The right way to do urinary masturbation and what to do about it

There are many different types of masturbation and techniques, but among them, “urethral masturbation” is different. It involves inserting medical instruments and sex toys into the urethra, which is essentially used to produce excrement and semen, in order to achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Urethral masturbation is particularly appealing because the orgasm from urethral masturbation is a special kind of climax called a “dry orgasm,” which is far more pleasurable than regular masturbation.

In urethral masturbation, the key to reaching orgasm is the “prostate”, which can be stimulated indirectly by advancing to the back of the urethra. By stimulating this area well, you can achieve the wonderful pleasure of a woman’s climax. However, there are many caveats to this masturbation technique, and if not done correctly, it can lead to serious damage to the urethra and internal organs and even infection.

This article will provide a thorough explanation of the proper way to do urethral masturbation and the precautions to take.

Does the urethra make you feel good?

If you’re somewhat bored with your usual masturbation, it’s time to try a new method. Some use lotions and masturbation, others use anal or prostate stimulation. But if you want to enjoy a more extreme and uniquely pleasurable ecstasy, you may want to try urethral masturbation. The urethra may sound strange when you hear the word “urethra,” but in fact, if you can stimulate it well, it can be a sexual area.

To begin with, the urethra is the tube through which urine is excreted from the bladder to the outside of the body. In men, it is also connected to the vas deferens at the outlet of the bladder. The sperm ducts are the tubes through which the semen is ejected, so the urethra also functions as a reproductive organ that serves as a pathway for the semen.

This is an important point, as the reproductive organs generally have sexual organs that feel good when stimulated. The urethra is no exception to this rule.The male urethra penetrates the center of the prostate gland, which we’ll discuss in more detail later. The prostate gland is also a type of reproductive organ, and when successfully stimulated, it is characterized by a special kind of climax called “dry orgasm”.

This means that stimulation of the urethra can be transmitted to the prostate gland as well, so it is possible to get pleasure from urethral masturbation. The question is how to stimulate the urethra, and that’s the most important part, so let’s take a closer look at it.

What is urethral masturbation?

Urethral masturbation is performed by stimulating the urethra inside the penis, but how should it be performed in the first place? Basically, it is performed by inserting a “catheter” that is used in the medical field. Originally, a catheter is a medical device that is inserted into the bladder or blood vessels to perform medical procedures.

It is not small, about 3-5 millimeters in diameter, so you might think that such a thing is possible to fit in. In fact, the penis is a urinary organ, not something to be inserted.However, if you’ve ever been in the hospital or had a urinalysis, you’ve probably had a catheter inserted into your urethra.

It must have been painful and not pleasant at the time, but the same catheter can be inserted into the urethra to potentially make you feel good. In addition to medical catheters, there are special goods for urethral play, such as “bougie”, “vibes”, and “plugs”, which make it easy to enjoy urethral masturbation.

Urethral bougie is essentially a medical device like a catheter, but it is a metal rod that is also used as a sex toy. Urethral vibes are specially designed for the urethra and are used to stimulate it with vibrations. A urethral plug is like a urethral version of the anal plug used for the anus and is inserted into the urethra.

It is mainly used to cover the urethra to prevent urine and semen from coming out, but it can also be used to dilate the urethra.There are various methods of urethral masturbation like this one, and it can make you feel good when you make use of it.

However, it is important to note that it is carried out by inserting a foreign object into the penis, which is essentially an excretory organ, so there are risks if it is not done correctly. It is important to always pay attention to hygiene, choose your goods carefully, do not insert them too deeply, and so on, in order to enjoy urethral masturbation safely.

How to get comfortable in the urethra?

Urethral masturbation is designed to stimulate the urethra from the inside for sexual pleasure, but let’s take a closer look at why this technique makes you feel good in the first place. The urethra runs through the center of the prostate gland and runs through the urethral spongiosa inside the penis.

This means that stimulating the urethra from the inside leads to prostate masturbation, and also leads to pleasure in the urethral spongiosa. This is the reason why you can feel good in the urethra, but there are other reasons why you can feel good in the urethra as well, such as

  • It can be visually exciting.
  • I have a pleasant sensation like when I urinate.
  • You’ll reach dry orgasm.

Urethral masturbation may seem painful at first glance, but it can be just as pleasurable as other masturbation methods for several reasons. First, the key is that visual arousal leads to pleasure. Essentially, the penis is a urinary or reproductive organ, and it’s where urine and semen come from. Inserting something into it is a very special situation, so it can create an unusual situation.

That kind of unusual and unusual sight leads to pleasure. Also, masochistic men may feel aroused by the humiliating sight of teasing the urethra, which can make them feel good.Many men have felt somewhat comfortable when they urinate as hard as they can when they have to hold their pee.

Like when you ejaculate, the urethra has the property of getting pleasure from the stimulation of something coming out. The stimulation itself is the same when it comes out and goes in, so inserting a catheter or bougie can recreate that kind of sensation when you urinate or ejaculate. Let’s continue to look at the last “dry orgasm” in more detail.

