Semen and sperm : More ejaculation more pleasant

If you increase the number of sperm, the pleasure will also double? A reliable way to increase sperm and semen volume
Suddenly, do you know the difference between sperm and semen? Actually, I wasn’t confident either, but I heard that more sperm can make me feel more comfortable, and I investigated.

Of course, the more sperm you have, the more benefits you have, and above all, your health.
In fact, it feels really good when you feel like you’ve come out a lot.

If you have a way to get more sperm than you are now, why not give it a try?
Every man should have wanted to give out a lot of sperm once.

Here, we will explain how to increase sperm and semen, and male infertility that is actually scary if you do not know it, so please have a look.

Is it pleasant to increase sperm and semen?

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Why don’t you feel comfortable when you get a lot of semen? In my case, when I was told after she had sex that she said “I got a lot,” she was more embarrassed and more excited.

The terms sperm and semen are used in the same way in the first place, but what is the difference? Recently, there are words like male infertility, and I want you to be healthy if you can make your own sperm. So what is sperm? What is semen? I will explain from the beginning.

What are sperm and semen?

It is often said that “sperm comes out,” but sperm and semen are similar. Sperm is one of the components of semen, and its ratio is less than 1%. Moreover, it cannot be generally said that the more sperm there is, the more sperm will be.

After sperm are made from the testicles (so-called gold balls), they pass through the deference and pass through the prostate and seminal vesicles. Since sperm itself cannot live by itself, we will obtain the prostatic fluid and sperm secretions necessary to survive at this stage. The mixture of all this is called semen.

Why is it pleasant to increase the amount of sperm?

When you masturbate or have sex, semen ejaculates from the urethra when you reach the peak of pleasure. Actually, it’s not a belief that it feels good when there are many. When semen crosses the urethra, it stimulates the pleasant nerves. The more you say, the more pleasant your feeling will be.

In other words, it is most important to increase semen in order to increase pleasure! And while ejaculating semen without sperm can make you feel better, it is actually said that “healthy sperm stay in healthy semen.” In other words, in order to really feel good, you need to prepare your own body to make good quality sperm.

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Can you make more semen?

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Is it possible to increase the amount of semen containing sperm? The bottom line is that it is possible.
I used to masturbate many times a day when I was a junior high school student, and at the end, I’m no longer sure if it feels good or not. When I think about it now, the semen volume has physically decreased. It’s understandable that once a certain amount is exhausted, it disappears.

On the other hand, it feels really good to have a girlfriend who can’t see her for a while and wants to have sex with her. Maybe it’s because I don’t masturbate as much as I used to. But if I can, I want to have maximum pleasure while having sex with my favorite girlfriend or partner every day! In the first place, I would like to know how many days I should collect, and if there is no other way than collecting it.

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Sperm, sperm common sense, insane

By the way, do you know that sperm is not enough? It is possible that only a large number of sperm are in a dead state. On the other hand, since sperm is also contained in cowper juice (Gaman juice), if the sperm in it is healthy, you may get pregnant even if you do not ejaculate inside. I want to avoid this.

In the old days, it was often said that even if you vaginal cum shot, you can contracept by washing with cola, but it is a red lie.

It is not said that contraception can be achieved by vaginal cum shot while the woman is on top, or by showering immediately after vaginal cum shot. When sperm that store a lot of nutrients enter the body of a woman, they aim at fertilization toward the uterus at a glance. Basically, one sperm arrives at one egg and it is fertilized, so for sperm it is a great race for the life!

The average amount of sperm and semen you want to know

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It is said that sperm decreases and ages from the 30s. 15 ml of 1 ml of semen, 40% of which are actively moving sperm, is the minimum WHO standard. (1)

It seems that 80% of men will exceed this, but the remaining 20% ​​will be unable to conceive naturally and need improvement. By the way, in a single ejaculation, about 2 ml of semen will come out in a healthy person.

The proportion of sperm in semen, that is, the concentration, tended to increase with age. This is because the semen has simply decreased and it has become thicker. (2)

I wonder how many healthy sperm are in it…
Rumor has it that if you get married and want a child, you just can’t say it’s because you’re blaming your wife for your parents… Many people believe that infertility is still caused by women and men only need sperm, but if you examine it carefully, half of the cases are due to men without problems with women.
The reason why entertainers are pregnant even if they are older may be that they can spend money on infertility treatment.

The amount of sperm and semen will be full in about 3 days

Sperm is made from testicles, and it takes time to fill up when you ejaculate. Even when checking sperm, it seems that the abstinence period of 2 to 7 days will be set before the inspection. Of course, there are differences depending on the person, but if it runs out completely and becomes empty, it will take about 3 days to fill up. Then, the sperm motility and concentration will be examined. Even if you get a bad result, it depends on the time of the day, so you will be tested several times and a diagnosis of azoospermia, oligospermia, etc. will be issued.

Causes of decreased sperm and semen volume

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Earlier I told you that as you get older, you will lose sperm. It has also been reported that sperm activity deteriorates even at a young age if the lifestyle is irregular or if one lives in a poor atmosphere. (3)

When someone says, “Your sperm isn’t working well,” you’ll feel sad as a man.

