and sexual preference (fetishism) vary greatly. First of all, it is important to check what is easy to feel and what makes you stimulating when you usually masturbate or have sex with your partner.

Choose one that suits your erogenous zone and fetishism

For example, if you want to enjoy everyday masturbation more, Male masturbators is definitely recommended. There are various types and sizes of Male masturbators, and if you find one that suits you, you can enjoy the best masturbation. For men who are tired of masturbation, we also recommend the electric Male masturbators, where you can enjoy various stimuli.

It is surprising that even men can easily feel nipples and anal. In that case, if you put the vibrator on the nipple or put it in the anal, a new world opens up. If you become accustomed to the stimulation of anal, try using Enemagura, etc., and it is the trick to use properly according to the level.

When using a sex toy as a couple, it is important to think about what you want from the other person. For example, if you want to cosplay Sex, ask your partner to wear your favorite costume. The biggest trick for a couple to enjoy is to devise so that they can feel comfortable with each other.

What kind of toy is easy for beginners to use? Introducing various types

Sex Toy Shopping Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Some people may feel maniac when it comes to sex toys and hesitate to use it. Therefore, we will introduce in detail goods that are easy to use even for beginners. For first time sextoys, the following are especially recommended:

  • Sex Lubricants
  • Egg Vibrators
  • Cock rings

Sex Lubricants is also a part of sex toys, but there are many people who are unconsciously using it for masturbation and sex. Sex Lubricants can be made to feel good just by applying them, and even in sex, you can apply it to each other’s bodies and caress each other. It is recommended for beginners as you can enjoy stimulation easily.

Egg Vibrators are mainly Sex foreplay and are used by men to women. There are Magic wand vibrators in similar goods, but the Egg Vibrators are smaller and have less vibration, so it is recommended for those who are not familiar with sex toys. Many of them are of a cute design, making it a product that women are less likely to resist.

Classic Egg vibrators Black
Rs – 500

Cock rings are attached to the base of the penis and are often used when inserting sex. The blood flow of the penis is limited, so you can extend the erection time. This is especially recommended for men who are suffering from premature ejaculation as the erection lasts longer and makes it easier for women to orgasm.

As you can see, there are surprisingly many sex toys that are easy for beginners to use. There are various ways to use it, so it should be useful for improving masturbation and sex. From here, let’s take a closer look at the features of each goods, recommended usage for beginners, and points to note when using them.

Egg Vibrators

Egg Vibrators are goods that are pleasurable by vibration, and are mainly for stimulating female nipples and clitoris. Compared to other sex toys, many of them are small and have a cute design, so even beginners can easily use them. There are the following types of Egg Vibrators, so try various ones.

  • Egg type
  • High-performance IC type
  • Remote control
  • Vibe integrated type

The egg type is the most common type and has a small egg-shaped vibrating part. Because it is small, it has a high rotation speed and is attractive at a low price. The high-performance IC type is equipped with various vibration patterns, and is characterized by being able to enjoy unexpected stimuli.

The remote control type is a cordless type in which the vibration part and the remote control part are separated, and can be operated from a distance. It should be fun to use with a partner for sex. The vibe-integrated type has a set of Egg Vibrators and a vibe, so you can enjoy various stimuli with a single item.

New Skeleton Rotor clear
Rs – 500

Recommended usage and precautions for beginners

Egg Vibrators are easy for beginners to enjoy. The main usage is to apply the erotic zone around the vagina (especially the clitoris) during foreplay to make the girl feel comfortable. Simply turning it on and applying it to the erogenous zone around a woman’s vagina will have some effect.

However, it is NG to apply it to the female erogenous zone from the beginning. The area around the vagina such as the clitoris is very delicate, and if you don’t stimulate it after getting used to it, you will feel pain. First, let’s use the finger and tongue etc. to get used to the clitoris, and then gently apply the Egg Vibrators in weak mode.