The relationship between the urethra and the prostate

The most important reason why urethral masturbation makes you feel good is that the stimulation is transmitted to the prostate gland and allows you to experience a dry orgasm. To begin with, the prostate is a reproductive organ that is only found in men, and it is located directly below the bladder and surrounds the urethra.

It is a small organ, about the size of a walnut and weighing only a few dozen grams, and its role is still largely unknown except for the secretion of prostatic fluid.In fact, the prostate gland is also known as the “male G-spot”, and stimulation of the prostate gland can give a very strong sensation when stimulated, so the technique of stimulating the prostate gland from inside the anal cavity is known as prostate masturbation. Continued stimulation of the prostate gland leads to a dry climax, or dry orgasm, which does not involve ejaculation.

The benefits of dry orgasm include the absence of ejaculation and the ensuing malaise, the ability to cum multiple times in a row, and the ability to achieve a deeper and longer lasting pleasure than ejaculation.
For more information on how to get a dry orgasm from inside the anal, click here!

As mentioned earlier, the urethra runs through the prostate gland, so when a catheter or other device is inserted into the urethra, the stimulation is transmitted to the prostate gland as well. As a result, you can reach dry orgasm with urethral masturbation as if you were masturbating your prostate. Dry orgasms are said to be so close to a woman’s climax that they feel like heaven, so once you experience one, you may become addicted to it.

However, orgasms in the prostate gland are not easy to achieve for everyone and require a long period of development. At first, you may give up in the middle of the process, as it often causes pain and discomfort instead of pleasure. However, as you continue through trial and error, you will gradually feel better and one day you will suddenly reach orgasm. If you want to achieve dry orgasm with urethral masturbation, it is better to consider that you need some patience in this way.

For beginners! What you need for urethral masturbation

We’ve looked at why urethral masturbation can make you feel good, but in order to actually reach orgasm, you’ll need special equipment. It’s no exaggeration to say that choosing and using the right equipment is the key to urethral masturbation. Always use the following special equipment when performing it, as substituting other items can lead to serious injury.

  • Urinary catheter
  • Medical lubricating jelly
  • Sex toys for the urethra
  • A feeling of not being in a hurry

Although a urethral catheter is a medical device, it is also known as a sex toy for masturbation because it can effectively stimulate the inside of the urethra. Since the catheter is inserted into the urethra, a delicate place, we use medical lubricating jelly instead of ordinary love lotion.

If sex toys are used in combination with sex toys, you will get more effective pleasure. Finally, mental aspects such as the feeling of not being in a hurry are also important. Let’s take a closer look at the features, uses, and important points of each.

Urinary catheter

The first thing you need in order to perform urethral masturbation is probably the tool to insert it inside. If you are a beginner, make sure you use a medical catheter. Although you can be assured of the quality of the tool because it is a medical catheter, the question is how to choose and use it.

We will explain how to use it later, so let’s start with how to choose one. The size of a catheter is expressed in terms of the French scale (Fr), which is a unit of measurement three times a millimeter, as shown below.

  • 3Fr….1 mm in diameter
  • 4Fr….1.333mm in diameter
  • 5Fr….1.666mm in diameter
  • 6Fr….Diameter 2mm
  • 7Fr….2.333mm in diameter
  • 8Fr….2.666mm in diameter
  • 9Fr….3 mm in diameter
  • 10Fr….3.333mm in diameter
  • 11Fr….3.666mm in diameter
  • 12Fr….4 mm in diameter
  • 13Fr….4.333mm in diameter
  • 14Fr….4.666mm in diameter
  • 15Fr….diameter 5mm

Keep in mind that the diameter increases by 0.333 millimeters for every 1 Fr increase, and 3 Fr is 1 millimeter and thereafter it increases by 1 millimeter in multiples of 3. Basically, most of the ones inserted into the urethra in the medical field are about 12Fr (4mm in diameter), but it is recommended to start with a 9Fr (3mm in diameter) because it can be difficult to handle for beginners and can cause pain. However, do not use anything thinner than that.

This is because the sharpness of the tip will be too tight and may damage the urethra.You don’t need to worry too much about the length, but if it’s too short, it won’t reach the back of the urethra, and if it’s too long, there will be too much excess and it will interfere with the process.

The catheter is inserted about 20 cm from the entrance, so 30 cm is sufficient. Also, it should not have a balloon attached to it. The balloon is designed to open in the bladder and can be damaged if it is accidentally opened in the urethra. In fact, even in the medical field, there have been accidents where the urethra has been damaged by balloons, so it is not something that the average person can use. If you are a beginner, choose a catheter that is 9 Fr and without a balloon.

Also, always choose a disposable urinary catheter, not a reusable type. Reusable types are for medical settings and other environments where they can be completely sterilized and stored, and are not allowed to be used in the home. Incompletely sterilized or stored catheters, or reusable catheters that are reused and inserted into the urethra can cause serious infections. Choose disposable catheters and always discard them after each use.