What are the measures for sperm? Wrong way

The word abstinence is often used, but for sperm, don’t just focus on abstinence. About 3 days after abstinence, the quality of sperm may decline. Everyone thought that it would be nice to store it in a pool, but it wasn’t… Do you have the experience? It is thought that the quality of sperm is related to it, and the number of sperm decreases and the activity rate decreases.
It is good for the sperm to keep warm, but frequent long baths and saunas are not good for sperm. Sperm is sensitive to heat.

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Five ways to increase sperm and semen

Now let’s talk about how to actually increase sperm and semen! It is said that modern people have half their sperm compared to old people. This is due to the disturbance of posture due to the development of the living environment and the Internet, etc. where people can live even if they turn around day and night. This will allow you to regain your original pleasure!

Energize with your meals!

First is the basic diet. Just as a car runs on gasoline, human cells eat to build cells in the body.
It seems that there are still no guidelines for improving the number and quality of sperm, but seafood, nuts, cheese, and other substances that contain a large amount of zinc are considered to be good. (4) Conversely, processed meat such as bacon, refined wheat contained in bread and pasta, sweets and drinks with a lot of sugar are likely to reduce semen.

Try using energy-enhancing supplements

The word “zinc” was mentioned in the previous item. These are often eaten as Japanese food, so if you have a difficult time in modern life, you may want to try supplements. When it comes to supplements, the image of “increased supplements” or “viagra” may be strong, but it is not the only one. Supplements containing zinc are also sold.

You may want to take Viagra to improve your erection function, but when I tried it I tried to get an erection, but she said to me, “I feel really artificial and jealous.” I have been broken. Certainly, the bloodstream was gathering there, but I wasn’t excited. Zinc also helps restore male function.
However, you cannot take too much of it at a time, so you need to take it every day. It can be said that zinc supplements are also excellent in this respect. It’s just a supplement, so it’s just a nutritional supplement.

Grinding a man with exercise

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In any case, it’s good if you aim to have a cool body and the quality of sperm also improves. Obesity is one of the causes of difficulty in getting pregnant in both men and women. It is reported that the exercise that activates sperm for men is muscle training. (5) It seems that muscle training has a positive effect on sperm by continuing for 3 months or more, and miscarriage also decreases. However, if you stop exercising, the effect will decrease, so it is necessary to continue.

Cycling is also an easy exercise that can be done easily, but riding a bicycle for a long time will have a negative effect on sperm. It is thought that the testicles are pressed by the saddle to cause inflammation and that the competition tights generate frictional heat.
Instead of eating too much because you are obese, try to exercise properly.

Quality sleep

As mentioned above, the living environment affects sperm quality, but sleep is one of the most important factors to review. It is generally said that 7-8 hours of sleep is good, but this is the same as general health methods. A hormone called melatonin, which appears during sleep, plays a role in suppressing active oxygen, which makes sperm worse. Sleeping too long or too short can affect melatonin secretion. (6)
Of course, if your life rhythm is irregular, sperm is not good for your health, let alone health. Unless it’s irregular at work, try to get up at the same time in the morning.

Loose clothing

Especially for underwear, try to wear trunks rather than briefs or bikinis. Sperm are sensitive to heat. Wearing tight-fitting underwear will reduce the distance between your testicles and your abdomen, resulting in the build-up of heat. This is also true for clothes, and jeans and pants that fit the body can affect sperm activity.
The results show that the level of estrogen called FSH is higher in the briefs. (7) This indicates that the brain is telling the testicles, “Do your best!”, so it is possible that the male function has declined.

Relationship between sperm and semen volume and orgasm

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When the amount of sperm increases and the amount of semen increases, it is easy to obtain female orgasm. That’s because she said, “I feel most comfortable right before you go” when she wasn’t doing it anymore. It reminded me that I would say that if I continue to have that feeling, it will be the hardest when I go.
Of course, it’s important that you hit the angle and where you hit it, but if you ejaculate too short, it will be difficult to make her feel good, let alone her pleasure. If the amount of semen increases, you can ejaculate for a long time, so maybe you can do it at the same time as her!

Sperm test self-check at home

Not having good sperm condition can cause infertility, but it may also prevent good sex. Even if you don’t want a child, it’s a good idea to check your sperm early. However, I don’t feel like going to the hospital, especially if I’m single.

So, a kit that you can easily use is “You can check the sperm status at home”. Although it is not as detailed as in a hospital, it may be an indicator of whether or not you can feel good masturbation or sex by looking at the sperm’s condition.

I’m thinking of marrying her eventually, and I want a child. It seems that the cause of infertility may be unknown, but if you have a problem with yourself, it seems that you should improve it as soon as possible, so I will purchase it. For the time being, the real intention is that I want to have a good sex for the time being.

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Enjoy sex with energetic sperm

I think many people have never thought about sperm. However, I found that I needed a lot of good sperm to have a good sex. The more sperm you have, the more semen you can increase, and the more sperm you have, a virtuous cycle with a long-lasting sensation of undulating pleasure.

Moreover, that can be improved a lot by improving lifestyle and doing muscle training. These are of course good for the prevention of other diseases. Instead of relying on simple supplements, gradually review your life and improve the quality of your sperm. And once every three days, it would be great if I could ejaculate with masturbation or sex and get a feeling of liberation that I have never tasted before.