Egg Vibrators can also be inserted into the vagina. Putting in Egg Vibrators while stimulating the clitoris should help the girl to orgasm with double stimulation. However, be careful not to overdo the cordless type, as it may not be possible to put it out if you push it all the way in.

Magic wand vibrators

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Magic wand vibrators is an electric massager. Originally, it was a medical device to relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders, but it has also come to be used as a sex toy because it gives strong stimulation. It may be hard to tell the difference from Egg Vibrators and vibes, but Magic wand vibrators is the largest and most stimulating.

A major feature of Magic wand vibrators is that it is difficult to see it as an adult product. Most of the sex toys have a characteristic appearance, so it may be embarrassing to see them with family and friends. Magic wand vibrators’s appearance is a massager, so even if you put it in the room, you will not be suspicious.

Recommended usage and precautions for beginners

The basic usage of Magic wand vibrators is the same as Egg Vibrators. By applying it to the female genital area or the erogenous zone, you can get a pleasant sensation by vibrating. Especially, it is often used to stimulate the clitoris in foreplay during sex. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the intensity of stimulation.

The Magic wand vibrators is extremely vibrating, so if you suddenly hit it or press it hard, you may hurt your genitals or feel pain. Just like Egg Vibrators, caress and wet the clitoris, then gently apply a Magic wand vibrators.

Also, Magic wand vibrators gives a stimulus that is far from the actual sex, so if used too often, a woman may have difficulty with orgasm due to the stimulus during insertion. It may be better to use it as an aid to foreplay, or to use Egg Vibrators and vibes as the main.

Fairy Vibrator
Rs – 2,250

Surprisingly, Ma can also be used by men for masturbation. If you use it in various places such as the glans and anus, you can enjoy stimulation that cannot be obtained by other methods. However, it is necessary to exercise caution when overdoing because it is easy to cause “late leakage” or “erection disorder” due to stimulation that is far from the actual sex.

Cock rings

Cock rings are rings attached to men’s penis. It is primarily used at the root to limit blood flow and maintain penile erection. Originally it was used in the medical field to treat ED (erectile dysfunction), but eventually it became popular as an adult goods.

There are various materials for Cock rings, from soft materials such as silicone, rubber and nylon to hard materials such as metal and plastic. Both types are effective when used to enhance erection and duration during sex. If you wear it during masturbation, it can also be used for penis training.

Smart cockring for desi pink
Rs – 650

Recommended usage and precautions for beginners

Cock rings are often used for Sex, but for beginners it is recommended to try it when masturbating. Wearing Cock rings will increase the erection time, and thus the ejaculation time. By increasing the erection time, you can train your penis like “penis training”.

The use of Cock rings tends to increase the amount of semen emitted during ejaculation. Actually, as much semen comes out during ejaculation, the more pleasant it becomes. Cock rings masturbation is two birds with one stone, because you can enjoy the training to erect longer and the strong orgasm.

However, when using Cock rings, be careful of the mounting time. It must be removed within 20 to 30 minutes after installation. If you keep on wearing it for a longer time, pain and discoloration of the penis will start, and in the worst case, the cells will die. Cock rings during sleep and drinking are also dangerous, so please stop.

Sex Lubricants

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The Sex Lubricants are probably the easiest adult goods to use. Sex Lubricants are lubricating oils that are mainly used on genitals to improve sliding and increase sensitivity. It can be applied in a wide range of applications, from masturbation to sex.

There are various kinds of Sex Lubricants depending on the ingredients. For example, those that are moist and highly viscous, and those that are smooth and slippery. In addition, there is a “lickable type” that can be relieved when caressing, and a “flavored type” for those who are not good at oral sex.

Nururun Lube -ぬるるん – 200ml
Rs – 850

Recommended usage and precautions for beginners

Sex Lubricants are items that enhance the quality of sex for both men and women, but they are especially effective for men. Female genitals are very delicate and can cause pain when touched without being sufficiently wet. In such a case, Sex Lubricants will show great power.