Medical Lubricant Jelly

Urethral masturbation is done by inserting a catheter into the penis, and it absolutely needs to be lubricated. If the catheter is inserted as it is, the friction can damage the urethra and cause a terrible accident such as a bacterial infection. Therefore, be sure to use a medical lubricating jelly or gel. You may feel like you can use regular love lotion, but avoid it as it can cause problems.

Inexpensive love lotions are often inexpensive sodium polyacrylate based, but they are too viscous to be used in the urethra because they are too difficult to blend in. Other types and even more expensive lotions have the same high risk of damaging the urethra by absorbing moisture inside the urethra or drying out in the process, which reduces lubrication.

On the other hand, if you have a special medical jelly or gel, it will fit tightly into the urethra and won’t dry out in the process. Therefore, always use a medical lubricating jelly or gel.Medical jelly or gel is not only high quality and safe, but also hygienic as it comes in small packages, so you don’t have to worry about contaminating the parts you don’t use like regular lotions. However, even if you choose the right lubricating jelly, it’s useless if you use it incorrectly.

We will discuss the details later, but it is necessary to apply lubricating jelly not only to the mouth of the urethra but also to the entire catheter or device to be inserted. As you proceed with the insertion, you may experience severe pain, so you need to be careful not only in your choice of lubricant, but also in how you use it.

Urethral guts can do it too!

If you are a beginner, you can start with basic urethral masturbation using the medical catheter and lubricating jelly I mentioned earlier. The catheter is soft, unlike other goods, so it’s easy to use, even if you’re not yet used to stimulating the urethra. However, once you get used to the stimulation, as with normal masturbation, you may find that it is somewhat lacking. If this is the case, you can also try the following special urethral sex products.

  • Buzzy
  • vibe
  • plug

Both were developed specifically for urethral play or have evolved from formal medical devices, so you can effectively blame the urethra. For intermediate urethral masturbators who have become accustomed to catheters, a bougie or vibrator is a good choice. Unlike the soft catheter mentioned earlier, a bougie is a rod-like device made of metal or hard material.

In fact, the bougie was originally a medical device, but it has now been developed as a sex toy and utilized for masturbation.The urethral vibe is a product created solely for urethral play, which allows you to reach ecstasy by inserting it and vibrating it.

The plug is used to plug or dilate the urethra, and there is also a ring attached to it, called a urethral plug ring. These are quite extreme and advanced goods, so it is safer to save the challenge of this for last. Let’s take a closer look at these goodies, including their features and how to use them.

Urinary bougie

The word “bougie” in urethral bougie is unfamiliar, but it refers to a medical device used to dilate organs such as the esophagus, rectum and urethra. In other words, a urethral bougie is also originally a medical device used to dilate the urethra and is used to treat urethral diseases such as urethral stricture.

As mentioned above, it is made of a hard material such as metal, which sets it apart from softer catheters.Like the catheters I mentioned earlier, the size of the urethral bougie is also marked on the French scale (Fr); you can choose a size of around 12 Fr, which is fine, but more advanced users may use a larger size than 15 Fr.

Also, bougie’s are available for men and women, but be sure to use the men’s version. The men’s version follows the structure of the urethra and is curved so that it can be inserted into the penis without problems.

It’s not much different from a catheter, although detailed instructions on how to use it will be discussed later. However, because it is hard, it can easily damage the curve of the urethra, so it is important to insert it slowly and at a careful angle and how to move the penis.

Also, boughies are often made of metal, so they should be reused rather than disposable. However, they cannot be stored in an airtight, sterile condition, so it is important to thoroughly sterilize them with detergent or rubbing alcohol after use and immediately before use.

Buzzy is hard, so there is a high risk of damaging the urethra if you use this one in the first place. Injuring the urethra with bougie masturbation is still not only a risk of infection, but it can also lead to urethral stricture.

Furthermore, if you put it too far in, you risk damaging your bladder, so it’s important to be careful not to put it too far in. You don’t want to make yourself sick with a therapeutic device. Therefore, if you are a beginner, be sure to get used to playing with a catheter before you try the urethral bougie here.

Urinary vibrator

Once you get used to playing with the bougie I mentioned earlier, your urethra should be pretty well developed. If you want to get more pleasure than a catheter or bougie, try a urethral vibrator. When you think of a vibrator, you may think of the familiar female sex toy that is inserted into the vagina, but the urethral vibrator is, to put it simply, the urethral version of it. In other words, by inserting it into the urethra and making it vibrate, you can get a pleasant sensation.

Unlike the ones we’ve mentioned so far, vibes are completely for masturbation. There are various types of vibes, but most of them have a vibe at the tip, and you can adjust the pattern and intensity of the vibration with a controller at the base. There are various types of vibes, such as catheter-like thin tubes, bougie-like hard rods with a vibe at the end, and silicone bougie-type ones that are a little softer.

