Vagina touch : A method of caress to make an orgasm

When it comes to having sex, many people are likely to reach their female genitals immediately. However, it is not good to touch the female genitals suddenly. Because women attach great importance to mood and setup, it is often difficult to feel the genitals immediately after touching them. Start caressing from the hair, neck, and ears, and then gradually touch the female genitals through the chest and groin.

In this article, we will introduce in detail how to caress a sacred female genitalia, and how to make a pleasant attack that makes women addicted.

Carefully caressing female genitals!

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The caress of female genitals is an essential part of having sex. The most important thing to caress the female genitalia is to do it carefully. Depending on the pornography, there are depictions of violently touching vagina and rubbing vigorously.

The rough depiction of pornography is just a production process. Even if the actress says “comfortable” or “likely orgasm!!”, don’t accept it. The actual female genitals are very sensitive places, so it is a premise to treat them carefully above all. In recent years you can easily watch pornography. There are many men who manage pornography about how to treat women from such a background.

There was also a time when I myself was violently dealing with female genitals due to pornography.

In addition, men often think that their caress is correct without any grounds. There are many women who are not really satisfied with the caress of their partners, but who can’t really tell the truth.

Let’s learn about the basics of caress in this article, as well as confirming where women really feel so that they will not be selfish. A good caress may make a woman captivated by you and often ask for sex.

Sex isn’t just about inserting a penis into a vagina. Use your entire body to improve your mood and caress.

Is it the brain that women feel good about?

In sex, most men think that orgasming a woman and ejaculating themselves comfortably. You may be losing sight of the essence of sex, because you are only paying attention to how to insert orgasm finger-fuck and how to insert it. For women, it is no exaggeration to say that sex is done in the brain. Most women value the atmosphere first rather than orgasm.

There are many women who can feel happy just by hugging naked with their favorite partner, even if they can’t orgasm by sex. Of course, if you stimulate your female genitals and nipples, you will feel pleasure, but if you feel that the mood is ruined, you may feel less than half comfortable.

Also, if a woman doesn’t like the other man, sex, which should have been comfortable, feels like an act of pain. Many men may easily switch to sex when they are directly stimulated by their penis, but women slowly get excited by the mood and careful caress.

When a man creates a good atmosphere, a woman can feel even more pleasure. Sex is not the only thing that makes you feel good or squishy the other woman. The basic idea is to have a loving sex with the goal of becoming comfortable together. Pour out a lot of love and give pleasure not only to the female body but also to the brain.

In front of the female genitals…

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When it comes to having sex, many people may say, “I want to caress my female genitals immediately!” However, it is absolutely impossible to caress the female genitals suddenly. In order to have pleasant sex with each other, it is important to gradually raise the feelings of women without impatiently.

Take time to touch different parts of your body before you caress your female genitalia. In the following, we will introduce the caressing method and notes for each part.

Hair, Head

First of all, let’s touch a woman’s hair and head to create a mood. Some people wonder, “Can I feel good about my hair?” It’s true that my hair doesn’t have nerves, so I don’t feel it directly.

However, you can feel a sense of security and have a relaxing effect by stroking your hair and head. It is also true that many women get excited when their hair is touched by people they like. The distance between you and your hair and your head is gradually reduced, and the sex switch begins to turn on. As a first step in sex, try lovingly and gently stroking your partner’s hair.

Neck, Ear

Once you’ve created the mood by stroking your hair and head, caress your neck and ears. There is a bundle of motor nerves in the neck, which is also known as a vital point for living things. Letting the neck touch such an important part is like leaving you to yourself.

A good way to caress your neck is to stroke your hair and trace your face line, gently touching it from your neck to your decollete. We recommend soft touch with or without your fingers. After gently touching with your fingers, kiss your neck or lick it gently with your tongue. The neck is a sensitive part, so many women feel it with only gentle stimulation.

The ear is the organ that you want to caress with your neck. The ear is the only part that can be felt by hearing rather than being touched directly. As I mentioned earlier, when women feel in their brains, the ears are a great place to stimulate their brains. Let’s whisper gently in your ears the words that make women happy, such as “It’s beautiful and cute,” “I love you.”

I think it’s good to call a woman’s name. If you whisper gently in your ears, the mood of women will also rise. After whispering, it is also recommended to try biting your earlobe and listening to the sound of saliva. However, some women dislike licking their ears, so please stimulate them with conservatives at the beginning while watching the reaction of women.

Chest, Nipple

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When it comes to sex, the breasts that most men will notice first. Most of us think that it’s like a massage right now, but let’s settle down once. Many women feel pain when they are massaged or sucked in their hearts. When caressing your chest, soft-touch your entire chest and then gradually stimulate your nipples.