Applying Sex Lubricants to your genitals or fingers can greatly reduce the pain in foreplay. It is also very effective when used during insertion. Especially, when the clitoris gets wet well, the sensitivity becomes high, and when it gets comfortable, it becomes easier to get wet, so it becomes easy to orgasm a girl in a virtuous cycle.

However, if you apply too much Sex Lubricants, you may get a sticky and unpleasant sensation, or it may hang on the bed and become soiled. In addition, some women do not like the coldness peculiar to Sex Lubricants, so if you are worried, it is safe to choose a “warm type” that does not get cold.

Soft SM

Speaking of SM play, it may feel like a maniac and hurt. However, “Soft SM”, which does not require hard play, is surprisingly popular with women. So, why don’t you try the tools for soft SM to enjoy Sex with her?

In fact, unlike hard SM, soft SM does not have many dedicated equipment, but rather uses everyday items or normal adult goods, or devises situations to make it more exciting. If you want to use goods, use handcuffs or light restraints, but if you are too serious, it will be hard SM.

Recommended usage and precautions for beginners

Soft SM can be done in various ways. For example, try tying your hands and feet lightly with a Velcro strap, or blindfold with a soft SM eye mask or towel. Even if you play with vibes or Egg Vibrators and blame the erogenous zone, you will enjoy Sex that is exciting and exciting.

The hands and feet are the most important parts of the body, so if you tie them up, you can strongly experience the “sense of control”. Blindfolds make you feel more excited about not knowing what to do next. It would be unbearable for a de M person to be able to blame the erotic zone with adult goods.

When performing SM play, it is necessary to decide S side (blame) and M side (blame). There is no rule that males are S and females are M, and it is also effective that females become S side depending on the character of the couple. If you decide on situations such as punishment for policemen and nurses, you can have a more realistic feeling and enjoy.

However, even if SM play is soft, it cannot be established unless there is a certain amount of trust. Women are more likely to feel anxiety than men during sex, especially in SM play where some physical freedom is deprived. If the other person dislikes it, try not to force it.


A dildo is a sex tool that imitates a male penis and is also called a tension type. The size is generally the same as a general erect penis or slightly larger. The world’s oldest sex toy is so popular around the world that it is said to be a stone-made dildo.

The dildo is mainly used by women to masturbate and insert it into their vagina. In addition, it seems that a man may insert it into a woman’s vagina as part of foreplay during sex, or may be inserted into an anal when a man masturbates. It can be used for various purposes, which is a unique feature of dildos.

Black Crystal Dildo
Rs – 2,999

Recommended usage and precautions for beginners

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Inserting a dildo into the vagina during foreplay is recommended for beginners. At this time, be sure to choose one that is about the size of your penis. If it is too small, it may be unsatisfactory, and if it is too large, it may cause pain. When inserting, make sure you are familiar with it.

If you insert the dildo suddenly, it will hurt your vagina. It is important to loosen the vagina with your fingers or tongue in advance foreplay and then insert it slowly. Plus, with Sex Lubricants, you’ll feel smoother and make her feel better.

In addition, there is “cuckold play” as a slightly enthusiastic way of enjoying. It is very humbling for a man to take a woman to another person. However, for some reason, there is a sense of sexual excitement, and if you use a dildo, you can fall asleep and enjoy playing with ease.

However, when using dildos, be sure to clean them thoroughly and be careful about hygiene. If you insert a dirty dildo, bacteria and viruses can infiltrate you and cause a nasty sexually transmitted disease such as vaginal candidiasis. If you find it troublesome to clean each time, a condom is a good idea.


Vibrators are goods that are used to obtain sexual stimulation by vibrating, and are commonly called vibes. It is very similar to Egg Vibrators and Magic wand vibrators, but it features a penis like a dildo. Therefore, it is sometimes called an electric dildo.