In any case, they are similar to the devices we have mentioned so far.Therefore, vibrators should never be touched by beginners who are not used to the previous goods. This is because they are obviously more irritating than catheters and bougie, and if not handled correctly, they can hurt the urethra.

In addition, the vibration of the vibrations of the vibrator can cause your hand to go crazy, and you risk hurting your urethra at the point of insertion. It’s important to keep the vibrations low until you get used to handling the vibrator.If it is a silicone type, be careful to check carefully for burrs, which are points where the product has not been fully processed and is popping out or shaving off, before inserting it.

Also, like the bougie, the vibe is reusable, so pay close attention to hygiene and be sure to sterilize it after and before use. Failure to do so will result in an unsanitary urethra, so it’s still advisable to get your hands on a bougie only after you’ve learned to handle it properly.

Urethral plug

The urethral plug is truly an advanced goodie and should only be used by those who want to reach the extreme realm. This plug also inserts into the urethra just like the previous goods, but the main difference is in blocking and expanding the urethra. There is a surprisingly wide variety of plugs available, but there are different materials such as stainless steel, silicone, and plastic, as well as different shapes, such as the straight type and the pearl-connected type.

There are also differences between plugs with and without a ring. Basically, most of them have a ring, and the ring is hooked to the glans head. When you get an erection, not only does the glans press against the ring, but the urethra itself is compressed by the plug, which is painful, but once you get to this level, it can also be pleasurable and exciting.

Also, most urethral plugs have holes for urination, so you can keep it on for a long time.This means that plugs are truly the stuff of urethral enthusiasts who are always looking for something to put in and develop in the urethra. Since it doesn’t insert all the way to the back, the use itself may be easier than other goods.

This one is also used repeatedly like a bougie or vibe, so sterilize it with detergent or rubbing alcohol just before use. Then carefully insert the plug part and hook the ring to the glans when it’s deep in, and then the installation is complete.

Since the plug is not inserted deeply, it is less painful than a bougie or vibrator. However, it is not for beginners or intermediate users due to the nature of the plug in the urethra and the fact that it is inserted for a long time.

For this reason, you should get used to the catheters, bougie and vibes we’ve discussed and feel that they are insufficient before you get your hands on a plug. Also, even if you are an advanced user, if you insert it and feel any change in your urethra, stop using it immediately. Pay attention to hygiene, and do not reinsert it once it has been removed and always clean it before using it.


Urethral masturbation is not an easy thing to do. It takes a considerable amount of time before you are able to feel comfortable and even reach a dry orgasm. It often takes a longer period of development than anal or nipple masturbation. In the beginning, you may feel nothing but pain, and you may get sick of it and want to stop. You may become impatient if you can’t get comfortable with it.

However, don’t be impatient with urethral masturbation.The most important thing to note is that this masturbation technique involves the use of a variety of devices. When inserting a catheter or bougie, you are inserting a sharp instrument into a narrow urethra, so you need to be very careful. If you are in a hurry at such a time, you will not only experience severe pain, but it could lead to serious injury.

With anal or nipple masturbation, you may only need to hurt your anus or nipples a little. However, if urethral masturbation damages the inside, it can lead to serious diseases.There’s nothing good about trying to do in a hurry with urethral masturbation. Try to take it easy and develop your urethra with the mindset that it’s normal not to feel it, and you’ll be lucky if you can feel it even a little bit.

It is recommended that you don’t only focus on urethral masturbation, but rather that you train for urethral masturbation once every few times, while also properly masturbating normally, so that you can progress gradually. If you make a steady effort, success is sure to come.

How to do urethral masturbation

We’ve looked at the wonders of urethral masturbation and what you need to prepare for, but the most important thing you need to know is how to masturbate. Since urethral masturbation involves the special use of equipment, it is important to do it correctly anyway. Doing it the wrong way can lead to dangerous diseases and injuries. To enjoy ecstasy safely, be aware of the following steps as you proceed.

  • Thoroughly sanitize your hands and tools.
  • Apply lubricant jelly to the catheter or goods.
  • Inserting urethral goods in a comfortable position
  • Firmly grasp the position of the bladder.
  • Stimulate the prostate with goodies.

Cleanliness of the hands and tools you use is the most important thing to keep in mind, and there are many other things to keep in mind as well. However, the insertion of a catheter or bougie into the urethra is a medical procedure, so as long as you do it correctly, you can reduce the risks as much as possible. Let’s take a closer look at the procedures one by one.

First, sanitize your tools and hands

It is important to always wash and sterilize your hands and utensils clean when performing urethral masturbation. If you forget to wash either of them, you will have a problem. Catheters should not be a problem because you always open a new one, but if you are using a bougie or vibrator, be sure to wash it before you use it.

Even if you clean them clean after use, it’s impossible to keep them sterile afterwards, so they are covered in germs. Also, if you forget to wash your hands, which is crucial, you can transfer germs when you touch the appliance.

What’s frightening about getting germs into the urethra is that the bladder is connected to the kidneys. Not only can simply getting into the urethra cause inflammation and suppuration, but getting into the bladder can lead to cystitis and bloody urine.