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If you caress the most sensitive nipple in your chest first, the process of gradually becoming more comfortable will collapse. So, first, caress the whole breast gently as if you were stroking it, then put up the feeling that you want to touch the nipple and then stimulate the areola.

Gently touch the area around the areola in a circular motion, making it slightly impatient. At this time, the woman is excited because she wants to touch her nipples early and cannot put up with it. By giving pleasure, the nipple will gradually become stiff, so please try to touch the nipple gently with your finger pad while watching the situation. At this point, women should be able to get the pleasure they feel from being impatient.

It is also recommended to caress with your fingers, stimulate your nipples with your tongue, or try lightly sucking. At this time, it is absolutely not possible to suck it up powerfully or raise your teeth. The nipple is a sensitive part like the female genitals, so please treat it gently than you think.

Foot circumference, groin area

Next, let’s caress the undercarriage and groin area. Many men tend to touch the female genitalia immediately after caressing their chest, but in order to have a pleasant sex, they must also caress their feet and groin. Gently pat the calf and thighs and don’t touch the female genitals yet.

And carefully caress the groin area. The groin is a slightly recessed part inside the thigh, which is also known to have many nerves. The key to caressing the groin is to wrap it around the entire palm. I will touch gently, without any effort.

After touching it with your hands, use your tongue to trace from bottom to top. Women will gradually want to touch the female genitals.

Multiple stimuli at the same time

After caressing the whole body of a woman, let’s stimulate multiple parts at the same time.

For example,

・Lick one nipple and touch the other nipple as if rolling it with your finger pad
・Lick the nipple and nape while stroking the groin area
・While tracing the groin area with your tongue, gently pinch the nipple with both hands to give stimulation


It is also recommended to lick and touch the nipple and groin while caressing the clitoris and G-spot, which I will talk about later. If you receive multiple stimuli at the same time, there is also an advantage that women who normally do not have orgasms will become cool. Please do it softly so that the male side is not too excited and exerts excessive force.

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How to caress female genitals

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Next, I will introduce how to caress a long-awaited female genitals. Female organs are roughly divided into three parts. It’s a clitoris, a G-spot and a portio. The ways of caressing are slightly different, so I will explain them in detail below.

Please be sure to check that it is basic to gently caress any part.

How to attack the clitoris

Instead of putting your finger in the vagina from the beginning, let’s gently caress the clitoris first. The clitoris is characterized by being more sensitive than the glans of the male genitalia, so soft touch is the basis. There are many women who can orgasm on the clitoris even if they are not good at G spots and portio, so it’s a good idea to make them feel comfortable.

There are many women who get a pain when they touch the sensitive clitoris suddenly, so first of all, touch the top of the underwear with or without touching it little by little. Just like the caress of the chest, the impatience is also the point here. Women who like being impatient delight in being able to touch the clitoris after they have touched the labia majora and labia minora around the clitoris. After being impatient, take off your underwear and touch the clitoris directly. After gently touching with your middle finger, it is also recommended to put your finger on the vaginal opening, wipe away the overflowing joy juice, and lightly attach it to the clitoris for better sliding.

When a woman gets excited and feels good, the clitoris becomes hyperemic and bloats. Let’s continue to caress gently while confirming the change in appearance. Stroke in a circle using your index finger as well as your middle finger. At this time, it is absolutely impossible to face or pinch the skin of the clitoris. If you give it a stimulus forcibly, it will hurt a woman, so please keep in mind that you should touch the software.

It is a proof that you feel motivated by soft touch and that you feel good when the love juice overflows. Some women have difficulty getting wet depending on their constitution, so it’s a good idea to check while feeling which way you feel.

Finger-fuck methods and tips

Just like the caress of the clitoris, let’s go finger-fuck gently and softly. I think you’ve seen scenes where you are doing intense finger-fuck with pornography, but since it’s just a production, you shouldn’t swallow it. Carefully caress the clitoris and stimulate the inside of the vagina when enough joy juice comes out. It may be painful due to friction while the amount of joy juice is low, so it is essential to wet it thoroughly before doing so. If it is difficult for women to get wet, it is recommended to use lotion or lubricant.

When putting your finger in the vagina, it is recommended that you fix your wrist to the female pubic position. By fixing your wrist on your pubis, you can stimulate your clitoris and avoid shaking your fingers during finger-fuck, which would be too intense. Slowly insert the middle finger and try pulling it. You don’t have to move your finger quickly, so it’s important to do it softly without rushing. Vaginal injuries may result if you move your fingers in and out, turn them around, or rub them hard. Pleasure should be obtained by moving in small steps with a vibrator-like movement rather than violent movement.