The main use of the vibrator is for men to insert it into a woman’s vagina to provide pleasure. Sometimes women insert it when they masturbate. There are various types of vibes, and it is also attractive that you can choose according to your preference, such as a swinging type with a rod-shaped part and a double-headed type with the head part divided into two.

Lipstick vibes
Rs – 1,375

Recommended usage and precautions for beginners

The vibrator is similar in shape to a dildo, so its usage is almost the same as a dildo. When inserting it into a woman’s vagina, be sure to loosen it firmly before inserting it slowly. Also, it is easier for beginners to choose a fine vibe rather than suddenly choosing a thick one.

The appeal of the vibe is that it easily stimulates women’s “G spots.” The G spot is the erogenous zone where women are most likely to get a pleasant sensation, and it is located 4-5 cm deep from the entrance to the vagina on the ventral side. If you increase the vibration of the vibe while hitting it here, you should be able to easily reach orgasm.

Vibes are also used by men for masturbation. In fact, when a man’s anal is well developed, it is possible to reach a dry orgasm that is more pleasant than ejaculation. It’s not a beginner’s technique, but if you’re interested, give it a try. However, it is important to proceed slowly.

Male masturbators (Fleshlights)

Speaking of sex toys, isn’t it the image of Male masturbators? Male masturbators is “Male masturbators”, and it is a product for men to insert a penis and enjoy when masturbating. It is mainly made to imitate the female vagina, and you can get a pleasant sensation that you can not taste with hand masturbation.

Male masturbators are roughly divided into two types: “disposable” and “reused”. The reusable type is relatively expensive, but it is recommended for those who want to enjoy it frequently because it can be used many times. In recent years, the “electric Male masturbators” with a vibration function has also appeared, which can further enhance the pleasure of masturbation.

Rotation Lover
Rs – 11,250

The biggest attraction of Male masturbators is that you can easily enjoy the feeling of “creampie.” The relatively realistic type that reproduces the feel of the vagina can be masturbated with a feeling similar to actual sex, so it can also be used for training to improve premature ejaculation. Ejaculating inside the Male masturbators is also attractive because it saves you the trouble of cleaning up.

Recommended usage and precautions for beginners

Male masturbators is also recommended for beginners of sex toys. It’s just as simple as having your erection penis inserted into your Male masturbators, which is heavily coated with Sex Lubricants. It’s not just a masturbation situation, but having a girl put her penis into her Male masturbators at the time of Sex is also a fun way to have fun.

Male masturbators’s weakness is that it feels chilly when inserted. In order to enjoy the realistic human skin feel, we recommend that you soak the Male masturbators in hot water at around 36 degrees in advance to warm it up. If you warm up the Sex Lubricants together, you’ll get a more realistic insertion feeling.

However, do not reuse disposable Male masturbators. It may seem like it can be reused if washed thoroughly, but if it is forcibly reused, miscellaneous bacteria may propagate and cause sexually transmitted diseases. Even if it is a reusable type, be sure to wash it thoroughly and dry it well.

Costume lingerie

Most of the time you are naked when you have sex, but you can also enjoy a new stimulus by wearing “Lingerie sex” in costume. There are various ways to enjoy, such as having sex with ordinary underwear and cosplaying with special costumes.

Cosplay Sex is very effective in relieving boredom because men are more likely to be visually excited. You can enjoy the extraordinary sensation that you can’t easily enjoy with normal sex, which is one of the charms of sex wearing costumes.

RC Vibrators
Rs – 275

Recommended usage and precautions for beginners

In lingerie sex, it is important to think about what kind of clothes and situations you would like to have sex with. For example, underwear Sex that adds a little spice to everyday sex, and SM series that can be punished by police officers and teachers will expand your enjoyment depending on your imagination.

If you are a beginner, we recommend trying soft lingerie sex first. I think it’s relatively easy to practice in a situation where a girl wears underwear after the shower and appears, and then develops into Sex.

In such lingerie sex, matching the couple’s taste is important. You can make cosplay sex even more exciting by having a couple talk and discussing each other, and wearing each other’s favorite costumes and having fun or developing into play games.