Furthermore, if the germs enter the kidneys through the bladder, it can lead to acute nephritis, pyelonephritis, and other serious, time-sensitive conditions. To prevent such horrible situations, you need to pay close attention to your hygiene. Always wash your tools and hands.

The key is to wash your hands, but instead of washing them with soap, use sanitizing hand soap and clean every inch of your hands from your wrists to between your fingers and between your nails. Remember that inserting a catheter or bougie into your urethra is essentially a medical procedure. There is no such thing as too much, no matter how careful you are.

Catheters are always new and do not need to be specifically sanitized, but if for some reason you have already opened the catheter, wipe it down with a sanitizing sheet if you have already opened it.If you are using a bougie or vibrator, you need to be even more careful, and if possible, try to disinfect it with boiling water by placing it in hot water at least 80 degrees for at least a minute.

Then, once you’ve done a round of sanitizing sheets, you won’t have to worry about germ infiltration. It may seem like a hassle, but don’t neglect it as it is necessary to enjoy safe masturbation. Once your hands and equipment are clean and sterilized, you’re ready to insert them.

Blend lubricant jelly with catheters and goofs

Urethral masturbation causes pain because of the prevailing pressure between the device and the catheter during insertion. Always apply a medical lubricating jelly or gel before inserting a catheter, bougie, vibrator or other device. As mentioned above, you need to use a medical version of this product, not the love lotion used for regular masturbation.

In addition, it is useless to just apply it near the urethra, because if you put a catheter or other device a little deeper, it will cause severe pain, so you need to apply it evenly.Therefore, first of all, you should apply jelly to the tip of the glans in a circular motion and spread the jelly to the upper half of the glans. Then, apply the jelly to the entire area where the catheter is inserted and make sure it is well absorbed.

Also, there is no need to force the urethra to spread the jelly inside. If you apply the jelly to the opening of the urethra and the device, the jelly will naturally spread inside when you insert it, so there is no need to worry.However, if you apply it too thickly, it may cause resistance at the time of insertion, so make sure to spread it thinly all over.

If you slide your finger over the device, you can get rid of excess jelly while spreading it all over, and it will be easier to spread it over the whole device. This will eliminate friction and allow you to insert the device without getting stuck. The slipperiness will make it easier for you to proceed with masturbation without feeling pain.

Insert in a comfortable position

Once you’re ready, it’s time to insert the catheter or device. In the hospital, you will be able to insert the catheter in a supine position during an examination or when you are admitted to the hospital. However, it is difficult to insert the catheter in that position when you are inserting it yourself, so it is important to get into a comfortable position. You can use a chair with a backrest, a sofa, or anything else you can find to be comfortable and relaxed.

This will help you relax your body by relaxing your body in a comfortable position.In addition, it is important to proceed with a soft penis and not an erection when you insert the catheter. You don’t insert a catheter into a penis that is erect in the medical field with a pinprick. This is because when the penis is erect, the trabeculae expand and compress the urethra, making it difficult to insert it.

When you masturbate in a disgusting way, your penis may stand on end just thinking about it, but you should manage to calm it down and soften it. If you can sit deeper in a chair with a backrest, you’ll be able to relax.Once you are in a relaxed position, use your non-dominant thumb and forefinger to spread the urethral opening.

Do not push the urethral opening open, but open it to the left and right. You should be able to see the red mucous membrane; if you can see it about 1 cm deep, it’s enough, so don’t force it open. It is also important to open the urethral opening with your non-dominant hand. This is because inserting a catheter requires precise manipulation and must be moved with your dominant hand.

Once you are able to open the opening of the urethra, place the catheter against it and insert it slowly. You should insert it slowly, at a rate of 1 cm per second or slower. Because of the human body’s structure, the urethra is curved toward the body, and if you continue to insert it, there will always be a part of the urethra that gets caught in the middle. You can deal with this by changing the angle of the catheter.

However, do not rush to change the direction of the catheter, but do so carefully, and try to insert the catheter gradually through trial and error. Be careful not to poke and prod it around, as this can damage the urethra. If it is difficult, you can adjust the angle of the penis, but we will discuss this in more detail later. Also, a little beyond the bend is the prostate gland, which is the key to dry orgasm, but first, you should advance about 5 cm beyond it to the bladder.

Know where your bladder is

As you insert the catheter, you may feel a tugging at this point as the urethra is curved, but if you change the angle of insertion well, you can proceed beyond this point. However, this is the part where you are likely to feel even more pain than before, so move it carefully and deliberately. One thing to keep in mind is to know how far you have inserted the catheter now.

This is because about 5 cm further on from here, you will finally reach the bladder.You may also feel a pleasurable sensation as you proceed because the prostate is located at the back of the curve. This sensation will be very important for reaching a dry orgasm.

If you advance about 5 cm from the previous bend, you have already reached the bladder, so you don’t need to go any further. If you don’t know how well the catheter is inserted, you won’t be able to understand this 5 cm guideline. There is nothing wrong with going too far back if it is a little too far, but be careful not to put it in too far, as it can cause bladder pain and inflammation.