You can put only one middle finger in the vagina. Some people try to force a few fingers, but be careful as it can hurt a woman. The more fingers you have in your vagina, the less comfortable it is. Please check with your partner and try to finger-fuck with an appropriate number.

How to find & attack G spots

The G-spot is the erogenous zone on the anterior wall of a woman’s vagina, and is said to have the sensation of rising from within the body when stimulated. It’s a little difficult to find, but once you find the G spot, you can get the hang of it, so don’t worry.

First, have a woman lie on her back and insert her middle finger into her vagina. Of course, you must caress enough and the woman is wet. Insert your finger into the vagina slowly and stop when you reach the second joint of your finger. Bend your finger a little and touch the upper part of the finger gently with your finger pad. The G-spot is the place where you can feel the texture.

The way to attack the G spot is to give a stimulus by gently pressing it with the second joint of the bent finger as the axis. Let’s stimulate by gently pressing while maintaining a constant rhythm without removing or inserting or rotating your finger. At this time, be careful not to put too much force on it so that you do not scratch or hurt your vagina.

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What is the portio erotic zone? & How to attack

As you may not hear it, there is a place called the porcio erogenous zone in the female genitals.
The portio sensual zone is a crunchy area near the entrance to the uterus and is known as a place where you can feel deep pleasure. Since it is near the uterine ostium, it is often not reached with just your fingers. However, if you caress carefully and carefully, and the woman feels comfortable enough, the womb will drop. At that time, there is a good chance that you will come into contact with Portio.

It is a way to attack Portio, but it is difficult that not everyone can feel comfortable when touching it. It is important to note that stimulating the portio of a woman who has little experience with sex may not only make you feel uncomfortable, but may also cause pain. Carefully caress and make sure your uterus is lowered and that it is sufficiently wet, then gently stimulate it in small steps. It is recommended to place your finger near the root of the portio and stimulate it to push.

As mentioned above, it is difficult for a woman who has little sexual experience to get pleasure at a portio, so let’s try carefully without being impatient as a couple.

Cunnilingus method and tips

Although many women are shy, cunnilingus from their favorite partner is one of the important things women can do to feel loved. A basic cunnilingus is to gently stroke or lick your tongue and lips as well as your fingers. The tongue tends to caress the clitoris and vaginal opening, but be sure to attack the labia majora and labia minora as well. At that time, it is also good to make your tongue sharp, move it in small steps, or poking it pokingly. When using your lips, give it a light breath and give it a kiss.

Also, as a point of cunniling, it is important to caress with care. Please try it gently and softly while watching the reaction of the woman, such as impatient or licking as much as you want.

Six nine methods and tips

Six Nine is a caress method that makes men feel good not only for women. There are basically two types of Six Nine methods. The first is the posture in which the female straddles the male’s face over the male’s face, and the other is the posture in which the male straddles the male’s face over the female’s genitals. There is also a Six Nine where men and women lie down. It is commonly said that women straddle men.

Six nines have the advantage of being able to caress each other’s genitals, but if you leave yourself to pleasure, you may be a little caressed about a woman. The point is not only to make yourself comfortable, but to give pleasure to women. It is also important to be careful not to feel too excited and to become strong. Six Nine is an act of enjoying the atmosphere, so let’s enjoy a lot of erotic mood without being obsessed with women’s climax.

Upgrade technique

In addition to the basic caresses I’ve talked about so far, I’d like to introduce some higher-ranking techniques that you should try. First, try stimulating the vaginal entrance and clitoris with the male genitals, not with your fingers or mouth. Caress with the fingers and mouth is very pleasant for women. But sometimes I want a different stimulus.

If you try to poke or press the clitoris with an erect male genitalia, you will be able to experience a different sensation than usual. It is also recommended to apply a male instrument to the vaginal opening and try to fix the insertion. You can increase the excitement of a woman by using the impatient technique such as “I want you to insert it quickly, but I can not insert it easily …”.

You can also try stimulating both the vagina and the clitoris with your fingers or mouth. If you caress two places that are sensitive to women at the same time, the comfort will double. Insert your middle finger into the vagina and move it slowly, gently licking your clitoris with your mouth or touching it softly with your thumb. In some cases, even a woman who normally cannot orgasm can easily reach orgasm by stimulating her vagina and clitoris at the same time.