Timing for cutting out adult toys

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There are surprisingly many men who want to use sextoys for sex. However, there are many people who are worried that they will not be hated or pulled when cut out by women. In such a case, it is important to guide them well.

For example, when you go shopping at a large department store or a grocery store together, it is quite effective to invite you to the adult corner, “Why not go there?” Invite her, pretending as if you were going to be interested. After that, guide them well, buy goods and use them in production.

It’s also effective to appeal that you didn’t buy it yourself by saying, “I got a prize for something,” “I got it as a gift from a friend,” and cut out “Why don’t you use it?” .. It would be best if she could try other goods if she liked it.

“I’m stiff,” I used her electric massager for the original purpose and made it obscene. Then, try applying Magic wand vibrators gently to the dick, and if she likes it, it’s a success. Even if you are not very interested in Magic wand vibrators, you can use this opportunity to guide other goods.

Upgrade technique

If you use adult goods well, you can enjoy more comfortable sex. Once you’re used to the basics of using goods, try to improve your level. The recommended technique for those who want to orgasm a girl is “use goods when inserting”.

For example, you can insert your penis and move your Egg Vibrators against your clitoris to stimulate your vagina from both inside and outside at the same time. It is a dream of many men to make a woman medium orgasm (orgasm in the vagina, not the clitoris), but it is actually a difficult technique.

Using adult goods while inserting makes it easier for girls to orgasm. If you orgasm outside with a clitoris, it will be easier to feel inside the vagina and it will be easier to orgasm inside. She must be addicted to you if she can make her feel better with a higher-grade technique.

Points to enjoy with adult goods

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When you enjoy adult goods alone, it is important to pursue what you want to do. Problems are more likely to occur when using goods for couple sex. The important point is to think about how to enjoy together as a couple.

When only men are having fun, women can be dissatisfied. It is important for her to use it, such as having her glans bully her with Egg Vibrators. By creating an atmosphere where you can enjoy the reaction of each other, sex using adult goods will become even more exciting.

Q&A about adult goods

You may think that girls are not interested in adult goods. In fact, the recognition is wrong, and the fact that women’s goods are expanding in the market shows that girls are interested in sex toys. In fact, women are as greedy of sex as men.

Half of the rumors that “If you get used to adult goods, you will not be good at production” is true. For women, it seems that they don’t have to worry about anything except using too much Magic wand vibrators. However, if you are a man and you are too accustomed to masturbating with electric goods, you may end up with late ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

However, there seems to be a theory that Male masturbators helps improve erectile dysfunction, and it cannot be said that overuse of adult goods is harmful. Rather, I think that having a sex toy positively enjoying sexual pleasure has a great mental advantage.

Reducing boredom with adult goods

This time, we introduced the effects of sex toys, how to use them, and recommended techniques in detail. Adult goods are extremely effective in eliminating the boredom of sex, but it may seem like it’s hard to get involved. However, many beginners can use it easily.

There are various adult goods for men, women, masturbation, sex, etc. For the first adult goods, we recommend Male masturbators, Vibe, Sex Lubricants, Cock rings, etc. because they are easy to use.

Surprisingly many women are interested in sex toys. Therefore, if you can cut it out well, you can enjoy the goods together as a couple. Find a sex toy that suits you and your partner and enjoy sex that eliminates boredom.

Summary About Sextoys

After marriage or long relationship with a partner people feel boring so you can use sex toy for better sexual activity with the partner. Sex toys can help to improve your sexual activity with the partner because they can boost libido.

Most of the people are sex toy for taking complete enjoyment and pleasure with the partner. Different sex toy have different stimulation capacity so you can choice according your need in the online market.

As well as sex toy give you lot of confidence and pleasure with the partner men can boost their stamina and female partner can increase their sexual mood. So you can buy any one and try with the partner to feel more enjoyment and pleasure.