There are individual differences, so it is not a definite number, but about 20 cm back from the urethra is the standard length for inserting the catheter. After this, you need to pull and push the catheter, but if you pull it back too far, it will fall out of the curvature, so the feeling in your hand is very important. The only way to get used to urethral masturbation in this area is to get used to it and refine your senses, so you’ll have to train more often to get better at it.

Stimulating the prostate

Once the catheter is inserted to the bladder, about 20 cm from the urethral opening, the next step is to stimulate the prostate. The procedure is simple: just pull or push the catheter slowly about 1-2 cm wide and move it in a light vibrating motion. You may feel pain until you get used to it, but as you repeat the urethral masturbation, you will feel a buzzing or thrilling sensation when you move the catheter a little.

Keep it about 1 cm wide until you get used to it, and even if you get used to it a little, keep it within 2 cm. You don’t need intense pistoning motions to feel it in the prostate gland. The prostate is said to resemble a woman’s G-spot, and the methods of effective stimulation are very similar.

It is much easier to feel the sensation when you massage the prostate gland gently than when you stimulate it vigorously with fast bobbing movements.If you can stimulate the prostate gland well, you will feel a pleasant sensation gradually increasing and you will feel a pleasant sensation from deep inside your body.

There will also be a heightened sense of arousal and pleasure, as if you are holding back pee, as if you are holding back an ejaculation on the verge. Moreover, unlike normal masturbation, this sensation lasts for a long time, so you can continue to enjoy the intense pleasure. If you continue to vibrate with the push and pull of the catheter, the peak of your climax will be reached and you will have a dry orgasm.

However, it is important to keep the penis soft because you will not be able to masturbate in the urinary tract once you have an erection. Since dry orgasm is a climax that does not involve ejaculation, the penis does not have to be erect. Also, be aware that an erection will lengthen the urethra and shift the catheter’s position, as well as compressing the inside of the penis, which can cause pain. The key to successful urethral masturbation is to be aware that it is very different from normal masturbation.

Urethral masturbation techniques

We’ve looked at the basic methods of urethral masturbation, but it’s not always easy for beginners. Even if you’re a little more familiar with it, you may not be able to reach orgasm as well as you would like. So, it is important to learn some techniques to increase your success rate and pleasure. The following three techniques can help you to increase the effectiveness of urethral masturbation.

  • Control the angle of the penis.
  • Selecting the right size urethral goods
  • Be careful when inserting and moving the goods.

Whenever you try urethral masturbation, you will hit an insurmountable wall. Don’t give up at this point, and finding ways to deal with it and keep going is the difference between successfully reaching orgasm or not. But don’t worry, because most of the time you can solve this problem by just being aware of the basics. Let’s take a closer look at the three techniques above.

Watch the angle of your penis

When performing urethral masturbation, the angle of the penis is very important. This is because the insertion of the catheter and the angle of the urethra will depend on the orientation of the penis. If you try to insert the catheter towards the proper orientation of the penis, the catheter won’t go deep enough. It is an ironclad rule to insert it when the penis is not erect and soft, but it is also more difficult to insert it when it is hanging slack.

So, when you insert the catheter into the urethra, pull the catheter forward so that the body and penis are at 90 degrees.If you insert it in this way for about 15 cm, it will plunge into the aforementioned point where the urethra is curved, so it won’t be able to go back in as it is. If you feel a dead end, never push too hard, but change the direction of insertion of the catheter, as explained earlier.

In addition, if you insert it about 5 cm with the penis now angled at 60 degrees, or downward, you can reach the bladder.Changing the angle of the penis during the insertion of the catheter is also something that doctors and nurses actually do when performing medical procedures. Also, inserting the catheter 15 cm first and then inserting it about 5 cm after the curvature is also something that is asked in state exams and other tests.

Therefore, if you follow this procedure to insert the catheter, you should basically be able to reach the bladder without any problems. However, it is important to proceed with the insertion of the catheter carefully, at a slow speed of less than 1 cm per second.

Urethral guts should not be too thin or too thick

When choosing a urethral catheter, bougie or vibrator, you need to pay attention to the size. If the goodies are too thick, you simply can’t insert them, and trying to force them in can cause severe pain and urethral damage. However, it is actually more dangerous to be too thin than too thick, so be especially aware of the proper size when choosing a catheter. If the catheter is too thin, it will have a sharp tip and will feel like a stab when it hits the internal wall, damaging the urethra and causing it to bleed.

The size of catheter a beginner should choose is 9 Fr, or 3 mm in diameter. Medical professionals basically use a 12Fr (4mm diameter) or so, but if you’re not used to it, it’s hard to get used to it. However, if you choose an extremely thin one, such as 6Fr, because it is easier to insert, the risk of damaging the urethra will increase as mentioned above.