Points of caressing female genitals

It is important not to caress the female genitals on your own, but to be close to the woman and make you feel good. When caressing the female genitals, touch them gently than you think. It is only a pain for a woman to have intense finger-fuck or to touch the muzzles and clitoris. When you caress, be sure to check the reaction of the woman such as “Is it painful?” “Which part do you feel?” Of course, it’s OK to put out what you feel comfortable with in words.

Also, as a minimum etiquette, your nails should be well prepared before you touch the female genitals. Carefully caress with care to avoid damaging sensitive female genitalia.

What is orgasm for women?

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In a word, orgasm for women is to reach the peak of pleasure during sex and masturbation. Also called orgasm. However, it is more difficult to judge whether a woman has gone compared to a man who ejaculates with orgasm. It is also known that women have different orgasm sensations and processes depending on the sites such as clitoris, G-spot, and portio.

Below, I will explain the outline of outer orgasm and middle orgasm and each orgasm method in detail.

What is outside orgasm?

The outside orgasm is the orgasm that caresses the clitoris. It is called “outer orgasm” because it is an orgasm with a clitoris outside the female genitalia. It is an orgasm method that even a woman with little experience in sex can easily orgasm and even a virgin can feel. The clitoris has many nerves and is more sensitive than the glans of the male genitalia, so it is attractive that even a beginner can feel the climax relatively easily.

It seems that the outer orgasm gradually rises like a roller coaster, and the feeling of running out of comfort from Steepen at a stretch. The feeling of outside orgasm may be similar to ejaculation in men. It is said that women, like men, will feel calm at once if they orgasm outside.

Outside orgasm method

As I mentioned earlier, the clitoris is more sensitive than the glans of the male genitals, so even a beginner can feel the climax relatively easily. Many women say, “I learned the outside orgasm by masturbation.” If you want a woman to orgasm outside, let’s stimulate the clitoris by gently tapping. Although it may take some time before orgasm, if you continue patiently, you may reach the peak.

For women who want a little more stimulation, it is also recommended to gently squeeze the clitoris with your finger pad to stimulate it. Exquisite force control is needed to prevent pain. If you find it difficult to orgasm with your fingers, you may want to try cunniling. Please lightly suck the clitoris and stimulate the G spot from the inside of the vagina to see how it looks.

What is medium orgasm?

Middle orgasm is an orgasm that caresses the G spot or portio in the vagina. It is called “medium orgasm” because it is an orgasm at the G spot and portio inside the female organ. The orgasm at the G spot is more difficult than the outside orgasm and can be said to be the orgasm way for women who are used to sex. Furthermore, it is said that it is more difficult to orgasm with portio than the G spot. However, orgasm is of course possible if you develop it with a thorough understanding of both places.

The feeling when I’m doing a medium orgasm at the G spot seems to change from a feeling of peeing to a strong pleasure. There are many women who express that if you do a middle orgasm with a portio, you will feel the intense feeling that the whole body has become an erogenous zone. In addition, portio has the feature that it can reach the climax many times in succession when stimulated. The common feature between the G spot and the portio is the fact that they both stimulate the clitoris and are much more pleasant than those outside the orgasm. When you hear that the pleasure is stronger than the outside orgasm, why don’t you want to give the inside orgasm a partner?

Medium orgasm method

Both G-spot and portio have the characteristic that it is difficult to orgasm without some development. Men will gently stimulate G-spot and portio every time they have sex, and let’s develop so that women can be cool. It will take time, but if you feel pleasant in the whole vagina, you will be able to orgasm in the end. Since there are many women who cannot orgasm throughout their lives, it is important to develop according to the pace of the partner without rushing.

Based on the above, I will tell you each orgasm method with G spot and portio, so please refer to it. To get a middle orgasm with the G spot, let’s rhythmically stimulate the G spot in the bent part of the second joint with the middle finger in the vagina. Many women feel urinary when stimulated by the G-spot, but please continue to gently stimulate. By stimulating, you gradually change from urination to pleasure. Of course, if a woman feels pain or discomfort, don’t force it.

To make a medium orgasm with a portio, caress the whole body enough, and when the uterine ostium comes down, it stimulates the fingers and male genitals to be pressed into the deepest part of the vagina. It is easier to orgasm by pushing it slowly and slowly than a fast piston, so let’s caress it carefully and with a certain rhythm. It is also recommended to insert a male genitals with the woman’s legs stretched out, or have the woman put herself on a comfortable position when in cowgirl position. Over time, let’s support the woman to have a medium orgasm.

Recommended toys and techniques for caress

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Finally, we will introduce toys for caressing and explain techniques. Sex is basically done without toys, but if you become accustomed to the act or want a stronger stimulation, we recommend that you try it.