If the urethra is damaged, it can cause urethral stenosis and infection, so choose the right goods.As you become more comfortable with urethral masturbation, intermediate and later, you will want to try something a little thicker. Inserting a thicker catheter will naturally stimulate the prostate gland more strongly, which will make the pleasure more intense and easier to reach orgasm.

However, the catheter needs to be about 12 Fr to 15 Fr at the thickest, or it will not be able to pass through the curvature. Even if you use a bougie or vibrator, be careful not to use a size that is too thick, such as 7 to 8 mm in diameter.

Careful when moving it

Urethral masturbation does not require fast pistons; it is only important to move it carefully and deliberately. The catheter technique involves inserting the catheter about 20 cm into the urethral opening and into the bladder, and then moving the catheter by pulling and pushing it in small increments. In this way, you can effectively stimulate the prostate gland, which surrounds the urethra.

However, be sure to move the inserted goods slowly.If you do it in the usual masturbation way, you will tend to speed up the piston movement in spurts as the pleasure increases. However, it is very dangerous to do the same with urethral masturbation. Even though the medical gel is properly applied and lubricated, there is still a risk of damaging the urethra if you move it too hard.

To begin with, the insertion of a urethral catheter is primarily used for urination, not for inserting it and making piston movements.Pushing and pulling the catheter and other goodies in and out of the catheter should be done slowly and carefully.

If you insert them at the wrong angle, they will hit the wall of the urethra, but if you are moving them too fast at this point, you will hurt the urethra. By moving it gradually, you can detect the tug when it hits the wall and stop the movement. Pay maximum attention to the sensations at hand during urethral masturbation and try to move it carefully.

Cautions for Urethral Masturbation

Now that we’ve looked at how to do urethral masturbation and the techniques to increase your success rate, it’s important to once again take a good look at the precautions you need to take. Since urethral masturbation is performed by inserting a foreign object inside the penis, it cannot be done without risk. Therefore, always keep in mind that the following five precautions should be followed.

  • Develop the urethra slowly.
  • We pay close attention to hygiene.
  • Never use anything other than specialized equipment.
  • Be careful not to go in too deep.
  • If you are in pain, do not force yourself to stop immediately.

In particular, paying thorough attention to hygiene is essential to continue safe urethral masturbation. Be sure to be aware that neglecting this can lead to serious diseases of the kidneys as well as the urethra. It is also important that you do not overdo it and stop immediately if you are in pain and do not rush through it. Now let’s take a closer look at each of these precautions.

Develop slowly

As I explained earlier, urethral masturbation is not an easy thing to do. It is not uncommon to find that at first you are not able to advance as far as you would like, and you can barely get the catheter in. There may be times when you are approaching a curve and you are not able to proceed to the back of the curve and have to give up.

However, if you are in a hurry and try to force your way through it, it can cause serious accidents and diseases.To begin with, the urethra is an organ for urination and ejaculation, and everything is there to get something out of it. It is important to recognize that urethral masturbation, where you put something in from there, is inherently unreasonable.

In other words, urethral masturbation has to be unsuccessful, and if it works, you’re lucky. If you don’t take it easy and challenge yourself, you won’t be able to continue safely. It is important to have the mental strength to be patient and not to be in a hurry.

If you focus too much on urethral masturbation, most of the time it won’t work. Instead, you should focus on normal masturbation and try to do urethral masturbation once a week or once every two weeks to avoid pushing yourself too hard. It will take at least six months to become comfortable with urethral masturbation and a year or more to be able to reach a dry orgasm. Be sure to be patient with your development.

Pay thorough attention to hygiene

The most important thing to remember when performing urethral masturbation is to always pay close attention to your hygiene. Aside from cleaning the goods you use, don’t forget to carefully wash your hands with sanitizing hand soap. Our hands are covered with a variety of viruses and germs, and if you touch the urethra or utensils with them, you can easily get a bacterial infection.

Pay attention to the hygiene of the goods and never neglect to prepare them.The inside of the urethra cannot be cleaned externally, so it is always dirty with feces and other materials. The urethral goods inserted into it are naturally dirty, and then a lot of germs and other things can grow from it.

When you insert a germ-covered product into the urethra, the urethra becomes contaminated and infected with bacteria. If the walls of the urethra are damaged by a catheter or other object, it is easier for bacteria to get into the urethra, making it more susceptible to infection.

In addition, if the bacteria enter the bladder, the kidneys that are connected to it can also be damaged. Acute nephritis or pyelonephritis is a life-threatening condition, so if you notice anything unusual, you should rush to the hospital right away.

For example, if you experience severe fatigue, fever, discoloration or pain in your urine after urethral masturbation, you may have a damaged or bacterial infection in your urethra, bladder or kidneys, and if you don’t go to the hospital without hesitation, you’ll be in trouble.

Using only specialized tools

Never use any equipment for urethral masturbation other than that which is specifically designed for it. Catheters and bougie devices are not exclusively for masturbation either, but they are safe to use because they were originally intended for use in the urethra as medical devices.

You should be careful about trying to force a device that is obviously not meant to be inserted into the urethra. For example, there are some plays, such as putting a cotton swab into the urethra, but you should never do this.

A cotton swab is used to clean the ears and has a sticky surface to make it easier to remove dirt. Putting such a thing in the urethra can cause strong friction and damage the inside of the urethra. You might put a waiting needle, toothpick, or other hard objects into the urethra, but that is even more dangerous.

There are many accidents where they can stick into the urethra and damage it, or they can go deep into the urethra and not be removed. In the worst case, a surgical operation may be necessary and the penis may become unusable.

The prostate gland cannot be stimulated by inserting these things in the first place, so forcing them in will only increase the risk and will not do any good. Stop taking unnecessary risks and be aware of the fact that urethral masturbation by the right way can increase your pleasure.

The high road to urethral masturbation is to insert a medical catheter to stimulate the prostate gland. Using anything other than a specialized device is not only evil, but also dangerous and can be fatal, so don’t try to imitate it.

Don’t insert it too deep

If you continue to do regular masturbation for a long time, you’ll get bored and start looking for ways to make it feel better. As you get a little more comfortable with urethral masturbation, you’ll get a little greedy. So you may start to insert the catheter deeper and deeper to see what happens if you insert the catheter further and deeper.

However, that is extremely dangerous and should never be done.Inserting a catheter deeper into the bladder will not increase the pleasure and will only increase the risk of damaging the bladder. This is because urethral masturbation is about stimulating the prostate gland with a catheter to achieve dry orgasm.

In other words, there is no point in going deeper until you reach the bladder from the prostate, i.e., after inserting it around 20 cm from the urethral opening. The only range of goodness is around the prostate.If you go any further back, you go into the interior of the bladder, but the bladder is designed to hold liquids, so it is soft and has no tolerance for hard objects.

Therefore, if the catheter enters the wall of the bladder, it can easily be damaged, causing bleeding and cystitis. Cystitis can lead to fever and bloody urine, so if you have such an unusual situation after urethral masturbation, you should rush to the hospital immediately. Because of these risks, you shouldn’t put the catheter too far back in.

Stop if you are in pain

Successful urethral masturbation requires an unhurried spirit and patience, but you must not put up with it the wrong way. Urethral masturbation is not something that can only be successful if you endure the pain, but if you don’t make it painless, you won’t succeed. This means that when you feel pain, something is wrong, so the right thing to do is to give up and stop when you’re in the middle of the pain.

Most of these pains are caused by friction that occurs between the urethra and the catheter or specialized device. Because the urethra is a very delicate area, any friction that occurs can cause immediate pain.

This is why the use of medical lubricating gel or jelly is essential when inserting a device into the urethra. Note that, as mentioned above, you need medical jelly, not regular love lotion. However, since you are putting a foreign object inside the penis, there will inevitably be some kind of discomfort or pressure.

Also, you will reach the curvature when you enter the urethral opening about 15 cm, but you must be careful not to move it in the wrong way there, as it will still cause pain. It is essential to move the catheter slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the urethra as it approaches the curvature. If you adjust the angle as you move it slightly, you can move forward with only a dull ache. To be able to perform urethral masturbation without pain, you should practice more and more.

Urinary tract masturbation summary

In this article, we have explained in detail the proper way to do urethral masturbation and what to look out for. Urethral masturbation, which is heterogeneous among the many masturbation techniques, reaches a dry orgasm that, if successful, gives you the best pleasure. Because of this, a surprisingly large number of people are willing to try it, but be aware that if it is not done correctly, it can not only fail to feel good, but it can also cause serious disease and injury.

It is important to always use specialized equipment, such as a medical catheter, bougie or vibrator, when performing urethral masturbation. In addition, be thorough in your hygiene and do not reuse catheters, and be aware of the need to carefully clean all other equipment. Catheters should be opened just before use, and boughies and vibrators should be sterilized with hot water disinfection or a sanitizing sheet before insertion.

When inserting the device into the urethra, the way you move it and the angle of the device is important. First, get into a relaxed position in a chair or sofa where you can sit deeply and slowly insert the catheter or bougie or other device. In the case of catheters, the technique is even more important because they are inserted into the bladder.

The key to inserting a catheter is to keep the penis at a 90-degree angle to the belly until it is about 15 cm from the urethral opening, at a rate of no more than 1 cm per second. 15 cm further back, the urethra is curved, so the angle of the penis is lowered to 60 degrees so that the catheter can be inserted upward.

From there, another 5cm or so will bring you to the bladder, so don’t put it in after this point. Then slowly push and pull the catheter in about 1-2 cm intervals, and you will gradually approach dry orgasm. It will take a lot of time to get comfortable with urethral masturbation, so don’t be in a hurry to progress gradually. Master urethral masturbation and enjoy the ultimate orgasm.

In this article, we’ve introduced urethral masturbation, but you can actually feel dry orgasms with nipple masturbation as well. If you’re interested, check out the article below to find out how to do it!