Not only will it eliminate the sex rut, but it may also be a chance to get to know each other’s hidden erotic parts and erogenous zones. When using toys, of course, start with the consent of your partner.

Sex toy can help to improve your relationship if you feel normal activity with the partner because they can increase sexual mood as well as give you more pleasure with the different uses such as –

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Technique for caressing

This is a summary of what I have talked about so far, but the most important point is that you caress carefully and with care. It begins with the stroking of hair and head, and finally reaches the female genitals through the neck and ears, chest and groin. It is easy for many men to caress softly while being impatient because it seems easy. Only by being able to do the above, you should be able to get quite high points from women.

It is also recommended to show off the basic caressing method by simultaneously attacking with your hand and mouth and adding a toy. If you act with the other person first, rather than feeling comfortable, you will be able to get the most pleasure together as a result.

Egg Vibrators

Egg Vibrators are toys that are characterized by their small size and quivering, and are used to feel pleasure on the clitoris and nipples. It is known as an easy-to-use product among adult toys, and many women use it during masturbation. The shape is basically an egg shape, but you can choose from various types such as a stick type that is easy to grasp, a wearing type that can be worn on your fingers or underwear, a flexible type that you can move freely.

If you’re the first to buy toy, we confidently recommend Egg Vibrators for beginners.

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Vibrators are toys that are inserted directly into the vagina to give women pleasure. The feature is not only to insert it, but to stimulate the inside of the vagina with piston movements and swings, inviting women to feel orgasm. Stimulation with the male genitals can of course be given pleasure, but there is a limit for men who are living. Many women are addicted to a vibrator that keeps moving as long as the battery lasts. Since it is used by inserting it in the vagina, it is available in sizes ranging from S to big. Not only in the vagina but also a vibrator that stimulates the clitoris at the same time is recommended.

If you continue to use the vibrator, you may not be satisfied with the actual male genitalia, so be careful about using it too much.

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Magic wand

Magic wand is sold as an electric massager at home electronics stores, but since it was used in porn videos, it has become more popular as an adult toy. The feature of Denma is its overwhelming vibration. It’s a vibration that’s incomparable to Egg Vibrators, so many women will orgasm outside as soon as they hit the clitoris.

However, strong stimulation means that many women suffer. We recommend you to use it while watching the reaction of women, not to be lonely.

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Like Egg Vibrators, this lotion is easy to challenge. Also known as Love Lotion. Carefully caressing the genitals of a partner who is physically difficult to get wet and inserting male genitals can be quite burdensome. Many lots of couples love it because lotion makes it slip better and you can insert and caress it smoothly.

It is also recommended that you use the lotion mat you see at love hotels once in a while to apply lotion to your whole body and throw yourself into lotion play. The main ingredients of lotion are water and glycerin, so it’s a nice point to feel safe even if you insert it in the vagina or lick it.

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Dildo Sex Toy

Compared to Egg Vibrators and vibrators, I think many people are not familiar with dildos. Dildo is an adult goods that looks like a male genitalia. There are few things with vibration function and piston function etc. It is characterized by being simple, and it is popular because you can feel the real genital sensation when you insert it. I’m glad that you don’t have to worry about being too accustomed to the stimulus like a vibrator and the male genitals will not be good. There are also cases where women buy it as an exercise for orgasm.

It is also recommended to insert it in the vagina while caressing and stimulate G spots and portio. When using dildos, avoid extremely large sizes and make sure the woman is tightly wet or use a lotion to gently insert.

Dildo sex toy most popular in women because it has complete enjoyment for any women. Now, vibrating dildo also available in the online market so you can select anyone which is best for your partner –

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Sexy underwear and cosplay

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When a woman wears sexy underwear or cosplay, a man gets so excited that he wants to have sex right now! In fact, men are not the only ones who get excited about sexy underwear and cosplay. The woman who wears herself is often ashamed of her unusual appearance and gets excited, and her sensitivity often increases.

Teabags and garter belts that represent sexy underwear, exciting bras and shorts where nipples and female genitals are not hidden… For cosplay, you can choose from various types such as nurses, sailor clothes, bunny girls, school swimwear. .. Please consider the taste of women and enjoy exciting sex different from usual.

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Female organs are very sensitive places, so it is important to treat them carefully. As soon as you have sex, you will want to touch the female genitals, but gradually caress your hair, neck, chest, and groin. After that, attack the big labia, labia minora and clitoris carefully, and if it gets wet firmly, it is time to start caressing the vagina. It hurts like rubbing like pornography, so let’s caress about the G spot and portio while watching the reaction of the woman slowly.

Let’s gently caress the sensitive female genitals and satisfy the woman to the fullest.